10 Special Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday and Awesome Ideas to Celebrate His Big Day

10 Special Gifts for Boyfriend's Birthday and Awesome Ideas to Celebrate His Big Day

There is no need to stress over your boyfriend's birthday gift. Ditch the usual gifts you have ever thought of. Keep reading for some fun and creative birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend. We've got gifts for all budgets and lots of great ideas to make his birthday an unforgettable one.

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Awesome Ideas to Celebrate Your Boyfriend's Birthday

Plan a Special Dinner Date

A special celebration for your boyfriend's birthday calls for some alone time for the two of you! Sure, the two of you may be having frequent dates but your bae's birthday is a special day and deserves some romance! You may choose to leave out the romantic candles and soft music if you have had such setups before, but an old-fashioned dinner date is ageless! Do take some time out to plan a romantic date with your boyfriend; you may choose to go out on the birthday eve and bring in the birthday together as the clock strikes twelve, or you may plan it for any other time of the birthday week. Remember to dress up for the occasion and ask him to do so, too, and take him to his favourite place. P.S. even if you don't relish Chinese cuisine, bear with him for just one day!

Lead Him to The Gift

Revive childhood memories by organizing a mini treasure hunt or a trail that leads your boyfriend to the gift. You do not have to organize a fancy treasure hunt or involve everybody you know. Take a paper and pen and start jotting a series of clues, which will sequentially guide him to the end of the hunt. Now, the finale can either be a special birthday gift that you have picked for him or, simply, a romantic date with you. You can add a few photographs of the two of you to the clues to relive old memories. Build up the suspense and enjoy watching (or documenting?) his expressions all along!

Focus on What He Likes

During the gift selection process, you may go gaga over a dozen different gift ideas, but it is technically your boyfriend's birthday. It would be only right to celebrate it in a manner he would enjoy and appreciate. Think about his likes, dislikes, preferences, and whims--and, see if there is a way you can tie them together. For instance, if he is a movie buff and loves football, you can plan to take him to a movie in the evening followed by dinner at a cafe that screens football matches. Or, even gift him some football merchandise. Keep it simple and do only the things that he loves to do.

Choose From This List of Specially Curated Gifts for Boyfriend

Ditch the conventional, and opt for a trendy, cool, and unique birthday for your boyfriend. We bet he will love these as much as he loves you!

Scratch World Map

Do you have travel goals as a couple? Or, does your partner love wanderlust and pretty much lives a nomad life? If yes, this gift is ideal for him on his birthday!

This world map has a rich copper foil, printed on black matte paper. The map can be hung onto a wall or on a vision board. Once you have travelled to a particular region or country, come back home and scratch the map. Each continent has a different colour underneath the copper foil, so the more you travel (and scratch), the more colourful your map will become! The map is priced at Rs.999 and can be bought online from bigsmall.com. The dimensions are 83 cm x 60 cm and it comes without a frame so it can easily be put up.

Teakwood Decanter

A stylish looking alcohol decanter made out of teakwood is a classy gift for your boyfriend! It looks like a mini wooden barrel and has a corked top and a tap, and looks like real wine barrels. Isn't this a cool way to serve the booze at your next friends' night in? The dimensions of the decanter are 12 cm diameter, 14 cm depth, and an approximate capacity of 1 litre. Get this for Rs.880 from giveter.com.

Dairy Milk and Gold Coin Chocolate Bars Cake

Source www.igp.com

Think beyond buttercream and fondant cakes and get your boyfriend a cake made of real chocolate bars on his birthday! You can order this heavenly looking chocolate hamper, which contains 25 units of Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate and 85 grams of Chocolate Gold Coins. Moreover, this is a two-tiered cake and all the chocolates are held in place with a pretty gold ribbon. You can order it on IGP's website for Rs.1090. Now, that is a cake that is so chocolatey and will stay on the shelf for a few months (that is, if you can resist the temptation to gorge on the yuminess!)

Intensive Range of Personal Care

Source www.fnp.com

If you are looking for an efficient birthday gift for your boyfriend, this intensive range of personal care products is a neat buy! For Rs.2,799, you can get an amazing set of grooming essentials for men. This is a charcoal special kit made exclusively for men. Charcoal is well known for its inherent quality of active and deep cleansing, which leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The hamper is available on the Ferns N' Petals website.

It includes the following:

  • Charcoal Body Wash - Lemongrass & Cinnamon (250 ml)
  • Charcoal Shampoo - Peppermint & Clove (250 ml)
  • Charcoal Face Scrub - Lemongrass & Eucalyptus (100 gm)
  • Charcoal Face Wash - Ylang Ylang & Argan (100 ml)
  • Charcoal Cleansing Gel - Black Pepper & Bergamot (100 ml)
  • Charcoal Soap Bar (125 gm)

Gift a Comic Subscription

Comickart.com has some uber cool magazines and subscription offers for all the comic lovers out there. So, if your boyfriend is a comic buff, he is sure to love this birthday gift and cherish it for months to come. They have a wide range of publications from Marvel to Manga to Tinkle. These value gifts start from Rs.475 onwards. Order them here.

Dumbbell Water Bottle

A perfect gift for fitness enthusiast is the gift of hydration! This dumbbell-shaped water bottle is an excellent choice to remind your boyfriend to take a break between the intense workout sessions and stay hydrated and fit. Don't judge it by its looks as the bottle actually doubles up as a dumbbell. It can hold up to 550 ml of water and is also useful when you need some light workouts, be it in at your workspace, home, or during the commute. These are available in different colours and are priced at Rs.399 at bigsmall.com. Note, this is a plastic water bottle that weighs about 650 grams when filled with water.

Colorblock Slide Slippers

A football club fan will love these officially licensed, sporty slip-on made of plush fabric. They are available in embroidered designs for every team and have a textured sole that provides a non-slip grip. Priced at Rs.1,366, these colour-block slide slippers can be ordered online on the NFL Shop. Isn't this a cool birthday gift for the football maniac boyfriend of yours? He will absolutely enjoy chilling out in these comfy slippers at home while cheering for his favourite team! Oh, did we mention these are washable, too?

Gamago Bull Nose Magnetic Key Holder

Source www.amazon.in

Does your boyfriend often forget this home keys or vehicle keys? Do you find yourself constantly reminding him to check on the little things and helping him declutter? If yes, this gift will benefit you as it will force him to keep all his stuff in the right place. This cool magnetic key holder bearing a bullnose mounts directly to the wall and includes a key ring. You can get this from Amazon for Rs.1,270. Keys are only to be found, hereafter!

Super Classic Camera Lens Shaped Coffee Mug

Source www.amazon.in

Gift your photography-obsessed boyfriend a DSLR lens-shaped coffee mug. This stylish thermos designed to resemble a camera lens (courtesy 3D printing) makes a unique gift for the photography lover. It comes with an airtight lid and a small open/closed "aperture", which makes it convenient for sipping on hot beverages while on the go or at the office desk. The mug is made of food-grade ABS plastic material on the exterior, and an extra-fine stainless steel insulated interior. Buy this for Rs.999 from amazon.in.

Good Times Birthday Hamper

If you can't make up your mind on a gift that is perfect and "special" for your boyfriend, it is best that you consider gifting him a birthday hamper--an assortment of things that you are sure he would like to receive. For instance, Archies Online has a sweet birthday hamper for him that contains an adorable message bottle and a men's perfume. It is priced at Rs.475. If you are looking for something fancier, you can order a crate full of love from OyeHappy. At about Rs.4950, this wooden crate is a treasure--it has a funny Cuddle contract, an LED card, customised fridge magnets, messages in bottles, and more. All gifts are specifically designed for a romantic theme and are sure to make your partner gleam in joy!

And, Here's How You Can Make it a Birthday to Remember

Doorstep Surprise

Do you typically bring in your boyfriend's birthday gift by surprising him at his house, perhaps with a bunch of other friends tagging along? If not, strongly consider this idea this year--it is tried and tested and makes it even more memorable! If you have done this every other year, surprise him by not landing at his doorstep at midnight but in the morning instead! A great surprise is one that happens with zero expectations. Show up early morning with a bunch of flowers and a cake (or gifts), and you can kick-start the celebrations for the day with a fulfilling brunch together.

A Box Full of Wishes

A great way to celebrate your boyfriend's special birthday is to gift him a box of happiness! A few weeks before the big day, discreetly inform your mutual friends, your boyfriend's family (and even yours, if possible), and others who matter to him. Encourage them to write a note for the birthday boy and collate them into a box. Fill the box with some other small treats and confetti and gift wrap it. Present it to him on his birthday. Can you imagine the happy emotions that will surface as your boyfriend reads each little note from the people who matter the most to him? This is by far one of the most thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend as it channelizes an abundance of love and warm wishes!

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Your birthday is probably the most exciting day of the year. Second, comes your boyfriend/partner's birthday. His birthday is something you would spend time and effort in planning. But its the end of the month and you are technically poor. Even then you can celebrate your boyfriend's birthday in a fashion that he will not forget. Bring together your mutual friends for a party and dance the night away. You can plan for a potluck ask your friends to bring food. You can also ask the crafty friend in the group to teach you guys something. Or probably arrange some fun games and turn into kids. Leave your inhibitions at your door and have fun playing games all day long and dance the night away. Your boyfriend is sure to welcome and appreciate the effort you put into making his day a bomb.