Celebrate Onam Wearing a Gorgeous Kerala Saree! 10 Onam Special Kerala Sarees You Must Buy Online Right Now (2019)

Celebrate Onam Wearing a Gorgeous Kerala Saree! 10 Onam Special Kerala Sarees You Must Buy Online Right Now (2019)

The sea of gold against white sarees is one of the most memorable images of Onam, and why not, this traditional Kerala saree is a signature look recognized anywhere. But what if you want to look a tiny bit extra special, or add oomph to the proceedings as hostess? You can still be traditional with an extra dose of glamour with these gorgeous white and gold sarees that we have handpicked from all over the internet. Order them quick in time for the festivities!

Everything You Need to Know About Kerala Sarees

The History of the Kerala Saree

Before you start shopping for a Kerala saree for Onam, you should know about its history too. This saree resembles Set Mundu which is traditional clothing in Kerala. This finds its origin from Sattika from Jainism and Buddhism. This type of saree and clothing is as old as 11th century and this clearly shows how deep the history of this clothing is. Moreover, started from cotton, this saree materialized even more and now available in various textures, styles and prints.

Changes and Innovations Over Time

Although Onam Kerala saree is seen as a very traditional form of clothing but over the time, the styles have changed a lot. They are highly inspired by the beauty of nature and surrounding regions and in the current era, you can even find some beautiful prints on them too. Apart from the modernization of the saree, the draping style has also changed a lot and now you can see huge variations in it.

Global Influences

There was a time when this kind of saree was available only in cotton fabric as most sarees in this humid coastal state were, but now you can find Kerala Kasavu saree in tissue silk too. This makes it look even more luxurious. In fact, not only Kerala or India, you can witness the saree gaining international momentum too. The white saree with golden border and pallu became a trademark style of Kerala and hence found its place in global market too.

10 Beautiful Pieces of Kerala Sarees You Can Buy Online for Onam

Handpainted Cotton Kerala Saree

Our very first pick of Kerala cotton saree is a rather beautiful and unique choice. If you want to see the perfect combination of modernization into traditional form of clothing then this saree is a perfect example of it. This is a hand painted piece which is made of 100 per cent cotton.

The saree has standard length of 5.5 meters and also comes with an unstitched blouse piece of 0.75 meter. This saree is definitely a great representation of Indian craftsmanship in the best way possible. This saree has a traditional white look with golden zari border and pallu. But you also get beautiful hand painted patterns on it too. These are floral patterns which looks beautiful and the colorful flowers looks even more stunning on white backdrop of the saree. This saree will definitely make you look beautiful no matter where you wear it.

You can buy it on ajio.com for Rs.2,499.

Cream Embroidered Kerala Saree

You will totally love our next recommendation of saree which is not only super stunning but also quite affordable too. If you are tired of wearing the same old Kasavu saree then you would love to take a look at this embroidered piece.

This is a cotton saree in traditional cream and golden color. The saree comes with a stunning blouse of cotton fabric too. What makes it unique is the heavy border work of zari along with rich pallu approach which is often missing from the original Kasavu sarees. You can see the zari embellished pallu with colorful embroidered pattern on it. Wearing it with gorgeous jewellery will make the whole look come together beautifully. Buy this saree right away on mirraw.com for Rs.899.

Unique Kathakali Design Kerala Saree

On the occasion of Onam, most women around your neighborhood will be wearing the same Kasavu saree of white and golden combination. This is the time when you can make a difference by opting for unique looking Onam Kerala saree and we are here to help you out.

Well, you have seen hand painted floral patterned Kerala saree and it is the time to take a look at this Kerala saree with a Kathakali print on its pallu. This unique design pop of so many different colors on the saree without even ruining its traditional approach. The rest of the saree has been kept minimal and only the pallu has been made extravagant for that trendy twist. Also, the saree is a bit longer with 6.4 meters length which also includes the blouse in it. You can buy this saree on paarijaatham.com for Rs.1,400.

Kerala Kasavu Zari Work Saree

Source www.amazon.in

If you are feeling bored of wearing the same stiff cotton Kerala saree then you would surely like the rich look of this tissue silk saree here. This one looks way more richer in texture and quite regal in appearance. In fact, you can even rock it on a wedding too.

It comes in the similar off-white and golden combination throughout. What makes it different is the rich pallu look of this saree which has beautiful zari work done on it. This saree comes in a length of 6.25 meters which also includes a running blouse too. Wearing it with some beautiful temple jewellery will match the temple work on the pallu and would look spectacular. So, do not wait anymore and buy this saree right away on amazon.in for Rs.1,399.

Embroidered Kasavu Cotton Blend Saree

Moving on with the Kerala sarees collection, we found one more stunning piece to add in this list. This is an embroidered Kerala Kasavu saree which is quite different from the regular ones. Thankfully, through this list, you will be able to take a look at modern forms of the traditional Kerala saree.

This piece here also represents the same. The saree is available in cotton blend fabric unlike the other ones which are available in pure cotton fabric. And thanks to the blend, the sari has a particularly good fall which looks quite refreshing.

You can spot cut work and embroidery on the saree especially done heavily on the pallu. The rest of the saree also have such embroidered motifs on it along with keeping the zari border and white color intact. This beautiful saree is available for purchase on flipkart.com for Rs.709.

Kerala Kasuvu Pure Cotton Saree

If you will notice the recent trend then you will come to know that apparently stripes are very much in. So, why not to pick a Kerala saree which has stripes on it. But obviously, we took special care of the fact that nothing looks over the top and too absurd to wear.

So, we have this stunning pure cotton Kerala Kasavu saree for you in light beige color. The saree follows all the traditional approach of having golden zari border and off white color. But additional you also get the golden stripes all over the saree. It brings a new dimension and style into the saree and makes it look a lot trendier and stylish. This saree comes with an off white pure cotton un-stitched blouse piece too. You can buy it on utsavfashion.com for Rs.3,391.

Cotton Kerala Saree

You have seen all sorts of traditional Onam Kerala sarees mentioned in this list. The factor which is common amongst them all is the off-white color of the saree with golden zari border. However, this time we are picking something completely different here.

We picked a saree which follows the same rule but in different color. This one is a completely white saree with silver zari border. Of course, it looks quite unique and even more different when worn. But this cotton Kasavu saree is definitely a winner when it comes to experimenting with the original style. This saree comes with an unstitched blouse piece of the same color and border. Also, the pallu doesn’t have any special designs on it and has running style. You can buy this saree on jayalakshmisilks.com for Rs.2,230.

Kerala Kasavu Saree with Brocade Pallu

We got one more Onam Kerala saree but this time no big modernization has been done on it. If you are someone who believes in a more traditional approach then this piece is for you. The stunning Kerala saree is available in pure cotton fabric but with a few altercations made as compared to the regular sarees.

Brocade lace has been introduced in the saree to make it look fancier and richer in approach and it sure works well. This saree comes with the golden unstitched blouse piece attached to it. Apart from the border, the pallu is also made a lot more heavier than in regular sarees. You can definitely wear this saree not only on Onam but on traditional Kerala weddings too. Don’t forget to team it up with right kind of jewellery to bring out its best essence. You can buy it on voonik.com for Rs.1,899.

Cream Embroidered Cotton Saree

We thought of picking such pieces of Kerala sarees which are different from the original form and have something unique in them. This led us to find this embroidered saree which looks traditional with some modern approach.

This saree is made of pure cotton fabric and comes with a running blouse of same fabric and in running pattern. This one is a cream colored saree with golden zari border but also has embroidered motifs on it.

The peacock motifs are provided on the complete length of the saree and the pallu has been made even heavier. This saree looks every bit perfect to be worn on the occasion of Onam or some other traditional get together too. Peacock pattern embroidery on the saree truly includes the essence of nature in it which looks beautiful and also adds some colors to the saree. This stunning piece is available for purchase on mirraw.com for Rs.798.

Buddha Printed Kerala Saree

You have already seen the various modernized forms of Kerala sarees and we are here to bring one more of it. We came across various Onam sarees online but this Buddha print saree took our breath away as it looks so surreal. The blend of two cultures and traditions coming together looks extremely enchanting and this has been done beautifully through this saree.

So, if you have some offbeat choices in clothing then this saree is definitely for you. The saree comes with a running blouse and it is made of pure cotton fabric. The rest of the saree remains the same with golden zari border while only the pallu has the print. You can also find velvet material patch work done on the print to make it look even more stunning. This saree can be bought on malabarshopping.com for Rs.1,800.

Style Your Kerala Saree in the Best Way Possible on Onam

As Onam is approaching right across the corner, you should know that Onam Kerala saree can be worn in many styles. You just need to know about the right tips and tricks to modernize this saree and add some oomph to it. We are here to help you out for the same through these styling hacks mentioned below.

Accessorize it well
Adding right kind of accessories to the saree can completely change the way it looks. For example, you can follow the recent trend and add a belt on the saree around your waist. It looks quite glamorous and you will create the illusion of being slimmer too. In fact, the blouse designs can also create amazing look for the saree so do not forget to add some style to your blouse as well.

A little bit of modernization doesn't hurt
Generally, you will find this Kerala saree in white color with golden border and pallu. But thanks to a lot of experiments done on this saree, now you can find great colors in it as well. Of course, the white color remains intact but introduction of beautiful prints and zari work has definitely made the saree look way gorgeous than before.

Right kind of Jewellery
Wearing the right kind of jewellery is really important with such type of sarees as it can make or break your look instantly. If you want to create a more traditional look then you should go for temple jewellery from head to toe. Although, if you want to experiment then you can go for some heavy choker look or try out kundan jewellery too. And do not forget to add that fragrant gajra in your hair as well!

You can choose lehengas too

If you think that the Kerala saree is the only option you have to wear on Onam then you are totally wrong. There is a lot more to explore in Kerala’s regional clothing and thanks to the designer approach, now you can find Kerala Kasavu lehengas too which also follow the theme of white and golden and look even more stunning. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then these lehengas are definitely the way to go.

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