Gift Roses Because They are Perfect for Any Occasion and 10 Types of Rose Gifts You Can Order Online (2018)

Gift Roses Because They are Perfect for Any Occasion and 10 Types of Rose Gifts You Can Order Online (2018)

Roses are something which will never get old when It comes to gifting. Red roses signify love but there are also all the other myriad hues for every relation in your life, from pink to yellow and white. Each colour of roses has a different significance and you should know their meaning before gifting them to someone. Learn all about gifting roses and where to find trendy floral arrangements that will awe your loved ones.

Roses are Perfect for Any Occasion

Roses are a symbol of love and beauty. They come in different colours. Every colour symbolises an occasion. So roses are perfect to be gifted for any occasion. Roses can be given for birthdays, anniversaries, marriage or any occasion. Every different colour rose represents a message. For Example a red colour rose symbolises love and a yellow colour rose represents friendship and so on.

What Makes the Rose a Perfect Flower for Bouquets

A bouquet is not complete without Roses. Roses are beautiful, and they stand out among other flowers. They have an aromatic fragrance which is very pleasant and can change the mood of a person. Roses can be combined with ferns and different other leaves and flowers to be made into a bouquet. A combination of different coloured Roses in a bouquet is a beautiful sight to behold.

Different Kinds of Roses

There are more than 100 types of roses which can be found in every colour and shape. Also different kinds of roses can be found in different countries. They also come in varied names. For example Damask rose, Eden Rose, Dog-rose, Cabbage Rose , Beach Rose, French Rose, China rose, Alpine rose,, etc. There are wild roses, Hybrid roses, Shrub roses and climber rose,s, etc.

What Does a Rose Represent?

Did you know roses are England’s national flower? In Greek mythology, roses originated from Adonis, deity of plants and rebirth. It is believed that red roses originated when Aphrodite was running to Adonis’ side, cut her feet on the thorns of the flowers and stained them red. Each colour of rose represents a distinct meaning. Red rose represents love and passion, and pink roses are a symbol of grace, yellow rose represents friendship, white roses represent purity and innocence, orange roses represent desire and purple roses represent love at first sight and burgundy roses represent unconscious beauty.

The number of roses you send also conveys a specific message. For example, three roses say 'I love you.' Because of its sweet fragrance, roses are commonly used in perfume and beauty products, and rosewater has many medicinal properties and soothes the eyes and skin.


Romance is a deep feeling between two people who love each other. It is a feeling that makes two people connected to each other very deeply. It is a feeling which cannot be described in words. It takes a relationship beyond friendship. Romance is a feeling that makes you feel very much loved and cherished by your partner. Romance is unconditional love between two people.


Gratitude is to be thankful for everything we have. Being grateful is to have positive thoughts which can increase our happiness and well being and improve our health. Gratitude has to come from within us in a meaningful way. It is an emotion which expresses appreciation for what life has given us.


Passion is to have intense desire or enthusiasm for someone or something. Having strong interest or excitement in any activity is also passion. It is also used in the context of romance or sexual desire or for having a strong attraction towards a person. Passion is when a person forgets about everything else and fully goes after a particular interest which he desires.

Purity And Innocence

The colour white is a symbol of purity. When a baby is born into the world it is considered a pure gift from heaven. White roses are often gifted or used as form of purity and used in bridal bouquets. Innocence is when a person lacks the mental capacity to understand the nature of their acts. An innocent person is not aware of any kind of evil, pain or suffering which goes around them.


Admiration is a feeling of respect and approval which is felt towards a person we like or admire. It is an emotion that facilitates learning in social groups and gives inspiration. Admiration is a feeling of elevation and gratitude towards someone or something.

Eternal Love

Eternal love means love which is everlasting. It is to love someone in spite of their faults. Eternal love is a feeling that is too difficult to define. It is a love that is true and powerful. Eternity is time without end or infinity, like people who promise to love each other forever.


Infatuation is to be attracted to someone but it is temporary. When you are infatuated with someone, it may not be true love. In teenage years it is very common to be infatuated with the opposite sex. Infatuation is a temporary feeling which can be intense but short lived.

Rose Gifting Options

Buying flowers for the special person in your life is a great thing but it is not easy to choose from the variety of colours and arrangements to choose from. If you are in in love with someone then red roses is the perfect choice as it means romance. They are sexy and alluring, yet classy and elegant. But for a female friend or colleague, yellow roses are appropriate as it sends a message of joy and cheerfulness. If you want to gift your Mom some flowers on Valentine’s Day, the perfect choice would be pink roses as they are a symbol of maternal love. They also express gratitude and appreciation

Bunch of 75 Red Roses


A bunch of red roses symbolizes love and is a perfect gift to touch the heart of your loved ones. It can vary in shape and design. They can be delivered in fully bloomed, semi-bloomed or bud stage. Since flowers are perishable in nature it will be attempted to be delivered only once. Occasionally substitution of flowers may be necessary due to unavailability issues. This product is hand delivered and will not be couriered. When you receive them, trim the stems put them in a clean vase and add water. Check the water level daily and replenish as needed and keep them away from direct sunlight. You can get a Bunch of 75 Red Roses online for Rs. 2849/-

Suprise Rose Arrangement


You can surprise your loved one with this Special Gift Hamper for a Birthday or any other special occasion. It contains a cute 6 inches teddy bear, a combination of 10 white and red roses and 10 Cadbury milk chocolates in a cane basket. The actual product may vary in shape or design. The roses can be put in a clean vase filled with water and the chocolates can be refrigerated as they may begin to soften. This product is hand delivered and you can purchase it for Rs. 999/-

Chocolate and Rose Bouquet


This Chocolate and Rose Bouquet contains 6 Red roses, 6 Cadbury Dairy milk chocolates (12.5 gm), and comes with a red wrapping and a red ribbon and seasonal leaves and is a perfect gift for your loved one. Red is the colour of love and the roses and chocolates are wrapped in red paper which is very attractive. The flowers may be bloomed or semi-bloomed or bud stage as per availability. This product is hand delivered. The flowers can be neatly trimmed and put in a vase with clean water. The chocolates should be refrigerated as they can soften. You can buy this bouquet for Rs. 549/-

Desirable Rose Cake


The Desirable Rose Cake is an ideal gift for a loved one ,family member or friend for a birthday or any other occasion. It contains a round 1 kg vanilla fondant cake including candles and knife. The cake is handcrafted. As this product is perishable in nature it will be hand delivered. Fondant cake should be stored in a refrigerator or air conditioned environment. The cake can be sliced and served. Please remove any wire support or toothpicks which are used in the cake before serving. This cake should be consumed within 24 hours. You can buy this product for Rs. 2049/- for a Kg.

Tall Rose Arrangement


This gift is perfect for your sweetheart on her birthday or Valentines day. It contains a combination of 100 red and yellow roses and lots of fillers and is of a height of 3-4 ft. This gift is hand delivered. Take care to trim the stems and out the flowers in a vase of clean water. Keep away from direct sunlight. You can purchase this Endless Love bouquet for Rs. 3799/-

Gold Rose in a Gift Box


This Webelkart Jaipurcrafts 24K Gold Rose With Gift Box And Carry Bag gift is perfect to be gifted for Mothers’ Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other occasion. It is made of Plastic Gold colour material and made by highly purified 24k Gold leaf. Each golden rose is delicately packed in a presentable lovely gift box and comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can buy this product for Rs. 1499/-

Rose Cushion


This gift is beautifully made in a Heart Shaped Cushion of Pink Roses with love sound inside along with red rose and is a great gift for your loved ones. It is delicately packed in a presentable gift box of good quality. This gift can be purchased for Rs. 500/-

Artificial Roses With A Photo Frame


This gift is made up of a Personalised Frame of a Classic Design with a sweet illustration for a loved one and comes with a replaceable picture wrapped in a classic box. The package contains one wooden frame paired with roses in a vase and is a perfect valentines’ day gift. This product is delicately packed to ensure that it is unharmed and is easy to clean. You can purchase this gift for Rs. 2699/-

Gold Roses and a Teddy


This Jewel Fuel 24K Gold 10 Roses And A Teddy Bouquet With Velvet Gift Box For Unisex consists of 10 Gold roses Bouquet with a teddy and made of 24 k Gold foil. The length of the bouquet is 21 inches approximately. The gift is delicately packed in a beautiful velvet box to ensure that it is not harmed. It is a perfect gift for a loved one for a birthday, valentines’ day or any other occasion. You can buy this product for Rs. 9,999/-

Bonus Idea: Get Creative with Your Roses

There is nothing more romantic than a gorgeous bouquet of roses. Everyone knows that roses are a symbol of love and beauty all over the world. But instead of just gifting a bouquet in a vase here are some really romantic ways to use roses and show that special someone that you love them.

  • Handmade rose oil: Roses are not only beautiful but also contain many therapeutic properties and can be used in beauty products. They also small and wonderful. Make a Rose oil and gift it in a cute little bottle to that special someone.

  • Potpourri: Since roses smell wonderful, a potpourri with left over petals from your wilting bouquet can be the perfect gift. It also means recycling those beautiful petals.

  • Rose water (handmade): Rose water can be added to linens to make them smell fresh and also add a romantic sense to your evening. Rose water can also be used as a face toner and brings relief to the skin. Be sure to note that homemade rose water only lasts a few days and should be used quickly.

  • Petals in Dinner: Use rose petals to make your romantic dinner look even more romantic and fill it with colour.

  • Romantic Bath: use the petals to float in a bath. Add some of the rose scented oil to the water to take it to another level. Rose petals will make the bath feel relaxing and fresh.
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Make it with your hands!

Your love is special so your gift to your loved ones should also be special. Make a bunch of roses with your own hands, your partner will sure recognize that you made it with your own hands and fall in love with you again. You can take ideas online but show your love to her.