Make Your Friends Feel Special with 9 Thoughful Friendship Day Cake Gifts and Tips on Getting the Perfect Cake for Your Friends (2019)

Make Your Friends Feel Special with 9 Thoughful Friendship Day Cake Gifts and Tips on Getting the Perfect Cake for Your Friends (2019)

Frienship Day is a special day that you celebrate with your friends to cherish your bond with each other. In this article, we suggest 9 awesome Friendship Day cake choices that you can gift your friends on the D-day. We have also shared some tips with you about choosing the right cake, and how to get the perfect cake for your special friends.

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Tips to Choose the Best Friendship Day Cake

Friendship is one of the purest forms of human attachment between people who may or may not be related to each other otherwise. It is a precious bond, which needs to be nurtured and cherished with trust, love and care. Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world and is especially dedicated to cherishing this beautiful relationship with your friends.

Though relationships cannot be weighed with money, investing in your friendship with a thoughtful gift will be a great way of showing your friend how much you value them. Sometimes, it is the tangible things that make for some of the best memories. Even if such gifts stay with the recipient for only a limited amount of time, it is the thought that counts. And in those terms, what's better than a cake?

Go for a Unique Idea - Photo Cake

You can personalise the cake with your group photo or with a special moment shared with friends. Contact a bakery which bakes personalised cakes and tell them that you will provide them with the photo and in most of the cases, they will be more than happy to help you with it. Select a high-resolution photo which reminds your friends of good times you spent with each other, and upload the same on the online shopping portal.

Write a Personalised Message on the Cake

If you're unable to find a proper photo to put on a cake, you can also personalise the cake with a special message on it. You can pick an inside joke or the name of your gang, and say something about it on the cake. So, it is not only photos that speak of special memories, but even words can do that. You can either take ideas from some of the great quotes available online, or if you love to write then just go ahead and pen down your feelings in fewer than 10 words. You can ask the online bakery to inscribe those words on your cake. Personal messages not only increase the meaning of the cake but also add to the beauty of it.

Opt for a Themed Cake

There are a variety of themed cakes for you to choose from if you go for this option. This is a good choice if you and your friends share a common interest in a certain fictional character or a TV show. If it is just for one friend, you could also go for a theme based on his/her hobby, say for an example, a book-themed cake. The bakery will help you with a theme cake that fits your idea and your friend’s preferences. This cake idea will show your friends that you know their tastes and likes, and you truly care for them.

10 Awesome Friendship Day Cake Choices

With the internet making all our lives easier, you can now sit back at home and place your order for cake online. However, with so many options available, it is challenging to find an authentic store providing quality products at a reasonable price. Moreover, too many options at times seem to be confusing. So, voila! To help you guys out, we are here with some of the best Friendship Day cake gift ideas available online.

These online shops have expertise in baking some of the best cakes, and they can deliver it to your friend in most of the parts of our country, and that too on time.

A Classic Chocolate Cake

When it comes to cakes, chocolate is always a good choice. This yummy chocolate cake will not only melt in your friend’s mouth but the simple message with the meaningful pic will also melt his/her heart. Go a step ahead and post a personalised message and it will be written on the cake you order. It is available in various sizes and you can also opt for an eggless one by adding Rs.50 extra. You can purchase a 0.5kg cake for Rs.649 from Flower Aura.

Cute Bumble Bee Fondant Cake


Order this cute Bumble Bee cake for the cutest friend of yours. The bright yellow colour with black stripes gives a cheerful look to the cake. Though you and your friends might hesitate to cut it for the look of it, once you eat it you won’t be able to stop yourself from gorging on it. This chocolate fondant cake is prepared and delivered with ultimate care. It is available in 3 sizes, the smallest one serving 10 people. 1kg of this cake comes at a price of Rs.2,049 from Ferns N Petals.

Classic Pineapple Cake For Friends

If your friend believes in simplicity, then you surely must go for this classic pineapple cake. The flavour never fails anyone and the look is perfectly simple yet classy. Though it is available in a round shape, you can a get a heart-shaped one at a minimal additional cost. You can also make other variations in the cake like making it sugarless and eggless. You can purchase a 0.5kg cake for Rs.599 from My Flower Tree.

Friendship Cake

Enhance the fun of this Friendship Day and make it special with a photo cake resonating your relationship. Simply upload a high-resolution photo of you and your friend, select the flavour of your choice, and get it delivered on the D-day. It is available in various flavours like butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, etc. and comes in 2 sizes (1 kg & 2 kg). You can purchase 1 kg cake for Rs.1,699 from Flower Aura.

Timeless Memories Cake

If you and your friends are a trio, then this eggless cake is made just for you three! It is a pretty looking cake available in multiple flavours like vanilla, pineapple, black forest, etc. So, choose whichever flavour soothes your palate. Being dedicated to 3 people, it is available only in 1kg size. However, you can personalise it with the names of your two besties. The 1 kg size of this cake can be purchased for Rs.1,000 from Bakingo.

Minion Fondant Cake for the Minion Lover

If you and your friends are a crazy fun gang who love the Despicable Me characters, then you will love our next pick for you. Gift a Minion-themed cake to your friends on this Friendship Day and double the madness of your friendship. Make it more meaningful with a personalised message on it! Based on your group size, order any of the available sizes and get it delivered at the doorstep. Buy 1 kg of this cake at Rs.1,700 from Cake On Time.

MAC Temptations Cake for the Makeup Fanatic

Ladies, hold your breath for the next one on our list. This Friendship Day you can rekindle your love with your girl-friends in a new style with this MAC Temptations Cake. The lip-smacking cake will get you into the world of beauty fused with sweetness. It is a MAC makeup kit themed cake containing all the necessary cosmetics and is available in 3 kg and 4 kg sizes. Select the flavour of your friends’ taste and get it delivered in a good package. You can purchase 1 kg of this cake for Rs.4,999 from Flower Aura.

Friendship Fun Cake

If some of the best moments you have with your gang are over beer and parties, then this cake is made just for you! You can get high this Friendship Day by replacing beer with this funky beer-photo cake. It is an eggless cake, available in 6 different flavours of vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, black forest, strawberry and pineapple. You can purchase 1 kg of this cake for Rs.1,000 from Bakingo.

A Cake for Your BFF

Make this Friendship Day special for that friend of yours who has stood by you through thick and thin, with this simple photo cake. This palatable cake comes with an elegant and vibrant photo. Select a flavour of his or her choice, personalise the cake with a beautiful message, and make your precious friend happy. You can purchase 1 kg of the cake for Rs.1,000 from Bakingo.

Picking the Perfect Cake for Your Friend

We have provided you with the options of some of the best cakes online, and now the decision of choosing the one resonating with your friendship depends on you. Let us go a step further and help you with some tips that might smoothen your decision-making process.

  • Take ideas from your friends’ likes, dislikes, and hobbies.
  • Customise the cake.
  • Keep in mind the flavour of the cake.
  • Nothing can beat a homemade cake.

Take Inspiration from Their Interests and Hobbies

To get a personalised cake it is crucial that you know what your friends’ likes, dislikes, and hobbies are. Let their hobbies be your inspiration as these can be your guiding star while giving directions on the look of the cake. Is your friend crazy about some Disney character, or is he a football buff? Does she enjoy simplicity, or likes to party hard? What is it that gives your friend maximum joy? Once you know that it will be easy for you to get a themed cake or a simple classy cake or a photo cake. This will surely tell your friends that you really care for them and value their individuality. Giving gifts is your choice, but being able to gift something which the receiver loves reflects the actual beauty of your friendship.

Personalise the Cake as Per Your Wish

Once you have decided on what you want, next is to opt for the bakery which helps you to execute your plan. For the simple classy friend, you can go for the traditional round shaped or heart shaped cakes with a personalised message on it. For the funky set of friends, opt for the photo cakes or theme cakes. Most of the bakeries available online can give you the scope to do a lot of personalisation at a minimal extra cost. We strongly believe that a message on the cake is the simplest yet heart-touching method of customising a cake. What do you think?

Go by Their Favourite Flavour

The cake is supposed to be eaten! While the look matters a lot, but if you get the flavour wrong, the entire purpose will go in vain. So, find out the flavour your friends love and choose a cake of that same flavour. If you have observed, most of the online stores have the option of choosing the flavour of the cake as they all know how crucial it is. Then comes the filling - some cakes are fondant, others are non-fondant. It also plays a crucial role in deciding the taste of the cake. So try to know about your friends taste buds as much as possible.

Make it Yourself! Nothing Beats a Homemade Cake

During our childhood, we didn’t have the option of as many good bakeries as we have today and back then our parents used to bake our birthday cakes for us. The appetizing smell of it still lingers with us, doesn’t it? The efforts put into a homemade cake makes it even more delicious. Don’t you think the joy of a homemade cake is supreme? So, if you can bake one for this Friendship Day, trust us it will be the most cherished gift that you can gift to anyone ever. Some of you might know how to bake a cake, but for those of you who don't and have the intentions, just google the process. While it is not the easiest thing on this earth, and to bake the perfect cake you will need practice, but in the end, it is the efforts that matter.

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Cakes Make for Great Gifts

A cake shared with your favourite pals will make for sweeter memories in the timeline of your friendship. You just need to take care of your friends' tastes, preferences and dislikes to get this right. If you bake the cake yourself, even better! Because nothing else tells your friends how much you value them, than something you made yourself.