Keep your Face Lively & Dirt-Free: Best Face Wash for Men to Keep Them Fresh & Presentable All Times (2019)

Keep your Face Lively & Dirt-Free: Best Face Wash for Men to Keep Them Fresh & Presentable All Times (2019)

Oily skin, glowing skin, rough skin, smooth skin, and all of those men with different skin types out there, here we come with the best face washes for you from leading brands which would keep your look fresh and lively all times. Keep your face wash with you whenever you're going out for an important occasion as you never know how your face is going to end up before starting with the important opening which might be a job interview or some other important event. Let us dive right in now!

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Best Face Wash for Men

When it comes to skincare, men are always sidelined. After all, they are believed to use a single product as a face wash, shampoo, body wash, and what not. But the reality is somewhat different. Men are turning more and more conscious of their skin, beauty, and looks. There is a change in the notion that skincare and lots of products are for women, and we couldn’t be more delighted. However, choosing the right products is of the utmost importance. The right products can leave your skin feeling young, loved, and flawless.

How to Choose the Right Skincare Product for Men?

Choosing the right skincare, for men is somewhat daunting. The lack of choice and harshness of products can sometimes take things south. So instead of grabbing some random product with the tag 'men', choose wisely as it could give you great results, the only regret you'll have is that you didn't think of this earlier.

Shop from Leading Websites

While making a purchase, only buy from trusted websites. These ensure that the products are of the highest quality, and also helps to stay away from locally available knock-offs. These websites also tend to give multiple offers, budget-friendly pricing, combination products, and also hassle-free return policies, in case the product turns out to be faulty.

Study Product Specifications

Before purchasing the very first product that pops on to your screen, make sure you go through each product description. The various ingredients used, the type of results, what kind of products that are, and so on. You must be aware of what you put on to your skin. Just like the food you ingest, this is the food for your skin. So, make sure to give it only the healthiest and cleanest of products.

Keep Skin Type in Mind while Buying

Every person has a different skin type. Some might have oily skin, some dry, some sensitive and some a combination skin. Always buy products according to your skin type. This would ensure that your skin is rightfully cleaned, without stripping off its natural oils. Choosing the right skin type products, also help to prevent skin infections, rashes, acne, and also fight pollution and hyperpigmentation. Hence, choose wisely!

Do Not Compromise on Quality for Price

Your aim shouldn’t be to buy the cheapest product available but to buy the right product that would care and nurture your skin. Knock-off products would be available for unbelievably low pricing, but they could end up damaging your skin. Always compare the original price and the price given on websites. Choose a different product if an unbelievable low price is given unless it is a case of an offer or price slash. There are great products that are available for every pocket size. Hence all you need to do is have a keen open eye.

Go for Trusted Brands

New brands pop up like mushrooms every other day, but it is always advisable to go for trusted brands. They have an excellent reputation built upon years of customer satisfaction and service. Hence, the products always bear a high standard and are highly unlikely to be devious. And if intending to try out a new brand, always read through multiple customer reviews, that should always steer towards a positive side. Even if it is a trusted brand, do make sure to read reviews, to know the first-hand experience. In a new brand, if the customer reviews are not up to the mark, it is necessary that you steer clear of that product.

Best Men's Face Washes in India

To give you a better perspective and ease in the purchase, here we give you the top 10 men’s face wash in the country. Each product has been carefully chosen based on surveys, personal use, contents, and reviews. Choose the right product for you with the help of the tips mentioned above, and start every single day with a clean and fresh face.

1. Kiehl's Facial Fuel


The Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, from, is an exceptional product, specially catered for the men out there. This face wash is specially formulated with caffeine, necessary vitamins, and stimulating citrus extracts to revive and awaken the skin. The caffeine has anti-cellulite properties that leave your skin soft and supple, and when mixed right with the rejuvenating and brightening properties of citrus, the blend gives the most refreshing and cleansing experience for the skin.

Kiehl’s facial fuel also prepares your skin for a less tedious, smoother shave. Also, this incredible product helps the skin resist the effects of environmental stress and gives the dull and tired-looking skin a fresher, glowing, healthier appearance. The menthol provides a natural cooling experience.

This excellent product is priced at Rs. 2,100. Instead of going for an alcohol-based foam for shaving, use this face wash with the Kiehl’s scrub to break down facial hair for a smoother shave. It also reduces ingrown hair, removes dead skin, exfoliates, and leaves skin healthy and glowing.

2. Garnier Men Power White


Garnier Men Power White Duo Face Wash from is a budget-friendly facewash at a price of just Rs. 180 for 100ml. The facewash is augmented with salicylic acid and benzyl salicylate that deep cleanses the pores and gives deep cleansing from impurities.

Charcoal is dynamic content in the face wash, which is an added purification agent that rises off excess oil, sebum, and unclogs facial pores. Enriched in vitamin C, this product gives instant and lasting brightness to the facial skin. With menthol as a natural cooling agent, it leaves the skin fresh and rejuvenated for long periods.

The most significant advantage of the facewash is that it has a duo texture, specially designed by Garnier for the men out there. It wards of dust and is an excellent anti-pollution cleansing product. It removes excess oil, leading to lesser acne, and long-lasting freshness. This face wash can also be used freely on sensitive skin.

3. Nivea Men Face Wash


The Nivea Men Face Wash, All-in-One, 100ml, by Nivea from will be a product that brings back the nuance of long-lasting care. The faint soothing aroma of Nivea crème will always spark loving memories. Nivea is the number one Men’s skin care International Brand and is convicted of bringing the men’s grooming range a new definition. The All in one Face wash from Nivea contains Skin Nutrients Formula with Whitanat Vita Complex Plus.

The Natural Charcoal and cooling mud draw bacteria, chemicals, dirt, sebum, and other micro-particles off the surface of the skin that gives a flawless complexion and also fights acne. The menthol also produces a cooling sensation. The deep clean action provides long-lasting oil control and helps reduce blackheads and whiteheads. It also fights dark spots due to dirt and provides long-lasting radiance. This is indeed one of the best face wash out there for men at the steal deal price of just Rs. 135.

4. Neutrogena Liquid Facial Pure Mild Cleanser


Neutrogena has always been a brand that caters to bring you skin-friendly products. The Neutrogena Liquid Facial Pure Mild Cleanser from is one such product. One and all can use this product. Both men and women. The facial skin of men is considered to be rougher and more tolerant. Hence, most of the products available could render harsh on men with soft and sensitive skin. This is where the mild cleanser from Neutrogena steps in.

At the price of Rs. 269, this cleanser gives a gentle glycerine-rich facial rinse, that removes excess oil, but also conditions the skin. It is extremely mild and does not dry the skin out. It rinses clean; without leaving any pore-clogging residue. Extremely useful for sensitive, combination, and dry skin. It also controls acne, without ripping the skin off its natural oils. A great buy, indeed.

5. Men Acno Clear Oil Control Face Wash


The Pond's Men Acno Clear Oil Control Face Wash (100 g), by Ponds from, is a specially crafted face wash for men. It is the perfect choice for a daily use face wash. The exclusive patented Thymo-T formula helps to lock and clear pimples and prevents them from further infection and spreading.

This face wash is ideal for men with very oily skin. It softly removes excess oil from your face without leaving it too dehydrated. The facewash unclogs the pores to provide exceptionally smooth and silky skin. Enriched with mineral clay, the facewash helps reduce oil and acne breakout.

The face wash also contains hazelnut extracts that give clearer skin. Pond’s Men Acno Clear Oil control is specially created by Pond’s – experts in skincare to provide you with rejuvenated and fresher skin. This face wash is recommended to be used twice a day for best results and is suitable for all-year-round use. It is priced at Rs. 165.

6. Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Wash


The Beardo Men Activated Charcoal Acne Oil-Pollution Control Face Wash (100 ml) by Beardo from is a fantastic product from the exclusive men’s skincare line. Beardo as a brand has grown popular with men out there, by providing products that are specially catered for the skin type of men.

The original content in this facewash is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is the key ingredient to cleansing, as it deeply pulls out impurities, leaving none behind. To accompany and enhance this ingredient, it is given a unique blend with Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Aqua and Fragrance. It is an anti-pollution facewash that wards of dust and other pollutants gently, without being harsh on the skin.
The charcoal provides deep cleansing of clogged pores and removes impurities. The oils, condition, and soothe the skin and keeps it rejuvenated and healthy to face the harsh environment.

The face wash is also an effective oil control product, thus preventing acne, blemishes, and scarring. It also helps prevent whiteheads and blackheads. It is priced at just Rs. 212.

7. Kama Himalayan Deodar Face Cleanser

The Kama Himalayan Face Cleanser from is a hydrating daily facial cleanser that removes dirt and pollutants for hygienic, supple and ready to shave skin. The gentle face wash is filled with organic ingredients that leave the skin feeling perfectly cleaned and moisturised. It also preps the skin for a comfortable shave, by softening the hair follicles and preventing ingrown hair.

The purifying Cedar Wood extract in it, soothes and tones the skin while the Aloe Vera heals and smoothens. The ever-moisturising Jojoba Seed oil minimises fine lines, promotes skin elasticity and rejuvenation. The Cooling Vetiver root and anti-bacterial Black Cumin seed extracts recuperate and protect the skin. The toning Lavender oil and anti-inflammatory Patchouli oil act as natural astringents for refreshed and healthy skin.

The woody scented, gentle facial cleanser foams lightly and cleans thoroughly without making skin feel dry or stripped off. It is priced at Rs. 450. The product is all natural and a unique gift from Ayurveda for your skin.

8. Clinique Charcoal Face wash


Clinique for Men Charcoal Face Wash from is the cleanest product that would touch your skin, and probably the environment. Clinique follows the policy; No parabens, No phthalates, No fragrance, just happy skin. This is a detoxifying gel face wash that delivers a deep-pore clean and is suitable for all skin types. The natural charcoal, which is the active ingredient, draws out the dirt and excess oil that can clog pores.

The face wash is incredibly soothing, hydrating and non-drying. It gives a soft foam that lathers away impurities. Clinique’s charcoal face wash leaves skin feeling fresh, comfortable, and supple. Clinique is a unique brand that caters to the need of its customers perfectly. This face wash is one of the best cleanser available, that is both gentle and effective on the male skin. This is an excellent buy for those who love the best for their skin. This wonderous product is priced at Rs. 2,500.

9. The Man Company Men's Face Wash


The Man Company is another company similar to Beardo, that caters exclusively the needs of the men out there. The Man Company provides products that are made for the male skin type. The Man Company Charcoal Face Wash with Ylang Ylang & Argan Essential Oils Face Wash (100 ml) from is the perfect face wash for all of you handsome men out there.

Activated Charcoal is a master ingredient of this product. Activated charcoal is a tried, tested, and proven cleansing ingredient, known for its unique ability to draw out toxins from the body. It draws out the dirt and oils that are clogging the pores.

Its antibacterial properties not only kill germs, from pollution and acne but also gives a gentle exfoliation to your skin. Befriend this face wash to banish blemishes and toxins, from your skin and give your skin a manly radiance like never before.

Rosemary and Ylang Ylang essential oil along with an activated charcoal base, is a unique combination to spot and a unique blend for the skin. It has created an exceptional face wash that rejuvenates the skin, treats acne, blemishes, and prevents skin infection. It also contains an aphrodisiac, is hypotensive, and has several anti-aging properties. So why wait? This face wash is priced at Rs. 236, is suitable for all skin types and comes in an attractive bottle.

10. Himalaya Men's Lemon Face Wash


Himalaya has always been a leading brand among women, for body and skin care products. And as far as reviews speak, they have kept justice to their Men line as well. The Himalaya Men Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash (100 ml) from is priced at Rs. 215 only. This Face Wash is soap-free, and a herbal formulation that mildly cleanses your face and removes excess oil.

It is enhanced with Lemon and Indian Willow which help clear excess oil, impurities, and pollutants. It is driven with Active Boost Technology that increases the penetration of actives and helps in the rapid action of herbs.

Lemon peel extract rich in flavonoids is a well-known astringent. Its essence in the facewash enables it to remove excess oil. Lemon also possesses antimicrobial and cleansing properties. Also, Indian Willow bark extract is rich in polyphenols, which gives extreme skin conditioning and is also a protectant. It also gives antimicrobial and astringent properties as it is rich in tannins. Indian Willow has also been traditionally used to quicken wound healing and treat skin diseases. This face wash is an excellent option for all skin types, mild and effective.

Skin Care Tips

  • Make sure to wash face, preferably with a mild face wash, twice a day.
  • Exfoliate, using a mild scrub, and get rid of dead skin cells, to make skin radiant and glowing.
  • Do not use razor excessively, as it leads to darkening of the skin. Unless needed, always go for a trimmed look.
  • Only pat dry the facial skin. Do not rub or use harsh material.
  • Always apply sunscreen before stepping out.
  • Moisturisation is the key for healthy and young skin. Do not skip.
  • Do not rub the eyes excessively. The skin around the eyes is sensitive and prone to wrinkles.
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Take Good Care of Your Face

Keeping yourself presentable at all times is something you should take care of properly. Yet many people underestimate it. The first thing people notice about you is your face, and any slightest patch of dirt is enough to leave a bad impression. Take good care of your face, and you don't even have to shell out thousands to do it, buy one of these face wash suitable to you and wash your face three-four times a day, and you'll be good to go!