Karwa Chauth Is a Beautiful Festival to Shower Your Love on Your Wife: The 10 Best Gifts to Win the Heart of Your Wife on Karwa Chauth 2019

Karwa Chauth Is a Beautiful Festival to Shower Your Love on Your Wife: The 10 Best Gifts to Win the Heart of Your Wife on Karwa Chauth 2019

Karwa Chauth doesn't have to be all about tradition! Here are some fun ways on how to spice up your marriage and reconnect with your significant other on this special day.

Ways to Make Karwa Chauth Special for Your Wife

Karwa chauth is a very beautiful festival where married women fast all day for the long and prosperous life of their husbands. However, fasting is not a piece of cake, so if your lovely wife is fasting for you all day, then you should respect her for that. All husbands should try to make this day special and memorable for their wives as much as possible. Well, if you are looking for different ways in which you can make karwa chauth special for your lady, then you don’t have to do much- just do as she says and don’t bother her unnecessarily. You can even go beyond this and make your wife feel special by doing the following things for her.

Take Care of Your Wife’s Chores for the Week

Your wife does so much work daily - she cooks, cleans, looks after kids and takes care of all yours and your family’s needs. On top of this, she goes to the office and works for long hours. So, in this karwa chauth, step into your wife’s shoes for one whole week and do her all chores. Give your lovely wife a full week break to relax and pamper herself. This might double your workload, but everything is adjustable in life for your darling wife.

Order Her Favorite Food for Sargi

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Traditionally, women eat fruits, mithai, savinyan, and special karwa chauth mathis before the sunrise to start their fast which is called sargi. Now, you can make your wife’s sargi special by getting her all her favorite food items. Even if your wife loves pasta, pizza, burger and all sorts of junk food items, then get her all this. It’s your responsibility to get all her favorite food items before sunrise so that she can start her fast after feasting upon all her favorite dishes. This gesture of you will keep your wife satisfied and energized all day to fast.

Organize a Surprise Karwa Chauth Party for Her

You can add some excitement in your wife’s day by organizing a karwa chauth party for her. You can call up all her friends and can plan a typical Bollywood style karwa chauth party. Alternately, you can organize traditional karwa chauth evening pooja party with a lavish dinner for your wife’s friends. If you want to go a little extra, then organize a full day of fun events for your wife’s besties where you can keep them busy in numerous activities. You could also call your local mehendi wala, chudhi wala, and DJ to make the party more happening.

Give Her a Romantic Gift

To make your wife’s day, you should give her small gifts all day long. Buy small gifts and give them one by one to her every hour. You can hide gifts in different places like a treasure hunt so that your wife can locate them one by one If you want to keep your wife busy and keep her entertained the whole day. Or create small riddles and ask your wife to solve them to get her the next gift. By doing this you can make your wife’s day interesting and she won’t have to think about her hunger.

Fast with Her

This one might seem difficult for you to do, but if you truly want to make your wife happy, then fast with her. To sincerely appreciate your wife and to make her feel special, you should always fast with her. You can make the whole karwa chauth day special by fasting with your wife and by spending the day with her. You both can eat sargi together and then break your fast together in front of the moon. It is going to be a great way to show your wife, your support and love on this magical day.

Be Her Genie For a Day

If you want to do something dramatic and memorable for your wife on karwa chauth, then be her genie for a day. You can go into full genie mood and ask your wife to make a wish. And, like a good genie, you should try to complete all your given tasks. This is going to be a fun way to spend karwa chauth day by making your wife feel special. If you are not the conservative type, then to add a realistic touch to your genie act, you can dress up like a genie as well! Add some humor and fun to your act so that your wife is elated to be a part of it as well.

Cook for Her

If your darling wife has been fasting all day, give her a break from the kitchen. Take over all kitchen responsibilities and cook for your whole family because it would be insensitive to ask that of her as well. You should also cook something special for dinner because when your wife breaks her fast, then she would love to eat something delicious. However, if you are not a good cook, then you should try to cook by watching some easy YouTube videos on how learn to cook some dishes in a jiffy.

Romantic Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Her

A beautiful and romantic gift can make your wife feel super delighted. When you present something special to your wife on karwa chauth, then she is going to love you even more. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive, just add your love and feelings to your gift and this is going to be sufficient for your wife. To make your wife happy and content, you can consider the following karwa chauth gifts for her.

Complete Makeup Kit

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Well, if your wife loves cosmetic products, then she would love you, even more, when you present her this Trousseau Box from Nykaa. This galvanized aluminium body box can perfectly protect your wife’s cosmetic products. This trousseau box has a number lock system which helps protect your wife’s stuff. Moreover, it’s a very lightweight and easy to carry box which will help your wife when she is travelling. You can place an order for this from nykaa.com for Rs. 799.

Rose Gold + Silver Bangle

Every lady loves to have a classic collection of ornaments in her vanity box. So to impress your wife, you can present this classic Rose Gold and Silver Cuff bangle to her. This is a designer classic cuff bangle by Daniel Wellington. This bangle has pure class and elegance written all over it. Your wife can wear this charming cuff bangle with her traditional as well as western attire. Moreover, you can engrave beautiful quote or message for your wife on this bangle as well. Your wife will become a fan of your fashion sense after getting this dual pair of rose gold and silver cuff. You can order this classic gift for just Rs. 7,799.

Gift Card

Now, if you can’t make up your mind about what to get for your wife who has everything, then don’t waste your money on some useless gifts. Just give your wife a gift card of her favorite store so that she can buy whatever she wants. Well, this might seem impersonal and not at all a romantic gift, but folks, if your wife is a true Indian wife, then she is going to appreciate gift card more than any other gift. If your wife loves to shop household stuff, then you can give her one from Pepperfry or if your loves music, then you can get her one from Apple Music.

Spa Bucket

If your wife can’t spare some time to visit the spa and relax, then you should be a considerate husband and bring the spa to your wife. You can present this unique Spa Bucket to your significant other on karwa chauth so that she can enjoy a spa treatment at home. It is a very beautiful spa bucket which contains numerous stuff like Exfoliating Scrub, Foot Soak Soap, Foot Softer and Body Scrub Colors. Your wife will feel rejuvenated and fresh after using these spa products. To relax and pamper your wife on karwa chauth, you can order this complete spa bucket for her from giveter.com for Rs. 990.

Love Times

You can declare your love for your lovely wife in a unique way on karwa chauth. You can print a Newspaper Front Page complete with your own story and headlines with many quotes articles and present it your wife. When your wife wakes up on karwa chauth morning to read the daily newspaper and sees your love declaration in it, then be ready with a handkerchief as your wife is indeed going to shed some happy tears. You can get the million dollars worthy happiness of your wife from giveter.com for merely Rs. 499.

Book a Photo Shoot for Her

Your wife is going to be ready for karwa chauth pooja in her finest attire, so you should use this opportunity and book a photo shoot for her. You can book a photographer for the whole day to capture some candid shots of your wife of getting ready and performing different karwa chauth rituals. Make her feel like a supermodel for the day, give her an experience which she can’t forget all her life.

Digital Photo Frame

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To make your wife a little emotional and nostalgic on Karwa Chauth, you can gift her a Digital Photo Frame containing all her favourite pictures. You could use your wedding pictures, the pictures of your kids, or just combine pictures of all your special moments spent together and present it to her. This will definitely make your wife super emotional and happy. You can order this digital photo frame from Amazon for around Rs. 2,999.

Kenstar 3 L Oxy Air Fryer

Are you a big fan of your wife’s cooking? Does your wife make the best home cooked snacks? Then, you should give wings to your wife's talent, by gifting her an air fryer this karwa chauth. Your wife can now easily make healthy and delicious snacks for your family at home with the help of the Oxy Air Fryer. With this air fryer, your wife can try different recipes which means you can try new dishes daily. So its is going to be a perfect gift for your wife and your whole family. You can order this Kenstar Oxy Air Fryer from shoponn.in for only Rs. 4,000.

Getting a Home Makeover Done

If your wife has been complaining about the interior of your home looking boring for a long time, then you should grant your wife’s hidden wish on karwa chauth. You can send your wife out for karwa chauth celebration with her friends. Meanwhile, call your local interior designer and revamp the interior of your home. If you don’t have the budget to redesign your whole house, then you can surprise her by redesigning your master bedroom alone.

Multi Gym Fat Exerciser

If your wife is planning to lose her extra weight but her busy schedule won’t allow her to join the gym, then you could get a gym at home for your wife. You can get this Multi Gym Fat Exerciser twisting seat and machine for your wife which will help her in performing a number of gym activities at home like sit ups, push ups, rocking and twisting. Your wife can tune her abs, obliques, back, calves, thighs, and hips with this exerciser. This exerciser can be ordered from onlineskyshop.in for Rs. 7,999.

Spend Day Together

If you can’t fast with your wife or can’t organize a lavish karwa chauth party for her, then don’t feel sad. You can still make your wife feel appreciated and supported on karwa chauth. How? Just be with her. Yep, spend the karwa chauth day with your wife and tell her how much you appreciate this gesture of hers. You should take a day off from your work on karwa chauth and just be with her. It doesn’t matter whether you go out or spend a day inside your home, what matters is that you two are together on this day.

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Plan Your Day Together

Nothing could be as special and nice than spending time together on this Karwa Chauth. This year, Karwa Chauth being, try to spend your whole day with her and pamper her. You can take her out for a movie or for shopping as well. Besides, you can even spend some quality time together at home and watch your favourite movies at home and enjoy every moment of being together on this Karva Chauth festival. Do anything which will make you happy. Cuddle with her while watching the movie at home and add some romance to the day.