Switch to Silver Gift Items, a Gift to Last a Lifetime: Here's Our Pick of the 10 Best Silver Gift Items Under Rs.1000 Online (2019)

Switch to Silver Gift Items, a Gift to Last a Lifetime: Here's Our Pick of the 10 Best Silver Gift Items Under Rs.1000 Online (2019)

Gifts are a great way to express your feelings towards someone, while an ordinary gift would be as good as any other, their value fades away with time. So, why not gift something that would last a lifetime, and would always remind the person of the way that you made them feel?! Well, don't worry about being expensive, we have a budget solution for you, Silver. So, read along, we have brought you a list of all such Silver gift ideas.

Three Reasons to Gift Silver

Silver gifts are among some of the most common gifts for any occasion, be it a wedding, a baby shower or a housewarming party, it is something that makes all celebrations special. Well, there's a chance that you might have some doubts in the matter, but, here are a few good reasons to convince you otherwise and make a case for choosing Silver Gifts:

Long Lasting: If maintained properly with minimal care, a silver item will never disappoint. It would always keep shining as if new, making it a one time investment which would last a lifetime.
Even though silver does get tarnish when it reacts with oxygen, but it can be remedied with some quick fix home methods. Read till the end to know all about the different kinds of silver and how you can ensure it lasts a lifetime.

It passes as a traditional gift which is considered as auspicious: The reasons behind gifting silver gifts are deep seated into our culture and our cultural beliefs, one of them being a herald of good luck for the person, to whom silver is gifted. Also, a lot of products made of silver are considered sacred and offered to the deities, like a silver coin, a silver thali etc.

Easy to Customise: As compared to other metals, silver is an easy metal to mold, which means it can later be customised into another jewellery item. Moreover, because it is so easy to mold, there are many more options available in Silver in different shapes, sizes and designs - giving you a wide variety of options to choose from.

Affordable: Another reason that Silver gifts are more common is because Silver is cheaper as compared to other options like gold, platinum or diamond.
Silver items are pocket friendly, yet they are equally beautiful and elegant, showcasing a unique craftsmanship. Be it jewellery, decor or everyday item - you will find a vast variety of options in silver, each of which reflects a unique sense of design.

Here are 10 Best Picks for Silver Gift Items, All Under Rs.1000

Now, since we've established that Silver gifts are a good choice, in order to help you with your dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of different budget silver products, appropriate for different occasions - all under Rs.1000

So, what are you waiting for?! Keep scrolling down and have a look, who knows something might catch your fancy.

Name Engraved Silver Coin

Silver Coins have been a common gift in the Indian Tradition, whether you want to gift it to a newly wedded couple, on a child’s birthday, or on any other auspicious occasion. The reason it makes for a great gift is because, it is a great investment, to give someone an auspicious jewel to mark the celebration, and because it is a gift which would suit anyone and you won't have to worry about personal preferences like in the case of silver jewellery.

This Name Engraved Silver Coin is a perfect gift for any occasion where you can get the name of the receiver engraved on the coin, giving it a personal touch. If you’re gifting it for a couple, you can get their initials engraved.

It comes in Sterling Silver Metal and a 5gm coin is priced at Rs.999 at augrav.com.

Lord Ganesha Frame

This Pan Shaped Lord Ganesha Frame in Silver is an elegant gift to mark any occasion - baby showers, anniversaries, weddings, house warming or any other because Ganpati in the traditional realm is considered a good luck charm and a beautiful way to convey someone your best wishes.

It has a Lord Ganesha engraving on a Leaf shaped silver, showcasing an intricate design. It comes in a green plastic packing on the outside, adding that contrast color to the gift.

Originally priced at Rs.999, you can get this for Rs.699 from goldgiftideas.com

Pure Silver Rose

Flowers are an usual addition to any occasion in India. But usually flowers dry up by the very next morning, not serving much purpose.

Which is why instead of the regular flowers, we picked this Pure Silver Rose as the perfect gift option - It is made up of 92.5% pure silver, with beautiful design and a sophisticated packing.

It weighs at 10gms and you can get it for Rs.999 from silverstone.in.

Laxmi Ma Idol

Another auspicious silver gift item is this goddess Laxmi idol, which weighs at 3 grams and is made up of 999 pure Silver. It can be a great addition to someone’s prayer place - be it at home or at work.

Goddess Laxmi is considered a symbol of prosperity and achievement which is traditionally suited for any occasion celebrating a new beginning.

You can get this one from krysaliis.com for Rs.600.

Silver Thali

In Hindu tradition and rituals, a Silver Thali has always played an auspicious role, with it being used while paying offerings to the idols of various gods and goddesses, while praying and during the aarti - like during a Diwali puja.

This is what makes a Silver Thali a well suited gift for any celebration. We picked this one by J Pearls which has intricate design around the edges.

It weighs at 10 gms and you can get it at a discounted price of Rs.829 from homeshop18.com.

Silver Incense Holder

The Silver Incense holder is a great gift due to its everyday use. This one comes with a great design which offers a traditional look in the shape of a Ganesha, making it to stand out.

Like other Silver Gifts, Incense sticks are known to purify the air in your surroundings and add calmness and positivity. It is a perfect gift for a new property like an office, or a new house.

Gifting a Silver Incense Stick Holder is like gifting an element of positivity. This Silver Incense holder is made up of 92.5 Sterling Silver and comes in a smart gift box. Moreover, it comes with a maintenance manual listing down the tips to take care of the metal. This one is priced at Rs.917.73 and you can get it from episodesilver.com.

You could also give a box of Incense Sticks along with this holder, making it a perfect combo. We picked this Sacred Sandalwood Incense Sticks Pack from nykaa.com for Rs.350.

Silver Flower Bowl

Gift this Silver Bowl by J Pearls which can be a great centerpiece and an addition to any house would elevate the look of the place. It can be used as a piece for the corner table, with some flower petals placed in it, creating a beautiful aura.

This one weighs at 10gms and is made of 80 percent pure Silver. You can get this from homeshop18.com for Rs.700.

Silver Bookmark

A bookmark in general is a common item for everyday use. This pure Silver Bookmark with an intricate design is an unique gift option. It has a smart look, with a design of a golf bag, and makes for a great gift option for a birthday or an office party.

When giving a bookmark, make sure you know that the person you are giving it to, has an interest in reading, be it for leisure or for work, otherwise it won't be of any use.

This Silver plated bookmark golf is made up of 92.5 Sterling Silver, comes in a smart gift packing, and you can get it from episodesilver.com for Rs.493.

Engraved Silver Bar

Gifting a precious metal bar is always a sensible idea as it doesn't looses its value over time, is a good investment and unlike jewellery, you do not have to worry about whether the person would like it or not.

Bars are a common gift option and to make that gift stand out, we picked this engraved silver bar from shopclues.com.

It weighs at 5gms and is made up of 999 Pure Silver. It comes in a great packaging with red and gold detailing, making it a suitable gift option for occasions like weddings, house warming, baby showers, or any other such celebration.

You can get it from shopclues.com for Rs.422.

Silver Tulsi Plant

A Tulsi Plant is considered as a symbol of purity, and this is why we picked this unique and beautiful Silver Tulsi Plant from homeshop18.com. It is a great gift for any occasion with new beginnings.

It is not just a thoughtful gift, but also a great addition to the decor of any house and would make a great table centerpiece.

It weighs at 10gms, is made up of 80 percent pure silver and is priced at Rs.700.

Things to Look Out for When Buying and Caring for Silver Items

Now, since we've made a case for choosing Silver gifts, you might have all the reasons to buy Silver gift items, but, there are also certain things that you must keep in mind - like the different qualities of Silver available, maintenance of the metal, and things to check while buying it online.

We’ve compiled all such tips and tricks for you here:

Understanding Different Grades of Silver

There are different grades of Silver items available in the market these days, since pure Silver is extremely malleable, making it prone to damage. This is why all silver items have some percentage of another metal added to Silver.

The finest silver is made up of 99.9 percent silver and remaining is another added element. It is also known as .999 Silver. Since it is made up of 99.9 percent Silver, items made up of this grading are extremely soft and prone to damage and scratches.

The most popular silver when it comes to jewellery or other gift items is 925 Sterling Silver, which contains 92.5 percent of pure Silver metal and the remaining is copper, which hardens the metal making it long lasting.

Apart from this, the purity of any Silver item depends on the purity of the Silver that is being used for the same. This means, when buying Silver items, make sure that you check the purity of that item - as to how much of pure silver it is made up of.

Check for Hallmarks or Specifications

This one is a given, yet it easily slips out of our minds. Each Silver item comes with a quality mark or a hallmark specifying the grade of Silver used in the item. For instance, if you are buying a 999 Silver, the back/bottom of your item would say ‘999’.

In addition to this, there are authenticity certificates which are given when buying pure metal items. Make sure you get that too when making a purchase to avoid any purity issues in the future.

Physical Tests to Check the Authenticity

1.Magnet Test: Silver is not a magnetic metal and does not get attracted to magnets. So, all you need to do is see if the magnet latches on to your Silver item. If it does, then it is mostly made up of another magnetic metal like nickel.

2. Sound Test: A Silver item when tapped on any object, should make a high-pitched ring and vibration sound. You can easily perform this test to check the authenticity of your silver.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Even though silver is a great investment, and a gift that stays with you for a lifetime, it does require some care and maintenance.
A silver item can reflect some tarnishing over time, especially in humid conditions. Regular cleaning ensures that tarnish doesn't build up, and it stays as shiny as it was when new. But it is not a difficult task.

All you need to do is apply either of these home-made remedies to keep your silver tarnish free - Baking Soda, Lime Juice, Colgate Toothpaste. All of these remove the black spots from your silver items, making them look as new as ever.

Things to Check when Buying Online

There are so many portals and items available online, which definitely saves us the time to go and buy an item, but when it comes to purchasing precious metal items online, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure there is a return policy in case the item looks differently or does not match your expectations.

  • Read the reviews to make sure you are buying from a reputed brand.

  • Check for the purity of the metal stated, and if it comes with a purity certificate, ensuring that the purity is the same as mentioned in the description online.
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