10 Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend, Because She is As Much Your Friend as Your Partner (2020)

10 Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend, Because She is As Much Your Friend as Your Partner (2020)

Friendship Day is usually cel ebrated with friends. But your girlfriend is surely your closest friend! Find gift ideas to make her feel special on this day! We suggest 4 gift ideas and 6 gift recommendations that you can gift her to make her feel valued. So read on.

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What is Friendship Day About?

Friendship Day is all about celebrating friends and friendships. Anyone who has at least one good friend knows exactly how special a relationship friendship is. Life becomes easier when you have someone who understands you and stands by you through thick and thin.

Friendship Day used to be celebrated earlier by exchanging greeting cards among friends. But with the passage of time, people have started celebrating this day in innovative and different ways. A lot of industries including online shopping websites, restaurants and eateries, etc. provide really catchy offers to make this day special for you and your friends.

History of This Day

Hallmark started it in 1919 as a day to be celebrated by sending each other greeting cards. It soon became super popular and everyone started doing it. Friendship Day is now usually celebrated by sending each other cards, or gifts as a show of love and care. It is also celebrated differently in each country to fit different cultures, or traditions and communities and so on.

Its history dates back to 1958 when the World Friendship Crusade proposed the 30th of July to be Friendship day, and this date was then decided to be Friendship Day by the UN, although a lot of countries including India observe the first Sunday of August to be Friendship Day.

Celebration and Parties

In the west, Friendship Day parties are the norm. Organizing group get-togethers or outings with friends to mark this special day is also a trend and this trend is also followed at India. Although this may not be as private or personal, it gives the opportunity to have an activity for the day, and a chance to include more people in the fun and activity. This idea works especially for those who have larger friend circles making it harder to choose which friends to invite to smaller gatherings. Friends have a chance to go get a drink and dance the night away with friends and cherish the company of their friends.

Enjoy the Day with Friends

Since Friendship Day is exclusively for friendships, this day is dedicated to friends and is usually spent by friends enjoying each other’s company. They spend the day recollecting memories and making new memories as well. Many friends go out for a cup of coffee, or get a meal together or watch a movie. For those who live far from each other, they send each other texts or call each other to wish them all good and bless them on this special day. For those who have more of a difficulty expressing their love for their friends, this day gives them the perfect opportunity to express it and show their appreciation for the friendship. This day is also especially special in schools and colleges. Friendship Day is also celebrated in educational institutions where friends exchange friendship bands, cards and gifts. In some institutions, special programs are also arranged to make this day special.

Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend, Your Best Friend Forever!

Every romantic relationship is based on the same building blocks as a friendship - trust, care and love. So, if you're celebrating your friendships with friends on this day, you should also celebrate the friendship you and your girlfriend share.

It can often be difficult to decide what to do for Friendship Day, or what to gift your girlfriend on this day. The options are endless, but the gift you present, or the gesture shown can make a really big difference. It signifies the love and degree of appreciation that you have for her.

Make a Memory Book

It is really special to have a chance to recollect memories from the past on this special day. So what better than to re-create these memories physically in the form of a photo album, or a memory book? It is a touching activity for you who are gifting it as you get to cherish the times spent previously and be more thankful for the special bond you share with your girlfriend. It is also extremely thoughtful and heart-warming for your girlfriend, who then gets to relive these memories with you and remember the good times. The book of memories also takes time to work on and that shows how much you appreciate her and how much you’re willing to go out of your way to show you love her.

Write a Literary Piece for Her

Literature can be pretty romantic. It can be used to express your feelings in a more lucid manner. A literary piece is also a very thoughtful gift. If it has been written by you, it is a lot more beautiful to the person receiving it. Keep in mind that if you can’t write well, it may be smarter to use literature already written by a professional which is not so hard to find either. Literature can also include a letter written from your heart expressing your thoughts and feelings for the receiver in your very own words, which can go a long way in showing love and gratitude for your girlfriend. Who wouldn’t want that for Friendship Day?

Shower Her with Flowers

Not many things are as romantic as flowers, that appeal to both senses - sight and smell. Beautiful flowers, when given by a loved one, can really melt a person’s heart and give them warm fuzzy feelings. When gifting a girl in specific, flowers are almost always a good idea. A few things have to be kept in mind, though. Don’t go overboard and get her a hundred flowers, just a bunch of flowers does the trick. Also, make sure she isn't allergic to flowers, else it will all be in vain.

Flowers are a great gift and she’ll know you love her and are thinking of her. And a small note with the flowers with a bit of poetry, in addition, is a good combination. There are so many different kinds of flowers and hence different colour combinations and design combinations, but when in doubt, go with roses. The red ones to be specific express love. Make this Friendship Day extra special with your show of love.

Bake or Order Her Favourite Cake

Ever heard the saying - “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Pretty sure that works for women as well. You probably know your girl well and if she has a sweet tooth, she will definitely appreciate receiving a cake on Friendship Day. If you know her favourite flavour, all the better! If you can appeal to her taste buds, she’s sure to love you more. A surprise delivery of cake with a personalised message on the cake, at work or her home address, is also a good idea.

Recommendations for Friendship Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Gifts are tokens of appreciation and love that we give our loved ones to communicate our feelings without the need for words. The bond can be further strengthened if there is a true friendship between the couple. It is definitely a good idea to appreciate the friendship you share with your girlfriend. Gifts help in reminding the other person that their presence and importance are both valued and highly recognized by you. A woman’s heart is not always as complicated as it might appear in novels and fictional stories. Women value even your tiny efforts to impress her if you do it genuinely. It’s the small things that count.

Vanessa Perfume

Most women like being pampered by their significant others. Perfumes are a good way to do just that. Expensive perfume has, for decades and centuries been a way of showing love and respect when gifted. If you know her favourite scent, then even better. This can really brighten up a girl’s day. It is very personal and shows love, and that you appreciate her and value her. It need not be expensive but just needs to smell nice and have quality. This perfume has a classy cover and the bottle has a matte finish making it look fancier. It contains 60 mL and costs Rs.595 and can be ordered from My Flower Tree.

This Jovan perfume has a strong long lasting scent of musk. It is definitely worth it and the brand is very well known. The bottle is clear and transparent allowing you to see through it. The perfume is about 88 mL and costs Rs.975 and is available for purchase on My Flower Tree.

Sweet KitKat Bouquet

Source www.fnp.com

"Never trust someone who does not love chocolate". Ever heard of this saying? Well, it is partially true. About 90% of the world loves chocolate. Coming in so many different kinds, chocolate can be a wonderful gift. In addition, chocolate universally signifies love. What better way to signify love for your girl on Friendship day than a whole bunch of chocolates, that too of different kinds, in a chocolate hamper?

This bouquet of 17 KitKats is sure to grab her heart and show her your love her. What better way to express love than through chocolate? Also covered with artificial red petals, it costs only Rs.999 and is available on fnp.com.

Source www.fnp.com

Is your girlfriend one of those rare ones not liking chocolates? Then this snacks bouquet is perfect. This from fnp.com consists of 3 Cadbury Perk chocolates, 2 dairy milk chocolates, 3 nestle KitKat chocolates, 3 Cadbury Five Star chocolates, Good Day butter cookies, Britannia Bourbon, Haldiram Classic salted peanuts, Aloo Bhujia and Masala Moong Dal. It costs only Rs.699 and you can purchase it from fnp.com.

Two Red Hearts as One Rose Bouquet

Source www.fnp.com

Roses are a universal way of showing love in the most perfect romantic way. This arrangement helps you show just twice as much love, with two hearts shaped out of roses. This beautiful bouquet of red roses from fnp.com arranged in the shape of two hearts becoming one is surely a good idea. It costs only Rs.1649.

Source www.fnp.com

This bouquet of pink roses from fnp.com also comes with a greeting card and a friendship band and costs only Rs.499.

Personalised Love Photo Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. So, why not gift your girlfriend a personalised photo frame with your favourite picture with her? This personalised photo frame can be purchased at a price of Rs.498 from Flower Aura. This gift is a beautiful keepsake and can hold your most cherished memories in it. A photo frame is a winner of a gift for Friendship Day.

Personalized New Year Calendar

Everyone appreciates a calendar at the start of the New Year and so might your girlfriend. Our next pick is a personalised calendar with your favourite pictures for each page, for each month. It costs only Rs.499 on Flower Aura .The best part about this gift is that the pictures can be chosen and picked by you and make sure that the photos you choose are of a good resolution. Choose the best memories that you have made together to make this a gift to be treasured for the rest of the year.

A Cute Surprise

Soft toys are super cute and a wonderful gift for your girl for Friendship Day. They are cuddly, cute and very huggable and can also be used as decoration in one’s room. Many girls love cuddly toys and a teddy makes Friendship Day even better for her. There are also options where the toy has a button which makes it say “I love you”, which is very adorable.

This gift consists of a 3-inch white Teddy, a 3-inch red Teddy, two small buckets and 5 handmade almond chocolates in a potli. It costs only Rs.519 and is available at Flower Aura. The package includes handmade almond chocolates to make Friendship Day sweeter for your girlfriend. Make sure though, that your girlfriend does like soft toys in advance.

Why It's Important to Give Your Girlfriend a Friendship Day Gift?

One of the gifts above is sure to impress your girlfriend this Friendship Day. Show her you love and appreciate her in the best way possible. Appeal to her senses and let her see you value her in your life. It definitely pays off to put a little more time, money and efforts into anything you do and you can make a boring idea into the most loving and thoughtful gift ever. It’s always the little things that matter. Make sure you use the opportunity you have now to show your love before it’s too late!

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