10 Sweet, Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend Living Abroad and Tips to Keep Your Relationship Recharged

10 Sweet, Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Boyfriend Living Abroad and Tips to Keep Your Relationship Recharged

A gift for your boyfriend living abroad is a way to connect. Being a long distance can be tough on your relationship. You feel their absence every day but get to see them only once in a while. But you can close the gap and keep the flame burning bright despite being miles apart with our tips and gifting suggestions.

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Gift Giving in A Long-distance Relationship

Gift giving takes an altogether new meaning in a long-distance relationship, but there are many ways to make your partner feel special and remind him of your love, even if you are miles apart. Ensure the bond between you and your partner remains strong and unaffected by the distance by putting in extra thought to make him feel cherished. Here are some tips to guide you to select excellent gifts for the boyfriend who has been away.

Something That He Can Use or Needs

It makes sense to give a practical gift, something that your boyfriend will use. Now you can judge this even if you are miles apart. Get him talking about his daily routine in your next conversation to figure out the tiny details of his lifestyle. Does he like outdoor activities? Does he enjoy spending time in the kitchen? If you gift something he really needs, then he will appreciate the gift more.

Something to Remind Him of You

To keep a long-distance relationship going strong, it is important that both partners communicate frequently and effectively. If your lifestyles don't allow you much time together, consider selecting a gift that reminds him of you. And, if it is a practical gift, it is a win-win!

Something that Can Reach Him Easily

It is best that you rely on websites that ship directly to your boyfriend's city. Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are the best websites since they service globally. This will help you cut down on extraneous shipping charges. Many Indian e-commerce stores also offer worldwide shipping.

If, however, you have purchased something locally and don't require delivery on a specific date, you can consider shipping through India Post (most economical option). If nothing works, keep the gift with yourself and gift it to your boyfriend in person the next time you meet him as a farewell gift!

Top 10 Gifts for the Boyfriend Who Has Moved Abroad

When you are separated by distance, even the trivial things matter. So, anything you send your boyfriend is sure to be received with warmth and a big grin. Nevertheless, we have put together a list of some incredibly cool and creative gifts for the boyfriend who has moved abroad. Browse through and let us know which one is your favourite.

Loves Knows No Distance Bracelet

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say. Couples in long-distance relationship vouch by these words and to express their love, many of them wear these boho-inspired long distance bracelets. These handmade bracelets are made of colour-fast nylon and hemp string and are silicon-based. While the default product comes with an embossed message "Loves knows no distance," the message can also be personalized.

Couples who wear these bracelets say it makes them feel happy and connected while they are away from each other. Others wear it as a “promise” to be strong during the times they are apart. You have three colour options to choose from: Royal Plum, Raspberry Pink, and Chocolate Brown. You can order these from lovingfromadistance.com for Rs.821 ($11.9).

Reasons I Love You Jar

A fun, meaningful, and creative way to tell your boyfriend you love him. But don't just say the three magical words, tell them "why" you love them. Think of what makes you grateful about this relationship or the little things your boyfriend did in the past that you cherish to date.

A Reasons I Love You jar is not only a unique way of expressing your love but also an effective way to strengthen your relationship. Write your reasons on little scraps of coloured paper, fold them, and add them to a jar (or a box). You can easily do this in under 15 minutes and there are 3 different printable jar covers you can choose from thedatingdivas.com. What are you waiting for? Get writing!

Personalised Newspaper

Gift your boyfriend his daily dose of desi news by ordering this amazing personalised newspaper. You can order a daily of his choice based on his interests (Page 3, wall street, politics?) and you will receive a front-page print that has your choice of newspaper name, headlines and other details.

Moreover, the text is printed in permanent ink on good-quality white glossy sheets (unlike the regular newsprint and paper quality) so you can be assured of a keepsake for years to cherish. Note, however, that only some parts of the text can be personalized; the rest of the stories are picked from real newspapers. Order this personalized newspaper from excitinglives.com for Rs.499 and surprise your boyfriend with news with a twist.

Long Distance Personalised Mug

A coffee mug may be a common gift, but this personalized mug is a perfect for the boyfriend who has moved abroad because it will constantly remind him of you every time he sips on his hot cuppa' of coffee or tea. Get this very affordable (Rs.199), white-coloured ceramic mug from excitinglives.com with a holding capacity of up to 330 ml.

You can customize it by adding the initials of your name and your boyfriend's to make it more romantic. The message on it reads "distance means so little...when someone means so much". Did we just hear you go aww?

Key to My Heart Memento

Express your love and feelings via this beautifully gift for your significant other. Let them know, they hold the key to your heart! For only Rs.399, you get a 7 x 7 inches tile in a wooden frame. It has a print of a key, the name of your boyfriend, and the phrase "you hold the key to my heart." Available at excitinglives.com, it makes for an adorable keepsake gift that you can present to your boyfriend the next time it is time to say farewell.

Gift Him Elegance

Miss him every second? Let this stylish and super classy Daniel Wellington watch do the talking! Every time he wears the watch, he will be reminded of the precious times the two of you last spent together and make him long for your next meeting. The stylish and elegant Classic Roselyn watch comes with classic features such as details in rose gold, a slim case, and their heritage NATO strap in Ruby Red. Shop on their website for Rs.10,899.

Silver Fortune Cookie Keychain

A good luck token in the form of a fortune cookie is a unique gift for your boyfriend. Gift this to him on a special occasion, when he is up to something big (think graduation day, new job, or moving into a new condo). The fortune cookie opens to hold a gift or a personalized message and is finished off with bright silver nickel-plating, so it won't tarnish easily. For Rs.1,249, you can order a silver fortune cookie key ring from amazon.com. Say "good luck" in style!

Munchpack Subscription

While he is away, he will probably miss out on his favourite local munchies that he could easily grab his hands on at the local grocery store back home. Although you may not be able to send him his favourite local goodies regularly, owing to the expensive shipping charges, it is a great idea to send his way a box of favourite snacks. MunchPak helps you gift a snack subscription for about $23 a month (i.e. Rs.1585).

You can customize the food items you would like to send to your boyfriend. Be warned of your mouth watering as you browse through their website; they have a plethora of options to choose from and if your boyfriend is a foodie, he will absolutely devour these munchies. Spicy, sweet, candy, chips, or sour--now you can spoil him silly!

Hilarious Personalized E-card

Like parodies? Then, this one's for you! JibJab has some uber cool and hilarious e-card designs that you can personalize in a jiffy. Simply upload individual pictures (headshots) of you and your boyfriend and select a template you like. They create animated e-cards and within minutes you will see the two of you dancing virtually. What's more, JibJab has templates to suit many occasions and their goofy designs will have you ROFL quite literally. Don't believe us? Hop on to jibjab.com.

Give Them Just Half the Gift!

When half of your heart is far, far away, it is a good idea to remind them of the other half by sending them only half the gift. Confused? Hop on to BoldLoft's website and check out their unique, long-distance relationship-themed gift ideas. These are essentially a range of “halved” products – like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillow cases, and more.

We particularly liked their LDR pillow case set that will remind you and your partner to wish the other one a loving "good night" each night they go to be. The best part is these pillows are in great men-friendly colours like a deep blue and fit most standard and queen-size pillows. They are gift packaged in an eco-friendly manner. They are slightly on the pricier side (Rs.2061 or $29.9 for a set of pillow covers) but their unique designs will want you to grab one and keep your romance brewing.

Easy Tips to Plan Special Surprises, From Miles Away

Birthday Celebrations

If you would like to plan a special birthday surprise for your boyfriend but are clueless about what you can do given the distance that separates the two of you, these tips will be helpful for you.

A few days prior the special day, look up reputed bakeries and cafes nearby your boyfriend's residence. Check their Facebook/Instagram pages for their products and services. Or, explore their website to understand whether they deliver. Order a birthday cake and some goodies. Send a long a bunch of flowers, to add to the charm! It is more economical to check for local stores rather than order through Indian websites that offer worldwide home delivery.

Just Because...

Send a "Just because" gift to your boyfriend on a random day. You can send him a gift through eBay or Amazon or even book him a little surprise. If he loves getting pampered, you can book a spa in his city or simply email him a gift card he can use at a convenient time. Alternatively, you can book a play, concert, or a movie for him and his friend, so they can have a fun weekend. These little gestures will go a long way in making him feel extremely loved and cared for, especially since you cannot be there for him in person.

When You're Feeling Adventurous

An ultimate surprise would be your landing at your long-distance boyfriend's doorstep, with no prior intimation whatsoever. If, however, his lives in a different county or stays with his family, you must consider involving him in the planning. The two of you could plan a short getaway or a trip together at a time that would be convenient to both, and you could take the lead in booking the travel and/or accommodation. Now, if you could, consider gift wrapping yourself when you show up! :)

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Long distance relationship can work with a little effort

Reduce any possibility of your relationship getting affected by the "out of sight, out of mind" phenomenon by prioritizing connecting with your boyfriend. Regardless of conflicting schedules or time differences, make every effort to speak, text and video chat at regular intervals. This is a great time to get to know your boyfriend really well so listen carefully, ask engaging questions and build deep bonds that'll sustain the relationship.