BP Guide's Skin Care Tips on Caring for Dry Skin and the 10 Best Face Washes for Dry Skin in India for 2019

BP Guide's Skin Care Tips on Caring for Dry Skin and the 10 Best Face Washes for Dry Skin in India for 2019

For all of us who have dry skin and know the feeling when we use a wrong product on our skin, this guide caters specifically to us. Explaining the causes of dry skin, suggesting the best strategies to take care of it, and the best face washes in the market, this guide is a one-stop package for people with dry skin. Have a look.

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Dry Skin Explained

There are some of the best face washes for dry skin available in India, and the reason is that dry skin condition is more common than you can imagine. This condition is caused by the lack of an adequate amount of water in the epidermis of the skin.

Usually, elderly people are more prone to such skin but it can be seen equally in teenagers and adults also. The most common characteristics for dry skin is flaky skin, cracks, rough patches on the skin and more. Let’s talk about how this condition takes shape on our skin, especially when it is not genetic.

Common Causes of Dry Skin

Using Harsh Soaps

One of the most common reasons for having dry skin is the continuous and too much application of harsh soaps on the body. Of course, there is face wash for dry skin, but you should start the changes in your day to day life, to fight this problem.

Soap is basically an emulsifier which removes oil from the skin and your dry skin is directly related to the kind of soap you are using.

Excess Heat

Another external and common reason of having dry skin is the heat your body is bearing from outside sources. The most common source of getting too much heat on the body is the prolonged shower we take. Taking a warm/hot shower for too long can cause your skin to turn dry and doing this on daily basis can be too much on your skin especially along with the application of harsh soaps.

Serious Skin Conditions

Apart from all these reasons, there can be some serious skin conditions which can cause it to turn dry. Diseases like eczema, diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism and many more are some of the skin conditions which turn your skin super dry and itchy. Moreover, family history and genetics are other reasons to blame for having super dry skin.

Best Face Wash for Dry Skin in India

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

If you want to treat your skin with all the care it needs then you should opt for Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This is a mild face wash which has been around for a long time and popular for cleaning away all the dirt, oil and even makeup without stripping the skin.

This is a dermatologist recommended product for acne and sensitive skin and you cannot find a better face wash than this for your dry skin issues.

It leaves the skin smooth and soft and the soap-free formula cleanses your skin without causing any type of irritation. They use fatty alcohol in their formula which forms a protective layer on the skin to save it from drying out. In fact, it is gentle enough for a baby’s skin too. You can buy this gentle cleanser on www.pinhealth.com for Rs.181

Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash

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If you are looking for the best face wash for dry skin in winter then you cannot find a better match than Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash. Especially designed for dry skin, this face wash is perfect for retaining the lost moisture of skin in winters.

This is a gel like face wash which is rich in nutrients, polysaccharides and enzymes. The hydrating formula softens your skin and promotes intense moisturizing in it as well.

In fact, this face wash is perfect for both men and women and another bonus here is the pump bottle which makes it easier for you to use it. This completely natural face wash is suitable for sensitive skin type too as the Aloe Vera in it is great for all skin types. You can buy this nourishing face wash on www.amazon.in for Rs.142

Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash

The creamy texture of Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Face Wash will make you fall in love with it instantly. It is one of the best face wash for dry skin offered by Lakme and the richness of strawberry extracts in it nourishes the skin from within.

This face wash instantly provides that radiant glow on the face and the fragrance is just amazing too. You will be having that fruit kissed glow on your face for the entire day after using this face wash as first thing in the morning.

The richness of strawberry nutrients and moisture, gently cleanse your face and also protect it from getting dried out. It even has anti-tanning properties to reduce tanning from your skin. You can surely use it on a daily basis and do not forget to buy it on www.flipkart.com for Rs.99

Neutrogena Liquid Facial Pure Mild Cleanser

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The next one into this list is Neutrogena Liquid Facial Pure Mild Cleanser and as the name says, its mild formula is perfect for sensitive and dry skin type. It is pure and gentle and works amazingly on your skin to make it look clear and healthy instantly.

It has special glycerin rich formula which not only removes oil and dirt but also retains the moisture of the skin that other face washes fail to do.

This cleanser does not leave behind any dirt and pore-clogging residue and hence you can use it for removing makeup also. The mild formula is something which makes it perfect for even extremely dry skin type. This Neutrogena Face Cleanser is available for purchase on www.nykaa.com for Rs.299.

Pond's Flawless Whitening Facial Foam

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This is such a struggle to find the best fairness face wash for dry skin. But now you can get rest assured with the Pond’s Flawless Whitening Facial Foam. This is a unique formula enriched with Vao-b3 complex , which washes away all the dirt, oil and other impurities from the face.

In fact, this face wash also takes away all the dullness and reveals brighter and clearer skin from underneath.

The major ingredients of this formula are Vitamin E, Allantoin and B3 complex which are especially created to deliver flawlessly fair skin tone. Make sure to use only a small amount of this face wash in one go as it gives enough foam to clean out your face. You can buy this face wash on www.amazon.in for Rs.219

Biotique Bio Honey Gel Hydrating Foaming Face Cleanser

Biotique is popular for its completely natural product and this is why we decided to pick its unique face wash for dry skin for this list. They offer this Honey Gel which is a refreshing foaming face cleanser for dry skin type.

The goodness and hydrating formula of honey works for both cleansing your face, as well as protecting its natural moisture. And of course, the natural ingredient is perfect for all skin types. This is a 100% soap free gel formula , so your skin won’t feel even the slightest of irritation from it.

Other ingredients used in this face wash are wild turmeric, the bark of the Arjun tree and Euphorbia plant. It is ideal for cleansing out all the dirt and improving the glow on the face. You can buy this Biotique Face Wash on www.purplle.com for Rs.112

St. D'Vence Moroccan Argan Face Wash

Next, we have another popular face wash for dry skin called St. D’Vence Argan oil face wash. The best thing about this face wash is that it is made out of completely natural and organic ingredients. Also, it does not contain any type of parabens, mineral oils, sulphates etc.

The major ingredients used in this face wash are Moroccan Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Raw Wild Honey and Vitamin E. This unique combination not only helps in getting rid of dirt on the face but also removes the signs of dullness.

There is no artificial fragrance used in this product and the smell of raw honey also fades in with time. If you want to keep your dry skin healthy and far away from early signs of ageing, then you should stick to this face wash. Buy it on www.netmeds.com for Rs.194

Sebamed Clear Face Foam

Our next recommendation is one of the best face wash for dry skin and blackheads and also a kind of drugstore product. This is a dermatologist recommended cleansing face wash by Sebamed which is ideal for combating pimples, skin impurities and blackheads.

What makes it perfect for dry skin is that it remains gentle on the skin and despite that, provides deep cleansing of the pores from within. Removal of blackheads and dirt from the skin gives it a regenerated look which is great for getting rid of the dullness.

In fact, it improves the complexion and removes dullness from your face. So, if you want an instant glow and cleansing of your face, you know which face wash to use. Buy this product on www.pinhealth.com for Rs.522

Elegancio Lavender Face Wash

Do you want a clear skin with an amazing fragrance? You should better try this great Elegancio Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash. It is especially formulated for dry skin and has hydrating and softening properties in it. It is best suitable for women because of the delicate skin type.

This formula comes in the form of gel and soothes your skin with lavender extracts. While the lavender works for clearing your skin, it is the ultra whipped Shea butter which provides moisture and nourishment to your skin.

You will also love the amazing fragrance of this face wash which comes from the blend of lavender and rose essential oils used in it. It is recommended to use sun protection with this face wash for the best result. You can grab it now on www.shopclues.com for Rs.229

Oriflame Love Nature Oat Dry Skin Cleanser

Our last recommendation for the best face wash for dry skin is Love Nature Oat Face Wash by Oriflame Sweden. This is a special formula using oat as the key ingredient and is also perfect for both men and women.

This face wash has hydrating formula which is much needed for dry skin and the best thing is that it is dermatologist tested , so you won’t have to worry about your sensitive skin type.

It is infused with natural oat extract which is great for removing oil, dirt and even makeup without making your skin too dry. The formula is mild yet effective and this foam based cleanser will surely become your favourite skincare staple in no time at all. You can buy this effective dry skin face wash on www.snapdeal.com for Rs.348

Tips for Taking Care of Dry Skin

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Apart from trying these best face wash for dry skin mentioned above, there are certain tips that you should follow if you are suffering from excessive dry skin. Dry skin requires more care and this is why you should know about these few tips mentioned below.

Avoid Too Hot and Too Long Showers

Rather than taking too hot showers, you should go for lukewarm showers. Of course, steamy showers feel so good, but prolonged ones can cause your skin to turn even drier with time, and finally, it becomes totally unbearable and itchy too. These showers take away your body’s natural oil barrier which results in lack of moisture in your skin so make sure to keep that temperature in control.

Opt for Gentle Cleansing

Your skin is way delicate than you think, and you should treat it with gentle cleansing rather than rigorously scrubbing it. Not only this, you should go for gentle cleansers also. Opt for paraben-free soaps which are mainly free of fragrances and hence they are a great option for smoother skin.

Apply Sunscreen

Apart from trying out some of the best face washes for dry skin in India, you should shift your focus towards sunscreens too. Each time you step out in sun, the harmful UV rays enter your skin causing not only tanning but dryness also. So, make sure to opt for a sunscreen with good SPF protection.

Moisturization Is the Key (Always)

As most beauty Gurus say all the time, moisturizing is the key to keep your skin happy and healthy for a long time. Whether it is your face or rest of the body, you should always go for good body lotion and day cream to prevent it from turning scaly and dry.

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Say Good-Bye to Your Dry Skin Worries in 2019 with These Best Face Washes for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a really irritating condition which may lead us to lose our self-confidence. With the advancement in medical science, these face washes are a result of careful and intensive research. So, if you have dry skin, opt for the above face washes, and feel the difference.