What to Buy on Dhanteras, Apart from Gold: 14 Recommendations as Well as Guidelines for Buying Gold on Dhanteras (2019)

What to Buy on Dhanteras, Apart from Gold: 14 Recommendations as Well as Guidelines for Buying Gold on Dhanteras (2019)

This article has a list of recommendations of things you can buy this Dhanteras. It has precious metal items like gold coins, silverware, silver coins, and other such items, ranging over all kinds of budgets. Read on to find something that fits your budget for this Diwali season!

Why Do People Shop for Dhanteras?

Have you started wondering what to buy on Dhanteras? It is also good to know about its history and significance too. This is the first day to mark the celebrations of Diwali. Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped on this occasion who is considered to be the god of Ayurveda in India.

As this day is seen as the occasion of good health and prosperity, people tend to buy gold, silver or other metal items on this day. You can even spot huge crowds in the market as buying the precious metal on this day is seen as the good luck. So, make sure that you buy at least a small utensil or other such items on Dhanteras.

What to Know If You Want to Buy Gold on Dhanteras

The Purity of Gold

Gold is the most precious of all metals and signifies prosperity. This is why many people buy gold items for Dhanteras. However, before you decide to buy it, you should know about the purity of the gold. While 24k is used in coins and gold articles, 22k is used in making of jewellery. If you are buying gold for investment then we would recommend you to buy gold coin instead of some jewellery. This will ensure that you are buying the purest form of gold.

Buy Hallmarked Jewellery Only

In case you are planning on buying gold jewellery on Dhanteras, then make sure to buy only hallmarked jewellery. It guarantees the purity and authenticity of the gold and the BIS Hallmarking system works for both gold as well as silver jewellery. This is quite like getting an assurance that whatever type of gold you are buying is completely authentic and it will help you in reselling the items too.

Choose Investment Over Fashion

If you are wondering what to buy on Dhanteras then we will strongly recommend you buy gold coin or silver coin instead of precious jewellery. The fact is that jewellery involves costs of precious stones, making charges, labor cost and much more. This definitely increases the price to some extent and not to be forgotten that you get 22k gold and not 24k. As the gold prices fluctuates every single day, it would be a wiser choice to go for gold coin instead of gold jewellery.

Making Charges

And finally, if you are buying precious jewellery or gold or silver for a special reason on Dhanteras then do not forget to inquire about the making charges from the jeweller. Making charges is basically the cost of labor used for making the jewellery piece. It is usually estimated between 10 to 22% of actual price of gold piece.

Things You Can Buy on Dhanteras

Copper Meru Shree Yantra

If you are not aware about the significance of Shree Yantra then you should know that it is considered as the symbol of prosperity and happiness. People closely relate it with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and as we worship her on Diwali, it would be quite appropriate to buy this Yantra on Dhanteras.

This one here is a Meru Shree Yantra made out of copper and it is 3 inch in size. Made up of solid metal, this Yantra should be kept in your worship room.The yantra's width and height is 3 inch which is considered ideal for this yantra and it is considered to be quite powerful too. It would be a perfect purchase for Dhanteras and you can buy it now on amazon.in for Rs.1,599.

Pure Silver Coin

As we talked about it earlier that you get the purest form of gold and silver when you buy coins instead of jewellery, so if you have a smaller budget, then consider buying a silver coin for this Dhanteras. This 50 gm silver coin here is perfect for the purpose which is made out of 99.9% pure silver. The coin is decked up every bit in festive spirit as you can spot goddess Lakshmi’s picture engraved on the coin which is wonderful for the good luck.

On the other side you can spot “Shree” which is considered to be quite auspicious as per Hindu Mythology. The perfect polished finish and shine on the surface of the coin will make you realize that it is a perfect investment. So, buy it now on tatacliq.com for Rs.3,502.

Brass Items

If you are not looking for gold and silver items and still wondering what to buy on Dhanteras then you can consider this Brass Kadhai instead. This one is also a great investment and definitely a great pick for your kitchen too.

This Kadhai is 1kg in weight and has a diameter of 10cm. It is said that frying vegetables in brass kadhai turns out to be quite good for health and hence you should totally go for it. The kadhai has two handles to conveniently lift it up and has a capacity of 2.5 liter. Unfortunately, it does not have an induction safe bottom but this kadhai is perfectly dishwasher safe. You can buy this pure brass kadhai on Flipkart for Rs.1,111.

11 Gomti Chakra

Just like Shree Yantra, Gomti Chakra is also considered quite auspicious in Hindu Mythology. It is also known as Sudarshan Chakra which is the divine weapon of Lord Krishna. Sudarshan Chakra is seen as a weapon to ward off evil and negativity and this is why buying Gomti Chakra on Dhanteras would be a perfect option rather than gold or silver items. Gomti Chakra is also beneficial for people who have “Naga Dosha” and “Sarpa Dosha” according to their horoscope.

Moreover buying 11 Gomti Chakra will result in prosperity, good health, happiness, spirituality, etc. You can further consult an astrologer as how to use these Chakras. You can buy 11 Gomti Chakras on kalyanpuja.com for Rs.190.

Pure Silver Laxmi and Ganesha Idol

We got one more option for you people who are looking for silver items to buy on Dhanteras. As Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on Diwali for wealth and prosperity, it would be quite appropriate if you buy their idols on Dhanteras. And we found these perfectly suitable silver idols for you of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. These idol combos are hallmark certified and made out of 99% pure silver.

Each idol weighs 25 grams which is quite lightweight and also perfect to be kept in your worship room. Both the idols have excellent finish and shine and this is why you can even gift these idols to your loved ones. You can buy them now on Amazon for Rs.3,090.

Gold Coin or Other Gold Item

Thinking of what to buy on Dhanteras 2019? We have one of the best options for you in form of this gold coin. If your budget is high and you want to buy gold only then this gold coin would be the best choice to make. This 5 gram of gold coin is made out of 24kt gold and has no added coloured stones or any other sort of embellishment on it.

This gold coin has an engraving of Goddess Lakshmi on it on one side and Swastika on the other side and both of them are considered the symbol of prosperity and good luck. You cannot find a better item to buy than this gold coin on Dhanteras. Also, this is a hallmarked item too. Buy this gold coin on orra.co.in for Rs.21,403.

Electronics Items

If you are a practical person then electronics are always a great option for your Dhanteras purchase. Not only are you working towards the betterment of your home but you are also fulfilling the mandatory ritual of Dhanteras as well.

There are a lot of items you can buy depending upon your budget and for this recommendation, we picked this Samsung Solo Microwave Oven for you. This is a 23L microwave which comes with durable ceramic inside. It comes with several accessories too so that you can cook delicious food inside. You can buy this microwave on tatacliq.com for Rs.6,099.


If you are looking for a basic item then our recommendation on what to buy on Dhanteras is something symbolic like a broom. It is believed that you should keep your house neat and clean for the celebrations of Diwali as it brings you blessings from Goddess Lakshmi which means prosperity. Broom is also considered a symbol of peace and positivity in Indian households and one can totally pick it when shopping for Dhanteras.

This broom made out of polypropylene is a perfect option for you as it is a no dust broom. The long handle allows you to reach higher corner and hence your house will be cleaner than ever. This is a perfect pick for Dhanteras and you can buy it on homecentre.in for Rs.349.

Pure Silver Bowl and Spoon Set

For someone who wants to keep it understated but significant for Dhanteras, they can buy this silver bowl and spoon set. These ones here silver plated items which you can definitely use in your Diwali puja to keep Prasad in it. This is also a great Dhanteras gift. While the bowl is absolutely simple, the spoon has a bit of engraving on it which is quite minimal and suits well with the bowl. You can also choose from a variety of other options too available on the shopping platform. Such kind of bowl and spoon set are quite traditional and useful too. Grab this set now on igp.com for Rs.2,500.

Buy Something Related to Your Business

After all these options if you are still looking for suggestions on what to buy on Dhanteras then we would highly recommend you to buy something which is related to your business. Now, you should know that this option here is just for people who own a shop or some sort of business as the ones having a job won't be using these items. For example, if you have a textile business then you can buy new clothes, for someone having a marble business they can buy goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha idols made out of marble. Moreover, you can always buy an accounts notebook and pen to keep all the records in it. This is something most people do in India on this joyous occasion. So don't wait anymore and buy them now.

Check Out These Affordable and Unique Items to Buy for Dhanteras

If you are looking for more sensible and affordable items for Dhanteras shopping then we have some better recommendations for you. These items not only fit well to the purpose of the occasion but also serve well when it comes to usefulness. We are quite sure that you are going to like each one of them.

Pure Brass Puja Thali Set

One of the most useful thing for Diwali celebration is the Puja Thali. So, if you are planning to buy one then buy this brass Puja thali on Dhanteras. This way you can buy something in metal and useful at the same time. The beautiful Puja thali comes with kalash, spoon, kumkum holder, puja bell, diya and agardaan. This wholesome set is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs.949.

Silver Ballpoint Pen

Another interesting and multipurpose item to buy on Dhanteras in a budget is a pure silver pen. This silver ballpoint pen is perfect as it is made out of a precious metal and you can use it in your shop or for your work too. The pen can be personalised too and comes with Sheaffers blue medium tip refill too. This super fine pen can be bought on williampenn.net for Rs.1,600.


Wondering what to buy on Dhanteras which can fit into your budget? Take a look at these multi coloured tea lights and you have the perfect option to go for. Not only can you use them on Diwali, but they will also make your home look extremely beautiful. You get a pack of 10 such tealights in this pack which is available on Amazon. for Rs.199 only.

Hand Tool Kit

Metal items are preferred the most for Dhanteras and many people also believe in purchasing a hardware kit instead of precious metals. You can also consider the same and this hand tool kit comprised of 37 items can be the suitable choice for you. It comes with plier, screwdriver, socket and various other types of tools in it which are perfectly organised inside. You can buy it on Flipkart for Rs.700.

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