On the Hunt for a Special Friendship Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend? Check Our 10 Friendship Gift Ideas for 2019 Even the Pickiest Girlfriend Would Go Nuts Over!

On the Hunt for a Special Friendship Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend? Check Our 10 Friendship Gift Ideas for 2019 Even the Pickiest Girlfriend Would Go Nuts Over!

She's dating you for more than your awesome gift-giving skills, but that doesn't mean you can't show them off. The effort and thoughtfulness behind a gift for your girlfriend mean more than the gift itself. That means pouring time and love into gift ideas for your girlfriend. On this friendship day, gift something that will surprise her and she hadn't thought of them herself.

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Why Friendship Day Is Special in Your Relationship?

Do you love her? She’s the only one who totally understands you? She’s your best friends? Then you have to capitalize on the special day that’ll celebrate not just the romantic bit of your relationship but will also show her how much your friendship means to you. You need to let her know this friendship day about how she’s not just the best girlfriend but also your best friend.

You can never truly love someone who isn’t your friend. Friendship is indeed the first step to a successful and long-lasting relationship, this is certainly a cliché but they clichés exist for a reason and the reason this one exists is that this is the truth. She knows it too. She’s probably reading a blog about the gifts she can give you (you know this, don’t you?). Imagine how heartbroken your girlfriend will be when she gifts you something but you don’t reciprocate the same. You don’t want that, do you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We will make sure that we give you a plethora of great options to pick from and then you can pick the gift or gifts that will make her the happiest because at the end that is what it is all about—Her Smile!

Tips for Choosing Perfect Gift for Her

As the stereotype goes, most guys aren’t that great when it comes to choosing gifts. If you are one of those guys then don’t fret, we will fix this for you. And if you are one of those guys who know just what to gift your girlfriend then we bet that we can give you a reason to reassess where you stand once you’re done with this article. Trust us, we know what we are doing.

So, how do you choose the perfect gift for your girlfriend this friendship day? We’ll give you some pointers which will help make your gift memorable (these pointers aren’t limited to just gifts for your girlfriend or gifts for friendship day, they apply to everyone and every occasion). Keep the following three things in mind when you are choosing a gift and you’ll be sorted for life:

Be Thoughtful

Gifts need to have thought behind them. Make sure that your gifts have emotions attached to them. This adds to the gravity of the gift and makes it a lot more memorable.

Remember: Emotions is greater than money. You may buy someone a Rado watch which might make them happy for a little while but if you buy someone who has been a fan of the Beatles a Beatles T-Shirt then every single time they wear the t-shirt it’ll remind them about you and how thoughtful you were.

Buy Her Gifts She Needs

Don’t buy people things that serve no purpose to them. Let’s say if you really wanted a particular novel and someone was thoughtful enough to gift you that but maybe got you the Mandarin (assuming you can’t speak Mandarin) edition of the same, would that make you happy? No, right? Similarly, you need to buy gifts that actually add to someone else’s life even if it is in the remotest of ways then it is okay.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you don’t want to buy something that someone already possesses or has an ample quantity of. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility is a perfect explanation for the same. The law states: The marginal utility (the satisfaction gained from consuming an additional unit the marginal unit of the good or service) derived from a commodity keeps on diminishing when the consumer consumes more of it. So, if you buy someone who has 10 Cars another car then that would make them happy but not as happy as it would make someone who has no cars. Word of advice: Do not gift people cars. It’s not worth it.

Personalise the Gift

Nothing says an amazing gift like the pixie dust of personalisation. Nothing can top this icing on the cake. If your gift has a hint of your personality and also the receiver’s personality then it is game, set, match. Make sure that you sprinkle a bit of you (metaphorically) onto the gift and let the gift do the talking then. Another thing that people often forget when it comes to personalization is the actual act of giving the gift. Don’t just hand over the gift to someone, do something a bit different. Maybe sing a song to them, write something for them, have a heart-to-heart talk right before you give someone their gift. There are countless ways to win someone’s heart but they all have one thing in common; they have to be honest. Honest is what personalisation is really about.

Best Gifts to Surprise Her on Friendship Day

Flowers And Cake

A classic. You can never go wrong with flowers unless your girlfriend doesn’t like flowers or she is allergic to them. Romeo gave Juliet flowers; it is time you do the same. Nothing says romantic like a bouquet of flowers. Make sure you add a small card to it with a message written on it (remember personalization?). Also, when it comes to the cake, make sure you know what flavour she likes and add a special touch with the icing. Let the cake read, ‘Happy Friendship Day!’ She’ll be head over heels and that’ll make you even happier, won’t it? You can get it for Rs.1,145 on myflowertree.com.

Handmade Gift Hamper

Source www.fnp.com

You know what she likes. But there are so many things that she likes that it is hard to choose just one gift? No problem. You just make her a gift hamper then. You take the assortment of things that she likes the most, put them in a box or a basket and you have a gift hamper ready. The real battle with handmade gift hampers is the way in which the package is wrapped. If you get that right, then you’ve won the hardest battle of them all. Make sure your hamper looks like you’ve actually put effort into it. A great piece of advice that we have to lend is that you should add a letter to it (a hand-written one; do not take a print out). A great thing about handmade gift hamper is that you can adjust the gifts according to your budget and micro-managing becomes easier plus it is easier to pick the right combination of things to go into the care package.

And if you are someone who is still uncertain about what to have in the package then there are ready-made packages available online. Some things that can be included to the gift hamper are coffee, stationary, snacks, chocolates, electronics, etc. This is your moment to show her that you really care for her and your friendship.

This gift hampers on fnp.com does contain all the material you need to include in your gift hamper. You can get this one for Rs.9,999 on Ferns And Petals. Just add a handwritten note to it and your best gift for your girlfriend is ready within minutes.

Customised Cushions

Customised gifts are slowly becoming the new norm. A cushion with a picture of the two of you would remind your girlfriend of your amazing journey even her sweet dreams. And this way you can be with her always and that’s what real friends do. You can customise one for her accordingly on canvaschamp.in for just Rs.399.

Friendship Day Greeting Card

If your girlfriend is someone who hates it when you spend money on her even if it is in the form of gifts, then we suggest that you go really subtle with what you gift her. And if this describes your girlfriend then a friendship day greeting card would be the perfect thing for her. It is cheap, it does the job and she’ll appreciate the fact that you were considerate about how she feels about you spending money on gifts. But what’s a gift without a twist? Make sure you add a spin to the way you give her the card as well as to the contents of the card. Also, the card you choose has to be just perfect since it will be the only thing you’ll be giving her and that has to win her over 100%. These cards would complement all the other gifts mentioned in the article as well.

So our rule is that a greeting card is a mandate on Friendship Day. This gift contains one greeting card along with friendship band and 5 pieces of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box. This sweet friendship day hamper is available on archiesonline.com for the small price of Rs.349.

Customised Mug (Magic Mug)

This gift is perfect for your girlfriend if she likes having tea or coffee, maybe a little too much. The Magic Mug is a great gift for Friendship Day. A Magic Mug basically is a mug which is pitch black otherwise but when you pour something hot into it then it transforms into a mug with a picture printed on it. Just get her a mug with your favourite picture with the two of you in it. Once you have that, you know for a fact that she is going to love it. When she sees your face on the mug next to her face when she’s having her morning cup of joe, she will be wide awake and the coffee won’t really be the reason why. You can get it for Rs.445 on myflowertree.com.

Wrist Watch

Source www.amazon.in

This is probably one of the most common gifts of all time but it is an effective one. It will be on her wrist constantly. She will want nothing more than just your time which is a win-win because you want her time. Good quality watches do come with a pretty hefty price-tag but they tend to be worth the money almost always. Also, this gift brings with it a tonne of great quotables like, ‘I’M Watching You’, ‘You’ve got all my time on your hand now’, ‘Let’s make every second count’ and so much more. You can buy it for her for Rs.2,999 on Amazon.

Personalised Couple Diaries

A couple that writes together, grows together and that’s what a great boyfriend would want, the same is true for good friends. Tell her how much she means to you by adding a small piece of writing on the first page and then let things sink in. Also, leave the first page of your diary empty so that she can fill it up and leave a message for you too. Make sure to trace your journey as friends in the diary. Leave the last page empty for her and she could do the same and then you guys could exchange diaries and fill up the last pages for each other. This will give you an idea about how much you guys have grown both as people who are dating and as friends. What can we say, you guys just complete each other, get it? Cost is about Rs.1,495 on themessycorner.in.

One Gold Tip from Us

Source deadspin.com

No matter what you get your girlfriend as a gift for Friendship Day, do not forget the most crucial thing, the Friendship Band. Go the extra mile and get her a friendship band that has your name on it, that way she can constantly have you around and at arm’s length. That’ll certainly make her feel safer and loved. You guys are a prime example of love but you are also the best of friends. Make sure that she has a band on her wrist on friendship day that’ll remind her about the fact that your relationship is more than just the cheesy boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It is one of trust, loyalty, respect and friendship.

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Don't Forget to Spend Quality Time with Your Love

Friendship day is all about celebrating some time with your friends. Quality time alone as a couple is another perfect present, no phones and just do what you love. She would love to spend some quality time with her love at home doing our own thing that going out. Presents are nice but being present in that moment as you carry a conversation is even better.