Be Prepared with a Special Gift for Your Wife, 10  Great Karwa Chauth Gifts to Buy for Her Online (2019)

Be Prepared with a Special Gift for Your Wife, 10 Great Karwa Chauth Gifts to Buy for Her Online (2019)

The season of love is finally here. And with it comes new responsibilities, new roles, more love and more affection. So, celebrate this Karva Chauth in style by gifting your wife some of the best traditional and modern gifts. Scroll down to know more.

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Some Facts You Should Know About Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Explained

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. Throughout the year various festivals and celebrations go on. Some of those are joyful, some colorful and many are symbolic to the love and trust between relationships. Karva Chauth is a romantic festival which symbolizes love between husband and wife. It is observed by married Hindu women. This is a one-day festival during which the married Hindu women observe a strict fast from sunrise to moon-rise for the longevity and safety of their husbands, thus showing their love and devotion towards their husbands.

Karva Chauth is observed on the ‘Chaturthi’ that is the fourth day of the Krishna Paksha i.e., the waning phase of the moon, in the month of Kartik as per the Hindu calendar. The meaning of Karva Chauth is offering Argya to the moon using an earthen pot known as Karva on the Chaturthi of the Karthika month in short called Chauth.

This year Karva Chauth is falling on 17th Oct 2019, Thursday. The Karva Chauth Pooja Muhurat will be from 5:40 PM to 6:48 PM.

Origins of Karva Chauth

Whatever be the legend and mythology behind Karva Chauth, it is a widespread and accepted fact that it is the symbol of how much a wife is in love with her husband.

In fact, Karva Chauth is the Hindu version of Valentine's Day. The Hindu calendar celebrates love referred with the name "Karva Chauth"! In the past, it was also a reason for the get-together of the women of locality at one place to express their solidarity with each other and enjoy their womanhood together.

But it is unfortunate that we have subjugated the real meaning of the festival in the influence of glamour. It is believed, during older times, when a girl got married she had to leave everything behind to live with her in-laws. And, whenever there is any difference she has to face it along with her husband and in-laws. The women of the village also used to play a supportive role for the newlywed bride.

This used to give her the courage to fight back her insecurities and become an important part of the family and, thus the village. Karva Chauth was actually the festival of all these women, who had a common goal and a unique sense of love and equality.

Another important aspect of the celebration is to make the husbands realise the importance of their wives in their life. This is a manifestation of their sacrifices of their wives who work selflessly for their husbands.

Importance of Karva Chauth in Today's World

The relationship between a husband and wife is one of the most amazing things in their life. As most of the Hindu couples remain unknown to each other before marriage, during the subsequent years, they nurture an unconditional bond between themselves. Knowingly or unknowingly somehow they fall in true love with each other.

But in their busy lives, they rarely get many opportunities to appreciate each other and express their gratitude towards the other for the love and trust they share.

While every day that couples live together becomes a celebration of their love, there are festivals that particularly celebrate this out of the world relationship and Karva Chauth is one of those festivals.

Traditional Karva Chauth Gifts


In spite of being one of the toughest fast, Karva Chauth is always welcomed by a married woman with great fervour. On the lighter note, one of the reasons behind this joy and happiness is an appreciation by their, mothers-in-law, who unlike the rest of the year, have to boost up the morale of their daughters-in-law and accept her authority in the house in the form of 'Sargi'. The mother of the bride also sends a traditional gift called 'Baya', which apart from being important for puja activity, also symbolizes the recognition of a mother that her little princess has grown into a responsible married woman, .


Sargi and Baya are the two most important gifting items, as without them the festival of Karva Chauth is incomplete. These gift items are very traditional and are supposed to bring good luck in the lives of the married couple. It is Mother-in-laws who gift 'Sargi' to their daughters-in-law.

'Sargi' is given to the married woman so that she can eat that before sunrise, as the fast starts before sunrise and ends only after worshipping the moon at night. You can order a complete Sargi Thali online from at Rs. 1,145/- only.


In the afternoon, mothers of newly wed girls gift 'Baya' to the parents of their son-in-law. This gift pack should reach the girl's house before evening. A small pooja to Gaura Ma or goddess Parvati is performed. Married women sit around Gaura ma and pray to her for the well being and long life of their husbands. A small pitcher or Karva with some water is placed in the center. While the story is being narrated, ladies circulate their Baya thalis.

Traditional Karva Chauth Gifts for Wife

Another reason behind the enthusiasm of women for this festival is that it is a golden chance of receiving expensive and beautiful gifts from their husbands.

Gifts given on the Karva Chauth day is an expression of love between man and wife. The most common gifts given on this day range from new clothes, sweets, jewelry to anything that can make a married woman feel happy and satisfied.

During this festive occasion, jewelers and apparel makers get into the act, with special collections and designs at every price point imaginable. Thus, women observing a fast for the well-being of their husbands are rewarded with these gifts by their husbands traditionally.

Traditional Gold Jewelry

If you can not select a good gift for your wife for Karva Chauth, we suggest going with the very traditional Gold Jewelry, which would certainly lighten up your romance. Now, with the convenience of shopping online, you also don't have to go to shops, just browse through a splendid range of jewelry from some renowned jewelers, such as PC Chandra and order a gold gift online that best suits the style of your wife.

We recommend you to check this 22 KT, 4.2 gm Gold, BIS Hallmarked, The Kuhlbert Gold Mangalsutra from at an affordable price of Rs. 16,309/- only.

Saree - All Time Favorite


The other go safe traditional gift for your wife on Karwa Chauth is a Saree. Saree is one of those rare gift items, which a woman can not dislike. But it's always a tricky situation for husbands to find good saree without the help of their wives and rest assured that they won't be taunted later on for the gift. So, for the husbands, the rule of the thumb says to go with the traditional.

We recommend you to buy this beautiful Kanchipuram Silk Saree from at Rs. 5,930/-.

10 Best, Modern Karva Chauth Gifts for Wife Available Online


It's not that you always have to buy expensive traditional gifts for the Karva Chauth, there are various modern and low-cost gifts also which can easily cheer your lady this Karva Chauth. We have selected 10 such gifts for you:-

A Rose Dipped in Gold

Rose is considered as the best gift for any occasion involving love and affection. But the bad thing with organic roses is that they wear off quickly and, with them go off the good memories. A good alternative is this sustainable gold rose, it is a perfect gift to express your love and gratitude towards your wife. The entire rose including stem, petals and leaves are extremely realistic because it is an actual rose that has been dipped in gold to preserve it for eternity. You can order this Homesogood Artificial Flower Gift Set from at Rs.238/- only.

Luxury Spa Set


Name a woman who doesn't like a good spa after the day-long activity. Bring the spa at your home this Karwa Chauth with Bodyherbals Luxury Bath And Body Hamper Skin Care Spa Set, which is a combo of 9 items, for cooling, soothing, and refreshing effects which clear the mind and relieve fatigue. Additionally, it provides you with an exotic Spa like ambience.

Indulge in fragrance of rose potpourri, blended with aromatic oils. The combo contains 1 Strawberry Shower gel, 1 Body Lotion, 1 Rose Geranium Body Massage Oil, 1 Aroma Oil, 1 Rose Potpourri, 1 Diffuser, 1 Bath Puff, 2 t-lights. You can order this Spa Set combo on at Rs. 761/- only.

Hair Dryer and Styling Kit


Hairstyle is something that greatly affects the overall look of a married woman. That's why lots of women nowadays love to experiment with their hairstyle. Also, the modern Indian women have a range of different type of dresses to choose from, due to this, they very much require good hair styler to change their hairstyle matching to their dress.

Vega Miss Versatile Hair Styling Set, has a hair dryer, straightener and curler. The ultra-lightweight body of dryer, straightener and curler make styling superfast and easy. This Hair styler set could be the best gift for your stylish woman this Karva Chauth, just order it on at Rs. 2,599/- only.

Kitchen Knife Set

For every Hindu woman, there are two places inside her home, she considers most sacred. One is the Puja Room and the other is her Kitchen. In fact, for a newlywed bride, her kitchen is her place of authority and she loves to upgrade her kitchen to the optimum best with the best of the utility tools.

This 15 Piece handmade Professional Knives set with the Pakkawood Knife Block is a must-have for every kitchen. It will set her apart and immediately upgrade the level of her kitchen. The set includes 8” Chef Knife, 8” Slicing Knife, 8” Santoku Knife, 8” Bread Knife, 5” Utility Knife, 3.5” Paring Knife, Kitchen Scissors, Knife Sharpener to stay sharp and 6 pieces of 4.5” Steak Knives. She will surely love it as a gift on Karva Chauth, you just have to order it on at a price of Rs. 6,487/-.

Surat Diamond Ring


On this Karwa Chauth, what else could be a better gift for the woman you love and who loves you, than a diamond ring? This ring is made from .925 sterling silver and adorned with real Surat diamond. Though no gift can compensate for the sense of love and devotion, which led your wife to observe such a strict fast on Karva Chauth, just for your well-being and prosperity.

This Diamond Ring is just another way of saying her that you care. Available on you can buy this diamond ring at a price of Rs. 5,785/-.



Kitchen work can get really tiresome sometimes which could lead to a stressed lifestyle. It's not necessary that utility gadgets only increase efficiency, but it decreases the stress also. Dishwasher machines are available in the market for quite some time, but Indian women prefer to maintain the hygiene of utensils by hand wash only.

But no more, the Siemens Dishwasher comes with brilliant technology which ensures amazing washing results at all times. If you want to gift her something special this Karva Chauth, then we recommend you to gift her this Dishwasher, which will relieve her from too much stress. You can order this dishwasher on at a price of Rs. 37,529/- only.

Electric Full Body Massager

After the day's hard work, who doesn't want a gentle massage to soothe and relax the tired muscles? Women especially have to work the whole day standing, whether its cooking or running behind your children for feeding them. It brings a lot of back stress. Therefore we recommend this Full Body Electric Massager, with interchangeable heads to create multiple massage experiences.

Handheld for treating multiple areas of the body. Actually, it's not about the gift, it's about letting her know this Karva Chauth that you know how much hard work she is doing to manage your house and run your life smoothly. You can order this Body Massager on at Rs. 1,075/- only.

Makeup Brush Set

Women love makeup, that's a universal truth, especially the married women. The only problem they face is lack of appropriate brushes to cover dark spots, to dust cheeks with blush and make their face look flawless. This 24 piece brush set will certainly be loved by your beautiful wife as a gift on this Karva Chauth.

These brushes, are made from synthetic fibres and an ideal gift for the women you adore the most and make her feel special. You can order this brush set on at Rs. 425/- only.

Rose with Chocolates


A combination of 25 pink roses and a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate is the most irresistible gift one can ever receive from her loved one. It is a perfect gift for such a romantic festival as Karva Chauth. After breaking the fast the delicious taste of Ferrero Rocher will delight your lovely wife and a bouquet of pink roses will shower happiness on her. You can order this romantic Karva Chauth gift from at Rs. 2,048/-

Personalised Chopping Board

As we have earlier said, the kitchen is a place, which a woman treats as her place of authority. Since any woman spends maximum time of her day at the kitchen, it must have certain items which should trigger her memories and bring a little smile on her face.

Designed by Chop 24x7 , this rubberwood cutting board is sure to bring a smile on her face as she chops veggies on it. Polished with castor oil, it makes for a perfect gift for her on this Karva Chauth. What's more, is that it can be personalized to say a lot more. You can order this chopping board from for Rs. 700/-

Bonus Idea: The Greatest Gift, Your Time

After being aware that a woman observes the strict fast of Karva Chauth just for the safety and prosperity of her husband and to express her love towards her husband, it’s the obligation of every husband also to do something special for their wives to make them feel the similar warmth in the relationship. Here are a few of the things that every man should try to do on Karva Chauth to make his wife feel special.

1. Accompany her to the Mehandi Wala for putting Mehandi.
2. Just sit around when she eats Sargi or if you two are living together, prepare Sargi for your wife.
3. Gift her something Special when she wakes up.
4. Apply for Leave on the Day and be with her for a full day.
5. Help her in getting ready for the day. Do whatever you can just be with her. It is these small things that matter for women.

These are some of the things that every wife expects from her husband on the day of Karva Chauth. Keep these things in mind and your lovely relationship will shine forever.

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Make this Karva Chauth Special for your Wife By Gifting These Items

The Big day is arriving and you haven't finalised a gift yet. Don't worry, we are here to help. So whether you go for traditional gifts or some modern and daily-use items, remember to gift them with love and affection. Your wife will surely remember this Karva Chauth!