Convey Your Love Through Food Gifts This Valentine's Day! 15 Adorable, Unusual and Useful Gifts for a Foodie Sweetheart (2019)

Convey Your Love Through Food Gifts This Valentine's Day! 15 Adorable, Unusual and Useful Gifts for a Foodie Sweetheart (2019)

Struggling to find a gift for your foodie boyfriend/girlfriend! From an amateur chef to a wine connoisseur you are sure to find something for the man/woman in your life. Don't worry! We didn't forget the vegans and the health-conscious too. We also added in some gadgets for those who love to do things by themselves.

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How to Choose Food Gifts for Valentines Day

The day which rings bells in the heart and butterflies in the stomach may also create a touch of confusion while choosing a gift for your crush or love. How do I express my feelings? Is he going to like it? What if she doesn’t like the present? And couple more similar questions haunt many of us before V day. In this article, we will try to help with some suggestions regarding food gifts on Valentine’s Day. Why food? Because the way to a man, or a woman's heart, is definitely through the stomach! This handy guide will be useful when you plan to buy a gift on Valentine’s Day or just a surprise gift for your sweetheart.

Knowing What They Like or Dislike

Have you been talking to him endlessly for hours while your mobile battery was dying; Then you must know about his simple habits, his passions, his lifestyle, his priorities and his food habits. This should give you plenty of material to base your gift selection on. However, if you think you're falling short on information, some careful and discreet inquiries will help - can't have his food allergies worked up over what was meant to be a loving present!

Additional Gifts to Complement the Edible Goodies

Small gifts before the final gift or with the final gift which you have planned for V Day will be the icing on the cake. Ensure that the additional small gifts can add value to your final gift. For example, if your man loves cooking; you can consider gifting a cookbook along with a kitchen DIY appliance or personalized coffee mugs along with a coffee maker. This way you can ensure that he is going to utilize your gift and it will find its place in his daily life.

A Beautiful Greeting Card to Seal the Deal

The world is going digital, but nothing can match the handwritten emotions engraved on a beautiful card. Express your deep-rooted emotions on a greeting card (maybe a proposal after Valentine’s Day). A physical greeting card still has its importance as compared to an e-card and you would love to see the expression on his face while he is holding and reading your card.

Tip – A dash of his favourite perfume on the card can give a magical effect.

Creative and Useful Food Related Gifts

If he has an artistic and creative bent of mind, then gifting something which can easily grab his attention won’t be a tough task after considering the below-mentioned options.

Heart Shaped Waffle Maker


Heart and Valentine’s Day, yeah you guessed it right! And now he will lose his heart to you time and again after munching on the heart-shaped waffles which can be easily prepared in this Waffle Maker. This non-stick coated waffle maker can bake five heart-shaped waffles in one go. Its power-on indicator and thermostatically controlled lamp provide the required security measure and the temperature control knob lets you choose the desired amount of crispiness in the waffle. You can order this from Amazon for Rs. 3,200.00.

Electric Chocolate Melting Fountain with Heating Fondue Machine


Not necessarily a Chocolate Day gift, this chocolate fountain maker will make for an ideal Valentine’s Day gift as well. This double layer fountain looks beautiful as a home décor object during parties and oozes a lot of melting chocolate. So if he likes to throw parties at home, this chocolate fondue maker is going to grab the eyeballs. Dip the cookies or cover that vanilla ice-cream with a layer of chocolate, this appliance has a task for everyone and the dark coloured chocolate flowing and shining will add to the beauty of your room. This appliance can be brought from Amazon for Rs. 1,229.00.

Vacuum Insulated Coffee, Tea Travel Mug


You know that he is a coffee lover and likes to have the homemade one instead of the office vending machine (which at times is not hygienic due to lack of proper cleanliness), then this is ‘The Gift’ for him. This travel mug can be easily carried in a backpack or gym bag as its spill proof and leak proof. Additionally, the silicone grip makes it easy to hold. The powder-coated exterior is sweat-free and easily fits into a standard car cup holder. This mug has double-walled vacuum insulation which keeps your beverages hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. It has a sipper lid with filter and has one-click close and open option. Also, a steam outlet has been provided which avoids hot splashes.

This tumbler is made of stainless steel and comes with a 2 in 1 infusion unit. You can infuse green tea, coffee and even fruits into this. It comes with a free e-book which provides access to 125 detoxification recipes is helpful for weight loss and healthy living. This dishwasher safe tumbler can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 1,349.00 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Food Gifts for Vegans

We are mindful of the strict vegans as well and hence have listed a few gifts which are nice options for the pure vegetarians. These gifts packed with an elegant greeting card will reflect your love and sweet gesture.

Ferrero Rocher, 24 Pieces


We all love FR chocolates, the tempting and soothing taste of this chocolate mixed with hazelnuts is just divine. This premium and beautifully wrapped gift pack of 24 pieces of chocolate is surely a nice gift item for Valentine’s Day. You can order this pack of Ferrero Rocher chocolates on Amazon for Rs.768.00.

Luxury Chocolate Love Bag


Oh Yes !! The perfect and apt gift set for Valentines, this gift set has the perfect backdrop for a romantic song. Jokes apart, this pack contains a teddy bear, a bar of large heart-shaped chocolate, Valentine’s Day card, a 200 gm Valentine’s Day chocolate bar, a red-coloured candle, a tin of cookies and a heart box with musical heart and chocolates. With loads of chocolates and love, this love bag is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,799.00.

Keshar Kaju Katli


Keshar Kaju Katli is a delight for sweet lovers and if someone is a fan of Kaju Barfi, then this sweet box could be the best gift option for them. Additionally, you can include a greeting card to make it more attractive and combine it with a dry fruits box to pitch in some healthy munching factor after so much of sugary sweetness. Half kg of Keshar Kaju Katli box is available for Rs. 550 on Amazon.

Food Gifts for the Health Conscious

There are the ‘I am on a strict diet’ category, who would normally avoid sweets and chocolates etc. We have listed two healthy gift options for the health-conscious and gym crazy people.

Roasted Coriander Cashew Nut & Mewa Dalmoth Namkeen


A perfect combo of flavoured dry fruits and dalmoth in one CD box and a tin containing the rich taste of roasted coriander flavoured cashews is a deadly gifting combo. The packaging and boxes itself are attractive enough to be used as carrying boxes or kitchen containers once the snacking is done and the boxes in everyday use will remind him about your gift and you. This dry fruits and dalmoth combo from Chhappan Bhog is available for Rs.800 on Amazon.

Tulsi Wooden Gift Box - 100 Tea Bags


This beautifully engraved Sheesham wood box with 100 tea bags is a perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts. The Tulsi tea is not only rich in antioxidants but also boosts immunity. The inner part of the box is decorated with burgundy colour velvet and this product from Organic India is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,001.00.

Bar Accessories and Glasses

If your man is a wine lover or loves to spend quality time with friends at home rather than clubs, then these special gifts are meant for him. Also, these accessories will encourage him to enjoy his drinks at home instead of boozing outside and getting exposed to problems like drunken driving etc. But, choose these gifts judiciously, as they are meant only for the responsible ones.

Personalized Wine Bordeaux Glass


The best part about these wine glasses is that you can personalize them with the image/text of your choice and these wine glasses are also great for couples who have a liking for wine. This classy pair of glasses is wrapped in a box which is cushioned inside and can be owned from IGP at Rs.1,400.00.

Glossy Silver Metal Ice Bucket with Handle

The stainless steel ice bucket with glossy silver polish adds a class to the barbeque parties and looks cool on the bar table. The size is sufficient to hold ice cubes for a small party and the lid keeps the ice intact for quite some time preventing from melting quickly. This classy ice bucket can be purchased from Ellementry for Rs.3,990.00.

DIY Food Appliance Gifts

If your man loves cooking food or is living solo and dependent on a cook or maid, then he is going to adore you even more for a DIY food gift. We have selected some modern and useful options for this lot.

4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker


Now let him enjoy his cappuccino and latte at home with this Espresso Coffee maker by Morphy Richards. It has a coffee strength selector, by which you can set the coffee strength according to your taste. Its turbo cappuccino nozzle lets you enjoy a rich froth in your cuppa, while the stainless steel 2 cup filter extracts the smallest leaves and residuals effectively giving a smooth and consistent coffee taste. If any extra coffee spills after the cup are full, the drip tray takes care of the extra beverage. This tray can be removed and cleaned easily. An attractive glass carafe is provided with the coffee maker in which you can collect the coffee and also check the required number of cups to be prepared. As a safety feature, the overheat protection feature shuts down the machine as soon as the temperature reaches more than the threshold limit. Purchase the Espresso Coffee Maker from Amazon for Rs. 3,099.

Air Fryer


Oil-free cooking, healthy cooking, fry, grill, roast and bake with this Air Fryer by Prestige. It has temperature and timer control, a specially designed basket and a filter and safety button as well. With a capacity of 2.2 litres, it has ample calibre to fry snacks for a small party. You can cook oil-free chips, snacks, meat and even pulses in this air fryer. It comes with a safety switch which automatically turns off the air fryer if the basket is pulled out during the cooking process and then starts from the same point when it is inserted back, thus making it safe and user-friendly. It has an inbuilt oil and smoke filter which absorbs any excess smoke and oil and keeps your kitchen odour free. The frying basket inside has a non-stick coating and hot air is rotated evenly in the basket, so the food inside is cooked evenly. The basket can be removed and cleaned easily when not in use. Purchase this Prestige Air Fryer on Amazon for Rs. 4,398.00.

Grill Sandwich Maker


As the name suggests, this Jumbo Grill Sandwich Maker can make four big sandwiches in one sitting. It has an oil collector hidden in the lower plate in which all the excess oil, butter etc. gets collected and can be cleaned later. The non-stick heating plate has deep linear frames for crispy grilling and the slider lock on the handle keeps the sandwiches intact while being cooked. This attractive grill maker is available on Amazon for Rs. 3,143.00.



This Juicer by Philips comes with a material pulp container and pusher. The direct serve, quick clean sieve and transparent pulp container let you see through the amount of residual pushed through the juicer. This machine can provide you with 1.5 litres of juice in one go without cleaning the pulp container. Also, a 500 ml juice jug is provided with the juicer and this useful appliance is available on Amazon for Rs. 5,149.00.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and the gift items mentioned here will be useful for you while choosing gift options for Valentine’s Day.

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Be mindful of Their Preferences

Couples of all ages enjoy and celebrate Valentine's day. But it also the most stressful of all. Getting an appropriate gift for your loved one is also considered a measure of how much you know and understand a person. So the key to buying your partner the perfect gift is to understand them and what they like. Use our article as a guide to get your partner a gift that they love and adore.