10 Gifts for Husband Birthday in Malaysia: Send Romantic Gifts for Your Husband Staying Abroad and Please Him Even if You're Not Around

10 Gifts for Husband Birthday in Malaysia: Send Romantic Gifts for Your Husband Staying Abroad and Please Him Even if You're Not Around

Trying to find a unique gift for a partner is difficult at the best of times. But in long distance relationships, you also have to keep in mind the physical distance between you both which might make looking for the right gift something of a challenge. Here are however 10 gift ideas to pamper your loved one even from afar.

Tips on Sending Gifts Abroad for Husband in Malaysia

Send Him a Thoughtful And Romantic Gift

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Love knows no barriers or distance. Gifts for your husband, who’s miles apart from you is a wonderful way to remind him how much he means to you. Whether you send gifts for a special occasion or just because you’re missing him, your gifts are bound to make him smile and have his heart skip a beat in return! Your thoughtfulness, the love and the passion intertwined in your gifts would mean a lot to him. For instance – you can now let your hubby know that you’re thinking of him in real time by gifting him an In-Sync touch lamp. After you both connect the lamp through WIFI, the lamps would sync up and a quick touch to either lamp will send off the message, so when one lamp is touched, the other to emits a radiant glow!

Easy to Reach, Simple to Use And a Keepsake for Memories

When choosing a gift for your darling husband, look for things that are unique yes, but are equally simple, practical and can be delivered easily. For example - when living miles apart, impromptu trips or weekend outings maybe regular for your hubby. You’d send him a weekender bag or a smart lock that keeps a track of his luggage via a Bluetooth tracker.

Look for Locally Sourced Gifts

To get comfortable in a new place will take time for your husband, but you can make it easier for him by sending local gifts that will help him acclimatize better and enjoy the vibes of the local items there, making him feel relaxed and happy, despite being alone as also give him a few conversation starters to make friends and share experiences. Choose from a wide selection of books, coffee beans, games, souvenirs, fragrances, tea hampers, textiles, spices, handicrafts and/or local delicacies by way of a surprise lunch or dinner delivery.

Best Gifts for Husband in Malaysia (2018)

Personalized Leather Key Holder

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This Hand-Stitched Key Holder is made of 2mm thick genuine soft leather with dimensions of 7.7 x 11.2 and comes in a premium gift packaging, paper bag and with a mini gift card. It can be customized with your hubby’s name, initials or a message to a maximum of 10 characters. Just like your thoughts, this key holder is made with great love and care from the point of design, choice of leather, the colour of matching accessories and the finishing touches, all to bring to your husband a feeling of being special and appreciated. The instyle pulling key holder is priced at Rs. 1,553.

Grooming Set

There is nothing more attractive than a man who takes good care of himself. Unlike the olden days when men didn’t give much thought to grooming themselves, nowadays, it has become a routine practice in their daily regime to maintain themselves. The Biotherm Homme Aquapower Grooming Set for men comes with a 50ml foam shaver with anti-irritation & anti-redness properties to ease his skin through a comfortable shave, a 20ml cleansing gel which contains a blend of vitamins and minerals and a registered mineral-rich concentrate from thermal spring water which will cleanse, tone and rebalance his skin without over-drying it, and an aquapower ultra moisturizer which is enriched with peppermint water with oligo-elements, vitamins and moisturizing agents that revitalizes the skin for a long time. The gift set is priced at Rs. 1,570.

Himalayan Salt Block Skewer Set

Be free of worry, when it comes to your husband getting healthy meals when he’s far away from home. With the Himalayan Salt Block Skewer Set, he can now layer his favorite food with the included flavour cubes and season them, then grilling or cooking them over a stovetop. The highly sturdy crystals can hold intense heat as they get fried with the veggies. Each skewer measures 11.8 in length and can be hand washed with a mild soap after use. The Himalayan salt cubes are naturally microbial and don’t need cleansing, they can just be washed off under water and scrubbed gently with a sponge, and dried for at least 24 hours before their next use. The set includes 4 stainless steel skewers and 8 Himalayan salt cubes and is priced at Rs. 1,772.

Waterproof Massager

You can have him take care of his aching limbs and muscles after a long day’s work with this Waterproof Massager that provides deep penetrating thumps to things, calves, hips, shoulders and any other part of the body that needs a massage, alleviating all muscle pain and speeding up their recovery. FDA qualified and certified safe and reliable the massager is wireless, which makes it easy to handle or carry; its professional waterproof IP6X level allows the massager to be used in the shower as well. It has a separate point contact charge base which is a lot safer than the conventional charge wire and works both with 110-120V and 220-240V electric outlets. The massager is priced at Rs. 6,537.

Desktop Diffuser

Help your husband unwind and relax as easily as he does at home, now in Malaysia with the Yun Desktop Diffuser which can be used with any essential oil of choice to create a comforting and soothing ambiance for him, no matter where he is. Choose from a variety of oils for rejuvenation, mood swings, physical & mental relaxation and/or any specific health conditions he may suffer from, that he can add a few drops of the oils of into the diffuser and lay back and relax. Placed in a stylish hexagon metal alloy case on a wooden base, its compact size takes very small space of any table, and its USB power function can be connected to any laptop or power bank. The diffusing time varies between 5-8 hours with a 40ml capacity and is priced at Rs. 1,725

Sleep Phones

If your husband is a troubled sleeper or an insomniac, then these [Sleep Phones would be an ideal gift for his sleepless nights! The Sleep Phones come styled as a headband that he can wear to bed, allowing him to lie in any position, as comfortably as he does always. The sleep phones have flat headphones which are fit inside the band that is compatible with most devices with a normal 3.5mm headphone jack. It features premium quality of sound with environment-friendly and lead-free electronics, include a flexible 48 stereo audio cord, a fleece headband that’s made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex in a free size. It is priced at Rs. 3,525.

Portable Beer Table

Designed to hold nearly everything he would need when it’s time to unwind and chillax, be it indoors or out, this beer table can hold two cans, bottles or glasses, a bowl of munchies and an in-built bottle opener. It comes with a fiberglass spike that can be secured in the grass or sand, when outdoors, and packed up easily when it’s time to go making it portable too. Handmade from a Baltic birch plywood the table is priced at Rs. 4,269 on Uncommon Goods.

Sleep Plus Plus Pillow Spray

The Sephora Sleep Plus Pillow Spray is a fast acting natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns for restless sleepers and its intense fragrance with a blend of lavender, chamomile and vetivert is released uninterruptedly with a motion activated technology. Its aromatic properties will not only help your hubby sleep better but also provide great skin care benefits, preventing skin eruptions or irritations caused by medication. The spray can be sprayed onto the bed linen directly after a good shake. It is priced at Rs. 2,640.

Lazy Man Pan

A resourceful innovation that takes all the hard work out of preparing his favorite meal, this Lazy Man Pan would be a wonderful addition to your hubby’s list of practically useful kitchen tools! With 5 compartments within its 38 x 30 cm area, the pan has ample space to segregate different portions of a meal, thus saving time and effort not only in cooking but also on washing & cleaning! He can now avoid cooking in multiple vessels and can prepare a quick meal. With an easy grip handle, that’s ergonomically designed and Xylan non-stick coating, the Lazy Man Pan is very simple to use and easy to clean or store. The pan features a die-cast aluminum with an induction steel base and is suitable for all hotplates or stoves, including induction plates. It is priced at Rs. 3,525.

Batik Shirt

When in Rome, dress up as the Romans do! When it comes to choosing a local gift from Malaysia, batik shirt will always be in one of the leading items. Present him with a locally designed and Malaysian special fabric shirt, which is made of premium fabric with a floral design for casual and formal occasions alike. A batik shirt is usually a warm weather formal wear in Malaysia with long sleeves for formal occasions and short for casual events. Available in different sizes, the Muslimin Batik Rice Choco shirt is priced at Rs. 638.

Bonus Tip: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. Keep the relationship Alive Virtually!

No one said life will be easy or that relationships would be a piece of cake. And the long-distance sure doesn’t help the cause one wee bit! Things do get complicated and it is natural for either of you to get sad and lonely. But, hey! It is not the end of the world. The distance sure makes the heart grow fonder and the simplest of things that were earlier cheesy or just too ignorable now become precious, like holding hands, eating together, feeling your partner’s touch, their scent. All this suddenly becomes too important. Without being overwhelmed and possessive of your partner, you can enjoy your long distance relationship with your husband and strengthen your love for each other.

  • Communication – you don’t have to be after him 24*7 keeping tabs on his whereabouts or his schedule to know how he’s doing. Keep in mind that less is more! Teasing and Tugging at the right moment and a right spot is a key to a healthy relationship.
  • Living Apart – See this distance as an opportunity to understand each other, give each other space and a platform to grow individually and believe that it will help you both evolve together as well and be closer than before.
  • Unpleasant Surprises – Set some ground rules for your expectations of each other well in advance. Be sure not to give any untoward surprises by indulging in open relationships, or being overly social with the opposite sex or anything else either of you may be uncomfortable with both on a personal level and as a couple. Always be open and share your concerns, plans or other issues that should be discussed with your spouse willingly.
  • Passion in the Relationship – Sexual tension is one of the major pain point between couples. Physical and emotional intimacy is a strong adhesive that keeps the passion alive in a relationship. Keep the chemistry alive by sexting each other or using your virtual chats or calls to being sensually connected on a regular basis.
  • Being Together – Despite the physical distance, you both can still enjoy being together. Whenever you both can, make time to connect virtually, perhaps play online games together, watch a YouTube video at the same time, or sing to one another, take a walk together while video-calling, or shop online together and buy gifts for each other! You’d also choose to read the same books, watch the same TV shows or movies and then relate your experiences later on a call. And if and when the pocket allows and time too, make trips to visit your love. A visit after all the waiting and self-restraint, the joy of being together physically and mentally would seem all the more special and endearing.
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Gifts For Long Distance Relationship

Whether your significant other moved across the country to pursue a promising job opportunity, your best friend started a graduate school program in a different state, or you left home to travel the world, you know just how difficult long distance relationships can be. To ease the challenges of the LDR, the editors at BP Guide put together a gift guide that covers gifts to send your husband living in another country.