10 Best Karwa Chauth Gifts for Wife: Celebrate Your Better Half on This Special Day with These Thoughtful Gifts! (2020)

10 Best Karwa Chauth Gifts for Wife: Celebrate Your Better Half on This Special Day with These Thoughtful Gifts! (2020)

The age-old tradition of Karwa Chauth is the day your loyal and devoted wife fasts for you praying for your safety and well-being. What finer way to express your happiness and love for your wife than by thoughtful gifts? Here are 10 splendid Karwa Chauth Gifts to present to your loving wife on this auspicious eve.

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How to Pick the Best Karwa Chauth Gift for Wife?

Pick Something Romantic

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The best Karwa Chauth gift wife would want from you is definitely something romantic. You also need to keep in mind that whenever you are feeling confused about picking gifts for your wife then you should always go for something romantic and mushy.

Some examples are a show piece, flowers, chocolates etc. Or you can do some gesture for her which is quite romantic like filling the entire room with rose petals or buying her a nice dress.

It Should Be Related to the Theme

Karwa Chauth is a celebration of long-lasting love between husband and wife and this is why the gift you are planning for your wife should be relatable to this theme. This day is also seen as the occasion when women in India dress traditionally and wear all types of ornaments as the symbol of women hood. You can buy the gifts which are related to such aspects of Karwa Chauth.

Gift Won't Be Enough for Her First Karwa Chauth

If you are planning to buy only a single gift for wife for Karwa Chauth especially when it’s the first one after the wedding then you are totally wrong. Gift won’t be enough to woo her and you really need to up your game by planning bigger surprises for her. You can take help from surprise planning companies like Oye Happy to help you out in this.

10 Amazing Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Wife

Lavie Dome Satchel

Are you looking for hands-down the best Karwa Chauth gift wife would want from you then look nowhere else? This Mustard Satchel by Lavie is the ultimate winner of this list because there is literally no woman who can say no to a nice handbag.

This satchel is one hundred percent amazing and super classy too. The colour especially goes well with all sorts of attires and it is perfect for all kind of outings too. The size is medium which means she can definitely carry all her belongings in here comfortably and it has even got one small compartment inside to carry cash in it. It has got this pebble texture which makes it even more gorgeous in terms of looks. The wow factor is those metal trims on the front which adds a boxy touch to the whole purse. You can grab this satchel on Lavieworld.com for Rs 2,155.

Titan Raga Watch

Our next recommendation is a really gorgeous wrist watch for your wife. If you do not know then let us tell you that Titan Raga collection offers some of the best watches for women and we have also picked one from this collection as well.

This is called Cocktails from Raga, and this is an exceptionally stunning watch which is indeed suitable for cocktail parties too. Moreover, your wife can definitely rock this watch on all sorts of occasions and attires too. This watch has got a metal strap completely studded with Swarovski crystals. In fact, it comes with this unique magnetic clasp which automatically wraps around your wrist when comes in contact. You also get a complimentary Swarovski crystal studded ring with this watch too. So, hurry and buy this watch on Titan.co.in for Rs 14,995.

Self Design Red Maxi Dress

It is the time to pick something different as the best Karwa Chauth gift wife should receive from you. Ditch the traditional salwar suits or sarees and gift her something which is feminine yet appealing. For example, we have this really pretty maxi dress for her.

To keep up with the traditions and theme of the Karwa Chauth, we picked the red colour for your wife. The stunning maxi dress has full length and even full length sleeves too. It comes with this gorgeous detailing on the shoulder areas which totally accentuate the looks. You can also notice that it is clinched from the waistline which is great for accentuating the figure of a woman. Your wife can totally rock this fusion maxi dress on Karwa Chauth when you take her out for dinner. You can grab this one on Myntra.com for Rs. 1,889.

Heart Shaped Personalized LED Fur Cushion

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We have mostly included practical and materialistic kind of gifts in this section and it is definitely the time for a change now. We can shift our focus towards more romantic and theme-oriented items like this heart-shaped personalized LED cushion here. This LED cushion is unique in so many terms that you would surely want to buy it for your wife. Firstly, the fur covering makes it feel extremely soft against your skin and secondly the USP of having an LED light fixed into it.

The heart shaped cushion allows you to have the picture of you and your wife personalized on it and the light is going to glow around the picture itself. Of course, you can turn it off and on with the help of a switch attached on the pillow. So, buy this cushion on igp.com for Rs 550.

22K Yellow Gold Jhumkas

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Looking for some totally unique and remarkable Karwa Chauth gifts online? Let us help you out for the same. If you have a good budget then you should better buy some gold items for her and this pair of gorgeous jhumkas would be the best thing to consider too.

This Joylukkas jhumkas are crafted in 22kt yellow gold and have a design which is simply breathtaking. You really need not to worry about the purity of the gold as the earrings have BIS hallmark on them.
The entire jhumkas have small diamond detailing on them and the upper part have these gorgeous and contrasting pink stones amongst diamonds which is a great combination. The design is perfect for parties and special occasions like Karwa Chauth. These beautiful jhumkas are available for purchase on amazon.in for Rs 63,844.

Unique Couple Themed Romantic Explosion Box

You just can’t afford to miss out on this couple themed explosion box for your wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Who said that explosion box is reserved only for birthdays and anniversaries? You can totally pick this out for Karwa Chauth too.

In order to make this appropriate for the occasion, they have kept it romantic and mushy. It is made out of cute pink and white colour combination and it is specially made for couples only. You also get a lot of spaces inside the box to personalise your pictures on them. It is entirely made out of paper and looks quite stunning with a couple cut out placed in the center of the box. You should totally buy it on flipkart.com for Rs 599.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Vase Arrangement

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The best Karwa Chauth gift wife deserves is not necessarily to be expensive but it can be something simple too. Like this Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Vase arrangement here. As we said that Karwa Chauth is all about love and romance then can definitely buy some mushy gifts for her.

Also, such kind of gifts are a big life saver when haven’t planned anything till the last moment. And this chocolate vase isn’t that simple too. It is basically a square shaped glass vase which has jute wrapping on it. It has even got a 'Wife' written on it. The chocolates are arranged like flowers on the vase and you get a total of 8 chocolates in this arrangement. This gift looks absolutely unconventional and your wife would surely like it. You can buy this one on fnp.com for Rs 1,449.

Maharani Necklace Set

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A Maharani set for the queen in your life is indeed the most suitable gift you can think of for your wife on Karwa Chauth. Blingvine offers you one of the best quality American Diamonds studded gorgeous necklace which can be a great gift to impress your wife.

They are specially designed in Vienna and looks absolutely breathtaking with all the stunning diamonds and crystal work on them. A special occasion like this definitely deserves a special gift like this. Perfect for cocktail parties and glamorous outfits, this set is going to leave your wife speechless for sure. This is simply luxury incarnated into a classic design where the use of Swarovski elements further enhances the beauty of the set. This set comes with two matching stud type earrings which are simply elegant. You can buy this necklace set on Blingvine for Rs 5,000.

Party Essential Kit

Move over those boring gifts and give your wife something interesting on this Karwa Chauth. As Karwa Chauth is about getting ready from head to toe and embracing the look of “Solah Shringar” according to the Hindu rituals, your wife would definitely need some makeup essentials for it.

So, you can simply gift her the same along with some more interesting items. For this, you have this SEPHORA COLLECTION for your wife. This combo here includes a Blush duo set called Malibu Barbie, A velvet matte crayon lipstick in a pink shade, Matte lipstick in a nude shade, an eyebrow pencil, Highlighting and illuminating duo, nail enamel in a golden shade, kajal eyeliner and a really gorgeous black sparkly clutch. This is indeed a collection for a party which your wife is going to cherish a lot. Grab this superb combo on Nykaa for Rs. 2,608.

Diamond Mangalsutra

Karwa Chauth special gift is the one which is symbolic enough and can bring you two closer to each other. You cannot find a better choice than Mangal Sutra for this special occasion which is all about a long-lasting bond of husband and wife.

This is called wedding fantasy mangal sutra and it has got this really simple yet attractive design on it. This mangal sutra got two diamonds (attached to each other), crafted in the middle of it like a pendant.
This mangal sutra is crafted in 18kt gold and they have also used traditional black beads in it too which are set very beautifully along with the gold beads. This Mangal Sutra is a really meaningful gift for such a special occasion and you should definitely consider it as a gift to your wife. Buy this gorgeous piece on Candere.com for Rs 24,676.

How to Impress Your Wife Apart from the Gifts?

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So, these were the top 10 Karwa Chauth gifts which are perfect to woo your wife on this occasion. However, there are some guys who simply forget everything or there are some who don’t believe in the idea of gifts. For all such guys, we have got perfect ideas to impress their wife without having to buy a gift for them.

Take Her Out for Candle Light Dinner

This is like must thing to do when you are not able to plan anything else for your wife on Karwa Chauth. You would not want to disappoint her by having the regular dinner at home post the Karwa Chauth Pooja.

Make sure to book a table at some nice place because it is going to be quite a rush on this day. Take her out to romantic candlelight dinner because she totally deserves it after spending the entire day fasting for your long life.

Plan a Vacation

You can jet off for a vacation right after the Karwa Chauth. This will be quite like a return gift to your wife for staying for the entire day just for your long life and good health. You can make this trip quick and for this, a nearby location or resort would be perfect to pick. Or if you want to plan a full-fledged vacation then make sure that you plan it in advance with all the bookings done already.

Relive the Best Moments

The best 'Karwa Chauth gift wife can get is to relive the best moments that you two have spent till now. It can be the time before your wedding and after it too. All you need to do is to plan a day revolving around reliving all the great memories by visiting old places and enjoying all the previous activities once again. This will be quite like a trip down memory lane and it will keep her occupied and happy for all day long.

Keep Things Romantic All Day Long

Karwa Chauth is actually quite a romantic day for all the love birds out there especially when it is the first Karwa Chauth of your wife. Make sure that you keep everything romantic for all day long. Plan little surprises like hiding chocolates in her cupboards or delivering flowers to her with romantic notes in them. The little things can surely make a lot of difference for her.

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Organize a Karwa Chauth Photo Shoot

Go all out. Surprise your lady with a professional photo shoot on Karwa Chauth. Dress up in traditional attire, get her to do the same, choose a scenic location and get the cameras rolling. Don’t forget to get one clicked with the moon. This we assure you, will win you the best spouse award for eternity.