Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Friends With These 14 Unique and Quirky Gift Ideas & Great Ways of Celebrating the Day! (2019)

Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Friends With These 14 Unique and Quirky Gift Ideas & Great Ways of Celebrating the Day! (2019)

Friendship Day is best celebrated by making your friends feel special, whether you are in the same city or states apart. This articles suggests ways to celebrate this special day with your friends and also gives you a list of 14 handpicked unique and quirky gift ideas that will brighten up your friend's mood.

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Friendship - A Bond to Cherish

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings” - Henry David Thoreau. We don't really need an occasion to celebrate friendships, but Friendship Day is definitely an occasion that you can take up as a reason to get to catch up with your friends and spend some quality time with them. The bond that friends share is pure, and there are no limits to this kind of love. We select our friends who make school, college, office, in a short life worth living. The moments spent are unforgettable and countless. The fights, misunderstandings, funny incidents, and the sad ones are all a part of the beautiful relationship of friendship. Friendship can teach us many life lessons that no other relationship can teach us.

Great Ways of Celebrating Friendship Day

Meet at Your Adda

It must have been long since you visited your school or college canteen! How about going back to that place with your regular gang to revive the good old memories? You can sit down at your favourite adda where you hog food, bunk your classes, crack the same old jokes and have a great time with your old pals. After all, great memories can be made anywhere with great friends.

Call for a Party at Your Place

These days cafes and food joints get overcrowded with everyone in the mood to meet their friends and spend time. To skip all the commotion, host a party at your apartment. Invite all your friends, arrange tasty food, and music. If possible, have a Karaoke Machine set up. Decorate your house, get drunk, sing aloud, and have loads of fun. Alternatively, you and your friends can just have a FRIENDS marathon with lots of popcorn or pizzas and laugh until your tummy hurts!

Plan a Reunion

Another way of celebrating this day with friends is by planning a reunion. You all can get away on a mini vacation to a nearby place with them. Catch up with each other's lives and make new memories with the ones you already have made the best memories with. Otherwise, go for a road trip with your boy gang or to a farmhouse. Get a fresh perspective, share good times and rekindle your friendship.

Go Trekking or Try Adventure Sports Together

Have you been on a trek with your buddies? Friendship Day would be a great excuse to gear up and go for an amazing trek. If not a trek you can certainly try out some adventure sports like paragliding, white water rafting, etc., which will give you all new memories and will be a nice break from your mundane routines.

14 Best Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

Friends are like pizza toppings. Life is no fun without them! Not all are the same but one needs to appreciate them all because all of them spice up your life. Show your appreciation for your close friends by expressing your love for them this Friendship Day with a unique and cool gift. Below is a list of 14 adorable and unique gift ideas that your friends will surely love!

Special Fridge Magnet

Source dezains.com

On this Friendship Day, celebrate your togetherness by exchanging gifts with each other. A fridge magnet as a gift will be a very unique and quirky idea. Every time your friend moves towards the refrigerator (which will be often, if he or she is a foodie), he/she the magnet will remind them of you and will get a smile on their face. You can buy an official merchandise fridge magnet or a customised one, depending on your friend's taste. You can purchase customisable magnets from Dezains online. Simply upload a high resolution file of the image you want on the magnet and place your order. This endearing gift will cost you only Rs.299.

Happiness for My Friend Hamper

Gifts should bring out the essence of the friendship you share with your friends. So our next recommend will serve just that purpose. This Friendship Day you can gift your friend a cute hamper of what he/she likes. This hamper available at Archies' consists of a greeting card and one message bottle. The message is the cutest and very attractive as a gift. This hamper is priced at Rs.549.

Mini Wonky Vases - Set of 5

Are you even friends if you do not pull each others' legs? This is an apt gift for your crazy friend - a set of wonky glasses. giftcart.com offers a set of 5 mini wonky glass bottles. These glass bottles are fade proof and washable. These are bottles made of recycled waste that you can use as unique and eco-friendly home decor. These bottles are sized 3.8 x 3.8 x 6.3 and that of 10 ml-30 ml. You can pop a small leaf or a flower and keep it away in a corner. These wonky bottles are priced at Rs.425.

Green Paperweight

A paperweight might be a very small gift but is surely from the utility section. The unique design of the paperweight makes it very attractive as a gift. You can check out giftcart.com for a cool paperweight that is priced at Rs.400. This paperweight is fade proof and washable and weighs 700 gm. This quirky gift will surely add some twist to your friend's desk. Present this eco-friendly gift to your dearest friend on this Friendship Day.

Steel Bullet Chilling Ice Cubes - Set of Two

There is this guy in every group who loves to party and is fond of bar accessories. Here is a unique gift for that guy - a funky ice cube set from excitinglives.com. This ice-cube set is a set of two and each is in the shape of a bullet and can be added to your soft or hard drinks. They look cool and are made of food-grade stainless steel. It is suggested you do not add any flavour or smell completely you use these ice cubes. These ice cubes will keep the liquor cooler for a longer time without getting diluted like the normal ice. It is super easy to use just like normal ice. Freeze the bullets, and use them while you have your cheers moment. This ice-cube set of two is priced at Rs.399.

World Traveller Personalised Luggage Tag

Is your friend fond of travelling? Has he/she planned a trip any time soon? Even if it is a no, you must check out this cool customised luggage tag available at excitinglives.com. This wooden tag can be personalised with a name or caption that your friend loves the most. This a perfect travel accessory gift! The size of the luggage tag is 10 x 7 cm. It is surely a unique gift that your friend can flaunt in style!

Engraved Shot Glasses

Here is another gift choice for your party animal friend - engraved shot glasses. Check out these customisable glasses on excitinglives.com. If your friend has insane house parties or a cool bar collection, this gift totally deserves a place in the showcase. These tequila glasses will remind your friend of you whenever he/she is partying without you! This set of two glasses can have two different names engraved on it with 8 as the maximum character limit. The names will be vertically printed, and the size of the glass is a height of 4 inches and has a diameter of 1.5 inches. This set of shot glasses is priced at Rs.899.

Unicorn Lamp

Too confusing to think of a gift for the one friend who doesn't talk much about his/her preferences? Here is a unique unicorn home decor gift that is suitable for all your friends. The gift is a unicorn table lamp that can also be hung on a wall. This lamp will be an adorable room decor giving you a cheerful ambience. This table lamp has 9 LED lights, is wireless, and uses 2 AA batteries. It is made of plastic and measures 11.81 x 9.25 x 1.10 inches. This lamp at BigSmall is priced at Rs.899.

Up Yours Coffee Mug

Do you hate your friend as much as you love them? For all the times you feel like just hitting your friend or cursing him, here is a funny gift suggestion for you - a coffee mug. No, it is not your regular coffee mug, but a 3D one, having a middle finger inside the cup at the bottom. Every time your friend finishes the hot tea or coffee, the middle finger will just pop up and cheer up his/her mood. It is a great gift if your friend appreciates your sense of humour. This ceramic mug is white in colour and can take in 320 ml liquid. This middle finger coffee mug is priced at Rs.799 on BigSmall. Do remember that this 3D mug cannot be microwaved or washed in a dishwasher.

Weekly Storage Organizer

Is your friend is one of those people who need classes on being organised and not being clumsy? Does he/she usually forget schedules and what needs to be carried for a specific day? Gift your friend a storage organiser that is available on BigSmall. This is a multipurpose storage organiser that can be used for keeping anything such as keys, cosmetics, charger, cords and socks, to name a few. This organiser will help in making your friend’s life hassle-free. This organiser has each pocket named with days of the week for a pre-planned week. It is made of oxford cloth, weighs 100gm and measures 45 x 71 cm, and the size of each pocket is 12 x 13 cm. Help organize your friend's life by gifting this multi-purpose organiser that is priced at Rs.499.

Colourful Sand Hourglasses

Is your friend a lethargic sloth who does not like to do physical activities and ends up reaching late for get-togethers and reunions due to infinite procrastination? The perfect gift for your friend is this gift-cum-home-decor. This gift will make your friend laugh whenever he/she opens the gift box. This is a 3-in-1 sand-timer. It has three hourglasses, and all of these can be used for different time measurements. Each hourglass has different coloured sand and measures 4 x 4 x 1 inches. This transparent 3-in-1 hourglass is available at IGP and is priced at Rs.525.

Personalised Travel Polaroid Photo Prints

Do you love polaroid photo prints? How about gifting your best friend unforgettable memories? All you need to do is compile all your worthy pictures together, select unique frames and create a souvenir out of the journey of your friendship. Get a print of the amazing times you had with your friend, and make your friend feel nostalgic this Friendship Day. This can be done on giftease.com. You need to add 12 images to 12 frames for the perfect gift. This customised polaroid photo print is priced at Rs.275.

Canvas Prints

Here is another thoughtful gift idea for you to gift your friend - a canvas painting. You can get a canvas printing done for your friend from Canvas Champ. Here, you can get a digital photo as a canvas painting. All you need to do is select a custom canvas style like the rolled canvas or the split canvas. A rolled canvas is a stretchable tube while a split one allows transforming an ordinary picture into blocks of art. This canvas will add colour to your friend’s wall and will always remind them of you. The price of the painting depends on the size of the canvas, the shape, and the depth as well as the thickness of the canvas. Remember to send a high-resolution photo for the same. The print measuring 8 x 8 inches is priced at Rs.299, the one measuring 10 x 10 inches at Rs.660, and the one of 16 x 20 inches at Rs.1,177.

Teddy with a Friendship Band

As children, we all celebrated Friendship Day by scribbling on each others' hands with markers, gifting chocolates and exchanging friendship bands. Doesn't it remind you of the elastic bands Rahul distributed among all the girls at his college in Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai? Friendship bands come in various colours and designs and are often made of many different types of materials. We have picked out for you a perfect combo you can gift your friend, which is a teddy bear with a friendship band. You can buy this sweet combo from Indiagift. This teddy, measuring 8 x 10 inches, with a friendship band, is priced at Rs.961 and the one measuring 10 x 12 inches comes with a price tag of Rs.1,191.

Celebrate the Most Unconditional Relationship with Love

Friendship is one of the most unconditional relationships that you will ever come across in life, which makes it one of the most special ones too. It is a bond that one must cherish for life. Having at least one good friend makes your life much easier because you would have someone who will listen to all your tantrums, smile with you, and maybe even cry with you. Value this bond and celebrate Friendship Day with your closest buddies by sharing the love and gifting them unique gifts!

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Unique Gifts Make for the Best Memories

There are several ways to celebrate friendships. But you should celebrate it the way that ensures that you and your friends actually have a good time. Take a trip, host a party, go trekking, or send each other unique and quirky gifts and let your friends know how much you appreciate their presence in your life. Cherish and preserve that bond, because friends are meant to be forever.