Silver Too Expensive for You? 10 Stunningly Crafted Silver-Plated Gifts For Special Occasions! (2020)

Silver Too Expensive for You? 10 Stunningly Crafted Silver-Plated Gifts For Special Occasions! (2020)


Silver items have an important part in any Indian household. But silver, being a precious metal might be expensive for many. And here is where silver plated items come. With a look and quality quite similar to silver, the latter can be substituted for the former when in a budget. We bring to you, 10 silver plated gifts perfect for any occasion. And a few tips and tricks to identify the fake from the real.

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Importance of Silver in Indian Households

As an Indian, you must be familiar with a wide range of both silver and silver plated items in your house. Each Indian household treasures an assortment of silver items. From the ancient age, people of India have exhibited a particular interest in metals like gold and silver. The next precious metal after gold is silver in India. It stands as a significant metal in Indian culture during occasions like birthdays, weddings and festivals like Holi and Diwali, to name a few. Anklets and toe rings made of silver are considered as essential bridal items in North and South India while silver coins are one of the auspicious items for weddings.

Silver is categorised as a precious metal in the same line with gold and platinum but with a lower price range. Between both the metals, a remarkable percentage of the Indian population opt for silver, due to its affordability as compared to gold. This is making silver a sought after precious metal in the Indian market. The recent trend has demonstrated a high rise in the purchase of silver-plated metal objects in the Indian market. This is because of the availability of a variety of fashionable silver-plated products at a fairly reasonable price. Additionally, designer stores have initiated the manufacturing of silver items with trendy looks hooking customers with elegant tastes. Silver-plated objects are far more affordable for all class of Indians as compared to sterling silver.

What's Silver Plating


Although silver-plated metal objects have become a choice for many Indian customers, they are unaware of the manufacturing process which is termed as electroplating. The process of silver electroplating has been prevalent from ancient times which started with the metalsmithing and coinage era. A layer of silver is coated over an ordinary metal or alloys like brass or tin by a process termed as electroplating which enhances the durability and artistic value of the object.

The surface of the ordinary metal is sandblasted or hand polished initially followed by ultrasonic cleaning. The surface later electro cleaned for eliminating any trace of oil or dirt followed by steam cleaning. This surface is plated by one layer of palladium on which finally the silver layer is coated. This process enhances the resistance to tarnish and hence remains shining for a longer duration.

Tin is another metal similar to silver, but it undergoes strong corrosion, exhibits low conductivity and low melting point as compared to silver. Hence, the items of tin are electroplated with a layer of silver to augment their properties.

If you find the price of pure silver high for your pocket, you can always opt for silver-plated commodities that are presently at par with silver items but at a much lower economical range. Additionally, it serves the same purpose as silver metals, so no need to hesitate while going for silver plated items.

Tips on Buying Silver Plated Items

If you go for silver plated items, the first thing you should do is look for the markings like electroplate, EPNS or silverplate on the items. A thin layer of silver is generally electroplated on a base metal mainly nickel or tin or base alloy- brass. You should examine the amount of silver the item contains. You should check on the authenticity of the silver-plated item that you decide to buy.

Try to distinguish between the real silver plated items and forged or metal-plated item. The value of an authentic silver plated item does not degrade easily. A silversmith can reform it to its original design. If the silver gets tarnished it can be restored to its original form by polishing. You should select the item with care while purchasing, keeping in mind that it does not get damaged while being repaired at any stage if required. The hallmark ‘925 sterling silver-plated’ means that the item is coated with a thin layer of 925 silver. The silver plated items will have stamps starting with letters like EP and a heavy plate or triple.

Silver Plated or Metallic Finish

The market is flooded with different variety of products, which are sometimes sold as silver-coated items but are actually alloys or simple metal-coated which has an appearance of silver. The metal-coated products are cheaper than silver coated items. One particular electroplating alloy is made by mixing zinc, tin and copper as an alternative for silver. This alloy is called miralloy or white bronze which does not tarnish and exhibits durability. Another metal coating substance is rhoduna alloy which is made from rhodium and ruthenium. It also provides a white shining to the metal surface. Rhoduna diamond-bright is another alloy with a bright shiny metal surface. Sealing 691 is a different class of alloy used mainly for manufacturing hardware and jewellery.

Silver Plated Can be Tested the Same Way as Pure Silver

You may get confused about the item you have purchased. It may be actually silver coated or simply metal coated. You can test your silver plated items by putting a drop of nitric acid in it. If the white colour vanishes to give a green colour, it is a silver-plated item. This test will fail for simple metal plated items.

You, of course, may not have access to nitric acid. If that case, place a piece of an ice cube on the silver-plated item, it will melt immediately as silver is a good conductor of heat. However, the ice will melt gradually when placed on metal-plated items. If you bring a magnet near the silver-plated item it does not get attracted towards the magnet. This indicates that the coating is real silver.

Another way is to put a tiny drop of bleach on the silver-plated item. The piece will tarnish immediately and become black indicating the presence of silver.


Another way to find out if the silver colour item you are considering is actually silver-coated is to go by the price. If something is labelled silver plated but is priced rather low, then do verify. Silver is cheaper than gold but quite expensive in itself. So pure silver plated items will be on the expensive side. So you can use price as well as a way to check if the item uses silver or is just a shiny metal plated one!

Ten Different Silver Plated Gifts

If you think of procuring any silver plated gift, the first thing that comes to your mind is jewellery. But it will stand as a surprise for you to find an assortment of product in different arenas, apart from jewellery. Herein we are providing you with a list of different silver plated items which you can gift to your near and dear ones on different occasions.

Silver Plated Cup Set


Guests are considered as a form of God in Hindu culture. Any guests in Indian household are regarded with high esteem. They are offered water soon after entering an Indian household. This is the first step of hospitality followed by sweets and fruits along with tea or coffee after a certain interval. This form of hospitality has been a tradition from the ancient era, though with certain modifications with the wheel of time.

Each Indian family stores exclusive items like tea sets, trays and glasses for entertaining their guests. These items reflect the status of the family as well as the respect showered to their guests. An elegant set of teacups with saucer is a basic necessity of all Indian houses. Thus this silver-plated cup set is an ideal gift for occasions like anniversaries and weddings. The base metal is brass which is coated with silver. The capacity of each cup is 200 ml. The whole set contains 4 sets of cup and plate each along with two spoons. A product of Jaipur Ace you can buy it from Amazon at a price of Rs. 1,999.

Silver Plated Mouth Freshener Set


Mouth fresheners like paan, saunf, elaichi etc are associated with the traditional culture of India. These are used to make our mouths fresh after completion of our meal mainly lunch and dinner. It is a belief that mouth fresheners trigger the digestion process and is accepted as beneficial to health.

Guests are always offered mouth fresheners before they leave according to Indian custom. This is a beautiful handmade gold and silver-plated set on brass containing three mouth freshener containers. They can be used to store fennel seeds, elaichi, dry coconut etc for offering guests. This item can be an exquisite gift for occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Eid and even anniversaries. You can decorate your home with this set with antique looks or even commercial places like Bars and Restaurants. The product has been elaborately designed which reflects the excellent craftsmanship. You can buy it at a price of Rs. 1,799 from Amazon.

Silver Plated Designer Mugs


Are you getting lost while deciding to buy anniversary gifts for an elderly couple like your grandparents or your aunt and uncle? Here is a perfect anniversary gift for such elderly couples. These silver plated designer mugs should be your excellent choice for the occasion. The mugs are designed with a traditional flair with beautiful carvings on the surface. As it is durable, it can be used frequently by the couple. They can spend quality time while enjoying their coffee in the mugs. The mugs will be a medium to bring them closer to each other. Get these mugs at Rs. 1,800 from IGP.

Silver plated Pendant


Valentine's day is a special day for celebrating love and affection. Make your valentine's day special by gifting something very special to your girlfriend within your budget. This Swarovski silver-plated pendant is an ideal gift for your girlfriend which will make her immensely happy and wanted. Your assured feelings towards her will be reflected by your choice of this gift. The pendant will be an expression of your heart that will communicate your unspoken words. It will signify the deeper purpose of your strong relationship. It can be teamed with a party dress for a classy look. Wrap the gift attractively and present it to your beloved. You can get it online from IGP at a price of Rs. 1,450.

Silver Plated Ganesha


Gifting idol of Lord Ganesha is a common practice within India. Hindus believe that any big event like buying a new car, starting a new business etc should start with the worshipping of Ganesha. It is a myth that gifting Ganesha idol brings luck to both the receiver and the donor. This exotic silver plated Ganesha can be a present for housewarming ceremonies or newlywed couples.

Ganesha sitting in Lalitasana indicates the relaxed and calm form of God. He is sitting with one leg on the ground and the other leg folded. It is believed that he is half meditating while watching your house at the same time. You wish the owner of the new house and auspicious stay by gifting the idol. It can also be used as a decorating piece. You may gift this idol to yourself, as it is believed that your luck gets positively affected by Ganesha idol. Additionally, you can gift it on other special occasions like anniversary, mothers day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, birthday and to your boss in the corporate office. You can get this item at Rs. 800 from Amazon.

Silver Plated Bar Glass Set


A beautiful set of bar glasses can enhance the beauty of any table on which they are placed. The dazzling and classic appearance of the glasses increases the anticipation of the pleasure of drinking for your guests. When your home bar is stocked with exquisite glassware, your guests feel more accepted and welcomed. Bar glasses are superb gifts for your friends or your husband as a birthday gift.

You can choose these two cute silver plated bar glasses. These two dazzling pieces will amplify the looks of your friend’s home bar. These bar glasses can hold one pint of drink and it comes in the traditional style with a stem. The stem reduces the effect of your body heat on the wine as you hold the glass by the stem. These glasses will add to the sophistication of your friend’s home bar, so just pick these glasses as the next birthday gift for your friend from IGP at a price of Rs. 1,450.

Silver Plated Pen


A pen signifies intellect and knowledge. You may gift a pen to an academician through which you demonstrate your respect to his profession. You may gift a pen to your friend who possesses a flair for writing which reflects your recognition for your friend’s art of writing. You can gift a pen to your boss signifying his profession. This BIS hallmarked pen is made of sterling silver and exhibits an elegant look. It is ideal both as a birthday gift or corporate gift. It can be procured from Amazon at a price of Rs. 1,729.

Silver Plated Puja Thali with Accessories


Different pujas are performed throughout the year in almost every household of India. You must have been invited on such occasions quite a few times. Were you at a loss while choosing what to take as a gift? This beautiful silver plated puja thali will be the answer to your problem. This thali is assorted with the essential items for puja like a spoon, incense stick holder, puja bell, urn, diya and container. You can also gift this to your mother on dhanteras. You can order it online from IGP at a price of Rs. 1,150.

Silver Plated Bracelet Wrist Watch


You can gift a watch to your wife or girlfriend as an anniversary or birthday presents. By doing so, you have declared that your support and presence is with her each and every second. You have promised to give your precious time to her and it will remind her of you any moment. You can gift a watch to your sister on Rakhi as well, indicating that the precious time of togetherness has been a treasure and you protect her round the clock throughout any circumstances. It denotes your wish towards her for spending each moment meticulously and for her success in all aspect of life.

This two silver-plated bracelet analogue watches are beautiful pieces which can work both as a bracelet and timepiece. It will look trendy if worn casually and also with party wear. You can buy this pair at a reasonable price of Rs. 329 from Amazon.

Silver Plated Photo Frame


Pictures are a medium to capture memorable moments in our life. You have to choose the right picture to hang along with the right photo frame. An accurate choice of the picture frame will enable to highlight the appearance of the photo. You do not have to heed on the colour of the photo frame. You can go for an eye-catching and exclusive piece which will make your photo vibrant. Please keep in mind that the frame should not be intense, which may instead make your photo look dull and lifeless.

Taking these in mind we recommend you this unique rose handcrafted silver plated photo frame with an antique look, which can be added to your house for decoration along with your selected photo. You can also gift this item to your boss, family friends or boyfriend on their birthdays and anniversaries. You can buy this piece at Rs. 899 from Amazon.

Highlight: Exclusive Gift Ideas at Reasonable Budget

A gift item always reflects the love and emotion of the presenter. Everyone desires to select a perfect gift within a reasonable budget. Surf through different online sites which offer heavy discounts on a variety of items. Avail the discounted rates and buy the items which you plan to gift, even though there may be a long time for the occasion. This will help you to save a lot of money.

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From our editorial team

Care for Your Silver-Plated Gift!

Silver-plated products are very much different from silver and sterling silver products. Silver-plated products have a small layer of silver over any base metal like copper, brass, nickel or white metal. And hence are very prone to tarnishing. And over time it tends to lose its lustre. It requires more care than their counterparts.

However, if they start showing the wear and tear, you can clean them up easily at home. Submerge the item in soapy water made of mild soap and water. Use a soft cloth to rub and clean it. Once clean, rinse it again with clean water. Dry it with a lint-free cloth. Make sure the silver-plated products are dry before storage.

Keep doing this occasionally; And watch your silver-plated gift last for years.