Best Gift Suggestions for Girls in 2018

Best Gift Suggestions for Girls in 2018

Need a little help buying gifts for all the women in your life? Gifts are a great way to brighten a celebration, say thank you or sorry, or just to brighten her day. Find here useful suggestions on how to shop along with great gift ideas that are just right for any of the wonderful women you know.

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How to Buy the Right Gift?

Based on Her Age

One of the simplest ways to make certain you are getting the right gift for a woman is to consider her age. While many gifts are suited to women and girls in general, keeping her age in mind will help you select something appropriate.

Perfumes, flowers, chocolates and jewellery are things that will appeal to all women irrespective of their age. An older woman would appreciate a more mature design, fragrance etc, while a teen will like fresh fruity fragrances and trendy designs. So before you set out gift shopping consider who are you buying it for and what is suitable for her age group.

What is the Occasion?

Are you buying a gift for a birthday or anniversary or is it for a celebration for a graduation, a baby shower or is it perhaps intended as a holiday greeting? Answering these questions will give you a clearer idea of what kind of gift to look for.

Each occasion demands different types of gifts to serve different purposes. For a celebration such as a birthday or an anniversary you can look at things she will enjoy, a pampering or indulgent treat. Baby showers and weddings require more utilitarian gifts as she is embarking on a different stage in life and needs help prepare for it. Festivals on the other hand require gifts that are suited to the nature of the celebration so even if you don’t go for traditional gifts given at the time, bear the theme in mind.

Bespoke Gifts


Customising a present to the tastes and interests of a person is a great way of being a fantastic gift giver. What does she like? If answering that question is turning out to be harder than you thought, then consider all the things she would likely use on a regular basis. Personalise these for her by either getting her name printed, etched or monogrammed on them, buying them in a colour she likes, or based on a theme that is likely to interest her.

Your mom may like a beautiful cookbook if she enjoys cooking, a friend will like a framed picture or scented bath products, a teen may prefer a gift card to a popular store or coffee shop, while a bride to be will appreciate a useful household gadget or appliance. Personalising a gift immediately increases its value in the receiver’s eye.

Fixing a Budget

Always set a budget before setting out to buy a gift. It will help you shop appropriately and narrow down your choice making it easier to select. Keep the nature of the relationship and celebration in mind. You will want to spend a little more on a girl close to you, and keep a slightly lower budget for acquaintances and colleagues or a very new romance. Important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings also demand a more expensive gift as compared to a thank you or congratulatory gift.

If it is a festive season and many gifts need to be bought, determine your expense limit then divide it among the people you need to gift to, based on nature of the relationship. Rs.1000-5000 is appropriate for a big, expensive gift for an important occasion. On the lower side, when shopping for acquaintances or many people during a festival, up to Rs.500 is an adequate budget. Fixing the budget is the first step. Next make sure you get the most for your money and shop wisely.

10 Thoughtful Gift Suggestions for Girls



Beautiful and colourful blooms are suitable gifts for any occasion and for any girl. The choice of flowers, colour, and size of the bouquet will vary based on who you are giving it to, and why, but these are a great choice.

A lovely floral arrangement will make any girl happy. Bear in mind what is the significance behind each flower and color to make sure you are giving something appropriate, take the help of the florist who will know exactly what you need. A quick search online will also help you make a decision. Even online flower delivery services have floral arrangements listed according to recipient and type of celebration so you need not worry.

For your sweetheart a bunch of beautiful red roses is the perfect choice. They represent love, romance and passion and she will be delighted by something like this bunch of 8 Red Roses Bouquet Fresh Flowers in Cellophane Wrapping by Floralbay. It is great for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or just to tell her you miss her. The supplier can be reached on all days of the week between 10 am to 8 pm and will also make same day deliveries. Order this bouquet for Rs.289 on Amazon.

Candy and Chocolate


A tasty gift is a good gift, trust us. Girls adore candy, ice-cream, chocolate and all things delicious. SO if you want to make her truly happy and put her in a great mood, gift her a box of chocolates. If you know which type or brand of chocolate she loves best, go for that, otherwise any good chocolate will do. Bars of chocolate are good, but you can also choose from chocolate dipped fruit, truffles, buttery caramels, and rich dark chocolates to cater to different palates.

We suggest Skylofts Chocolate Basket of 25 pieces of chocolate. Made from premium Belgian chocolate, it is a fine box of chocolates she will surely enjoy. The chocolates are completely vegetarian and made from high quality ingredients like sugar, cocoa solids, milk solids, cocoa butter, peanuts, raisins, crackle, nut butterscotch and almonds. Buy the pack of assorted chocolates weighing 220gms for Rs. 445 on Amazon.



Indoor plants and terrariums add a freshness inside the home. You can easily buy a terrarium kit that provides the container, soil and pebbles to bring a piece of the garden inside the home. They are easy to care for and look very stylish and she will appreciate such a gift of a living plant.

Plants represent life and growth and are wonderful to look at. You may want to try The Sea of Haworthia Terrarium Kit by myBageecha. It is a DIY kit that comes with an instruction manual and includes all the components needed to put it together. When assembled, it is a mini jungle that will add a zen like calm to her home or her office desk.

The kit comes with a terrarium glass measuring 6” in size, 3 succulent plants, a pack of miniature blue artificially coloured chips, a pack of white pebbles to serve as gravel, green moss, magic soil mixture and activated coconut charcoal that needs to be changed once a year to keep the plants free from pests. These succulents need indirect sunlight and watering whenever the moss is completely dry, which would be once or twice a week depending on humidity. Assemble it yourself before giving it to her, or is she enjoys working with plants, let her have the pleasure of making it herself. Buy it for Rs.1,829 on Amazon.

Keepsake Box


Beautiful, handmade keepsake boxes that can be used to keep not just jewellery and trinkets but other precious memories as well make for lovely gifts. They are great for storing small things, serve as organisers and table decor too.

Look for engraved boxes with a soft fabric lining that she can put to multiple use. They can also be personalised with her name. Boxes made with glass, tin and wood look especially pretty though you can find boxes made of other material as well.

This Wooden Keepsake Box with Hand Carved Floral Design and Brass Inlay will make a beautiful jewellery box. It measures 8” in length, is 5” wide and has a height of 2.3”. The handmade box has been lined with velvet on the inside to prevent its contents from getting scratched and has a brass latch to secure it shut. The traditional Indian design will add a charming touch to any girl’s dresser. Buy it for Rs.
389 on Amazon.

Birth Month Flower Necklace

Jewellery makes great gifts for girls because there is so much variety to choose from so you can find something that will match her tastes and sense of style. Keep an eye out for what she wear and what styles she favors. You can also check her social networking pages to see designs she has liked.

A great way to personalise jewellery is to buy something which symbolises her zodiac sign or birth month. While birthstones and zodiac symbols are popular choices, try something a little different, such as birth month flower pendants.

Each month has a flower associated with it, much likes stones, and these pendants have dried flowers encapsulated inside them. The flowers have as much symbolism as any birthstone. The flowers are sourced from around the world, pressed dried and sealed inside a resin pendant. It is then set in a silver-plated brass bezel and has a sterling silver chain. The handmade necklaces are priced at Rs.3,130 each and can be bought on

Relaxing Bath Set


Scented products are always a hit with women, be they lotions, bath products perfumes or candles. These are also wonderful to use when she is stressed or has had a long day as they can help her relax and soothe her senses.

You can pick up individual products or get a gift set like this Bodyherbals Lavender Collections Gift Set with multiple products to create an entire experience. The pack contains a 200 ml bottle of Lavender Shower Gel infused with soothing skin conditioners and pure essential oils, Vanilla Lavender Body Polisher with exfoliating fine crystals to polish the skin and leave it soft, Lavender & Vanilla Body Body Massage Oil with the therapeutic calming properties of lavender which induces relaxation and sleep, a wooden massager and a high quality bath puff to remove tan and to exfoliate. There are also two tea lights for a soothing aroma. Buy it for Rs.1,450 on Amazon.

USB Programmable Fan

A cute and useful gift for when you want to be on her mind everyday, a programmable USB fan will keep her cool with a gust of air at work and play a message at the same time.

All she has to do it plug it to her laptop or computer, it doesn’t need an external power supply. While the fan runs, a message is displayed on its spinning blades. You can give it to her with your message programmed in it but it can be changed whenever she wants or simply add new messages. She can add up to 8 messages on it, each with 26 letters. It can be set to display time as well. The fan has a flexible neck which can be adjusted the position the breeze as she wishes. Buy the Taslar USB LED Clock Fan for Rs.899 on Amazon.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Everyone has a wishlist or a bucket list of things they want to do, places they want to go, and goals they want to accomplish. Give her a new one - a list of 100 timeless classics and must watch movies. But instead of being a regular boring list, this one is a scratch off poster and each time she watches a movie from the list, she can scratch off the corresponding box to reveal a movie related artwork beneath.

There is a wide range of films on there, from Charlie Chaplin and Casablanca, to Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott and Jaws. She may seen many of them, but there will be plenty of others she shouldn’t miss, and having a scoreboard like this to keep track of her cinematic experiences will make watching movies even more fun. The poster gets more colourful and interesting the more movies she watches. Buy it for Rs.978 on Uncommon Goods.

Unicorn Power Bank

Power banks have become just as important as the indispensable smartphones and other devices they help charge. With phones and umpteen devices getting smarter by the day and offering so many fun and work related features, we use them all the time, and the worst thing that can happen to anyone is a low battery sign popping up at the most inconvenient time.

Now that we have established how essential these charging devices are, why not get her a cute one? Just because it is functional doesn’t mean she must carry a boring black or white slab around. Not when a magical unicorn can come to her rescue. This 2500mAh unicorn shaped power bank is adorable what with its rainbow horn and pink mane. Looks aside, it is compatible with micro USB and smartphones including the iPhone 5 and 6 and has a charging time of 2 hours. Buy it for Rs.1,310 from Prezzybox.

Gift Box Subscription


When in doubt, give her a gift box subscription! These are specially curated boxes of goodies that can be tailored to a range of different occasions and purposes. All you have to do is find a box she will enjoy, and sign her up for a subscription. That way the service provider of your chosen gift box will deliver a box of treats to her every month, for as long as the subscription lasts. You can even chose to give her a single box but receiving a box with multiple goodies will be a wonderful treat.

There are gift box services for beauty, pets, fashion, makeup and accessories, wellness, gourmet food, coffee and tea lovers, book clubs, stationary, care packages for the elderly and the unwell - you name it and there is probably a gift box service for it!

You can try BrownBoi for their subscription boxes for grooming - hair care, bath essentials and skin care. Here is a sample of one of their hair care boxes. BrownBoi Essential Oil Combo Subscription Box Lavender Rosemary Jojoba for hair care. It comes with lavender oil, jojoba cold pressed oil and Moroccan rosemary essential oil, which together promote hair growth, improve blood circulation to hair follicles, and provide moisturisation. A one month box is priced at Rs.499 on Amazon.

The Wellness Box by Boxes of Joy is curated to provide well being to the receiver without having to go browse in the market to find the right products. The boxes are different each month and contain cereals, tasty health bars, dried seeds and millets, and frozen dried fruits that will boost her health. Available for 1 month, 3 and 6 month subscriptions, one month is priced at Rs.999 on Amazon.

Useful Tip: Add a Handwritten Note

A thoughtful handwritten note adds a personal touch, making a gift so much more special. It can be on a pretty card, decorative paper or even a simple note and will make your gift complete. Write a simple message, include a joke or a romantic message. Either pen down your own thoughts and feelings or take help from books and websites that offer quotes and messages.

It can be as long as you want or even a simple line saying something like: ‘This reminded me of the first time we met. Hope you like it.’ You can include a greeting card that captures the essence of what you want to convey; as beautiful as the card may be, add a few handwritten lines of your own. It will take hardly any time and effort but will make your gift more meaningful.

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Think of What Will Make Her Happy

The size of the gift doesn't matter as long as it is something she will enjoy, find useful or just derive pleasure from. Set aside a suitable budget for your gift but don't get hung up on money. Look for things that will make her happy instead. Even the simplest things can create great joy, all you have to do is find the things that hold meaning for her.