The Perfect Farewell Gift for the Boyfriend Who is Going Abroad

The Perfect Farewell Gift for the Boyfriend Who is Going Abroad

If your boyfriend is travelling abroad to pursue his studies or for work, chance are that you will not see him for a long time to come. You will talk over video chats and message each other. But you will definitely miss the physical proximity. To make it a bit more bearable, give him a farewell gift which would remind him of you.

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Why is it Important to Give Him a Gift Before He Leaves?

It can be hard to say goodbye to someone you care about greatly, but thoughtful farewell gifts can really make a difference at the time of departure. Show them how much you care by getting them something they can use, or something that they can look at and remember you fondly. You’ll feel good knowing you got them a gift to show you care.

Make sure you're gifting something from the heart. Whether it's something personalised or an item that will help you make the best out of your situation, make sure that it's coming straight from the heart.

Points to Remember While Choosing the Gift

It Should Prove Useful to Him

Make sure to gift him something that will be useful for him during his stay abroad. Do not give him gifts that are of no use to him as he will not be able to carry them with him.

Remember he is to travel so give him gifts that he will be able to take with him. Something lightweight yet useful that will make it easier for him to carry and also to bring back if he is planning to come back in the near future. Something related to traveling that will help him travel in a hassle-free manner.

You can also give him personalised gifts or something that helps him remember his stay afterward. These gifts will not only comfort him for the long rum also will show that you care for him.

Order Early to Ensure Delivery on Time

Most probably you will be ordering online for the gift you want to give your man before he leaves the country. So make sure you have an ample amount of time in your hand.

Do not wait until the last moment to order. Always keep enough time in hand to accommodate for any delay in delivery. If you place the order too late, it may not arrive on time for his departure. Order 1 or 2 weeks prior to his leaving day so that you can give him your gift.

It Should Remind Him of You

Since he is going abroad and you two would not physically see each other for a long time, make sure to choose the perfect gift that will remind him of you whenever he sees it or uses it.

The long distance relationship is difficult to carry on as you are not physically present with each other but it is not impossible with the things that you give to him you are giving a part of you to him that will constantly give him a memory of you, that will remind him of his time spent with you. It will show him that you care.

10 Fabulous Gifts for Boyfriend Who is Going Abroad

Travel Bag


The Polestar travel bag is ultra-light, ultra-durable daypack perfect for hiking, occasional travel, day-to-day use, pack beach accessories, camera compartment, camping and more. It is available in royal blue colour. The interior and exterior of the bag are made up of polyester. The capacity of the bag is 60 litres with dimensions as 68 cm x 36cm x 24 cm. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable. With 4.3 out of 5 stars customer ratings this bag is an ultimate travel gift for him that he would love to carry around. It is available for Rs.1,099 on amazon.

Kindle Reader


The Kindle reader is a great gift which your boyfriend can use on the flight itself. The Kindle E-reader is a perfect gift for the reader in him. It is thinner and lighter. He can carry it anywhere. It is available in black and white colours. Once charged it stays for weeks. The device holds thousands of books. He can choose from new releases and bestsellers, including the largest digital selection of bestsellers in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. The screen size of the device is 6 inches and it has a glare-free screen. It is available for Rs.5,999 on

Travel Pillow


The Travel pillow will allow him to have a comfortable travel. The Gear travel pillow has a 100% pure memory foam. The ultra plush velour cover features an easy to use zipper and is machine washable. It has comfort clip for non-slip sleeping and it is a perfect fit for long travels on Plane, Train, Bus and Car. It is easy to store and has a 6 months free warranty. With 4.6 out of 5 stars customer ratings it is a great gift for him comfortable travels. It is available for Rs.1,399 on Amazon.

Selfie Stick


The Case u selfie stick is available in black colour. It is easy to use this selfie stick. You just have to plug it in the connector of the phone's headphone jack and that's it. No Bluetooth or charging is required. An extendable body and flexible phone cradle allow you to capture shots from various angles. It weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 7 inches when retracted, this monopod is the perfect selfie partner of your partner. It works with virtually any iPhone or Android smartphone between 2.2 and 3.3 inches wide. But not compatible with Windows OS devices. With 4 out of 5 stars customer ratings, this is an ultimate gift that will let him make his travel memorable. It is available for Rs.599 Amazon.

Travel Kit or Toiletry


This Travel kit or Toiletry has all that he needs for his morning regimen. The Good to go men's travel kit has a shaving foam, speed stick, talcum powder, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and a razor. Your man will just love the gift and appreciate the fact that you care for him. This gift will make his day and lower his expenditure on grooming. It is available for Rs.2,977 on Amazon.

Travel Wallet


The Travel Wallet helps to organise all the journey related documents like passport, cards, and tickets. The style98 tan premium leather travel wallet is a wallet cum mobile case made up of hunter leather. This leather is 100% genuine. It has 10 credit card slots, passport slots. It has zipper pockets and the dimensions are 10 X 13 X 30cm. It weighs 150 grams. This is an essential gift that he will love to use as it will make his travel hassle free. It is available for Rs.1,095 on Amazon.

Travel Kit Bag


The Travel kit bag will help him organise his toiletries during his travel. The Style98 men genuine leather travel utility toilet bag is made up of genuine leather. It has a zipper compartment and a leather handle. The dimensions of the bag are 23 x 9 x 12 cm and it weighs 249 grams. This bag will make a thoughtful gift that you can give him to keep his grooming equipment in one place to make his packing hassle free. It is available for Rs.825 on Amazon.

Power Bank


A Power bank will help him stay connected with his phone all the time. The Mi polymer power bank has 10000mAH lithium-polymer battery, dual USB output and a two- way quick charge. It is compatible with 5V/2A, 9V/ 2A and 12V/1.5A charging, Mi Power Bank 2 intelligently adjusts power output up to 18W to deliver fast and efficient charging for each connected device. It is made with aluminium alloy + CNC edge. The lithium polymer battery makes it more durable and optimises charging efficiency. It comes with 6 months warranty. This product is a perfect gift for long travels and it will make him stay connected to his phone all the time. It is available on Amazon for Rs.899.



The Journal can be used by him to record his day to day life and also to jot down all the things that he will experience on his trip. The Leadership genuine hunter leather diary has a cover material that is 100% genuine hunter vintage leather and the inner material is handmade kraft paper. The journal is very convenient to carry. The journal has 100 pages with size 7" L X 5" W. The size of the journal is 7.2" L X 5.2" W. With 3.5 out of 5 stars customer ratings, this is a gift that will be his companion during his travel as he can make a records of the stuff he did during his travel in it and it will act as a memory of the travel. It is available on Amazon for Rs.999.

Photobook or Scrapbook


The Photobook or Scrapbook is a DIY album in which he can save his memories from his trip and relive them for a lifetime. The Jaipurcrafts Webelkart DIY scrapbook is made up of paper and inside pages are made up of the high-quality black card. The book consists of 30 pages (each page can be double-sided use). The capacity of the photobook totally depends on photo size, 5 inches, 6 inches 2 / surface, 7 inches 1 / surface, 8 "1 / surface, other abnormal size requires that you own. The outer cover is made of redwood with a handmade loose-leaf pasted photo album. This gift will allow him to collect all his favourite memories in a place and remember them for years to come. It is available for Rs.599 on Amazon.

Something Extra to Make His Trip More Enjoyable

Gift Cards and Vouchers

You cannot exactly know what all he might need while travelling or what all he may need at his new place so if we subtract the guesswork you can provide him with gift card/vouchers which are very in these days. You will not have to go anywhere and think a lot you can just provide him with some extra financial help for his trip and he can use it whenever and wherever he likes. These are easily available nowadays on any online site.

Lifestyle Digital Voucher


The Lifestyle digital voucher will allow him to buy anything of his choice for his trip. You just have to select a style of your gift. Then you have to enter the gift card details like the amount, email address of the recipient, from and message and that's it your work is done here. Your boyfriend will receive the gift card on his email and then he can shop anything according to his needs at any time and anywhere. You are giving him the freedom of buying his own gift, he will just love it. It is available from Rs.1,000 on Amazon.

Cleartrip Digital Voucher


The Cleartrip digital voucher will allow him to book his stay easily online. You just have to enter the gift card details as the amount, email address of the recipient, from and message. This is a hassle-free way for you to gift him something he needs as he can book his travel with the help of this. With 3 out of 5 stars customer ratings, it is available from Rs.1,000 Amazon.

Amazon Email Gift Card

The e-Gift Card will allow him to enjoy his stay overseas a little more. The procedure is similar to what purchasing any other gift card. You fill in details such as the amount, email address, to, from, message and delivery date. This is a thoughtful gift which gives him the freedom to purchase whatever he wants, from anywhere in the world through an online platform. It is available starting from $25 i.e Rs.1,700 on Amazon.

Say Your Goodbyes

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain. Period. Apart from the physical distance, there will always be a sense of emotional distance as well. At some point, it will seem like everything is falling apart but the important thing is to not lose heart. with a little bit of effort from both sides, it is possible to successfully maintain a long distance relationship. It's up to both of you to try and make it work.

Before he leaves just go ahead and have a good talk about your relationship. b clear about where you both stand. If something is bothering you, talk about it. If both of you are willing to give your 100 % to the relationship then you can overcome the distance.

Long distance relationships mean you have to make every holiday and visit really count. Whenever he comes back to town just go ahead and spend some memorable time with him that you both can cherish when he goes back. Exchange gifts that remind you of each other.

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Make your partner aware of your presence in his life with thoughtful farewell gifts

Having your partner travel overseas is a harrowing process for both of you. You are worried about his safety and also about the fate of your relationship. Give him something that will make him cherish you and remind him of you every day. He is not going away forever. But till he returns that one thoughtful gift can actually help keep your relationship afloat.