How to Impress Him with Handmade Gifts and 10 Super Simple DIY Gifts You Can Make for Your Boyfriend

How to Impress Him with Handmade Gifts and 10 Super Simple DIY Gifts You Can Make for Your Boyfriend

Homemade gifts lend themselves perfectly to everything from gifts for long distance boyfriend, anniversary gifts, Christmas and Diwali gift as well as for his birthday. If you haven't attempted DIY gifts before or have only limited experience with them, our list of gift ideas will be right up your alley. As for the skilled crafters, these simple ideas can be of use when you need to make a present in a hurry.

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Benefits of Giving DIY Gifts to Boyfriend

It Develops Deeper Connection in Your Relationship

Almost everyone looks for gifts in shops and in online stores to play it easy and get done with gifting in the shortest amount of time and with less effort. But, do-it-yourself gifts take a lot more effort and time which we rarely think of investing. As a matter of fact, gifting your boyfriend with DIY gifts will actually help you build a deeper connection with him. This is because when you make something yourself, it reflects a part of your personality. The gift becomes all the more special due to the fact that you have made it yourself. It also reflects the fact that you have taken out the time and effort to make a meaningful gift.

Gifts Made by Hand Have a Special Touch

There are certainly a lot of gifting options available in the market and you probably have a lot of options to choose from. But a DIY gift has a personal and special touch that other gifts lack. Moreover, the joy of making something with your own hands is incredible. It also gives you a sense of happiness. You can make the gift exactly the way you want it and do not have to compromise with the way it looks. Making a DIY gift has a special essence to it that is incomparable.

DIY Gifts are Less Expensive

Often times, the gifts you buy online do not justify the way they are priced. Keep in mind that besides the cost of the gift there are other taxes and delivery charges that are added to the final figure you pay. Moreover, once you have ordered a gift you are most likely to keep the gift even if you aren’t happy with it. On the other hand, DIY gifts are way cheaper as compared to the gifts you buy online or from the stores. You know exactly where you are spending your money as you buy the supplies yourself. It has no hidden costs and you will end up creating a gift that you will actually be happy with.

Simple DIY Romantic Gestures that Your Boyfriend Will Love

A Full Body Massage

We don't mean a simple back rub that you passively give while watching the TV, we are talking about a real massage here! Get all the necessary things in place and give your boyfriend a full body massage. Rent a massage table if you must, set the lighting right and get a good quality massage oil. Play some soothing music in the background and give a massage to your guy. He will absolutely love you for this and will always cherish this memory.

Do His Chores When He’s Stressed or Swamped with Work

Sometimes, making a practical and helpful gesture can be way more effective than buying an extravagant gift for your guy. If you notice that your guy has had a particularly difficult week, then you can make it easier for him by doing his arduous chores. Let’s say you did the dishes and cleaned his kitchen while he was away. He is going to be really surprised and happy to know that you have put in the effort to do his chores. This will prove it to him that you can actually make life easier and better for him.

Make His Favorite Comfort Food

Women rarely think of making a favorite dish for her guy. They usually go for options that are healthy or gourmet. Thinking that he will buy junk food outside, they seldom think of cooking his favorite snack or what he'd like to call his 'guy food'. But think about it! How about making his favorite comfort foods? You can look for recipes off the internet and then cook him his favorite meal. Fried food and things doused with cheese or bottled sauces may not fit in with your idea of what food should be like, but he's going to have it anyway and will be thrilled that you made it for him. He will not only love it but he will also flaunt it in front of his friends.

Creative DIY Gift Ideas for Your Man

Best Date Jar

This is a really good gifting idea for your boyfriend that you can make yourself with things you may already have at home. Follow the steps below or look up more detailed instructions on The idea is really simple but having a date jar can save you many boring evenings and hours of anguish figuring out what to do.

Use the internet for ideas to fill your jar with or pick up a copy of 175 Best Date Ideas: The Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples on Amazon. Now the paperback is expensive at Rs.1,995 a copy so we suggest you get the Kindle version for Rs.499.

  • All you need is a wide mouth mason jar, strips of colored paper and a bunch of date ideas. You can decide upon the number of dating ideas that you want to write down.
  • Choose two colors; pink for you and blue for him. Then segregate these two strips.
  • Next, you write down your favourite dating ideas in all the pink color stripes and one the blue one write down what you think will be his favourite ideas.
  • You can also use yellow strips wherein you write down the date ideas that you can do at home.
  • You can keep this jar as a place where you keep all your dating ideas. Whenever you wish to pick a date idea, just pick one strip and follow it.

Scarf for Him

Knit a scarf for your boyfriend and give it as a gift to him. It is certainly tricky to get the rhythm of knitting but once you get a hang of it then it becomes quite easy to finish it. Buy the yarn as well as the needles that you would like to use for the scarf. Then choose the pattern that you want for your scarf and knit away! He would love receiving such an amazing gift and will be truly touched. You can get the pattern free as a download on

New to knitting and need some extra help in following the design? Follow this YouTube video to learn a much simpler ribbed knitting pattern.

Travel Picture Frame of Your Trips Together

Yet another wonderful DIY idea is to create a travel picture frame of your trips together. Collect all the pictures that you have taken together and put them together on the wall. There are various ways of doing it. We found some neat ways:

  • One is where you can create a shape out of all those pictures together. You can create a big heart shape out of all those pictures . Ensure that you make it when he is not around and then surprise him!

  • Another idea could be to take a map and pin pictures of the two of you next to the places where you have travelled together. This way you can keep adding more pictures to the wall as and when you travel together. Although you should choose the size of the map such that it suitably fits your wall and is not oversized.

  • Some pictures do not have the definition to be enlarged and needs to be highlighted. You can do so by using colourful masking tape around it and putting it on the wall.

'Things You Don't Know About Me' Jar

So, this jar is more like a mystery jar that you can gift to him to keep the intrigue going! It can be a fun way to introduce your boyfriend to things he doesn't know about you. Keep it fun and light hearted; if there are serious or dark things about you that you want to share with him, choose another time and medium - you don't want him finding about something he could find disturbing through a slip of paper in a jar!

  • Take a mason jar and fill it up with the chits wherein you slip out something interesting that your boyfriend does not know about you.
  • Decorate this jar with a ribbon or the like and paste a note on it that reads “Things you don’t know about me”.
  • It is an exciting gift to give to your boyfriend!

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

The great thing about tea bags is that they are super easy to make and if your boyfriend enjoys a hot brew and is open to new flavours, there's no end to the variety you could create. Follow the steps below or visit for step by step images.

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

What you need:
  • Fillable tea bags
  • Pink or red thread
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Teaspoon
  • Pencil

How to make it:
  • Take a coffee filter or tea bag and start drawing a heart on it. After drawing a heart cut it into the shape with two such pieces and sew them together.
  • After you are done sewing it together, you can then leave open a slot to fill the tea of your choice.
  • Once you are done filling the tea bag sew the entire tea bag together. You can then attach the colourful thread of your choice and your tea bags are ready to use.
  • You can gift these tea bags to your boyfriend so that he can use them whenever he wishes to have a tea. You can also use these together.

A Year of Dates Scrapbook

Don’t want to fall short of dates and fun things to do together? Then create this year of dates scrapbook for you and your boyfriend. It is really simple to make. For more ideas on how to fill your scrapbook visit

All that you need to do is to buy a regular scrapbook and on each page describe the dating idea for each month. For example, on the first page you can write down the venue, time, and the details of the type of date you want to go on in the month of January. Complete your scrapbook describing one date each month and your date guide is ready! This will help you both look forward to a year full of amazing dates together. Moreover, your boyfriend is going to be really touched seeing the effort that you have made to put this together.

His and Her Sharpie Mug DIY

You must have seen the customised mugs options out there that have your names printed on them. While that is really cute, you need to compromise when it comes to writing your own message on the mug. You can very well create a personalised coffee mug yourself. For this, you will need a porcelain white colored mug and a marker pen.

Now the good news is that if you draw or write on a mug with a permanent marker and bake it for 30 minutes, the colour doesn't rub off easy provided you hand wash it gently. But if you want more permanent results, invest in some great, but slightly pricey Pebeo Porcelaine 150 China Paint Fine Tip Markers. These are available in 8 colours and go for Rs.1,096 each on Amazon.

  • Take two porcelain mugs, one for you and the other for him.
  • Now write down your favourite quote or something that describes you like “She loves green tea” and doodle around the way you want to. On his mug you can write something like “He loves strong coffee” with a marker.
  • You can choose the message that you want to write on the coffee mug and let it dry for 30 minutes. For a more permanent effect bake the mugs for 30 minutes at 175 degrees C.
  • You can then simply keep these mugs at your boyfriend’s place and let him stumble upon it. He will really be surprised.

The Best and Easiest Glazed Donuts for Your Man

Who doesn’t love glazed donuts, right? Why not make some for your guy and delight him? Making donuts is not as difficult as it might seem. We found this easy recipe on

Glazed Donuts

What you need:
    For the donuts
  • 1 can of Pillsbury Biscuit Dough
  • 1 quart vegetable oil

  • For the glaze
  • 2 cups confectioners sugar
  • 1.5 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3-4 tbsp hot water

How to make:
  • Mix the glaze ingredients until they become smooth and add some hot water to maintain the consistency.
  • Roll each cut into 8 balls and place two donuts in a pan with hot oil until they turn golden.
  • After taking out each donut you can coat the donuts with glaze and continue until all of them are made. You can fry them all in batches and coat them simultaneously.
  • Donuts are the best when you serve them when they are fresh. So, indulge and savor the delicious donuts.

Your Song Lyrics Picture Frame

Do the two of you have a favourite song and a favourite picture? Then try this DIY that takes personalisation to another level! It is as if the craft is made exactly for you!

Song Lyrics Picture Frame

What you need:
  • Photo frame (preferably with a thick border)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black ink pen
  • Thick white paper
  • Lyrics to your favourite song
  • Your picture

How to make it:
  • Take the sheet of paper and write the lyrics to your favourite song starting from one corner.
  • Leave the space in the middle of the frame for your picture and then paste the picture that you would like to put on the frame.
  • Once this is done you can go ahead and frame this photo frame. Keep it at his desk or somewhere at his place to surprise him with it.

52 Things I Love About You: A Little Book

This is yet another cute DIY that you can use to make him feel special. It is extremely simple to make and you just have to take a full pack of playing cards cards that has all 52 of the cards, a marker, and a lot of ideas!

How to make it:
  • On each one of the cards, write as to why you love your boyfriend. This could be the things that you admire about him or the things you think are cute about him and the like.
  • Make sure that you laminate the front and back of the card so that it gets a better finish.
  • After writing down all the messages, you can bind these cards together.
  • This a really tiny little book that explains exactly why you love your boyfriend. Give it to him as a gift and see him go wow!

Pour All Your Love and Feelings in a DIY Gift

Needless to say, DIY gifts have a charm of their own and create a completely different impression on the receiver than any store bought item. They reflect all the love with which they are made and are really touching. So, if you are looking for gifting ideas that will be cherished by your boyfriend then consider making a DIY gift! They are cute, lovely and will definitely take your boyfriend by surprise.

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Pay attention to details

There really is no comparison between handmade and store bought items. While your DIY gift may be made with lots of love, it can be taken to the next level with some attention to detail. Spend some time polishing and perfecting your present after you're done making it, or take extra measures to make it look nice and presentable. As sweet as homemade gifts are, there is no reason they should not look great too, and if you're giving someone a present, make sure it's something they enjoy receiving too.