Parting Can Be Such Sweet Sorrow. So Part with These 10 Sweet Farewell Gift Ideas for a Friend That Will Have Them Missing You Already

Parting Can Be Such Sweet Sorrow. So Part with These 10 Sweet Farewell Gift Ideas for a Friend That Will Have Them Missing You Already

If you spend close to 12 hours a day with someone, they’re bound to become an integral part of your life. Watching a familiar face leave is often difficult, but the least you can do is celebrate the time you had together and thank him/her for his/her friendship in the form of a well-organised farewell. Planning farewell gifts, though, can be tricky, so here are ten of our handpicked options that should make their way right into your farewell gift basket.

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Farewells: Endings and Beginnings

Farewells are probably one of the most difficult things to bear for anyone. Parting with a loved one is not easy. For what it is worth, farewells need to be perfect. And that is what makes its planning so tricky. But hey you! Don’t worry a bit. In this article, we will take you through all sorts of gifts that will make your farewell a loving memory.

Types of Farewell Gifts

Ever stepped into a gift shop and stared at random show-pieces wondering what the hell to buy? We feel you! We have been there and done that. And that is how we know how to help you select that one perfect gift for the one to whom you are saying a goodbye. Stick around and keep reading!

#1 Emotional

The one thing that has strings attached to farewells is a palette of emotions, all zigzagged as a web of memories. Now, when you say your goodbyes, you want your emotions to be flowing. You want to let it loose and watch it drown you and the special person you are saying your goodbye to. And thus, the gift has to be something that will be the symbol of whatever love and affection you shared. Don’t know what it is? Read on for some really cool ideas.

#2 Quirky

Quirky gifts are an attraction in their own rights. They add a sassy punch to an otherwise painful parting. They bring in an element of surprise and unpredictability, thus making the scenario comfortable and smug. And if you are the kind of person who would rather give something unique, then buddy, you are in luck! We have some awesome ideas to garnish your farewell party!

#3 Memorable


This is the kind of gift that most people will incline towards. Memories are what remains after a farewell. And celebrating these memories makes the connections between two people so much stronger. With memorable gifts, you can show the other person how much you care and well you remember every small detail of the beautiful journey that you both had embarked upon together. Walk down the memory lane, hand in hand, with memorable tokens of love and gratitude.

Top 10 Ideas for a Farewell Gift to a Friend

Hurray! We are finally here! This is where we reveal the mystery behind the perfect gifts for your loved ones. However, you must keep in mind a few things before you finalise a gift for your loved one. You must be aware of his or her taste and keep it in mind while shopping. Something else that you must take into consideration is the relationship you share with the person concerned. That way, you can personalise the gift further and, thus, add a special appeal to it. All these tips will be your guiding lights! So, happy shopping!

#1 PosterGuy Fridge Magnet


Are you a foodie saying goodbye to another foodie like yourself? If so, get hold of this quirky fridge magnet by Poster Guy. Every time your loved one pays a visit to his or her beloved refrigerator, the fridge magnet will remind him or her of the other foodie who is probably also taking a trip to the food storage! This sassy little piece is solid black in colour with the inscription “Farewell Wala Gift” written in yellow and white. Its attraction quotient is pretty high given the price it comes for. On Amazon, you get it for a mere Rs. 199 if you are in luck. Else, it will cost a tad more at 299 bucks.

#2 PosterGuy Black Coffee Mugs


Okay. Hands down, this is my favourite. If you or the person you wish to buy a gift for is a coffee addict (against good advice), then this is for you! Another souvenir from Poster Guy, this is nothing like the coffee mugs your loved one has used before! It has a solid black background with the words, “Farewell Wala Gift” written on it in white and yellow. If you are the quirky kind, leave this one with the other person and trust it to remind him or her of you! This stunner comes for an amazing price of Rs. 419 on Amazon. Grab it before it is gone!

#3 Amazon Pay Email Farewell Gift Card


So, you are either the forgetful or the indecisive kind. But you have no need to worry in either case for Amazon has brought to you the perfect solution for your problems! Be it some last minute shopping or the innate urge to avoid shopping, this little gift card will come to your rescue. Just select the kind of gift and the amount of the gift card you wish to give the person you are saying a goodbye to, and enjoy the fun of not having to spend hours selecting the gift! The price range starts from Rs. 500. You will be required to give the email address of the person you wish to give this to for this gift card is directly sent to his or her inbox.

#4 Presto Wooden Photo Clock


Presto is the go-to shop for any customised gift one wants to give his or her loved one. This gorgeous wooden photo clock falls in line with Presto’s high standards and reputation in terms of personalised gifts. Now, you can get a photograph engraved on this piece and leave it with your loved one to remember you by. You will be paying Rs. 805 for a good quality of beech wood coated with Melamine. On this plaque will be inscribed whatever material you will give Presto.

#5 Letter in a Bottle

This piece spells class. It brings to life the simplicity of sending letters and weaves together the modern man’s creativity with the royalty of ancient kings. It is a beautiful Glass Bottle containing the letter you want to leave behind for your loved one before parting ways. This bottle comes encased in a handmade box made of pinewood. The paper bearing your message looks a parchment paper straight of the books of History with its quality boasting of grandeur. At a price of Rs. 1,290, this piece is a value for money.

#6 Long Distance Memories

We have all experienced the pain of being in a long distance relationship with someone we love, be that with a sibling, parents or with a partner. And these goodbyes are heart-wrenching. So, here we have something that will probably not reduce the pain of the inevitable goodbye, but it will surely keep you closer to your loved one even if you both are thousands of miles apart. This piece is a customised gift overflowing with love. It is a 10 by 14 inches Wooden Frame that connects the two different places you both are in. All you have to do is tell them your locations and they will put the respective maps on the frame and join them together, symbolising the special bond that you two share. They will put six of your most memorable photographs on it, reminding the other person of all the good and the bad times you both had together and the love you share in spite of it. This one will bear your names and a special, customised message. This beauty comes at a price of Rs. 1,690 and brings both of you a lot of renewed and rekindled love!

#7 Traveller's Gift Set

So you love a traveler who is either leaving you back for the nth time to explore another country or is embarking upon a journey all by himself or herself for the first time. In either case, you are clueless as to what you should give them that will be both useful and awesome! Don’t worry. We have you covered. This gift set is crafted for a traveler, the wanderlust. And it is just perfect for your Columbus! It contains a journal, classy a chic wrapped in a brown jacket and adorned with an anchor for a bookmark, a power nap pillow for a short nap break and a dark scratch map that reveals pretty colours once you scratch off the place that you have been to. This Traveler’s Gift Set, at Rs. 2,499, will not just come handy, it will also be exciting and inspiring for your loved one.

#8 Official Harry Potter House Mug

Finding the perfect gift, and that too a farewell present can be a great challenge. But it becomes so much easier if the other person is a Potterhead! Here we have dug out a treasure that you will thank us for! This Official Harry Potter House Mug, priced at Rs 999, takes the Harry Potter craze a notch higher. You can now be the Sorting Hat and choose the appropriate house, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, for your beloved Potterhead! Don’t know which house to lay your hands on? Get all of them and watch your loved one jump with joy!

#9 Personalised Define Friend Mug

We hope you never have to say a goodbye to your dear friends but if you have to, you might as well let your beloved know what a great friend he or she has been and how dearly you cherish the bond you two share. We understand that finding such a gift is tough. And that is why we have this gorgeous White Mug in the list for you. This one contains the definition of ‘friendship’ written on it. You can personalise it by adding the name of your friend on it. At Rs. 225, this piece is a stunner!

#10 The Goodbye Gift

This one is for the bookworm, the avid reader who sniffs in each word a book holds within itself. A novel is always the best gift that one can give another. And this one, by Amanda Brooke, suits the occasion. This Book is about four people: Lucy, Julia, Helen, and Phoebe. Julia, Helen, and Phoebe were three best friends who manage to stick around with each other through thick and thin. Lucy, on the other hand, requires a heart transplant to live. The four protagonists come together to bring the readers to an unpredictable climax. With this paperback priced at Rs. 399, you will be gifting your loved one a roller coaster ride of emotions!

Let's Make It More Special!

Enough with gifts, already! It is time you take your farewell a notch higher. Some relations require no presents. So, all you need to do is to make your farewell worth the great journey you both had embarked upon together. Celebrate the bond you two share and gather all the memories till you meet again. Through the next few points, we will tell you how you can do that. Read on.

#1 Go to a Place You Two Loved

Visiting a place that was the favourite of both of you is probably one of the best things you can do. A place, be that a certain posh restaurant, a dhaba, a picnic spot, a park, a cafe or a little tea shack that stands witness to the bond you share, will always hold a special place in both your lives, especially after the farewell. They always bring back memories of the good old times and very few things are more precious than the emotions that you two shared. Make it more special by arranging something just for the other person and watch the magic happen!

#2 Spend Some Time Together

Life is cruel but your boss is worse. We understand how busy you are. And that is the reason why allocating some quality time for the farewell will make it so much more special. You can do so much together. Maybe you can stay back and watch a movie or cook together or simply go out to a place you both loved or do something that you both found exciting. This will let loose so many different emotions and keep the two of you connected till you meet again.

#3 Do Something You Both Loved Doing Together


Doing something together enhances the emotions entangled with the relationship. Do something together, something you both loved doing. Maybe both of you loved skiing or playing games or singing like kids. Whatever it is, do it! It will make both of you brave enough to overcome the power of distance. And when you meet next time, it will be as if you both had never parted ways!

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In life, all good things come to an end. But all’s well that ends well. Farewells don’t always have to be that painful - celebrate that it happened, rather than regret that it’s over. Be it your boss, colleague, acquaintance, roommate, friend, classmate or family member - gift them a farewell gift to remember you by for the times to come.