Spice Things Up in the Bedroom with These 11 Naughty and Kinky Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Spice Things Up in the Bedroom with These 11 Naughty and Kinky Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Create a naughty birthday experience for your boyfriend, add some kink to your anniversary, or simply surprise your boyfriend with some sexy boudoir gifts that he will not forget in a hurry. Learn how to shop for kinky products, or pick out a naughty gift for your boyfriend from our list of kinky gifts. We also have tips and tricks for you to arm yourself with before turning on the heat with your man.

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Why Give Your Boyfriend a Kinky Gift?

Giving a sexy and kinky gift is really not that strange if you think about it. We’re all so crazed, stressed, depressed, and anxious around this time, that we could all benefit from slowing down, getting more in touch with our bodies, and spending quality alone time with our partners. A potential orgasm is just the icing on the cake.

The ideas here are filled with flirty, sensual, arousing, and downright hot gifts for the most important person of your life. And don’t worry — it’s not all just vibrators, there are also plenty of gifts to sneakily introduce the idea of pleasure and enjoyment.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Kinky Products

Consider Both of Your Interests

The kinky gift that you will buy for him, will involve both of you. You too have to participate in the act, as will he so you need to think about what is enjoyable and comfortable for both of you. You can not just give any gift to him. You have to think of a gift that both of you will enjoy.

He is your boyfriend. If you are buying a kinky gift, you both have definitely come a long way in your relationship. You know all that interests him and you know your interests as well. So go with both of your interests before buying a gift. Something that you like and something that he likes. It is a 50-50 deal.

Surprise Him

You can try on something that you wanted to try for a long time with your boyfriend with the help of a kinky gift or a naughty one. You can fulfill your fantasy with this gift. And also he will enjoy the scenario with you. This act of yours will make him enjoy the moment with you and also he will cherish this memory with your forever.

Just do not go ahead with any kinky gift present on the internet go for a gift both of you will enjoy. And, try with something of your fantasy, share it with him and then have fun with the naughty stuff that you buy for him. Use your past experiences or fantasies he may have shared with you to pick up something that will delight him no end.

Don't Be Hesitant

If you have made up your mind to gift your boyfriend something naughty. Do not hesitate in buying something real fun. Go ahead and ask your boyfriend before getting the gift about his fantasies. You will get a lot of ideas about what to buy. You can tease him and get him to open up without fully revealing what you have in mind.

Similarly if you have got a kinky gift, Do not hesitate to bring it to action. Use it. Do not think of what he will think of you, what he will say, or what if he simply laughs when he sees your wild side. Just go with the moment because men enjoy seeing a confident woman.

11 Sizzling Hot and Amazing Kinky Gifts for Boyfriend

Body Painting

The Shunga Body Painting (Sparkling Strawberry Wine Flavour) is an ultimate gift that will make both of you enjoy the act of foreplay. The product is available on thatspersonal.com. Bring out your creative spirit and go wild on your partner's body with this exquisite tasting body paint. This premium product is completely safe to use. It is made using vegetarian ingredients and is free of articifical colours and paraben. The paint washes off easily. You will find it has a taste of strawberries and wine which adds up to its pleasure quotient. It is available for Rs.1,4 224 here.

Metal Handcuffs

The Fifty Shades of Grey You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs will take him to his journey of Mr Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. This is a strong pair of lockable handcuffs with a safety mechanism. The handcuffs fits into every wrist size. Each cuff can be released quickly by pulling a lever to the side of the lock. There are 2 keys that are provided with the handcuffs as well. The handcuffs are engraved with the Fifty Shades of Grey logo and the phrase 'You.Are.Mine'. The product is available on thatspersonal.com for Rs.1,579.

Spanking Paddle

Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle will allow him to be the boss or master in his journey of role playing Mr Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey. The product is available on Giveter. The soft padded satin and firm faux leather used in the paddle offer dual sensation. You can start gently with the silky satin to awaken your flesh before building sensation to firmer sharper spanks with the faux leather side for intensified play. It is available for Rs.2,930.

Blindfold Set

The Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set will allow both of you to create that surprise moment in foreplay. The product is available on Giveter. These satin feel blindfolds will allow you to experience the feeling of being totally lost in the world of eroticism. You can share a sensory experience by wearing them on together at the same time or take it in turns to indulge one another with new tricks. It is available for Rs.1,399.


The Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger will allow him to provide you with all the excitement in foreplay. The product is available on Amazon. This whip stands out against the traditional bondage gear with its colour as an exquisite tool of sadism. This whip intensifies the passion and indulges in submissive fantasies by delivering teasing strokes. It is available for Rs.2,340.

Aphrodisiac Body Mist

The Bijoux Aphrodisia Body Mist will allow him to hypnotize you with its fragrance. You will enjoy the smell on him during those kinky acts. The product is available on Giveter. The Bijoux Aphrodisia Body Mist transports you instantly to the garden of delights with its hypnotic fragrance. It captivates the senses and is fresh. You can flaunt it on your dresser as a glamorous fashion accessory with its elegant packaging. It is available for Rs.2,699 here.

Adult Dice Game

The Naughty Adult Board Game will allow both of you to play a naughty board game which have kinky stuff listed. This is a product of Oye Happy and is available on Amazon.

In this game the winner becomes the master and the loser the slave. Think of this game as snakes and ladders. The winner officially becomes the master for a day (or night) and gets to tick on any 5 tasks from a booklet called '50 shades of Grey'. The loser will be legally obliged to perform the tasks for winner. Sample tasks on the booklet include dares such as - Make a caricature of your partner like Jack did in Titanic; Put a collar (or tie) around your neck. You are now a slave for 15 mins; Play a stripping video on a porn site and imitate the moves; Google 101 positions and pick the one you fancy the most; Do belly dance for your partner, etc. The board weighs 540 grams with dimensions 37.5 x 18.4 x 5.7 cm. It is available for Rs.1,470.

Edible Body Paint

The Play pens edible body paints will allow both of you to play with each others body. This is a product of Hott Products Unlimited and is available on Amazon. These play pens are to just squeeze and play without much hassle. The body paints have fruit flavours. You can enjoy by writing your inner most desires on your lover's body with this edible paint. These pens weigh 113 grams with dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm. The model item number of the product is AM-2162. These are available for Rs.1,511.

Arm Restraints

The Promise to Obey Arm Restraints will allow both of you to enjoy during foreplay. The product is available on thatspersonal.com

These arm restraints are universally sized. It can fit anyone. They offer secure upper arm restraint and are comfortable for longer time. Faux fur is used in it and fastening is of velcro. The length of the arm restraint is 26.5 inches. These are available for Rs.2,472.

Chocolate Massage Kit

The Chocolate Massage Kit will allow both of you to indulge and immerse yourself in the exquisite luxury of a chocolate massage. The product is available on Exciting Lives. With this kit get your partner gets to relax, recharge and rejuvenate with delightful chocolate aromas. The kit has chocolate body butter, scented candles, incense sticks and spatula and holders. The box size is 24 x 14 x 5 cm. It is available for Rs.1,799.

Moodzz Kama Sutra Heart

The Moodzz Kama Sutra will allow both of you to indulge in the game of accepting challenging positions for passionate moments. The product is available on confidentialstudio.in.

You and your partner pick up a scroll using tweezers from the heart. Which contains the erotic position that you are going to try, will it be the goddess ride, the love boat or the adoration. Accept the challenge and experience pleasure and intimacy together. This heart contains 69 erotic positions, which are mostly derived from the centuries old Indian Kama Sutra, the oriental teachings of love. It is available for Rs.1,169.

Try Your Hand at Creative Role Play

Role-playing, a sexy game where a couple take on new identities to fulfill a naughty fantasy. The game of roleplay can get you both to a next level in a relationship.

Firstly figure out your fantasy. You should be clear what fantasy you have that you want to fulfill. Secondly, share your fantasy with your partner and encourage him to do the same. Thirdly, establish some limits, do not get carried away with the role play, specially in a punishment scenario, set the limits as to what is enough and where to stop. Fourthly, set the scene, you can not change the room completely to a different place but change the things that can be changed. You can try on costumes for fun. Fifth, do not forget to have fun, remember you are not getting an Oscar for this, there will be some mistakes, laugh it off with your partner and have fun.

Bonus Tip: Know Your Own Limitations and Comfort Level

This is your man, your relationship, you do not have to go for anything that is uncomfortable for you. Try what you want to and say no to whatever you are not comfortable doing. He will be considerate. Do not do it for the sake of it. Do it only if you are comfortable doing it. If you are willing to try something you never have talk to your boyfriend and set limitations. Remember you are doing it for fun, it is not a punishment.

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When women are becoming strong, confident and independent in the outside world, there is no need to play it coy in the bedroom. If you're still not convinced, see it from his perspective. Does he always make the initiative to try something new, and wouldn't that get boring for him? Intimacy is a two way street and you're also responsible for your own pleasure; so kick aside those inhibitions and give your boyfriend the best gift ever.