Is Your Wedding Anniversary Around the Corner and Looking for Something Unique for Your Partner? 10 Amazing Silver Gift Ideas to Present Your Partner on Wedding Anniversary (2020)

Is Your Wedding Anniversary Around the Corner and Looking for Something Unique for Your Partner? 10 Amazing Silver Gift Ideas to Present Your Partner on Wedding Anniversary (2020)

Your silver anniversary is about showing love to your spouse. By selecting a gift that helps you reflect on the past and show excitement for the future If you need help finding unique silver gift items for the wedding anniversary, Read more to find the best wedding anniversary gift ideas for yourself. Each gift provides a heartfelt way for you to express your everlasting love and commitment to your spouse.

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Want to Buy Something Unique on Your Wedding Anniversary? Choose Silver Gifts

Why Buy Silver Gifts?

There goes a phrase that goes like 'Born with a silver spoon'. This indicates that silver is associated with luxury for decades. However, when it comes to purchasing silver gifts, people often find it too expensive or do not trust it's durability as it is not considered 'fine jewellery' or gold. Here we are going to break some myths for you that will encourage people to invest in silver jewellery and other silver items. They are the perfect kind of gift options that you can present to your wife, husband or present yourself with couples gifts. Especially, when the occasion is as special as a wedding anniversary, spoil your loved one with the fine silver gift item and let them shine bright as ever. In this article, we shall list some of the reasons why you should consider buying silver gift items.

1. Durability Is No More a Hassle

When taken care of the proper way, silver jewellery or other silver gift items can last you for a lifetime. Silver jewellery owners are aware that fine jewellery can look as new as ever, even after a good forty years. If you look for guaranteed pieces of silver, they are a bit on the higher side and expensive. However, the price assures you of the quality and durability of the silver gift items. Before you think of the gifting options, make sure you purchase from reputed stores or outlets that have marks of guarantee on the silver items.

2. Silver Accessories Offer Endless Options

Silver is generally a soft metal which makes it easy for jewellers to mould them into a variety of shapes and designs. This means that there is a wide range of collections that you can choose from when it comes to silver jewellery. The huge collection means that you will find a piece of jewellery that suits your personality and style. If you are looking to surprise your partner with some silver jewellery, there are multiple options available that include rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks with stunning designs for everyone. Also, you can find different silver made sculptures and idols for gifting purposes.

3. Easy to Maintain

Women love things that don't need much maintenance. This saves up on their time and effort. However, it is believed that silver jewellery loses its shine with time. This is not true. Good quality silver jewellery can easily last you for a long time. Also, did you know wearing silver jewellery often can prevent it from tarnish? Yes, the natural oil in your skin cleans the metal and keeps it as new as ever.

Stunning Silver Gift Items to Present on Wedding Anniversary

Let's have a look at stunning silver gifts that you can present on a wedding anniversary to your better half. We have also categorized some unique gifts that are made for couples.

Gift for Your Wife

#1 Ananth Jewels Somma

This peculiar collection of Ananth Jewels Somma is a true beauty in every sense, available at only 1,350 INR from Amazon. It is a perfect gift for your wife as you can be assured she will cherish this stunning silver jewellery. Swarovski's Pure Brilliance Cut is a must-watch in this model. It has a better shine than a Tolkwosky ideal cut which is known to be the world's perfect diamond cut. Every piece of jewellery has a 'Swarovski Zirconia' engraving, which marks the quality and assurance. Additionally, the mark is invisible to the naked eye. The maintenance of the jewellery is quite simple. Make sure you keep them away from chemicals or other perfume as they will last longer.

#2 Tribe Amrapali

Add a captivating touch to your overall look with this gold polished stunning necklace. This Tribe Amrapali necklace is made with 925 sterling silver and has a ravishing finish to it. The sleek design of the necklace makes it perfect to wear with any kind of attire. Don the stunning necklace with sarees, Kurtis, or simply any dress and see it blend well on any occasion. The added zirconia adds a stunning elegance to the entire necklace. The product is priced at just 2,317 INR which is quite a good deal for silver jewellery. Surprise your wife with this beautiful present and see her smile like never before.

#3 Pearl Art Bead Charm with Charm Holder

This one is a quintessential piece of silver jewellery that is every woman's dream. The design is a mix of traditional yet chic patterns that will steal everyone's attention. The Pearl Art Charm Bead is handcrafted and has intricate designs that are carved on it. Make your wife happy on your wedding anniversary by gifting this spectacular and delicate silver bead charm which is sure to make her day. It can be the perfect addition to any necklace or charm bracelet. One look at the Pearl Art Bead Charm will make you fall in love with the piece. The product is priced at 3,100 INR only.

Gift for Your Husband

#4 Mystic Mor Cufflinks

The Mystic Mor Cufflinks is inspired by the national bird of India, Peacock. The intricate design has a motif of the exotic bird. Additionally, the stunning jewellery is enhanced with sparkling blue CZs which mirrors the mystic peacock feathers. If you are looking for some unique gift for your husband, then this Mystic Mor Cufflinks is a must buy. They are the perfect kind of jewellery that your husband will love. These splendid cufflinks can be accessorized with a classic formal look. The price of this Mystic Mor Cufflinks is 5,000 INR and is definitely worth the price. If you wish to surprise your husband on your wedding anniversary, then go to four seven and make this purchase.

#5 Silver Coin

The best option to gift your partner on your wedding anniversary is a silver coin. It is also ideal to gift your favourite couple on their wedding anniversary or wedding day. The silver coins are comparatively less expensive as compared to gold. Yet, silver coins are fast gaining popularity. There are multiple choices that you get with silver coins. There are simple silver coins that you can buy. On the other hand, there are silver coins wherein you can personalize them. You can either write something on them or have a couple of photos. Surprise your partner by engraving your photos on it and make the moment more special. Silver Coins are available in different weights like 10gms, 20gms or 50gms. You can choose the ones as per your preference. The price of the Silver Coin is 2,999 INR.

#6 Taraash 925 Sterling Silver Top Openable Dragon Bangle/ Kada for Men BG1697A

A silver Kada is always the way to go when in doubt of what to give to men. This detailed and intricate Kada has a dragon engraving at the openings. It is a unique Kada which will make them feel special. The antique finish on the Kada adds a vintage yet stylish touch. It is a versatile piece and can be worn on a day to day basis. The Kada is also skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and non-allergic, which makes it easy to wear every day. The wives can buy this for their husband at only 3,235 INR from Taraash.

Gifts for You as Couple

#7 Valentine Sterling Silver Couple Rings

Is your wedding anniversary around the corner? Are you looking for something unique for your partner? Or maybe you are looking to present something affordable yet exciting for your favourite couple? How about a couple of rings? This Valentine Sterling Silver Couple Platinum is exactly what you need. There are all sizes available that can be customized as per requirement. There are exotic and unique designs that are sure to win your hearts. The rings are made of pure silver and diamonds that add to the beauty of the marvel. The rings have a shiny and matt finish that makes them unique. The silver rings are skin-friendly. Additionally, platinum polish too is suitable for sensitive skin as well. The rings are an excellent choice of gifts for your partner and yourself. You can also present this unique gift to your parents or grandparents or even to your best friend on their wedding anniversary.

#8 Bandhan Silver White Dial Pair Watches

Bandhan Silver White Dial Pair Watches are detailed with the rosy gold tone that makes them perfect to gift on wedding anniversary. The watches are one of the most sought-out collections after your wedding that can be bought on your first anniversary. The round case shape makes it a perfect fit on any wrist. The metal case can endure tough falls and rough use. The two-toned strap colour ensures the perfect connection between you and your partner. While wearing the pair together with your partner can make you stand out. The analogue function and the quartz movement make for the unique art of the watch, making it a great choice for gifting as a couple. This pair can be a symbolic addition to your list of highly desirable accessories. Buy it from Titan at only 6,295 INR and surprise your partner with this most stylish gift at an affordable price.

#9 Silver Coins Embossed with King & Queen

Silver coins are one of the best gifts and also evergreen that deserves a special place in your locker. These silver coins are embossed with the images of King & Queen placed in a beautiful red box. The coins are made of 99.9 sterling silver with a touch of gold polish on the image of the king and the queen for that added effect. These images of king and queen on the coins make it more special to be gifted for the occasion of wedding anniversaries. You can surprise your better half with such a beautiful coin pair, one you can keep with you and the other one can be given to your partner as forever memories. The coin pair is highly durable and can be placed perfectly in its box for years. It is also ideal for puja material at different festivals. So, buy this stunning pair of coin on your wedding anniversary at only 2,295 INR from

How to Take Care of Silver Items?

Silver jewellery or other silver items can tarnish soon if it is not taken care of well. For the majority of people, dressing is never complete without a stunning bracelet or chains. Reason being that it is one sure way to glam up your look in seconds. However, that sparkle needs to be maintained for it to dazzle. While you may love a silver gift, it is also equally important to care for them. Here are some tips that you may implement to better store silver items.

1. Clean Silver Ornaments/Items Before Storing

Make sure, to always clean your silver ornaments before you keep them away. The reason being, sweat plays an important role here that tends to bring in moisture, and this can tarnish your silver item. Before storing, ensure to wipe off the silver with some soft cloth. This will ensure that your silver jewellery shines as new as ever.

2. Store in Airtight Boxes

Silver jewellery or other items must always be stored in airtight boxes. Alternatively, you can use an anti-tarnishing wooden box which will help preserve silver jewellery for a longer time. Never store silver jewellery in uncoated wooden boxes as that will reduce its shine.

3. Dedicated Silver Box

It is always said to never mix two types of jewellery. It is very important to store silver jewellery, gold jewellery, and diamond jewellery in separate boxes. If you happen to mix both of these, there are high chances that may cause scratches or damage to some pieces. Hence, have a dedicated box for every type of jewellery.

4. Activated Charcoal or Silica Gel

Try to get your hands on silica gel or even activated charcoal sachets and simply place them along with your silver items. They are a great way to absorb moisture that prevents tarnishing. Additionally, it helps in restoring the shine of the silver jewellery. Furthermore, make sure to put on your jewellery after dressing up. Make sure your makeup is done and then proceed to adorn your jewellery. Keep it away from any kind of chemicals that may reduce its shine or lustre.

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A Gift for the Two of You to Show How Much You Love and Appreciate Them.

If you’re looking for a gift for your spouse to celebrating your wedding anniversary, you need to first create a list of gifts you can buy. As we’ have already mentioned, there are great gifts that keep the silver theme without being to cliché. Make your gifts exciting and something that will be useful and memorable for your spouse. This could either be one gift or his and her gifts. This is something that you cannot ignore as it makes for an awkward reception when you only give a gift to one partner. Show your spouse how much you love them and value them, with some of our most popular silver gift ideas. Pick one from the special categories and gift to your loved one on this special occasion.