The 12 Best Presents to Occupy Your Long Distance Boyfriend's Heart

The 12 Best Presents to Occupy Your Long Distance Boyfriend's Heart

If you are in a long distance relationship with your boyfriend then you know that keeping it alive and thriving requires a bit of work. A thoughtful gift makes this task a bit easier. In this article, we will provide complete guidance regarding the kind of gifts you need to buy to win over your LDR boyfriend.

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A Gift to Remember You

Long distance relationships are hard, nobody ever said it would be an easy task to keep such a thing going. But don’t be disheartened and don’t let people discourage you, because it can be done. And you will do it. The beauty of a long distance relationship is that the smallest of gestures become huge. Just holding hands or enjoying a meal together is a rare opportunity to be cherished. So, be aware that it is going to be difficult, that it is going to be a struggle and you will doubt your choices, but stick with it, get the gift’s right and keep on going.

With a keep on going attitude, it is important to get a gift that cannot be easily forgotten and that will always remind him of you. It is human nature to create and store a memory in a small physical object, a memento. As people, we value things that have an emotional significance and hang on to them in an attempt to hold on to what it represents. It's the memory we attached to it that makes it so special. So, what I am trying to say is that your gift to him doesn’t have to be something big or spectacular, it can be something small, but something that means a lot to the both of you.

Be Careful Not To Overdo It

Yes, it is difficult and you long to see him but don't dwell on it all the time. Obsessing over the relationship can lead to disaster. For example, being over communicative can lead him to believe that you are being too clinginess or not giving him space to breathe. Remember, you don’t have to make up for the distance, you have to embrace it and do the things that you need to do to make it work. This relates to gifts too. If you smother him with big and expensive gifts too frequently, it will create the same effect as being too communicative and if the issue is not addressed, it could create a distance between you.

Keep in mind that small gestures are the ones that make a difference in a long distance relationship. If you are spending all your money on gifts, then it is unlikely you will have any left to go visit him, and he will know that. So be cautious, spend wisely and make the thought count rather than the size or cost of the gift.

5 Long Distance Gifts to Keep You Close

Here are a few ideas that will keep you guys close, that will help sustain the relationship and make it strong. These tips will make you capable of withstanding the distance in a calm and balanced manner.

Memories are things we treasure the most as humans, so make memories together, share them and give him something that will always keep that memory alive. That way you are always on his mind, even when he is busy and the communication is limited. The gifts help bridge the gap and eliminate the distance, both literally and metaphorically.

Matching Bracelet

It is a good idea to give him a gift that reminds him of you when he looks at it. There is no better way to do that than with a bracelet, and if they are matching or has your initials on then it is also a gift that brings you closer together as a long distance couple. We recommend the “Customised Couple Love Bracelet” by LeCalla. Made from 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating, with four finish options, this customisable bracelet is a beautiful gesture that will keep you close. Give your boyfriend one with your initials and keep his initials on you to bridge the gap, all for Rs.1,600 from

Letters and Stationary Set

In our modern technological age, writing letters is a dead art. However, there is something special about receiving a handwritten letter. The little shudder of excitement that we feel when we see our name, handwritten, on an envelope, arrive in the post, is truly a unique feeling. That feeling can only be emphasised by the thought of it being sent by your beloved. With Bitsy Envelope Set
Snow & Graham, you will always know they are from him, as the pack contains six bright color envelopes and elegant card for your boyfriend to declare his love on. This handcrafted product is made in the UK and has a price tag of Rs.1,030. Order it from

Countdown Clock

Build up the excitement of seeing each other again with this “Amila 999 Days Large Digital Countdown Timer Lcd Big Lab Cooking Kitchen Timer Watching”. Set it for your next date and feel the excitement grow as the seconds, hours and days get closer to that special day. A very convenient sized timer, at 4.41 x 1.85 x 0.51in it a perfect addition to his desk and a sweet reminder of you, the person he is waiting to see. Easy to use, you can count down from 999 days, 59 hours and 59 minutes, and the numbers are clearly displayed for easy reading. Buy it for Rs.3,798 from

Make a Book of Emails and Texts

There is no better way to build a treasured memory than to collect all your favourite quotes, conversations, messages and letters and making a book of it. Doing it by yourself will make it all the more special as it will add a personal touch to the gift. Add elements in keeping with his preferences. Incorporate his favourite colours and smells. But if you don’t have time, or are out of ideas, Canva provides an online service to help you! They can either make the book for you or help you find ideas. What is even better is that it is absolutely free. They will also provide you with the shareable link so that you can share it with your partner online. Visit to try it out.

USB Mixtape of "Your" Songs

As times have changed, so has the concept of a mixtape. Mixtapes were originally made with a cassette tape, then a CD and now in USBs. As an alternative, you can also create a list of music playing/sharing apps which you boyfriend can log into and listen to your favourite songs.

However, a USB is something physical, something that he can retain with himself and treasure. You can either fill it with his own favourite songs, songs you both love, or the songs that are “your” songs and bring back sweet memories. It is an inexpensive way to show your boyfriend that you are thinking of him while he is away.

Some Different Gifts for a Boyfriend Long Distance

If you are looking for something different, a gift that will stand out, then we suggest going for these innovative gifts. Unique and original, these presents go beyond the material. They will definitely create a special place in his heart for you.

Name a Star After Him

Do you want him to look at the stars and think of you when the one thing you both share is the starlit night sky? That is possible. Name a star after him and get him a whole amazing pack imported from the UK, where the Intergalactic Star Database assigns your loved one his own star.

The pack comes with a certificate of his named star and one for its coordinates, a star map and coordinates for where his star is in the sky, a book for astrology beginners and a gift card with a personalised message. For Rs.1,949 all this comes packaged in a stylish box. You can order it from

Silver Plated Fortune Cookie

Write yourself into his fortune forever with this stylish silver plated fortune cookie, to which you can add your own personal message. With a working hinge, it can be opened and closed as many times as he wants, looking at your message as he waits to see you again.

You can buy this beautiful little gift for Rs.2,245 from You can then write new messages to secretly change them each time you see him and make him smile again and again, each time he opens the beautiful fortune cookie.

Travel Cable Organiser

Help him keep everything tidy and organised during his travels. With this handy travel pouch, he won’t be rooting around to try and find his charger at the bottom of his bag when his device runs out of battery while he is travelling. He can keep all his cables, chargers, headphones and other electrical devices organised in this neat nylon pouch from Priced at Rs.519, it is a practical gift for your boyfriend that he can carry on every trip that he takes. With dimensions of 9.2” x 4” x 0.1,” it is easy to keep on his person at all times. Perfect for long journeys.

Custom Photo Book

Bring together all your best-shared memories in an elegant photo book. Something he will proudly display on his bookshelf and will flick through every time he is missing you. Zoomin offers a variety of photo books, with extensive lists of styles, formats, sizes and finishes. Choose from flipbooks or hardcovers. Add your own personal theme, and decorate your photos with hearts and messages of love.

Games with Online Access

Put a slightly different twist on online movie night. Connect with your partner through the virtual gaming world. Exploring an imaginary universe together is a sure way to make your relationship more fun and exciting. Its one of the most innovative ways to connect in a long distance relationship.

Sila Games gives you the opportunity to connect with your partner even when you two are miles apart. It's available for PC, Mac, IOS and Android, allowing you to play the game across multiple platforms and eliminating the need for buying expensive gaming consoles. With Sila Games, you get to play different games from different developers, for a small monthly fee. So go ahead and have fun challenging your partner to new virtual adventures.

Make it Really Matter

In reality, there is only one real gift that your boyfriend wants...You. Even if you don't see each other frequently, make the most of the times that you do have together by being with each other, connecting and soaking up each others company. Make the times you spend together memorable and special, to make the days in between a bit more bearable.

A Surprise Visit

The thing that every guy in a long-distance relationship dreams of is a surprise visit from his girlfriend. So if you are missing him too much, just take an impromptu leave from work and land up on his doorstep without letting him know in advance. He will be ecstatic to get this unexpected visit from you. Spend this time doing romantic couple things like holding hands as you walk down the street, sharing love filled kisses and going on a romantic candlelight dinner date.

The fact that you took the trouble to travel the distance just for him is the ultimate proof of your love and dedication.

A Safe Gift Idea In Case all Else Fails

If you are looking for a small gift to let him know that he is on your mind, then we have just the gift suggestion for you. This inexpensive gift can bridge the distance and be a sign of your love and commitment to him.

Photo Keyring

A key-chain is a small item, but one that your boyfriend will keep with himself at all times. With this customised metal photo keychain from you can stay on your boyfriend's mind 24x7. At Rs.130, this gift could not be more reasonably priced. There is a selection of designs to choose from. There are hearts and plain circles which you can customise with a beautiful photo of yourself.

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Connect With Your Long Distance Boyfriend Through Thoughtful Gifts.

The long intervals between meetings in a long distance relationship are often the cause of misunderstandings and distress. To keep that from happening it's necessary to think of new ways to connect with your boyfriend. Well thought out gifts can of course aid you in achieving those means. But the most important thing that you can do to keep a long distance relationship going is to communicate with each other. Sharing each other's fears and anxieties help bring couples closer and establish trust.