Wondering How to Surprise Your Loved One with Silver Gift Items? Here Are the 10 Best Decent Budget and Trending Silver Gift Items Online That Everyone Will Love (2021)

Wondering How to Surprise Your Loved One with Silver Gift Items? Here Are the 10 Best Decent Budget and Trending Silver Gift Items Online That Everyone Will Love (2021)

Are you looking to buy the best online silver gift items for your loved one? It’s always a nice feeling to gift that you have someone special to call your own. Here we have curated 10 best silver gift items online that you can gift it to your loved one on any occasion. Read on to find the best for yourself.

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Silver Gift Items are Quite a Trend - Why?

Silver, this shiny metal is, of course, considered something a luxury both traditionally and also for the current generation.

Be it desktop accessories, clocks or hanging items, silver does add an edge to the decor. Over the years, there has been a considerable change in the silver gift items. The choices are not restricted to traditional items such as thalis, religious idols, etc.

You have more choices than ever when it comes to selecting a perfect silver gift items online for every occasion. There are even options to get personalized gifts for your family and friends. From cufflinks to anklets there are so many stylish accessories options that you can gift. So, just do not stick to the monotonous silver items for gifting and explore a bit more.

Tips for Buying Silver Gift Items Online

Silver is expensive and therefore you need to be extra cautious when buying it online or from the brick and mortar showroom. Usually, the guidelines are issued from various credible bodies and associations for the customers to save them from any potential fraud. However, if you are falling short of time to read those lengthy guidelines, then keep these simple tips in mind when purchasing pure silver items for the gift with the price.

Customer Reviews about the Website

There are so many credible websites selling silver gift items at the right price. However, there is no dearth of the fraudsters and therefore reading the reviews about the website is your first step towards responsible buying. Before blindly following Google options, read the reviews and research a bit about the website. Rather than hinging on one online store, research about few and pick the one with the most credibility.

Convenient Payment Option Like COD

It takes time for trusting a credible website and one of the main aspects is the payment method. If a website does not have user-friendly options such as Cash on delivery or ‘try and buy’, you should be a little wary. Online marketplace players are aware that the quickest way to build trust among the customers is to give them buyer-friendly options. Do not trust the website that does not have these options.

Return Policy

Yet another important policy to look for when buying items online. You need to be more careful while buying precious items like online silver gift items. Make sure that you understand the policy and there is no hidden meaning of the sentences written. If the policy is not noticeably clear, it is better to drop off the website from your list and look for a more credible one.

Check the Spot Price of Silver

For the uninitiated, the spot price is the current price of silver in the market. Jewelers sell you the items according to the spot price of the metals. When buying silver gift items online do check the spot price of the silver to ensure that you are not paying more than the right price. If on addition delivery and other charges, the price gap is significant then look for the better options.

Making Charges

At times, the online sellers might be charging you according to the spot price, but making charges would differ. Paying high making charges does not make any sense when you can get the same item made from a local jeweler at a lesser price. However, it could also be the other way round and therefore taking note of making charges is an important aspect.

Reference from Friends and Family

One of the safest options to make the right purchase is by asking friends and families for their opinion. Someone in your group will always have a clear idea on the online websites from where you can but pure silver items. Make sure that you consult them before picking up a website.

Here are Our 10 Trendiest Picks for Silver Gift Items in 2020

We researched a bit and curated a list of most in-demand silver gift items that people love to beget.

Pure Silver Puja Bowl and Spoon Set

You will find a lot of silver made bowl and spoons in the market, but to get one with the minimalistic design is a bit challenging. This Pure Silver bowl and spoon set retains the elegance and purity of the shiny metal along with the subtle design. Bowl weighs around 20 grams and spoons 10 grams. Available on IGP for INR 2,800, this bowl and spoon set can be used for puja needs as well as general decoration. You can get the item delivered by selecting one of the secure payment methods that the website has to offer. If you are planning to gift it to someone, make sure to order a few days in advance because getting it delivered on a Sunday or national holiday might not be possible as per website policy.

Crockery Wala & Company Silver Plated Bowl Set

One of the most popular online silver gift items, this bowl set and spoon made of silver serves two. Moreover, you also get an embossed tray to give that sense of completeness while serving. All the items including two bowl, two spoons and one embossed tray are silver plated and a perfect gift for any occasion. In addition to that, the silver-plated serving set does not have any religious or ethnic undertone, making it a perfect gift for anyone on any occasion. This super useful and multipurpose silver serving set is available on Crockery Wala for just INR 1,085.

Silver Pooja Set - Pack of 9 Items

If you are looking for a complete silver made puja set, then this silver pooja set available on Silver Store is a perfect pick. A beautiful gift for various occasions such as housewarming, wedding and birthdays, this set consists of a total of nine items. All these items are used actively in homes for pooja. The total weight of all the items is around 378 grams, but we suggest a quick chat and verification with the seller before buying the item. The silver pooja set is available for INR 22,680. Before buying do not forget to ask important things such as making charges and the number of days for delivery.

Jewel99 Krishna Decorative Showpiece

Source flipkart.com l Jewel99 Krishna Decorative Showpiece

Specially designed for occasions such this pure silver Khrisna idol is available on Flipkart for INR 6,999.. The beautiful idol comes in around 64.47 g and dimension 9.2 cm x 11.2 cm x 9.2 cm as per the description on the website. Moreover, you can but this beautiful pure silver items for the gift in easy instalments on the website. Further, you get convenient options such as 7 days return policy and cash on delivery.

Mia by Tanishq Silver Pendant with Enamel Coating

Inspired by the women of today, this silver pendant by Mia under the Tanishq brand is all things beautiful. The silver pendant comes with an enamel coating and is available on the website Mia by Tanishq for just INR 1,999. Pair this delicate yet bold looking pendant with a silver chain to get that perfect look. Silver jewellery goes well with most of the shades and therefore you can use this pendant as daily wear or on casual occasions. Gift it to your friend on occasions like birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine day and so on.

Carlton London Men 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet with Silver Plating

Silver is also heavily popular metals amongst men and this next one from pure silver items for the gift with the price is for them. Stylish looking bracelet with silver plating is every bit of royalty. Made of sterling silver and dipped in silver, this bracelet is available on Myntra for INR 7,345.. Pair it with the ethnic or modern outfit to complete the look and add an edge. When selecting gifts for men, ease of maintenance is something that they appreciate highly. This is one of the easiest to maintain as all you need to do is wipe it with a clean cotton swab. This lobster closure bracelet for men is a perfect gift for all the occasions.

Silver Photo Frame

Photo frames are a timeless gift especially when they are made of silver. It is both elegant and modern bringing life to the photos you put in them. This silver filigree photo frame would be an ultimate gift for the newlywed couple, anniversary, housewarming and so on. The frame is 6”, an ideal length of putting photos. Available for just 10,930 INR on Silver Lining this photo frame is very classy and also has a practical use case.

Silver Filigree Ship

This beautiful Silver Filigree Ship is beautiful and elegant and has cultural significance. The ship is a symbol of the famous Bali Yatra that is celebrated every year in Cuttack. One of the special features of this showpiece is that it can be used for decorating a corner in the home, but would also look elegant in the office table. Ships as showpiece have always been a popular one and this one stands out for the metal that it is made of. Moreover, this is one of the most sought-after online silver gift items. The approximate weight of this showpiece is around 110 grams and also comes with a plastic case for complete protection.

999 Pure Silver Mickey Glass

A perfect gift for the kids and of course a mickey mouse fan, this 999 pure silver mickey glass is all things cute. An entirely new concept, the glass is carved out of 99% silver purity. The capacity of this silver glass in around 220 ml and weighs at roughly 78 grams. You can buy this cute silver glass to gift on birthday, baby shower, etc. Buy this glass for just INR 5,456 from silverstore.in and surprise your loved one with this unique gift made from silver.

925 Sterling Silver Pen

What could be more royal than having a silver pen for making that signature? This silver pen is carved out of sterling silver which looking both simple yet elegant. The casing of the pen is no less as it is made of maple wooden case adding to the edge. Adding a touch of royalty to the personality, this is a perfect gift for both men and women. Whether you are gifting someone for office use or just as a souvenir, this pen is a perfect pick for gifting on any occasion. Moreover, it is not heavy on your pocket priced at just INR 1,530 and available on Silver Store.

How to Take Care of Silver Items?

Silver items tarnish if they are exposed to the air for a long time. Further, moisture also causes silver to tarnish quickly. Here are the few tips to protect the silver items from tarnishing.

Limit the Exposure

As we discussed, the two biggest enemies of silver are too much exposure to air and humidity. To slow down the silver tarnishing, you can wrap the items in cotton and put it in the airtight bags. To ensure further protection, you can also put a silica bag inside the bag in which jewellery is stored.

Wipe Clean After Use

You can use silver polish cloth available in the market to clean the silver items. To clean with the cloth apply tarnish removing cream and then wipe it gently with the silver cleaning cloth. This will give you the new and bright looking silver item once again.

Professional Cleaning

If the silver items have a lot of complex designing such that it needs a good amount of time to clean, consider professional service. Most of the jewellers do offer the metal polishing and cleaning service too. This will not only save your time but also ensure that you get the perfect cleaning remove the tarnish from every nook and corner.

Avoid Applying Toothpaste

One thing that you should refrain from using is toothpaste because it can harm silver. Known for being too abrasive, toothpaste can scratch the upper surface of the jewellery. The bad news is that these scratch marks would be very much visible on your silver item.

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In Conclusion!

Gifting Silver items has been followed for ages. Silver is the second most important metal next to Gold. The unique properties of Silver not only makes the product shine but is also believed to have some healthy elements. Silver Products and Accessories are hot favourites loved equally by men and women. If you want to fill your closet with silver items, the above mentioned are the 10 best budgeted silver gift items online to look for.