The Most Unexpected Gifts Often Bring the Most Joy: Surprise Your Wife This Karwa Chauth with These 10 Thoughtful Gifts (2019)

The Most Unexpected Gifts Often Bring the Most Joy: Surprise Your Wife This Karwa Chauth with These 10 Thoughtful Gifts (2019)

Karwa Chauth is a special occasion for a married couple because the wife fasts for the husband's longevity. You can surprise your wife this Karwa Chauth to make her feel special. In this article we have listed down ways in which you can do exactly that and have suggested some great gift ideas for her.

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How to Make Your Wife Feel Special on Karwa Chauth?

Over the course of your marriage, you will have to send hundreds of bouquets of flowers, pay for thousands of movie tickets and similar things on numerous occasions. But when you are looking to show how much your wife truly means to you, the same old gifts just won’t cut it.

One such occasion is the ‘Karwa Chauth’ – a special occasion which celebrates the love shared between the husband and wife. Considered to be one of the most important festivals, during this occasion, the married woman fasts for the longevity and well-being of her husband. During the fast, the married woman fasts for an entire day, without having even a sip of water and the fast is only broken when the moon is seen. On such an auspicious occasion, it is only deserving that you show your wife just how special she is to you. As the ‘Karwa Chauth’ is a woman’s festival, the importance of gift matters. In fact, the husband should have their own way of expressing their love for his wife. While some may fast along with them, some even have the option of buying gifts and some may even cook for them. But perhaps the best possible way of showing his love for his wife, the best possible gift shouldn’t be any material gifts, rather what the husband should provide is ‘Unconditional Love’. The husband should be there for his wife in times thick and thin, understanding her at all times and helping her in her daily chores. Times like these – the wife is more likely to cherish more than any gift.

That being said, you can still surprise her on Karwa Chauth. After all, she fasted the whole day for you, so, why not show her just how much she means to you?

Five Tips to Woo Your Wife on Karwa Chauth

No stone is left unturned when it comes to the occasion of Karwa Chauth. On this festival, when the wife is starving for the prosperity and long life of the husband, it is the duty of the husband to do something for the wife to make her feel truly special.

Cooking Her Favorite Dish

On the occasion of Karwa Chauth, when the wife fasts for the entire day, the husband can definitely utilise that time in showing just how much of a great husband he is. He should take some time out and cook something special for his wife. It can be anything from her favorite dishes to her desserts. At the end of the day, it’s not about the cooking skills, but rather the efforts that you made for her. Take our word for it, you will truly be glad to see her smile when you serve her what you cooked for her.

Hiding Gifts in the House

How about getting a little adventurous? Playing a little game? Yes, you can do that too. So, why not make the day even more special. Instead of giving her presents the usual way, why not send her on a scavenger hunt?

You can hide the gifts for her all over the house and ask her to hunt for them. It will be like a game of hide and seek. To make it more fun, you can give hints along with every gift on a piece of paper on where to find the next one. This is one sure fire way of making the occasion special.

Reliving Old Memories

Do you remember where you first met your wife? Take her out to that place and have a romantic dinner with her at a window table. You can even have her favorite flowers waiting for her and you can also enjoy a dance together, and talk about the best memories you've had together.

Surprising Her with a Couple Spa

Wives can often be overwhelmed – managing a job, children, household and what not? How about easing her burden? Pamper her and help her relax by treating her to a couple spa. She will most likely be tired from the fasting, and hence, asking her out for a spa will brighten her up. And since, it’s a couple spa, the husband can also unwind. Ask for a romantic set up and you are good to go.

Getting Her Favorite Flowers with Hidden Love Notes

Who doesn’t love surprises? Granted, there are several occasions on when you can pamper your wife and gift her flowers, getting her flowers and that too, her favorites, will definitely sweep her off her feet. Want to be more romantic? Get small handwritten love notes and hide them among the flowers. Just wait for her to find those among the flowers and see how her face glows.

10 Gifts for Your Wife on Karwa Chauth That She Will Always Remember

Pearl Earrings


No matter what your wife's tastes are, she is sure to give you a glowing smile when you present her these pearl earrings. Available on WHP, this pair of pearl earrings is priced at Rs.11,973. What makes it even better is that you can customise this pair of pearl earrings.

An Audible Subscription

Not all of us have lots of free time. And as a wife, even less, with managing the home, chores, children. It's enough to overwhelm anyone.

Gift her the 'Audible Subscription' - it is an online service which will allow her to listen to books - without having to go through the books physically. Gifting an Audible subscription to your wife will make her life much more enriching - apart from you helping her in her chores, of course. If your wife is a bibliophile, then there's all the more reason to gift her this. An Audible subscription starts from Rs.199 per month after a 30-day trial period is over.

Personalized Passport Holder

What is the next best thing to a vacation? Vacation accessories, of course. Gift your wife this passport holder and we assure you that this passport holder will just be classic ten years later on as it is today. Sized at 0.75" x3.75" inches, this passport holder comes in a range of colours. Apart from holding the usual passport, this passport holder also comes with numerous slots for cards, cash, loose papers and boarding pass, to name a few.

What's more - this passport holder can be customised with one's name. It is priced at Rs.1,300 and can be found exclusively on Consciousco under the brand name '10 am'.

Zebra Wood Fillmores - Bluetooth Headphones By Lstn

If your wife is a music lover, how about giving her this pair of headphones? Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, this pair is the perfect blend of vintage looks and world-class functions. Priced at Rs.5,999, this pair of headphones comes with built-in microphones with the option of a cable for wired use. This pair of headphones can be found on Desired Desire under the brand name 'LSTN' and the good part is that for every unit sold under LSTN, they will help to donate hearing aids to people in need.

Camelia Floral Bag


If your wife is a fashion icon in her friend circle, how about giving her some accessories to flaunt? One of such accessories is this bag, named Camelia Floral Bag and thankfully, a floral bag will never go out of style. Made of PU leather, this bag is available in 19 x 6 x 18 cms with floral patterns all over. It is priced at Rs. 2,650 and can be found on TC5.

Rose Natalie Trench Dress

You have to think of something different when it comes to your wife. How about a dress that is completely out-of-the-world? Have a look at this Trench Dress which will be a great addition to your wife's wardrobe. Priced at Rs.1,399, this dress can be found exclusively on Stalk Buy Love. You should hurry though, as this piece tends to sell fast, within a few days.

Baking Class Subscription

Going to trips often? If you feel like that you are not able to give proper attention to your wife these few days, how about bonding with her with this baking class subscription? Plus you will be able to eat whatever you make, or better yet, share with your family and friends. You can take a baking class online by subscribing to online platforms such as Udemy. They have numerous courses available online. And who knows, you may even pick up a new skill there. The prices of the courses vary, starting from Rs.400.

Philips Hair Dryer


Consider giving your wife a blow dryer to help her maintain her beautiful hair easily. This hair dryer from Philips is the perfect one to gift your wife. We assure you that when she blow dries her hair, she will remember you every time someone compliments her about her hair. This item can be found on Amazon and is priced at Rs.648.

Brilliance Diamond Earring

If you are planning to spend the big bucks, you will never go wrong with this pair of diamond earrings. Carved out of 31 diamonds, this pair of diamond earrings are styled in hoops. Diamonds are a woman's best friend, so, it makes sense for your wife to add a pair to her collection. Priced at Rs.54,051, this pair of diamond earrings can be found exclusively on PNG Jewellers online store.

Inaya Diamond Necklace

A necklace is always a welcome addition to any wardrobe. If you are thinking of giving one to your wife, you can go for the Inaya Diamond Necklace from PNG Jewellers. Priced at Rs.1,19,141, this necklace can be found on the online store of PNG Jewellers. The best part about this necklace is that it comes with a pair of matching diamond earrings.

A Romantic Getaway (Bonus Gift Idea Suggestion)

Nothing says "I love you" than whisking away your wife on a romantic gateway. All you have to do is to bring on the wine, add some romance and you are good to go. And why go for the usual, when you can be something different? No, not Italy, this time. Book your tickets for Dubai. We assure you that your wife will remember this experience for a lifetime. The packages start from Rs.30,000 per person.

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She Always Wows You. Now, It's Time to Return the Favor.

She has always been with you – promising to spend the rest of her life with you. And on an important occasion such as ‘Karwa Chauth’ – where she fasts for your longevity and well-being, the best you can do is give her such a gift that shows her just how special she is to you. That might sound like a tall order, but it need not be. Why not incorporate an element of love and romance, simple as that may be, but it is your efforts that she will remember. After all, a heartfelt gift is something that she will always treasure close to her heart. Trust us, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.