Need to Send a Long Distance Birthday Gift for Husband in Canada? 10 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Need to Send a Long Distance Birthday Gift for Husband in Canada? 10 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Whether living apart or together in Canada, when your husband's birthday comes around, you want to give him presents that can be delivered to him without an insane shipping fee, or gifts that are suited to your life there. Find here the best gifts for husband's birthday, romantic, useful, as well as gifts that give him an experience of a lifetime - from beanies and scarves, to flying lessons. Read on to find out more.

How to Choose a Great Gift for Your Husband in Canada

Choose Something that Makes Living Independently or Alone Easy


While looking for a perfect gift for your hubby who is staying in Canada, you should look for gifts that will actually make living independently easier! Managing an independent life abroad can be tough, which is why you should look for gifts that will be useful and come in handy when staying alone. You can opt for gifts that help in organising better like a travel kit that has separate bags for keeping the essentials in place. Without having anyone who can help with the day to day chores and running errands, it can be quite daunting. So, look for gifts that augment an independent life in a different country. Even if you live as a family abroad, most Indians, especially the ones who have not grown up there, find it difficult to adjust to a life without house help, so gifts for him can also be useful at home.

Go for Gifts That Will Be Helpful in Daily Life


While fancy gifts have a charm of its own, useful gifts are equally important. Staying alone in Canada means that there are a lot of things to be taken care of. Your husband probably has to do everything by himself apart from managing the work. His hectic schedule might not allow for him to spare the time to shop for the essentials. This is where you can step in and make life easier for him by giving him gifts that he will find useful. For example, you can gift him a winter scarf that will help him with the cold or shop for a comfortable pair of socks and send it to your husband to help him keep warm. The distance does not have to stop you from making life better for him.

Gift Him an Experience for a Change

You can make gifting even more fun by gifting an experience instead of giving a material gift! Do some research about the popular things to do in Canada and places to visit. You can check out the various online websites that allow you to book an experience for your hubby. Make the bookings well in time and gift him with an experience. There are a lot of options like brunches on the weekend, a guided boat tour for one and the like. Gifting experience is the latest trend and is certainly a very memorable gift that he will cherish for the years to come.

10 Amazing Gifting Ideas for Your Husband in Canada

Fleece Lined Skull Cap Beanie Hat

This gorgeous beanie is made of soft acrylic and is designed with a fluff line neck warmer. It helps in keeping the neck and head warm during the winters. It has a stretchy knit construction and its lined soft fleece helps in getting wrinkle resistance. It is ideal to be worn while going hiking, cycling, hunting or skiing. The beanie has an adorable look and you can gift it to your husband staying in Canada. The high-quality material of the beanie and its impeccable look make it a must-have winter wear. Shop this from Amazon for C$ 23 (Rs.1,215).

Flying Lesson Over Brandon

This incredible flying lesson is ideal for those who are interested in aviation and helps in experiencing what it is like to fly an airplane. You would meet the pilot, gear up for the flying and take off! The plane departs from Brandon Municipal Airport. Once you are in the air is when your lesson begins. You are taught as to how you should fly the plane and then you can take the control. You can keep the control or give it to the instructor while you take amazing pictures of this wonderful moment. It is indeed a breathtaking experience and you can gift it to your husband staying in Canada. Surprise him with this awesome flying lesson. You can book it on for C$ 109 (Rs.5,757).

Sophisticated Beasts Coasters

These cheerful beasts coasters make for an awesome gift for your husband. The cool graphics are printed directly on the marble stone and using a UV flatbed printer. Each coaster has four cork circle pads on them to prevent any scratches and to save your furniture. Each one of the coasters has a unique print and look. It is very easy to clean and you can use a damp cloth to remove any stains. Send it across to your husband on your anniversary. You can buy these from for C$ 34 (Rs.1,795).

Cashmere Feel Solid Colored Winter Scarf with Fringe

Gift your husband with this cashmere solid colored winter scarf with fringes. It is lightweight and is made with quality material. The scarf is easy to wrap around and is luxuriously warm as well as stylish. Its classic design and cut make it ideal to be worn during the winters. It goes with any attire, casual or formal. It can also be layered under a coat or wrapped around the neck in a myriad of styles. For better care, it should be washed with cold water. Shop it from Amazon for C$ 17 (Rs.897).

Fatboy Lamzac the Original

Gift hubby with this cool Fatboy Lamzac! It is tried and tested and is made with premium quality. It is very easy to set up and perfect for outdoor getaways. You can choose from a wide array of color options and can set it up in your backyard. It is made of high-quality ripstop nylon and is dirt and moisture repellent. It is very easy to clean and you simply have to use lukewarm water and neutral soap. Give this to your husband and he will be truly grateful to you to gift such a cool gift. You can shop this from for C$ 78 or about Rs.4,119.

King and Queen West Sunday Brunch Tour, Toronto

This Sunday brunch at King and Queen West, Toronto is an incredible experience to gift to your husband! It is named one of the hippest neighborhoods in the world by Vogue Magazine. You relish the amazing flavors of 8 different dishes from 6 eateries in this Toronto style brunch! Your tour begins with a Toronto juice and a hot and delicious croissant. Then you are taken around to the Grafitti Alley to see the amazing street art in the city. The tour features a small group walking with a local guide. It takes about 4 hours to complete this fascinating brunch tour. You can book this experience at for C$ 99 (Rs.5,229).

Men's Organising Travel 4-Pack

Traveling could be quite a tough task and be doing it alone is all the more daunting. Not to mention all the hassle of packing and unpacking that takes a lot of time. This men’s organizing travel pack makes it easier for you to travel. These are set of 4 travel bags that are printed in bold and black and white image of its content. All of them are conveniently sealed with a grosgrain ribbon. You can use these to pack your charger, headphones, shoes, and everything else that you might want to pack neatly and experience a worry-free travel. All that you got to do while unpacking is to refer to the text written on the bags and you can know what has been kept where. This stylish travel pack can be bought from for C$ 58 (Rs.3,063).

Bowen Island Dinner and Zodiac Boat Tour

This is a 3-hour zodiac boat tour to Bowen island along with a dinner at Doc Morgan’s. It takes you to the island’s shop post dinner for exploring the various places. While on the tour you get to see the Seal colony, Stanley Park, Lighthouse Park, Ocean Freighters and many such destinations. You will be provided with a survival suit to ensure safety during your boat tour. Your guide will also tell you about the history of the destinations that you see. You can also observe the seals snoozing and playing at the Seal colony. You can book this tour from for C$ 129 (Rs.6,813).

Personalised Socks: Set of 5 Pairs

Shop this set of 5 socks for your husband in Canada and send it across with lots of love. These cotton socks are very comfortable and are knitted with the phrase of your choosing. You can get your husband’s name knitted on it. You can print a classic monogram on the ankle and on the toes you can get the full name printed. The character length is of 8 characters on the ankle and 20 on the toe so if your husband’s name exceeds the limit then maybe you can get his pet name written on it. Give him this awesome personalised gift by shopping it from for Rs. C$ 65 (Rs.3,433).

Fix it Kit

Doesn’t hubby need a handy portable toolkit while staying away in Canada? Absolutely! This compact, vegan leather case keeps its contents intact. The kit has an interchangeable handle, a screwdriver, needle-nosed pliers, and a measuring tape. It also has an LED flashlight and 10 assorted screwdriver bits. All the tools are hand treated as well as chrome plated to prevent corrosion. This awesome toolkit is surely going to be useful for your husband. You can shop it from for C$ 39 (Rs.2,059).

How to Keep Your Long Distance Marriage Thriving

Learn His Schedule so You Can Communicate Better

Long distance marriages can be tough at times but being away from your hubby need not stop you from staying connected. You might be away for a good enough reason and while your husband is staying abroad, you can still stay connected with him. It is very important to learn his schedule. You should understand what time of the day is the busiest for him, his lunch or snack breaks and when does he leave from work.

Staying away can be tough and add time difference to it and it is already too complicated. But you can make it work if you figure out when exactly is the best time for you to call or text him. If you ping him while he is in a business meeting it will surely not make any sense. So, learn his schedule and fix a time during the day when you two can communicate. Remember that you want to connect with him but not at the expense of invading his personal space. Once you get a rhythm of it, you will be able to handle things like a pro!

Send Handwritten Letters to Him

While it might sound a little corny, but try sending hand-written letters to your husband staying in Canada. You can write all that you feel and add the details of your days and something that you think you need to explain in detail in these letters. Often times when you communicate over calls, your conversations tend to get redundant and you might end up asking the same questions each day while catching up with each other. Make it a little more fun and send these hand-written letters to your husband. This way he will always be looking forward to receiving the next letter from you and you can stay in touch by trying this old school way. This will pretty much keep you both occupied until you meet in person.

Do Things Together with the Help of the Internet

Thanks to the internet you can feel connected with your hubby despite the fact that he is miles away from you. You can go on virtual movie dates together wherein you stream a movie and watch it at the same time. You can also text him meanwhile to share your reactions simultaneously. You can go on Skype dates every once in a while and give your undivided attention to your spouse! You can also play games online together so that you feel connected. Moreover, you can also share an online journal together and write about your experiences. Then you can read out what your spouse has written and this way you will never miss out on what he has to share.

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A person's needs, their interests and hobbies are what we usually turn to when buying gifts for them; while this is a good way of giving them something they could possibly like, it can lead to repetitive gifts. Clothing, accessories, gadgets and birthday cakes. Try something different this time. Give him an unusual gift, an experience he hasn't tried before, something which may take him by surprise. There is a chance he won't like it, but you have to try to keep things interesting, don't you?