Gifts for Boyfriend, Cheap: How to Find the Most Pocket-Friendly Gifts for Your Boyfriend (2018)

Gifts for Boyfriend, Cheap: How to Find the Most Pocket-Friendly Gifts for Your Boyfriend (2018)

Cheap gifts don't always have to be low in quality. Being economical doesn't make your love for your boyfriend any less and we are here to help you make the most of your small budget. Read on for some fabulous gift ideas all at a very pocket-friendly price.

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Checklist for Selecting Cheap Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Well, generally, we believe that cheap gifts are not very good in the quality. Now, that’s outrageously wrong because cheap gifts can be very useful and meaningful. Especially, if you buy gifts for boyfriend, then it will be very beneficial for you in the future. So, if you are wondering how can you buy something simple and affordable gifts for men, then just include following pointers in your checklist:

Go Through Online Sites to Grab the Best Deals

Nowadays you can easily shop anything online plus online shopping sites offer heavy discounts from time to time. So, to find affordable gift ideas for him, you can search different online shopping sites. You can compare the price of the same product on different sites and order the gift from the one which offers you the cheapest deal. There are plenty of gifting sites like,,, etc. where you can buy cheap gifts for your boyfriend. Moreover, there are also fashion e-commerce sites which offer trendy men's fashionwear like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Most importantly, these sites keep on launching big sales every few months where they sell products from a variety of well known brands for the very low prices so go online in search of cheap gifts for your man.

Handmade Gifting can be a Great Idea

When your budget is tight, then it is the time to show your creativity. To adjust the gift for your boyfriend in your budget, you can try handmade gift ideas for him. You can make something special for him with your creativity at home. Like, if your boyfriend is a big-time foodie, then cook for him at home. If you know how to knit, then you can knit a scarf or sweater for him. So explore your inner talent to make handmade gifts for your boyfriend. And, don’t worry as you can rely on Pinterest and YouTube give you creative ideas.

Decide on a Fixed Budget

So, when you are planning to shop under the budget, then fixing the amount of budget prior is very important. The ideal cheap gifts for him budget would be between ₹100-₹500. This budget is not to very high and not very low plus under this budget numerous gift options are available online. However, once you decided the budget don’t go overboard and spend more than the decided budget.

How to Shop for Affordable Gifts for Your Boyfriend?

If you are pulling your hair out in search of cheap gifts for boyfriend and yet haven’t gotten any nice gift option. Then, my lady, first of all, stop stressing out and take a deep breath. Now, follow the three simple guidelines to shop cheap gifts for him.

Do Some Research Before Finalizing the Gift

To find the best and the affordable gift for your boyfriend, you have to do some gift hunting. Yep, you need to research the online market throughout to find the one gift item which is a cheap as well as interesting. So, start your research with the top e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. and mark all the gifts that you like. Then, pick that gift item and search on the web. For one gift item surf all the different sites and when you find the best deal under your budget, then only make your final decision.

Have Adequate Time to Look for the Ideal Gift

Your boyfriend’s birthday is tomorrow and now you are looking for the affordable gift ideas for him. Then, my lovely lady, it is impossible to find and order the gift online in such a short notice. On the contrary, you might have to pay extra shipping charges!

That’s why never shop for gifts in short time, always keep some buffer time. Ideally, start looking for the gifts 10-20 days prior the day as this will give you time to shortlist gifts online and compare the different prices. If you have spare time, then you can even order gifts from the online sales also. So, start planning in advance!

Avoid Focussing on Perishable Items

Normally, couples go after the gift items like flowers, cakes, etc to gift their partner. But, buying such gift items have two downsides, one they are not at all cheap and second, they lost their charm very soon. Like, to buy a decent Bouquet of red roses, you have to spend around ₹1000 minimum, and within a day or two, the bouquet will be found in the waste bin. So, while these gifts might look beautiful in the beginning, but if you are looking for cheap gifts for boyfriend, then they are not your cup of tea.

10 Cheap but Romantic Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is very special and has been always showering you with the beautiful gifts. So, now it’s your turn to shower your boyfriend with some romantic and affordable gifts. There are plenty of affordable gift ideas for him available online, however, if you are in little bit hurry and don’t have time to search online for the cheap gifts for him. Then, my girl, we are here ready with the top ten cheap romantic gifts for your boyfriend. Just with your one-click order any of the following gifts for your man.

Handmade Photo Memory Scrap Book

You and your boyfriend must have hundreds of pictures together taken, so to make cheap gift for boyfriend, you can make photo memory scrap book using all your pictures. The handmade scrap book will definitely make your boyfriend’s heart beat fast.

Handmade Photo Scrap Book

What you need:
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Colourful Paper
  • Two small Magnets
  • Glue and Scissor
  • Bone Fold
  • Ink pad, sponge and paper corner punch
  • Scrapbook Decoration

How to make it:
  • First cut the card into the length = 24 inches and width = 4.5 inches to form the album base. Then, mark following measurements on the longer side; 1 inch, 5.5 inches, 0.5 inches, 5.5 inches, 0.5 inches, 5.5 inches.
  • Now cut the flaps of the photo album.
  • Decorate the corners of album and to shape the corners you can use corner punch.
  • Now, assemble all the pieces using glue.
  • If you like you can put magnets and decorations on the backside of scrapbook.

Customised T-shirt

Okay, so if you want to give something personalised gift to your boyfriend, then you can order the customised T-shirts for him. You can add any logo, design, image or text on the plain white full sleeve tshirt and present it to your boyfriend. This gift idea for him is very creative and quirky. You can add quirky quotes and sweet couple images on the tshirts and give your boyfriend to swoon him. These customised tshirts are very affordable and you can order tshirts at ₹225 from the

His Favourite Candy and Chocolate

Well, if your boyfriend has a giant sweet tooth, then you can make him the candies and chocolate bouquet with your hands. This is a very cheap gift for boyfriend which can make him super happy, then any expensive gift.

What you need:
  • 4 Boxes of candy
  • Full size and miniature candles
  • Wooden dowels
  • Floral foam block
  • Glue gun
  • Tissue Paper

How to make it:
  • Join the four candy boxes with each other to form a square base.
  • Measure the opening of candy box square and cut floral block that can fit into it.
  • On the backside of every candy bar or chocolates attach the dowels using the hot glue gun.
  • Arrange the candies into a bouquet by poking them into the foam.
  • Arrange the tissue around the edges of the bouquet to cover the exposed dowels.

Funky slippers

The ideal cheap gifts for him would be the gift items which are comfy as well as stylish. Something like these chic stylish slippers that gives a cool and smart look to your boyfriend. With the classic combination of grey and black, these slippers are designed with broad straps and strong stitch, your boyfriend can wear these funky slippers as the way he wants. For your boyfriend, you can order funky Sparx slippers from the for merely ₹245.

Shower Gel


Nothing is annoying than a man using fruity and fragranced women shower gel. If your boyfriend is still using feminine shower gel, then immediately replace it with the masculine shower gel. This cheap gift for your boyfriend is studded with the musky fragrance of orange and lemongrass which is perfectly designed fit the men’s body. Your boyfriend just has to lightly rub the gel on his wet body and rinse it to welcome freshness. The pure masculine Khadi shower gel is available on the Amazon store for ₹125 only.


A nice gift idea for him would be a book by a reputed author. If your boyfriend likes a good read before bedtime, then he would definitely appreciate an addition to his book collection. You can either buy him kindle versions of his favourite books or paperback copies if he is more of an old-school guy. Order books from the Amazon store for your boyfriend. The book selection depends upon the reading preferences of your boyfriend, but few all-time men’s favourite books are A Separate Peace by John Knowles, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, etc.

Car Back Sitting Tray

If your boyfriend spends a lot of time driving around and has to eat or drink numerous times in the car. Eating and drinking in a moving vehicle isn’t an easy job, so gift him this multipurpose car back seat dining tray so that he can eat in the moving car without spilling everything on himself. Moreover, if you two are planning couple getaway trip soon, then tray will be very useful for you both. This tray can be ordered from the for ₹255.

Magazine Subscription

You can surprise your boyfriend every month with the annual subscription of his favourite magazine. Buying a yearly subscription of the magazines is sometimes turns out cheaper than the monthly purchase. So, cheap gifts for a boyfriend would be signing him for the yearly subscription of his favourite magazine. Currently, in India these magazines are popular among men; Maxim – Magazine For Men, GQ – Men’s Magazine, Man’s World – Men’s Magazine, etc.

Quirky Bottle Opener

Well, if your boyfriend likes to drink a beer with his friends, then this quirky bottle opener gift will come very handy for him. He can easily open his beer bottles with the help of this quirky bottle opener and enjoy his evening drink. This cheap gift for him can be ordered for ₹300 from

Stylish Cap


This cap is a perfectly fitted sports fashion summer accessory built for casual wear, outdoor fashion, baseball, cricket etc. iSweven snapback caps are made up of 100% premium polyester microfabric materials which provides a smooth feeling and shaped in various styles as per need. Your boyfriend will definitely enjoy this Amazon cap in the outdoors. For this funky and cool cap, you just have to pay ₹399.

Why Avoid Buying Expensive Gifts?

There is nothing wrong with buying expensive gifts for your boyfriend if you can afford them. But, if your budget happens to be somewhat limited then you don't have to sell your soul to make your boyfriend happy. Always remember this in real relationship respect and love always come first. The gifts are just a medium to showcase the love, therefore the price of the gift is never the main concern. The real purpose of a gift is to express your love, so when that can easily be achieved with moderately priced gifts then why waste money on expensive gifts?

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Don't let the price decide the value of the gift

The pricetag is the not always the main indicator of gift value. Stop obsessing over brands and pricetags. Instead pick something that you know will bring your boyfriend will love. Present it in a beautiful mannner. Put some thought behind the wrapping and add a little personal note to make the gift even more worthwhile.