Gold Jewellery is Something Every Indian Wife Craves for: Check Out These 10 Elegant Gold Gifts for Wife and Make Her Day (2019)

Gold Jewellery is Something Every Indian Wife Craves for: Check Out These 10 Elegant Gold Gifts for Wife and Make Her Day (2019)

Gold jewellery, without any doubt, is one of the best gifts you could present to your wife. Items as small as earrings are enough to bring a wide smile to your wife's face. Other than being an elegant ornament, gold can also prove to be a good investment. So what are you waiting for? Here are our best 10 gold gifts for wife which you can buy online.

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Why Gold Gifts Are By Far the Best Option for Wife?

Expensive but Great Investment

Gold is definitely one of the most expensive gift items to choose whether it is for a wife or for anyone else. But there is no doubt of the fact that when you get gold for your wife, you are opting for the best investment in the form of a precious gift.

Indians have always seen gold as a form of investment and undoubtedly, it can be used in the most difficult times of your life and you would never regret investing your hard earned money in it.

Perfect for All Sorts of Occasions

Whether it is your anniversary, a festival or your wife’s birthday, you can go for gold gifts on any of the occasions. In fact, whether it is an intimate affair or something big, gold gifts are definitely the most amazing option. There is so much choice, you can pick something suitable depending upon your budget.

Finding an appropriate gold gift for various occasions and events is not difficult at all today as gold stores have a wonderful variety in designs and caratage. Some of the most popular out of them all are a gold ring, gold chain, bracelet etc.

Best Way to Impress Wife

All the other gifts are fine but when you are giving a gold gift to your wife, she knows that she means so much to you. These gifts are surely quite expensive and apart from all, it really needs so much time and patience to select the right design too.

So, if you want to impress your wife, this is your perfect chance. Select something exquisite for her and surprise her completely.

10 Stunning Gold Gifts for Wife for Various Occasions

1. 22K Gold Hoop Earrings


One of the most popular choices in gold gifts for wife that you can make is a pair of beautiful earrings. If your wife isn’t a fan of danglers then she would totally love these hoop earrings. And interestingly, they are not just another hoop earrings.

These are 22K hoop earrings having some really intricate designing on them. However, as they are half hooped, you need to close them like dangler earrings with the help of a screw.

The design is pretty beautiful and it creates a nice combination of minimalism and uniqueness together. These types of earrings would surely turn out to be a perfect pick for your wife’s birthday or on intimate occasions like Women’s Day or on the birth of your child. You can buy these beautiful pair of earrings from for Rs. 14,465.

2. Ambuj Gold Pendant


Next, we have is another beautiful gold item which is given in the form of this Ambuj Gold Pendant. Ambuj is the synonym for Lotus flower in Hindi and the design of this pendant explains the same too.

It has this really beautiful Lotus flower design which looks quite attractive too. This pendant is crafted in 18K gold and weighs 1.9 gm. You should know that the chain is not included in the package but the pendant surely has a hoop in the backside so that chain can be inserted into it perfectly.

Such exclusive gifts are recommended for the career-wise important occasions in your wife’s life. You can definitely pick it up for her appraisal or other relevant moments in her life. You can buy this special Ambuj gold pendant on for Rs. 7,462.

3. Gold Mangalsutra


You cannot find a better gift than brand new Mangalsutra for your wife on the occasion of your anniversary. And it becomes even better when you are giving one in gold. So, we did some research on your behalf and found a really nice diamond studded mangalsutra in 18k yellow gold.

The pendant is covered and the chain is to be bought separately. What we really loved about this Mangalsutra is its symbolic design of an infinity.

So, when you are giving this mangalsutra to your wife, you are also promising to keep loving her till infinity. The design is simple yet so meaningful that your wife would surely be impressed with your choice. The diamond embellishments make the Mangalsutra look even more gorgeous here. You can buy this beautiful piece on for Rs. 13,239.

4. Gold Ring

When it comes to the joyous and romantic occasion like your anniversary, you surely have a lot of gold gift options for it. Apart from the beautiful mangalsutra mentioned above, you can also go for a gold ring for your wife. And for that, we have picked a design so unique and pretty that you will surely end up buying it.

This one is a Malabar Gold Ring crafted in 22K yellow gold and 5.44 gm in weight. You can select the ring size of your wife from a lot of options given.

The design is quite unique because of the two circles combined together where one has stunning detailing on it, another one is embellished with diamonds all over. This is quite like buying two rings into one. You can buy this beautiful gold ring for your wife on for Rs. 21,265.

5. Gold Chain


If you want to keep things simple yet significant then the gold chain would be a perfect gift to go for. This is something your wife can wear on a daily basis and the design is definitely minimal yet attractive enough.

It is called the modest cable gold chain which is available in 22k yellow gold and you have a lot of length options to choose from too. The chain comes with the closing clasp too.

The almost 2 gm of the chain is really simple and perfect for casual wear. So, if your choice is inclined towards sober gold gifts then this is the one for you. This stunning gold chain creation is available for purchase on for Rs. 8,503.

6. 22k Gold Necklace Set


We Indians really love Tanishq gift items as they have this unique range of jewellery loved by each and every one. Picking from their Divyam collection, we found a really beautiful necklace set for your wife which is gorgeous beyond words.

If your budget is high and you are not able to find appropriate gold gift according to that then you should totally take a look at this one here.

This stunning neckwear set comes with a matching pair of dangler earrings too. They all are crafted in 22K of gold and embellished with stone-work which actually improves the look of the set even more. The designing and the detailing is very appealing as well as worthy of applaud and your wife is going to love it. You can take a look at this stunning necklace set at for Rs. 2,86,035.

7. 14k Gold Oval Bangle


Simple gifts are usually cherished the most as they can be worn on daily basis. One such gift is this oval bangle with unique open work. This one is for one hand only and crafted in 14K yellow gold and weighs 7.65 gm. It is available in one size only because of its unique lock which can fit any hand.

This bangle belongs to the Mia collection of Tanishq and we really have a good impression of it. The design is definitely not traditional but has some antique vibes to it.

Use of stones for the embellishment is pretty good. The bangle is not very bling but not so dull too so a perfect one for daily wear. We would recommend this oval-shaped bangle for the birthday of your wife. You can buy it from for Rs. 21,920.

8. 24K Gold Coin with Ganesha Imprint

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Festive occasions demand festive gold gifts for wife and sometimes it becomes so difficult to choose one. But not anymore because have this simple gold coin for the recommendation here. This one here is a 24K gold coin which weighs 2 gm.

Now, this is the thing about gold coins that you can always find them in the purest form of gold which is 24K. So, they are perfect as an investment too.

This gold coin is more special because of the Lord Ganesha imprint on it. So, we would recommend this gold coin for your wife on occasions like Diwali or other festivals. Or, you can gift this for new beginnings of her life too. It comes with this authentication certification so you need not to worry about the quality either. Buy this gold coin on for Rs. 7,076.

9. Gold Nath


A gold nath is perfect for that royal look and if your wife really wants it then you should leave no stone unturned to find one for her. We have got you covered for it as we have found a really beautiful design of gold nath available in 22K which weighs 11 gm.

The stunning nath is fully embellished with various types of stones and pearl too which further increases its beauty and overall look.

This is definitely the prettiest gold gift item in this entire list and your wife would be more than happy to receive such surprises from you. You can buy this mesmerizing gold nath on for Rs. 58,495.

10. 22K Gold Bracelet


And our final recommendation as the gold jewellery to gift your wife is a very magnificent charm bracelet. Available for one hand, this one is crafted into 22K yellow gold and belongs to the Impress Collection of Joylukkas.

This is BIS hallmark certified and comes with a clasp on it which can usually fit onto any hand. The design of this bracelet is very detailed and you can also spot small diamond work on it too.

The bracelet is mainly a compilation of hearts in a row and hence it is perfect to showcase your love for your wife. Your anniversary would be the perfect occasion to give such gifts to your wife. You can buy this charm bracelet on for Rs. 39,205.

Few Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Gold Items Online

Whether you are buying the gold gifts for wife online or from a renowned seller in your locality, it is important to keep certain things in mind. You are investing thousands of Rupees into one single thing and you cannot take any type of risks for its authenticity and quality. Hence, keep these things in mind while buying gold gifts especially through online mode.

Check Authenticity of the Seller

First of all, you need to verify the authenticity of the seller you are buying the gold item from. You might find everything completely normal but it might turn out to be a case of online fraud.

Do not fall into the trap of getting a good bargain as you might spend thousands in hope of saving hundreds but lose it all. Always buy gold items online from reputed websites/sellers only, who guarantee authenticity.

Hallmark Certification

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Another important step is to check the Hallmark Certification of the gold item that you are buying. All the gold items like ornaments, gold bars, coins etc. must carry the Hallmark which represents the Bureau of Indian Standards certification.

Only a registered Hallmark Jeweller can provide this certification and hence you will easily come to know whether the gold is authentic or not. You can also check out the list of BIS Certified Jewellers on BIS Website.

Know About the Making Charges

When you are buying jewellery gift for wife, you are not only paying for the amount of gold but also the making charges too. Making charges are the fee charged by the jeweller in order to create a particular piece of jewellery out of gold or any other precious metal.

You need to do the math right and see whether the jeweller is charging too much amount as making charges. Also, the stones used for the decoration are way less expensive than gold. So, make sure that you are paying the right amount for everything and not too much.

Check for the Purity of Gold

The purity of gold is one of the biggest and definitely the most important parameter of buying gold. 24K is considered as the purest form of gold but it is also available in 22, 18 and 14 Carat too.

Gold is often mixed with other metals like silver, nickel, copper etc., in order to make jewellery. You cannot find jewellery pieces in 24K as one cannot carve these pieces out of pure gold only. However, if you want pure gold then go for gold bars as they are available in 24K.

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Buy only the best quality gold from authentic stores

Be very aware while buying gold jewellery online. Try to buy only from authentic stores as even if you get the wrong product or faulty product, they replace it without any hassle while stores which you haven't even heard about may even send you a replica of the original product which may even appear just like the original piece and you won't even have any idea about it. Hence, look for all the certifications on the product and be careful while purchasing any piece of gold.