Hubby's Birthday Coming Up? Surprise Your Man with the Best Gifts for Husband Ever

Hubby's Birthday Coming Up? Surprise Your Man with the Best Gifts for Husband Ever

Your hubby's birthday comes just once a year and best gift for husband must be absolutely perfect. But coming up with such a gift is easier said than done. Running out of ideas for surprise gifts for husband? BP Guide India brings you a list of the best gifts for husband in 2018, and birthday gifts that are as unique as your husband.

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How to Select the Best Ever Gifts for Husband

Start with Husband's Preferences, Hobbies and Interests

Gifts are fun because they are intended to be a physical expression of love for one's significant other. There are plenty of occasions where it would be appropriate to offer a gift to your man, and sometimes it can be a spontaneous present. However, the act of buying a gift can be frustrating, particularly if you're not sure what to purchase. While the details will vary from couple to couple, it can be fun to choose a gift for someone you care about.

There are various gifts that you can get for your husband depending on the occasion and one that suits the event – for example, a Valentine’s Day gift would be different from the one you get for his birthday. But you may want to choose practical gifts, something that he would use every day or you could opt for a symbolic touch and get him something to remind him how much you care about him. For example, you could get him roses, heartfelt letters along with wine to show him your love; it all depends on what kind of things he likes.

Many men like to receive practical and functional gifts; for such a man you can choose anything from socks or ties to perhaps an item related to a hobby he pursues. It's best to make a list of all the things that your husband is interested in - these are things you would already know but as often happens when looking for gifts, a lot of these obvious ideas fail to strike us. Jotting down gift ideas as and when they arise will come in handy when buying him presents–so write it down. You need to put some thought and effort into it and your partner will appreciate the care and effort you took to get him the perfect gift. For example, if your guy loves science fiction then Star Wars memorabilia would be much appreciated, or if he cooks a kitchen tool or appliance that he has been eyeing or a nice cookbook from his favourite chef would send him over the moon.

Give Him Things Which Have a Sentimental Value

It is always hard to get your partner the perfect gift for those special days like Valentine’s Day or his birthday, so you may have to spend a lot of time on research and find out what he is fascinated with and get him a gift that showcases your love for him on that special day. For example if he is into photography in a big way, then he would definitely appreciate a collage of his favorite pictures. And if he happens to be into DIY, then a DIY book along with a few tools would be equally appreciated. So think about all the things your husband values and has deep sentiment for and then get him a gift according to that.

If the budget is tight then you may want to go for personal gifts; try to make your anniversary special by creating a romantic mood by decorating your home to create an intimate ambience. You are looking to set a romantic mood for the special day: light a few candles around the bathtub, sprinkle the area with flowers and then play some good music as you dim the lights. You could also use a large bowl with floating candles to set the mood. Play special music for him and once he arrives and spend the rest of the evening revisiting some of your fondest memories.

Try Something New Especially for Him

If you always dine out on special days, for a change you can avoid all the fuss of heading out to an expensive restaurant and instead opt for a home cooked gourmet meal. If you cook for him on a regular basis, pack his favourite food and head out for a picnic, or try a completely new cuisine; do things you normally do not. Even small changes to regular ways of celebrating can bring freshness into the festivities. Doing the same thing over and again, no matter how fun, can make even the happiest memories slightly monotonous.

Not everyone is comfortable with change and if your husband likes the comfort of familiarity, find small ways to tweak your normal routine. Do you always end the day with a movie and dinner date? How about you go watch a play or another live performance, say a stand up act? New experiences enrich our lives in many ways as they offer new perspectives, brush away the cobwebs in our mind and breathe fresh air into our daily lives. Sometimes that's all you need to make a day seem extra special.

Plan a Surprise Trip for Your Man

You need to know about your better half and his preferences in order to get him the perfect gift for the occasion. It should certainly be something that speaks volumes about the love you have him. One of the things that you can do is to plan a surprise trip; you can plan a special weekend trip to any destination of your choice. As it is your husband works hard so you should be able to use this trip to reconnect with him by whisking him away on a special trip.

You cab work out the logistics beforehand and get all the tickets, hotel rooms booked in advance. You can also give him some small hints as that should keep the suspense alive and on the big day, you can surprise him with the gift. This should certainly get him to show you a lot of affection and better yet should also help cement your relationship in the process.

Check online for special travel deals and choose the one that sounds perfect. Make sure that you check all the terms and conditions and soon you should be able to snag the perfect trip and save some money in the process as well. By taking him on a trip, you are getting him a lot more than just a gift – you are essentially giving him something to remember, a solid experience with the love of his life, you. If you are more of the adventurous sort, you can go for a rafting trip or take on mountain climbing or if you prefer a laid back getaway, then a spa vacation should sound perfect. Just remember to have everything ready well in advance.

The Best Ever Gifts That Men Like

Fitbit for the Health Conscious Man


If you were looking for something special to get your husband, then Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch should be perfect. This watch is designed specifically to help provide the user with a near complete fitness profile. Apart from performing the usual functions like activity monitoring, heart rate and step counting, this smart watch comes with extensive coaching, work outs with advanced tracing features that should help gauge your current fitness session and all of these are backed up by inbuilt GPS as well as smart track exercise recognition. If you are worried about your husband’s health, then getting him this watch would be the best thing for him.

The Fitbit Ionic watch functions as a smart watch and comes with a large trendy display face with sleek metallic accents, along with a battery that lasts for over 4 days. It also comes with on screen guidance as the user goes through his fitness regimen and provides direct feedback on his exercise including the pace of the workout session, calories burned, resting heart rate as well as minutely tracking cardio health. It also comes with an integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a unibody that helps to form stronger connections with satellites, and a personalized fitness score. You should be able to purchase this watch at Amazon India where it retails at Rs.22,890.

Leather Charging Station Valet


This is the perfect gift that you can get for your husband. The Leather Charging Station Valet comes with an attractive leather box with two compartments in the front with 4 watch slots covered with a glass lid and three more compartments in the back. And as for the interiors, he can use it to store his mobile devices, watches and other small accessories including tie pins, cufflinks and much more. The fact that this leather container also functions as a charging station should help make it the perfect gift for your husband. You can buy this for Rs.5,384 at and help your husband stay organised at work or at home.

A Perfume and Deo Set

Don't you just love it when your man smells good? Fragrances are wonderful gifts to give your man and the Skinn Raw Coffret Perfume and Deodorant for Men should be perfect to get for your man; its intense fragrance is not overpowering and manages to come across as both fresh and bold. With bold citrus notes, it comes off as both fresh and crisp. It combines the citrus notes of lemon and bergamot with floral tones of violet leaves and geranium to create this signature fragrance. It is currently available at Amazon India for Rs.1,425.

Pamper Your Hubby with Expensive Gifts

Save Up and Buy Him a Car

When it comes to showing your love for your man, you could always surprise him with a gift that completely floors him. You could get him an expensive gift or go for something functional like a new car and one that he will use each day. The Nissan Teana 230 JM Sedan should be just perfect and it comes with 170@6000 PS@rpm horse power, power steering, automatic transmission, with air conditioner, alloy wheels, central locking mechanism, plush interiors, leather power seats and much more. It comes with a warranty as well; you should be able to check out all the technical specs online at cars and choose the shade and place the order. You should get the same delivered right away; it currently comes with a price tag of Rs.20,67,000 and is also available on an EMI of Rs.37300. This is a pricier sedan and there are plenty of other brands and models that may better suit your husband's and your family's requirements, find one that does.

Gift Him a Rolex

A Rolex watch is perhaps on the wishlist of every man and your husband will be delighted to receive one; if you were planning to get him something special for a big anniversary present or a landmark birthday, then you may want to get him a Rolex Submariner Black in steel. The finish on the product is exquisite as it is with all Rolexes and comes with a large steel dial, automatic movement, and well-crafted steel strap of 40 mm with a unique finish that sets it apart from others. You should be able to purchase it at Luxepolis who will deliver the watch with original invoice, box and warranty cards. It currently retails at Rs.4,40,000 and the site in question will verify authenticity of the product before delivering it to you. Does he fancy any of the other luxury watch labels? Buy him s high end watch from his favourite brand.

Alexa from Amazon


Give your husband an Echo Plus with built in smart home hub that will enable him to control music through a voice command, make hands-free calls, get news and weather updates and much more. Echo plus makes it easy and convenient to use the speaker to control various devices. Primarily, the device connects to Alexa, a cloud based service with which you can choose to make calls, play specific music and even place delivery orders. The product comes with an easy set up and requires zigbee enabled smart home devices to tap the full functionality of this device. Now all you have to do is to register your voice and that of your loved ones and soon the whole family should be able to control various devices in and around your home using this smart device. It comes with seven microphones and powerful speakers with immersive 360 degree omnidirectional audio. You should be able to get it at Amazon India where it retails at Rs.14,990 and the good news is that it also comes with same day delivery option as well.

Leather Jacket from Emporio Armani

If you were looking for something special to get your husband then this Emporio Armani Jacket should just be perfect. With pure leather finish and sleek lines, this trendy jacket should help your husband stand out for all the right reasons. The jacket comes in brown with a stand collar, asymmetric zip, two zip pockets in the front much more. You should be able to get the jacket at Raffaelo, where it retails at Rs.1,06,710.

Romantic DIY Gift Ideas for Your Husband

Gift Him a Massage

You can always make your own gift instead of spending on expensive gifts. You can make him a coupon book with redeemable coupons for treats like a massage, a home cooked meal, candle light dinner, binge watching his favorite series and much more. That way he can claim a particular service from you as and when he needs it.

You can also treat him to a massage session even without a coupon book. Your man works hard all day and may be hesitant to go for a professional massage but he could use one all the same. Giving your partner a soothing rub is also a great way to spend intimate time with him. Use aromatic massage oils, play some soothing music, dim the lights in the room and do your best to work the kinks out of his body. He will be immensely relaxed and grateful. If he has avoided spas all this while, perhaps after this he could warm up to the idea and next time you can book a couple's massage at your local spa.

Plan a Movie Night

When was the last time the two of you went out for a romantic movie night? Not the kind with kids and family in tow to watch the latest blockbuster, but just the two of you - watching a romantic movie, holding hands, sharing a tub of popcorn and exchanging sweet nothings while the actors romanced each other on screen.

There are also several ways to make a relaxed night at home just as exciting as a date night on the town. Set up a projector or prep your living room or bedroom with soft lights, a stack of movies ready to go, snacks, cozy blankets and a couple of undisturbed hours.

DIY Picture Frame

Memories are one of the best gifts that you can give your husband and what better way to do this than his favourite pictures framed on the wall or his desk. You can always buy a ready frame but making one yourself adds a personal touch and he will definitely appreciate the effort you put into it. Making a picture frame is surprisingly easy and the internet is filled with creative ideas to make them. We liked the 20 odd DIY picture frame ideas put together by and you can pick any you think you will be able to pull off with ease.

DIY Soap for Men

One of the best things that you can do is to gift your husband and your family with some pleasant smelling hand soap which you can either make from scratch, or a better idea would be to use up bits of old soaps to create something new that the entire family loves to use. The process is cheaper and you do not have to use any lye for the mix. Here is a simple recipe from you can try.

Essential Oil Soap

What you need:
  • 3 bars of plain soap
  • ¼ cup oatmeal
  • 1 tsp vitamin E
  • Essential oils of your choice, 20-30 drops
  • Plastic bag

How to make it:
  • The first thing that you need to do is to grate the base soap down perfectly. You can microwave it for 15 seconds in a microwave and this should help soften the soap so that you can grate it more easily.
  • Now place the grated bits in a microwaveable plastic bag and melt it in the microwave, or use a double boiler to do this. Keep checking and stirring it constantly so that it does not stick to the base.
  • When the mixture has started to melt, you can add some water, less than a tablespoon. The water depends on how thick the soap bars were, and you really need to just add the right amount of water.
  • Once the soap has melted, you can add essential oils, oatmeal and vitamin E. Mix it well and pour the mixture into a pan. But make sure that the pan is well layered with parchment paper to prevent sticking.
  • Now allow it to cool and set for two weeks before you can cut it into small bars.

A Romantic Evening

For this Valentine’s Day you may want to take care of your man for a change. Generally he takes over the the reins when it comes to special occasions from planning for it to paying the bill. So for a change, why not surprise him on the special day by taking him to dinner and paying for it.

Or you can tell him that you are taking him out for dinner and instead just prep a candle light dinner at home, with some of his favorite dishes, Additionally, you can take him shopping and get him some of his favorite items. Or better yet, you could pay for him to get the tattoo that he had always wanted. And then, there’s the classic oldie, you can slow dance with him and show him just how much you mean to him.

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Customise the Gifts for Your Man

The idea of a perfect gift differs from person to person, where one man would love to receive a luxury watch, yet another will feel happiest if he gets to spend quality time with his loved ones, and a third man may want to go globetrotting with you. You know your man best - years of living with him, judging from the experiences of previous gifts given to him will help you understand what kind of gift will make your husband happy. Your idea of a perfect gift may not match his but when the purpose is to please him, let his preferences guide your choice.