12 Creative, Funny and Naughty Gifts for a Boyfriend on His Birthday & 6 Ways to Surprise Him (Updated 2020)

12 Creative, Funny and Naughty Gifts for a Boyfriend on His Birthday & 6 Ways to Surprise Him (Updated 2020)

Looking for the best gifts for a boyfriend on his birthday? Birthdays are always fun but when it's your boyfriend's birthday, it calls for something extra special. Find here quirky gadgets, cool beer mugs, naughty games and loads more fun and flirty gifts that are ideal for your man on his birthday. Don't forget to try one or more of our fun suggestions on how to spend this day too.

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How to Celebrate Boyfriend’s Birthday in Style

Cook for Him on His Birthday

The day you were born is special for all. While celebrating a the day with friends and families involves outing for a get-together to make the person feel special. However, cooking a meal at home involving his favourite cuisines is a perfect gift for a boyfriend on his birthday. Instead of only putting his favourite cuisines on the table, add fun and romance to the aura. Turn a regular dinner to romantic one and spend the quality time together to make his day special and memorable.

Creative Handmade Gifts

Have you been in a relationship for long? If yes, you might have tried all the traditional gift ideas for him. And now, you might be looking for some unique and special gift for bf on his birthday. This time, you can be creative, make some handmade, and create something that not only displays your emotions but also the efforts you made for the same.

You can plan a special night, get him something he has desired for long, make a handmade collage of your favourite pics, a video, and much more. Choose a creative gift that you think he might never imagine you doing, and leave him awestruck this year.

Create an Element of Surprise

You might be excited about your boyfriend’s birthday and looking forward to getting him an adorable gift that he will love to receive. Though you might have many ideas on your mind, adding a surprise element to your creativity can add more fun and help make the moments memorable.

On a basic note, you can plan a naughty surprise or a surprise party for him. To add more memories, you can plan a trip to his favourite place on his birthday, surprise him by inviting his favourite friends, relatives, or colleagues for a 12 o’clock surprise with a customised and fancy cake or one made at home.

Be Adventurous

Rather than something materialistic, gifting an experience is a preferred option. And when you are planning to gift him some memories, why not add the adventure part in it. Book an adventure trip to a place he has always wanted to go to, and let him live a truly, unforgettable experience on his special day.

You can find many options online for booking a trip that involves adventure at its heart, like hiking, climbing, skiing, and more. Explore various options available at Adventure Nation and find the one that will add experience, adventure, and a lot of fun that he will recall for life.

Gift Him a Lazy Day

Having a lazy friend on list is no new thing for anyone and like any other group out there, you might also have a lazy friend, maybe your boyfriend. This year, let him celebrate his birthday in his favourite pyjamas at home with something that reduces his efforts in day-to-day activities, like a self-stirring mug, a foldable bed tray, pedestal stand for his phone, or anything else.

To add more laziness to his day, get with him in his room, take a set of his favourite movie DVDs along with his favourite food, and other items that you will be needing to spend the whole day in bed.

Give Him a Sexy Surprise

When dating someone, intimacy has a special role to play in keeping the spark lit. Though you may or may not be going together in bed every day, his birthday is a special day to show your sexy side. However, don’t go in bed that simple, plain way like every day, but make your birthday sex a special one with some unique surprise elements. Here are a few ideas that can help you add a new spark to your intimacy on the special day. Choose one or anything else that you think may add a special, sexy, surprise element to your personal life.

  • Pick up some naughty ideas, note each on a separate chit, and put them in a jar to let him choose a naughty surprise for his birthday
  • Plan a sexy treasure hunt in the house. Either challenge him to find you dressed sexily following the clues, or play a strip game by adding intimacy one by one as he finds clues.
  • Plan a romantic getaway on the special day, and let him explore your sexy side in the nearby woods or a picnic spot.

10 Creative Gifts for Your Boyfriend on His Birthday

Lunch Basket

Source www.gifts.com

While shopping for gifts, many people go to gift stores and pick something that entices them. However, you can choose the best gift for a boyfriend on his birthday, a tasty and healthy gift basket. Prepare a lunch basket at home with his favourite meals, or order food online and arrange it in a basket.

Alternatively, you can choose a celebration basket like this one from The Gourmet Box and get it delivered to him for a surprise. You can find a mix of drinks, fruits, and other items on the site for as low as Rs.825 based on what you choose to buy for him.

Cool Beer Mug

Source www.amazon.in

Celebrate his birthday with a drink, but don’t let him use the same old glasses he has used a number of times before. You can buy him a set of glasses or beer mug to celebrate his special day, which again could be a common thing if you don’t plan something different.

To add a bit of uniqueness and fun, go for a quoted beer mug. The iKraft Glass Make Beer Disappear Whats Your Superpower Printed Mug is a 475 ml , frosted glass beer mug. Made of composite glass, this 4 x 4 inch mug is available from Amazon for Rs.499. Get him this beer mug and display your desire to get loved the way he loves drinking beer at various occasions.

Vaya Smart Tracker

Source vaya.in

If your boyfriend has a tendency to lose things then, this smart gadget is the thing for him. This bluetooth linked tracker and keyring is connected to a smartphone app and be used to track down the item. Sleek and elegant, this product is a boon especially for someone who travels a lot. Vaya Lynk come sin 4 different colours. You can purchase one unit for Rs. 1050, but you should ideally buy 2 or 3 so you can link up multiple products. You can see more attractive prices as well when you buy in lots. Available on vaya.in.

A Sexy Game

Keeping the drinks part aside, you can add more fun and entertainment to his special day with a game. Since you two are dating, a game based on intimacy theme can be a good go, which helps you test your sexual knowledge alongside adding a new spark to your relationship.

The Dice and Spice is the right thing for you, if you are looking for a game that combines fun with intimacy.
The game includes a set of cards (around 70) under different categories like ‘Truths’, ‘Dares’, ‘7-Second Challenge’ and ‘Redeemable Coupons’, which comes into play as you roll the dice. Exciting and adventouris, the game improves your knowledge as well as open new doors to have fun with your partner. This is surely going to be a great gift for a boyfriend on his birthday. Buy it for Rs.1099 on Oyehappy

100 Reasons I Love You Box

When you are dating, intimacy plays a crucial role in building the relationship but that’s not the only thing needed. You need to express your love for each other via not only words but actions and gifts as well. So, if you are looking to grab this opportunity to share your heartiest feelings with your boyfriend, you have got a chance.

The Hundred Reasons I Love You Box is a cute cheesy box that displays your emotions without you uttering a single word. The box contains 100 cards with preprinted messages that are sweet and romantic, and that makes him understand how much you need him and rely on him. You can add your own thoughts as well in each of these cards! Get this lovely expression of love from ExcitingLives for Rs.299 and add more love to your bond.

Magnetic Notebook

Here’s another item to the list of unique ideas of a special gift for bf on his birthday, that will really useful in his daily life. This unique notebook looks and like any high quality hardcover notebook that we use but with one amazing difference - the internal sheets are fused together via magnetic strip which means you remove and move around sheets as and when you please. This is a fantastic option for someone who loves to jot down notes, ideas and designs. The notebook has 55 sheets, and you can easily order more refills from the site.

The Paper Soul Magnetic Notebook is a wonderful product that is sure to leave him amazed and touch. Get this incredible gift for Rs. 2131 from UncommonGoods.

Merchandise With His Favourite Superhero

Is you boyfriend a fan of any superhero franchise or TV show character? Get him merchandies with his favourite character - it can be anything, bags, notebooks, sweatshirts, mobile cover or even socks!

We have here picked out here a backpack with Avengers theme, a gift that he may love to flaunt to work or colleage. The bag available on thesouledstore.com is a 15L capacity one made of polyster with polyurethane coating featuring one front zippered pocket with a laptop slot, adjustable padded shoulder straps and external pockets. Light weight and water resistent, the bag is a great option. Available on the site for Rs. 999.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart Personalised T-Shirt

A personalised t-shirt for men makes for the best gift for boyfriend on his birthday, specially when it has a special love message printed on it. However, a simple happy birthday print on it with a love-themed background can also do the magic. This is just a simple way to show him that you love him from the core of your heart on his special day.

You can find several sites where you can make your design and upload for printing onto the shirt. One such is Printland where you can custom design t-shirts for prices starting at Rs. 249.
So let loose you creative juices - he will feel your love and affection for him whenever he wears this tee.

Fun Desk Gadget

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Yes, if your boyfriend works or studies for long hours why not give hime something to break the monotony? This fun deskgaget paperweight-cum-roulette that has several tongue-in-cheek answers to decisions. Your boyfriend can play around and fantasise about fun outcomes even as he thinks through issues!.

This cool knick-knack is available on BigSmall for Rs. 899. Made of pure iron and with a gleaming chrome finish, the paperweight is durable and will look good on any desk.

Top 100 Movies Poster

Source www.amazon.in

If you boyfriend loves movies then buy him this scrat-off poster that lists the Top 100 movies to watch. Of course, such lists are always subjective but it can be a fun activity for your boyfriend to see which of these he has already seen and which he needs to check out. Not a movie buff? The brand has 3 other such lists - Top 100 Books, Top 100 Places and Top 100 Albums, so you can pick as per your boyfriend's interets. Available on Amazon, prices for these posters starts at Rs. 2791.

Faux Leather Men's Bracelet

Source www.amazon.in

Apart from adding fun, giving something for a better fortune, and other items, you can also consider something to add to his style statement. A bracelet is a wonderful handmade gift for boyfriend on his birthday but since not everyone is comfortable making things at home, you can buy one online that suits his personality.

Consider the Shining Jewel Hand-woven Brown Leather Cuff and Kadaa Bracelet that is 20 mm thick and is fashioned in an elegant weave. Available in a flexible size and dark brown colour, the 9 inch bracelet fits most wrists and goes well with almost every outfit. Buy him this elegant accessory from Amazon India for Rs.233.

Fresh Flowers and a Giant Box of Chocolate

Source www.fnp.com

When nothing seems right, flowers and chocolate are the ultimate savior as a gift for boyfriend on his birthday. While flowers have been known to express feelings like affection, care, and love since long, chocolates accompany them when the matter links mostly to love relationships. Though chocolates do have an individual significance as well, as they are considered healthy if consumed in a controlled manner.

Colorful Celebration is a wonderful package of four flowers each of red, yellow, and white colour, packed together in a cream colour paper and tied with a white ribbon. It is accompanied by a Cadbury Celebrations box of chocolate weighing 131 gm. Buy him this combo pack from fnp.com for Rs.999 and get it delivered right at midnight to make him feel special on this birthday.

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Personality Based Gifts

It's important to match gifts to the person you're giving them to otherwise there will be disappointment on both sides. What you find hilarious, he may think is offensive, and what you feel is interesting may not hold the same appeal for him. If you don't know your man well enough to be certain whether he will like a specific item, don't hesitate to check with his friends. There are serious men, career oriented guys, nerds, goofballs, sporty men and adventure junkies, and one gift does not fit all. Find out what makes your man tick.