No Other Tradition Represents the Love of a Wife More Than Karwa Chauth so in 2019 Select One of 10 Handpicked Karwa Chauth Gifts from Amazon for Your Doting Wife

No Other Tradition Represents the Love of a Wife More Than Karwa Chauth so in 2019 Select One of 10 Handpicked Karwa Chauth Gifts from Amazon for Your Doting Wife

Be it your first Karwa Chauth or 25th every woman expect some things from husband as their mark of love on this day and choosing a gift for your wife can be dramatically tough for a husband. Here are some beautiful ideas to make your wife feel special at a very minimal cost from Amazon.

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Why Karwa Chauth Is So Important in Hindu Mythology?


Karwa Chauth is celebrated four days after the Poornima (full moon night) in the month of Kartik. As for, Karw Chauth 2019, it is going to fall on 17th October. On this day, married women in Northern India fast from sunrise to moonrise for the long life and good health of their husband.

It is one of the most important fasts in Hindu Mythology, especially for married women. Women usually dress up in red attires which is considered auspicious for a married woman. Earlier, women used to keep this fast for the longevity of their soldier husbands but now it is celebrated by every married woman.

How to Buy the Perfect Karwa Chauth Gift for Wife?

Go Over the Top with Your Love

Married women would love it if their husbands went OTT in making this day it special for them as they remain to take the trouble to fast for the entire day. You can plan surprises and things that you have never done before for her. Buy such gifts which she has been wanting to experience.

Buy Something Symbolic


Buying symbolic things can be a better idea than buying something OTT. The idea is to strike the right chord and touch her heart in order to respect her feelings and emotions for you. As she is fasting for the entire day, you must do something to make an equally big gesture for her. Buy the things which remind her of the happy times that you two have lived together. A specific date or specific moment would be great to reminisce about.

Prefer Hampers Over Single Gifts


It is always good to ponder over the quantity rather than quality when it comes to buying gifts. Buying a hamper would be a far better idea than buying a single gift unless it is something extraordinary. There are many hampers available online but if you do not like any of them then you can prepare something on your own too. You just need a big basket and then start filling it with all the things she loves and ultimate pack it as a gift for her.

10 Gifts for Your Wife on Karwa Chauth

Nykaa E-Gift Card


Women love beauty and makeup products but unfortunately, men have no idea how these things work for a woman and what kind of products to buy. But do not worry, you do not have to buy them for her, simply get her a Nykaa eGift card.

Nykaa is a leading platform for skincare products and cosmetics, and you can easily find a gift card for this platform on Amazon. You can also choose from various other gift card options too such as spas, restaurants etc. All you have to do is just buy this card fill in the necessary information which also includes the name and email of the recipient (your wife). You can pick an option amongst the various price range too. The idea is simple and hassle-free and you can buy the Nykaa eGift Card from Amazon worth Rs. 100 - Rs. 10,000.

Personalised Glass Wall Clock


This Karwa Chauth gift on Amazon is an amazing idea for a husband who struggles to think of appropriate gifts. To woo your wife, pick this personalized glass wall clock for her which is undoubtedly superb for your bedroom.

The round wall clock with white background and little hearts details is all about your love for her. You can also customize it with four pictures of you two in it places on the number 12, 3, 6 and 9. Make sure to pick a solo image of your wife for the clock as you are giving it to her. Good quality images are required for the resolution purpose. You can buy this wall clock on Amazon for Rs. 899.

Karwa Chauth Gift Combo


As we have already recommended, it is good to prefer hampers over single gifts so is a nice gift combo for your wife on Karwa Chauth. It comprises cute gifts like a soft cushion with filler, greeting card and a coffee mug too.

The cushion and the mug have the same print on them. While the cushion is super soft and comes with filling, they have provided ceramic mug with it. The card is also made for the occasion as it has “Happy Karwa Chauth” along with a nice message written inside. Make sure to write something in the card from your side to keep things personalized. You can buy this super cute hamper on Amazon for Rs. 649.

24K Golden Rose


Take a look at this beautiful 24K golden rose gift pack here. If you are not looking for anything big and wants to keep things minimal yet romantic, then you can pick this gift for her. The beautiful golden rose with premium detailing comes in a nice box packaging. The 10 inch long flower is completely covered in 24K golden polish to make it look authentic enough. We would recommend to give this golden rose along with a bunch of original red roses to your wife. This makes such a lovely Karwa Chauth gift for sure. You can buy this golden rose on Amazon for Rs. 229 only.

Greeting Combo for Karwa Chauth


If you want another option for hampers then here is one more we have picked. This romantic greeting combo is definitely quite cute and comprised of items like a teddy bear, an artificial rose basket and a greeting card. Although these items are not in the theme of Karwa Chauth, it would be great to give it to her on this occasion as these things are all about love. The little modifications you can do here are to add some fresh flowers amongst those artificial ones and to add a special message from your side in that greeting card. Sometimes, little things can make a huge difference. Buy this super romantic hamper for your wife on Amazon for Rs. 899.

Crystal Jewellery Set


Amongst the top 10 Karwa Chauth gifts, here is something that your wife is going to love more than anything else. This one is a crystal jewellery set which includes a necklace/pendant set, earrings and matching ring. All these pieces are available in the same design and oval-shaped green emerald stone placed in the middle of each piece of jewellery.

They are made out of 925 pure sterling silver Rhodium plated and looks super pretty. Your wife will be more than happy to receive this gift from you. You can also prefer any other colour of the crystal from the given choices. This is a great budget gift when you do not want to spend too much on jewellery. You can buy this set on Amazon for Rs. 2,229.

Engraved Photo on Wood


A personalized gift is always far better than 10 other materialistic gifts combined. We picked a beautiful heart shaped wooden photo for your wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Here the picture and the message will be engraved on the wood and your love for her will be everlasting with it. The brown coloured wooden photo has a smooth finish and it comes with a stand to keep it in place. You can get the picture of you two along with a message engraved on this wooden photograph.

The quality Beachwood used for this gift is amazing in terms of finish and durability. In fact, the idea itself is super unique and definitely effective enough to make her smile. You can get this wooden photograph on Amazon for Rs. 999.

Women's Accessories Set


We have one more hamper type gift for your wife in this section. However, it is way different than those usual romantic and mushy hampers and this practical hamper is called the accessories combo. It comprises items like wrist watch for women, perfume and a really pretty clutch. The best part of this combo is that all these stuff are packed in a nice pink coloured gift box carefully. All the stuff and their theme are quite feminine and pretty in approach.

The watch is quite sleek while the pink clutch is perfect for a wife who loves flaunting cute accessories. The small perfume has a nice light fragrance perfect to smell nice all day long. This adorable accessory combo is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 999.

Red And Beige Designer Ethnic Dress


Not able to come up with anything? Why don’t you pick something from Amazon's Karwa Chauth dresses collection then? Amazon got the perfect collection of red ethnic attired which are great for the occasion of Karwa Chauth for your wife.

Red is seen as the colour of a married woman and this is why buying her a dress in this colour would be a great idea. You can prefer this red front slit kurta along with beige sharara for this occasion. She can even wear it to the Pooja itself. Embroidered with stunning bootis and floral designs, the full sleeve kurta looks really regal. The combination of beige dupatta and sharara with this kurta is really beautiful too. You can buy this ethnic outfit on Amazon for Rs. 8,125.

22K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet


Finally, If you are looking for a big budget Karwa Chauth gift for wife Amazon has just the right kind of gift to offer. Did you know that you can buy gold jewellery on Amazon itself from completely trustworthy jewellers? For your wife, you can buy this 22K yellow gold charm bracelet which is gorgeous beyond words. It has a ruby coloured stone on it which looks beautiful and goes well with the overall design of the bracelet.

The absolutely detailed and captivating bracelet can be a perfect gift for your wife especially on her first Karwa Chauth. This gold is verified and comes with BIS hallmark too. You can buy the bracelet on Amazon for Rs. 28,469.

Special Tips to Make It Extra Special for Wife on Karwa Chauth

So, we did our best to pick the right kind of gifts for your wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. However, all these things are materialistic and apparently it is not enough when it comes to this big occasion for you two as a married couple. Here are some of the gestures you can do for her to make things extra special for her.

Pamper Her Like the Queen She Is

Pampering on the occasion of Karwa Chauth is something every woman wants. Whether it is just taking care of her or checking on her health continuously or buying whatever she wants on online shopping portals. Just treat her like she is the queen of your life and tell her how special she is for you.

Take Her to Somewhere Fancy for Dinner

Do you really expect your wife to cook after spending the entire day empty stomach? You cannot be that harsh with her on Karwa Chauth. So, ditch the home cooked meal and head to somewhere fancy for dinner. Treat your wife with her favourite food and eventually, it will be worth for her to fast for the entire day.

Spend Some Quality Time with Her

It happens with many couples that after few years of wedding, the amount of quality time being spent together with your wife drastically decreases. But you can change things on this Karwa Chauth. Forget about all the old arguments and fights and start your life afresh on this auspicious day. Spend some quality time with your wife and think about all the amazing moments you two have spent together.

Keep on Surprising Her Every Now And Then

You have already found out about the Karwa Chauth gift for wife Amazon is offering so you do not have to worry about the gifts at all. However, it is your way of giving the gifts which matters the most. Keep on surprising your wife every now and then by picking out thoughtful gifts and surprising her. This will tell her you to think of her often and cherish her.

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Keep Gifts for Her in Corner of the House to Make Gifting More Exciting

We all know that women love surprises. But rather than going the clichéd way to surprise her, you could try something different this Karw Chauth. You could get multiple gifts for her and leave it in different parts of the house. It would be a safe bet to keep these gifts in places you know your wife would pass by, like the kitchen counter or her dressing table. Your wife will be more than happy to get a gift in such a way. It will make a memory that she will cherish her lifetime.