If Your Usual Foundation Isn't Giving the Results You Want, it is Time to Switch Up Your Game: 10 Best Waterproof Foundations in India in 2020

If Your Usual Foundation Isn't Giving the Results You Want, it is Time to Switch Up Your Game: 10 Best Waterproof Foundations in India in 2020

Flawless, dewy skin is something we all find irresistible and despite the best skincare regimen, most of us need the little extra help of a magical liquid, aka foundation, to achieve it. If your products haven't been giving you the magical clean sweep you desire, then you've been using the wrong products. Make a switch to any of these stellar foundations that are waterproof to boot and step out knowing you look like a flawless skinned diva.

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What is the Purpose of Using Foundation?

Despite taking good care of our skin, most of us are bound to have scars, blemishes, dark circles, large pores, discoloration, etc. Foundation helps diminish the appearance of these to get an even skin tone, alongwith a dewy or matte finish. It will also help other products like highlighters, concealers and blush to glide smoothly and boost the effect of these products.

Applying foundation carefully can contour your face and give a shapely appearance. However, these days they are not only used as cover up as the foundations available now contain sunscreen and moisturizing benefits as well, so it hydrates and protects our skin from the harsh sunrays. Besides, it also acts as a barrier against pollutants around us. Some foundations come with anti-aging benefits as well. When you pick the right makeup foundation, your makeup will remain intact longer and look great for hours.

3 Important Tips for Buying Foundation

  • Find Your Undertone
    Check the veins that cross your wrists to know your undertone. If they are olive, then it means you have warm undertones. However, if they are blue-green – it is neutral undertone and more of purple or blue then the undertones are cool. Choose a foundation shade that complements the undertones. Neutral tones go well with yellow shades, cool tones – pink based colors while for warm tones, choose peach or yellow based shades.

  • Consider Your Skin Type
    Don’t just buy a foundation based on what is on its label. Choose a product that works best for your skin. A hydrating or moisture rich foundation suits those with dry skin. A velvet or matte finish foundation is ideal for those with acne-prone or oily skin. Photo-finish foundations is perfect for normal skin.

  • Decide on the Type of Coverage You Want
    Go for full coverage, if you wish to cover blemishes, acne etc. If you want an airbrushed look then medium coverage would be ideal. A light coverage foundation will give you least coverage and your skin will look fresh. The lightweight foundation is perfect for every day wear.

10 Best Waterproof Foundations in India (2020)

NYX Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

Source www.amazon.in

NYX is an underrated beauty brand that was founded by Toni Ko in 1999. The main motto of Ko was to make good quality products that aren’t expensive. The eye pencil was their first product. However, now they have a galore of high-quality makeup products. These formulas offer stiff competition to brands that are wildly expensive. The amazing quality and affordable price make this product a favorite of both professionals and beauty buffs alike. NYX Satin Finish foundation one such affordable product is popular in India. It offers medium coverage.

The product is ideal for normal to oily skin and is available in 19 shades. If you are looking for something that won’t budge even if you are out clubbing then NYX is for you and it isn’t much of a hassle to find a perfect shade too. However, this product like the other waterproof formulations will not be suitable for those with dry skin. The semi-liquid foundation gives a satin smooth matte finish effect and covers even stubborn blemishes. The price of NYX foundation is about Rs.2,135. Buy it here.

Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation

Smashbox is a global leader in beauty products that has delighted its customers over the years with transformative products, inspiring them to showcase their individual beauty. There is myriad makeup, fragrance, hair care and skin care products under their umbrella that are sold in almost 150 countries. Their focus is on innovation and creativity and have been constantly inventing the unexpected. One such amazing product is Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation that is perfect for those seeking a hydrating and oil-free formula.

This long-lasting foundation will keep your skin looking immaculate for almost 15 hours. There are 12 different shades to choose from and is an excellent summer foundation. The formula is paraben-free and comes in a pump dispenser glass bottle. The formula blends easily giving a medium to full coverage and suits any skin type. The product can be used even during monsoon to give a perfect matte finish. It is also smudge-proof. The cost of this waterproof foundation is approximately Rs.4,100, buy it here.

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation

The Bobbi Brown brand was founded about 30 years ago and make products that enhances rather than hide a person’s true beauty. In 1992, they introduced 10 foundation sticks to suit a wide-range of skin tones. The philosophy behind their unique shades was to look beyond the surface of the skin to the natural undertones, which was a revolutionary approach. This helped them create a fresh and skin-true shade to deliver a glowing skin.

Bobbi Brown Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation gives a multidimensional matte coverage that’s weightless, breathable and comfortable. It lasts for almost 16-hours and is created through cold fusion process. It is humid and sweat resistant and the natural and flexible finish will not streak or crease. The foundation is available in 42 shades and they are calibrated to suit your undertone shade giving the right complexion in one single step.

The ultra-silky emulsion is incredibly blend able and smooth. It contains oil-controlling actives and skin-loving ingredients. Also, the moisture-binding glycerine makes it hydrating and your skin feels balanced and never tight. The foundation instantly conceals discoloration, pores and redness. The product is available for Rs.3700, buy it here.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation

L’Oreal brand is unique in the world that covers all types of cosmetics and caters to the diverse needs of consumers around the globe. From cream foundation to matte foundation and everything in between, L’Oreal Paris products will give you even finish and flawless look. L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H foundation is a long-lasting formula that is perfect for Normal to Dry Skin.

The foundation provides full coverage unlike other waterproof foundations without looking cakey. It is available in 10 shades. This long-lasting foundation has breathable texture and is lightweight. This ultra-thin liquid glides smoothly to give a healthy-looking and refreshing complexion that lasts. As the colour blends evenly, your makeup will look fresh and infallible all day. The price of the product is around Rs.1,200, buy it here.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup Foundation

Estee Lauder is a popular brand for makeup, skin and hair products and fragrances. The foundation from Estee Lauder have been adored around the world for a reason – they are flawlessly made to flatter an array of skin tones. The foundations are available in different coverages and finishes that caters to a range of lifestyle and preferences.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Makeup is a flawless, matte and natural foundation that is waterproof, covers imperfection and gives an even skin tone. The creamy and slightly thick texture blends well. The product does not smudge or run even in hot and humid climate, which is a plus point. It gives a medium to full coverage. It is available in 15 shades. The price of the product is Rs.3,600, buy it here.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Rimmel is one of the impactful and dynamic cosmetic brands around the world. It was started in 1820, as a perfumery and later as business expanded, it entered into the world of hygiene and cosmetics. Today, Rimmel is the best-selling brand in UK and is sold in around 40 countries worldwide. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation is a long-lasting product.

It blends flawlessly into the skin. It is humidity and sweat proof resistant and lasts for almost 25 hours. It is available in 8 shades. The foundation is enriched with moisturising aqua primer and mineral complex that keeps your skin hydrated, light-weight and energized all day. The price of the product is Rs.2,039; buy it here.

NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Foundation

Source www.amazon.in

Get flawless ideal coverage with just few drops of NYX Professional Makeup foundation. Easily blendable creamy liquid allows you to achieve the right coverage you want. The light-diffusing technology creates that subtle lit-from-within outcome that enhances the appearance of your skin. It is super lightweight and is available in 8 shades. From sand beige to deep brown beige with red undertones and nude, the range of shades is quite impressive. These shades suit an array of skin tones giving a flawless finish and looks natural. Infused with anti-aging peptides it blends beautifully, stays on and covers imperfections and delivers iridescent and dewy texture. The product price is around Rs. 2,479, buy it here.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

Maybelline New York is an American-based company that is popular for its fragrance, personal care, skin care and cosmetic products. Maybelline Fit me foundation is a perfect product if you are looking for something that is long-lasting, waterproof and provides a decent coverage. The foundation is ideal for Normal to Oily Skin and the product blends magically giving a flawless look to your skin. The foundation is available in 18 shades and is affordable. The price is approximately Rs.549, buy it here.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

Make-up Art Cosmetics or commonly known as M.A.C was founded in 1984 by the make-up artist Frank and Frank Toskan, a photographer and Frank Angelo, a beauty salon owner. Though MAC products were originally made for professionals, it soon became quite popular and hence was launched for general public as well. MAC pays attention to the entire range of skin shades and the playful feel appeals to the younger generation.

M.A.C Face and Body foundation as the name suggests is used on both body and face. It is a unique combination of emollients and is comfortable and light-weight. It delivers buildable coverage leaving your skin satin-smooth. The water-proof foundation does not oxidize or melt, and it is water-proof. The hydrating coverage creates a beautifully radiant, skin-like finish. The foundation seamlessly blends into the skin, covering uneven texture and dry patches. Enriched with antioxidants, and conditioning agents, the foundation mimics healthy and glowing skin. The formulation is also non-acnegenic and hence ideal even for acne-prone skin. It will not cause breakouts or block pores. The product is packaged in a hygienic squeeze bottle. The 50 ml of foundation will cost Rs.2900.

PAC HD Liquid Foundation

Source www.amazon.in

PAC is a premium International cosmetic brand that perfectly suits Asian skin. The bold and expressive range of products gives a fashionable and edgy look to the user. The revolutionary PAC HD Liquid foundation is perfect for everyday use. The HD technology will blur any imperfections and gives a smooth and flawless base to build on. It is long lasting and a single layer gives medium coverage. The additional layer will give full coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. It is available in 22 shades. The price of this product is around Rs.875, but it here.

Bonus Tips: 3 Tools to Apply Foundation Flawlessly

Finding the right tool to apply foundation and get desired finish is quite tricky. There is always confusion about whether to use a blender or brush, how to build coverage without getting a cakey look. So, to clear this confusion, we have listed below a few brushes, sponges and tool that will guarantee perfect make-up.

Beauty Blender Sponge: this is required to get maximum coverage. Dip the sponge in water. Squeeze to remove excess water. Apply foundation and then dab the sponge gently all over the face for perfect application.

Face Paint Brush: this is useful if you are using pressed and loose powder products. As the bristles are synthetic, it is more hygienic as compared to sponge. The flat shape will easily help in defining and blending.

Kabuki Brush: this is a multi-functional brush and is a useful tool for buffing – foundations, concealers, highlighters etc. It also blends out any contour lines. If you prefer full coverage look then a flat top kabuki brush is all that you need

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You don't need waterproof makeup everyday

The long lasting assurance of waterproof makeup can be addictive but before you layer them on, ask yourself if you need it today. If it's a once in a while affair, go right ahead, but try not to make it a daily habit. These products are made to withstand water, sweat and even oil to some extent which means they adhere strongly to the skin and need a cleanser to match, and while you may have an excellent makeup remover that does a beautiful job, it is best to not subject your skin to this regimen on a daily basis if it can be avoided. Let your skin breathe by using lighter, non waterproof makeup or even going for the scrubbed clean look once in a while and it will thank you.