A Journey of Makeup and Inclusivity with 10 Make Up Brands for Dark Skin Tones (2019)

A Journey of Makeup and Inclusivity with 10 Make Up Brands for Dark Skin Tones (2019)

If you are troubled as to what cosmetics you should use for your dark skin, here's an article just for you! This article describes what kind of foundation creams and cosmetics will suit your skin tone and also recommends 10 such products available online for your needs.

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Skin Tones and Inclusivity

Once upon a time, when one would start looking for a foundation, only a handful shades would be available to choose from -"porcelain," "beige," "tan," or "mocha" to name the popular ones. Back then, four to six shades were the norm and anything more would mostly come as a surprise.

It was high time that the makeup industry and brands took some responsibility to pave a way towards a better and more inclusive future. And it did happen a few years back, when a shift was seen, with the makeup industry quickly drifting towards a more inclusive approach while formulating their skin products considering the application and usage for various skin tones. This step now was obviously long due, because for years people have struggled to find a product that would suit or go with their skin tone, let alone using it.

The conversation around inclusivity and celebrating diversity started in 2018, which could be considered as the renaissance age for inclusivity. It all began when Rihanna launched her own brand with hundred makeup products, 40 of which were foundations - all in different shades - offering a full spectrum of tones from the lightest to the darkest.

They sold out and debunked the market myth that unconventional shades don’t sell. This paved a way for change because it made other brands join that narrative and that’s how the social media took momentum and it became a debate whose results we can now see in shade cards of brands which earlier never existed.

The rest is passé and now no one has to struggle while finding a product that suits their skin tone.

What Suits Your Skin Tone?


A dusky skin tone can handle the widest range of colours, from the bright ones to the palest pastels – you can go for all. Pick a foundation with names like caramel and honey or match the perfect one as per your skin tone. Then you can choose eyeshadows in metallic browns that brighten eyes without being overly sparkly.

You can finish with a swoosh of vibrant pink from your apples to your cheekbones for a pretty definition. For lip shades - you can buy any brown nude you can find. Orange and red also looks stunning on darker skin tones.


If you’re wheatish like most Indians, neutral shades are your best bets to add a heathy glow. Look for foundations with yellow undertones and gold flecks to take basic nudes and taupes. Pearly brown eyeshadow and peachy pink blush with a dusting of gold on cheeks is all you need for a sun kissed flush. Finish up with a creamy peach or brighter hue of orange, coral or red on the lips.


If you have a fair skin tone, then soft pink, tawny and beige toned foundations would work best for you. Opt for a glimmering champagne just dark enough to create eye-opening contour and delicate petal soft pink on cheeks will look stunning. For lip shades, experiment with brighter lipsticks in reds and pinks.

10 Best Brands and Their Products for Dusky Skin Tones

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Huda Beauty is one such brand which has defied norms when it comes to make up, especially with its inclusive approach for all skin tones and we believe it was high time!

The beautiful thing about this product and the brand is that The #FauxFilter Foundation range is inclusive for every skin tone and ethnicity, where the person behind this brand, Huda devoted two years to developing a broad colour spectrum, ranging from fair, beige, olive, rich shades and everything in between.

To give you some more context, the idea started building when she could not find a suitable skin product for her own skin which did not fall into the existing accepted skin tones, that is when she decided to create her own – for herself and the world!

This FauxFilter Foundation is unlike any other foundation you've tried before! It offers a velvety smooth liquid texture which is packed with ultra-refined pigments that visually erase blemishes, conceal hyperpigmentation, smoothens your skin, and blurs imperfections. The formula blends seamlessly with skin.

This is how you should apply FauxFilter Foundation: Dip a synthetic brush into the foundation and evenly apply to your skin using circular and dabbing motions. Apply once more for added coverage. Although it dries to a radiant powder finish, if you have oily skin, setting it with a thin layer of translucent powder gives the most incredibly flawless, all-day-matte look.

The FauxFilter Foundation comes in 30 different shades and you can read all about them to find your perfect match. You can buy FauxFilter Foundation from nykaa.com for a price of Rs.2,990.

L.A Girl Pro Coverage Illuminating Liquid Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

This PRO coverage high definition foundation by L.A. Girl is available in 16 diverse shades and is a great product to give you that smooth, more natural looking base you desire. An illuminating liquid foundation which assures to last long, is an ideal pick for a flawless looking, full coverage finish. Moreover, it has a lightweight formula which is comfortable for an all-day wear without any troubles. It serves a paraben free formula with added anti-oxidants which helps hydrate and improve the skin's appearance.

In case you think that a shade is not working for you, then you can also use the L.A Girl Pro Coverage Foundation White Lightener which is an innovative white foundation mixer to adjust and customise colour, allowing you to find and create the perfect shade suiting your skin tone. You can buy it from nykaa.com for Rs.1,250.

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse 16hr

Source www.nykaa.com

The Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse leaves a feather-light finish and the product easily blends into the skin keeping it healthy, hides pores and evens out skin tones. It offers the SPF 8 formula which protects the skin from sun damage, leaving it peachy-soft and naturally flawless for up to 16 hours.

To create the perfect look, first take some mousse on your ring finger and Dab it onto your face – make sure you apply it evenly on your cheeks, under-eye, forehead, nose, chin and neck area. Then gently blend the mousse into your skin, by moving in an upward direction.

It comes in 6 different shades and is priced at Rs.750. Right now nykaa.com is offering a price of Rs.675 for the same.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Maybelline New York is another brand which stood up for inclusivity in beauty products especially with its Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation where Maybelline offers a wide catalogue for all skin types with 40 shades to pick from.

Moreover, Maybelline also offers an official Foundation Match Finder on its official website for anyone to understand their skin tone and find a product which would exactly suit their skin colour, without making them feel stuck.

This Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Foundation by Maybelline New York is a lightweight foundation that mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish. Suited for all skin types, this exclusive matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur pores resulting in Pore minimising qualities. For best results, apply the Fit Me® Matte + Poreless Foundation by Maybelline New York onto your skin and blend it with fingertips or an applicator for a smooth and even finish.

Also, it is priced at only Rs.500 on nykaa.com.

MUD Cream Foundation Compact

Source www.nykaa.com

This Cream Foundation Compact by MUD is priced at Rs.2,250 on nykaa.com and comes in 15 shades suiting diverse skin tones.

From a sheer natural look to a flawless full-coverage finish, MUD's versatile Cream Foundation Compact is easy to apply and holds up beautifully under the most extreme conditions. It is formulated for an ultra-smooth blending and even application. You can find your perfect match and use it alone, or if you think no one shade is suited, then you can blend colours to achieve a specific skin tone as it is very easy to blend without any hassle.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Makeup Revolution's first foundation stick is a full coverage foundation that gives you flawless finish. Its formulation is vegan and cruelty free, so you can use it without any guilt and promote the usage of products which are vegan and cruelty free.

Showcasing 18 different shades and a wide range of undertones, Makeup Revolution's Fast Base Foundation quickly perfects, contours and highlights your complexion giving you a quick and easy make up application before you step out.

So whether you’re looking for a foundation, contour or a highlighter, then Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick should be your go-to option because it can be used as it hides blemishes, acne scars and evens out skin tone.

The easy-to-apply stick formula melts into skin, blending seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish. You can begin with blending out with your fingers or a beauty sponge or your very favourite brush – just blend it properly to achieve an evenly spread, silky smooth look! You can buy it from nykaa.com for a price of Rs.2,990.

Kiko Milano Skin Tone Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Kiko Milano Skin Tone Foundation is a highlighting liquid foundation with a smooth and naturally radiant finish. The innovative formulation contains Hyaluronic Acid and has been proven to hydrate the skin for up to eight hours. It leaves you with a wonderful textured skin, is ultra-lightweight and makes it look as if you aren't wearing any makeup.

It provides medium yet buildable coverage, feels pleasantly cool and applies with ease, quickly blending for a perfect look. It also contains sunscreen which helps to protect the epidermis. The foundation is available in 39 shades and six different undertones to provide the perfect combination regardless of your skin tone. The Skin Tone Foundation also comes in a sophisticated pump bottle that allows you to dispense just the right amount of product.

It is priced at Rs.1,860 and you can grab it from nykaa.com.

PAC HD Liquid Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Available in various shades that suit all skin types, the PAC HD Liquid Foundation is made up using innovative HD technology which helps blur the imperfections and smoothens out the skin giving you a natural look. Not only does it come in 19 different shades, making it suitable for any skin tone, it also works for every skin type, which leaves you with a flawless looking skin!

It lasts all day long and to get the perfect results - apply one layer for medium coverage and then eventually finish up with another layer on for a full coverage. It is extremely lightweight and would not feel heavy on your skin.

You can buy this great PAC HD Liquid Foundation from nykaa.com at a price of Rs.875.

NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Whether you’re looking for a sheer look or a full coverage, you can go with the new NYX Professional Makeup's Total Control Drop Foundation with absolute ease for that flawless skin! It offers velvety texture, matte finish and the foundation comes with a dropper which makes is much more easy to use without creating any mess or over using it. You can simply adjust the number of drops until you create the look you're feeling today.

It has a silky, smooth formula that is absolutely lightweight on skin. Once you evenly apply it using your fingertips, Buff expertly using the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation Brush for a seriously smooth finish.

It is available in 21 different shades for all skin tones and is priced at Rs.1,250 on nykaa.com.

Nykaa Skin Genius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

Another great product to peek into for any skin tone is the Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation. It offers a weightless texture of, with a luxurious long-wear formula which lasts all day long, keeping your skin fresh and radiant.

It is enriched with Polylift technology and Hyaluronic Acid, because of which this foundation not only sculpts and lifts your skin but also imparts oodles of hydration to it. It is available in 5 shades and its unique colour-adapting technology allows you to get a perfect match to your skin tone. It is also equipped with sun filters that shield your perfect complexion.

It is priced at Rs.575 at nykaa.com.

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