Refresh, Rejuvenate and Rejoice with Your Friends This Friendship Day with These 10 Amazing Personalised Gifts (2019)

Refresh, Rejuvenate and Rejoice with Your Friends This Friendship Day with These 10 Amazing Personalised Gifts (2019)

Friends are far more important than our most valuable possessions, as true friendship can never be lost as long as they are alive. Our true friends stick to us closer than even our siblings. Sharing gifts and having fun with your friends is a wonderful experience, one to be cherished always. Friendship day was created for us to appreciate and celebrate these special people in our lives. This article brings to bear great gifts that are personalized specially for our friends.

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How Gifts Can Transform Your Strong Bond Into An Unbreakable One?

Friendship, the beautiful invisible thread that binds people together, regardless of religious, cultural and ethnic differences. It rises up from all those boundaries and connects people for a lifetime and beyond. We know you also have some special friends, and without them, you can't even imagine how your life would have been. But, sometimes we forget to appreciate these beautiful gifts life has given us and we take them for granted. This friendship day, you can express your feelings and thank those special persons for being in your life, for filling your life story with vibrant colours and for converting this rollercoaster-like life into a great adventure.

Use gifts as a medium to show your gratitude and to thank them, these gifts will not only referesh your bond but will also make them remember you with a smile, every time they use your gifts. So keep reading and gift your precious friends, some memorable gifts.

Keep These Tips In Mind and Gift Choosing Will Be A Breeze

We know, that you understand and know your friends in and out. Their hobbies, passion, likes-dislikes, but still, when it comes to gifting someone, you have to keep some things in mind to land the perfect gift at their doorstep, because merely purchasing high priced gifts doesn't mean that they will be useful and relatable to all, everyone has different tastes, you just have to find them and plan the gifts accordingly. Here are some useful tips which will definitely help you.

Remember, Think and Scribble His Hobbies and Interests on Paper

Scribbling, writing and making lists can help a lot, especially when you have a lot of friends, and those friends are the Jack of all trades. When you have friends who love to bear some mastery on almost every field, then it becomes necessary to write it all down and choose gifts which will cover maximum areas of interests.

Experiences Travel A Long Way Down Memory Lane

Gifting your friends is a thrilling experience over material gifts. It is also a good idea to give them anything that will provide them with your good-old company and will bring back those moments when you all were together and happy, take them on an adventure trip, trekking trip, to an India-Pakistan match. Your friend will always remember, love and cherish all the moments spent on such experiences, what more can someone ask!

Go For Something As Unique and Relatable as Possible


When searching for gifts for your special and unique friends, try to find a gift that is as unique as they are. Whether it be their home or workplace, you wouldn't want your gift to be on the same shelf where he puts the gifts given by others, right? You would want your gift to never leave his/her sight and to always remain special, no matter how many years go by. So, give him something which is unique, which he can actually relate to and use from time to time.

Personalizing is The Key to Check All The Boxes at Once

When you want a gift to get a special place in their heart, try to select something that can be moulded into their tastes and interests. A gift which contains some links to past experiences and precious memories! Something that acts as a mirror, whenever they look into it, they see the reflection of your beautiful and strong friendship, something they can relate to, which has their element in itself. They will never let that gift get out of their sight.

10 Great Ideas to Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Friendship

Personalised Bracelets with Up to 8 Memorable Photographs

This is a gift that will literally not leave their line of sight, even for a minute, because it's a customizable bracelet. This is a perfect gift for a group of friends. This beautiful bracelet can hold up to 9 images of you and your friends. These images can be uploaded on the site or via email. The great thing is that if you are a bit unsure about online payment, then you can also opt for cash on delivery. The bracelet itself is made of high-quality stainless metal and the image will be printed digitally. What better souvenir can your years old friendship get. You can get this amazing bracelet from for Rs. 490.

Best Friend Forever Personalized Pillow


If you are in search of a gift for the person, with whom you have shared all the ups and downs of life, the good, bad and best moments and every little secret, your one and only best friend, then this is the perfect one for him. This 'Best friends forever' written satin pillow will become the loyal testimony for all the love, care and fights that are fought between you both. It can be further customized by printing your memorable photographs on it, the dimensions are 11.5 inches * 14.5 inches, you can upload the images directly on the site by clicking 'personalize'. Offered by this personal gift costs Rs. 520.

Personalized Revolving Floating Photo Magnetic Cube

This gift is perfect for that nerdy friend who always has something amazing, interesting and out of this world to introduce you to. This time, you take the lead, gift your friend this amazing floating photo cube that just hovers over the surface below. Actually, this 'high-tech' technology just has a magnet hidden inside, but it is intriguing. You can get 6 of your amazing photographs printed on the 6 sides of the cube which has dimensions of 5 inches *5 inches* 2.5 inches, this is also available in cash on delivery from for a very reasonable price of Rs. 430, but you should hurry because the item has a very limited stock.

A Customizable 'Forever Photo Collage'

The moments which you all enjoyed together, the jokes, laughs, curses, taunts, above all, the fun. If you captured all those magical moments in photographs, then this is your chance to enhance their value and magnify the flood of emotions they bring in. This 'forever friends' collage collects and joins such amazing photographs in a beautiful manner, and it puts a bright smile on the faces of onlookers. This collage is offered by in various sizes, ranging from 12 * 18 to 33.1 * 46.8 inches and you can opt for a glossy finish with lamination or for a simple non-laminated version. You can get this awesome collage printed for only Rs. 149.

Customized Wood Engraved Photos by Incredible India


This is a Gift that will surely amaze and please your friends, and they will keep admiring its beauty. It's a wood engraved artwork that will take the shape of any photograph you choose to upload. Isn't it amazing to have your faces engraved on wood?

It's enough to make any person have a joyful smile and thank the amazing person who gifted it, in this case, definitely you. This gift can be bought from and its dimensions are 30.5 x 22.9 x 2.5 cm at max, the product reviews are awesome, the material is completely wood.

You just have to mail the photograph and text what you want engraved, and the rest will be handled by them. The price ranges from Rs. 390 to Rs. 1390, depending on the frame size you choose.

Personalised Zodiac Desk Calendar


If your friend never forgets to plan his days, even for months, on the basis of his zodiac sign, he believes in it with his heart-n-soul, then this personalized calendar will ensure that your friend carries a bright smile on his face throughout the whole year and you become the reason behind that smile by gifting him this zodiac calendar. This colourful calendar has a very beautiful design, including zodiac signs for each month. You can upload images directly on the site and can choose different designs. The size of the calendar is 10.3 * 11.9 inches, which is a perfect size. You can grab this calendar from at just 560 Rupees.

Customizable Plaque With Name and Nostalgic Photos

A customizable name plaque with 5 of your most memorable photographs hanging below it! You can be as creative with it as you want. You can opt to print their name or any word that will surely make them laugh upon a single glance, and then upload any 5 images to spice it up. This little piece of art will bring back their loved and cherished memories, they are sure to wander around in nostalgic thoughts every time they come near it. The alphabet limit is set to 8 letters, the size of plaque is 16 * 4.5 inches while the photos are of 2 * 1.5 inches, is offering this gift for Rs. 1990.

Palmer Designer Pen with Engraved Name

Your friend is submerged in a hectic life, a lot of office work and barely any time for friends and family. And you wanna make sure that he always has something close to remind him of you and that you are always there for him to fall back upon, then this Engraved pen can be the perfect solution. This classy pen, with a vintage look, can be customised by engraving their name on it, the design of this pen is great to be used in a professional environment and you can grab this gift at only Rs. 299 from

Customisable Hidden Panda Steel Bottle


A gift that is very usable in day to day life and carries their name combined with beautiful patterns, always reminding them of you. Gift them this little gift which they will surely like to carry around, be in office or gym, with pride and joy.

This classy looking water bottle of height 7 inches and capacity 750ml comes decorated with a hidden Panda design which is a cute looking souvenir, this bottle is perfect to carry any drinking fluid for office and can also be very handy for gym lovers, you can gift them this simple but elegant steel water bottle to win their hearts at just Rs. 499 from

Customisable Gentle-Man Photo Stand

One cannot agree more that the best laughs we ever enjoy are the ones shared with friends, their company itself wakes up the gritty comedian inside us all. If you want them to have the same laughs even when you aren't together, then make sure to gift them this funny gentleman photo stand, we are sure they will laugh out loud every time they see this little cartoonish caricature of themselves, it's as funny as it can get, you just have to upload your friend's image on the site and they will prepare their cartoon version, it has dimensions of 19.4 * 7.6 and is made up of glossy acrylic, you can get one for Rs. 375 from RegalloCasila

Keep These Things in Mind to Enhance the Event Even More

Apart from selecting the perfect gift for your buddies, there are a few extra things to think about so that the gifts you give, gain a lot more value. You should keep these tips in mind to make this experience even more memorable, these tips are a bonus from us that will surely help you to win this gifting game.

Plan To Gift Him With A Surprise


What good is gifting if someone is already expecting something from you? Not that it's bad, but a surprise always penetrates much deeper in someone's heart, people remember surprises for a long time and that too, with a happy, bright smile. Unexpected experiences are always welcomed by people with open arms. 

So, try to organise a little surprise for them and then give this gift.

Add Your Handwritten Touch to The Gift


Yes, it's true that some gifts are way better than others, but a perfect gift is the one which contains your personal touch. No matter, how big or small, just try to add something which transposes your style into the gift. A simple handwritten note can do wonders, this way, they will know that this gift is a lot more than just a formality and that you have tried hard to select this for them.

Adding Some Memorable Photographs is A Boon

Imagine them opening the gift box and along with the gift, finding a special photograph of you both. That instantly takes them back to the gold old days, a great journey in the realm of memories that gives nothing but happiness and joy. Such a little detail can make that gift extra special for them. So, don't forget to find and include such a photograph from your vintage album that they might have forgotten about, it will do wonders!

Meet, Witness and Share the Glorious Moment Yourself

Maybe you are thinking to ship the gift to their doorstep, but believe us when we say that you are way more special than your gift. Just go personally and hand over that lovely gift to them and witness firsthand the flood of happiness your lovely gesture brings to their eyes, not only it will give you both another memory to share and cherish in the future, but also you will be able to live the good old days again. So, this time, plan some vacant days and go to your special buddy, meet him, gift him and generate a lot more kodak-moments!

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Personalise your gift

The idea of personalising your gift cannot be overemphasized. There is nothing as awesome as you adding your personal touch to your gift. Whether it is to engrave your friend's name on the gift, such as with the Palmer Designer Pen with Engraved Name, or a note to go along with the gift, or you delivering the gift to them personally. All those​ have your personal touch attached. So, do add your touch to your gift and your friend is sure to appreciate it better.