Planning to Gift Gold Coins to Your Loved Ones in 2019? Do Not Forget to Pack Them in the Best Gold Coin Gift Boxes Mentioned Here

Planning to Gift Gold Coins to Your Loved Ones in 2019? Do Not Forget to Pack Them in the Best Gold Coin Gift Boxes Mentioned Here


Gold is one of the go to metals when it comes to gifting. However, people get confused on how to present them. Worry no more! We are here to help you with the Best Gold Coin Gift Boxes. After all, packaging is the key!

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Gold Coins - A Timeless Gift for All Occasions

India celebrates its numerous festivals with much pomp and fanfare. We believe in expressing our care by exchanging gifts with our near and dear ones on all these occasions. Among the many traditional gifts, gold coins have a special place. Indeed, Gold is considered to be an auspicious gift as it signifies wealth and prosperity. They communicate your best wishes in the best way possible. Finding a good and attractive gift box enhances the beauty of any gift and imparts a sense of elegance to it. This holds good for gold coins too.

The market is flooded with varied choices when it comes to selecting gift boxes. If you are gifting a gold coin then an elegant gift box that protects them and also adds grandeur to the gift is ideal. You can also choose custom gift boxes to add a personal touch to your gift. We have gathered some awesome gift box ideas that will fit your every need.

Top 10 Options for Gold Coin Gift Box

RBSL Gold Coin with Box

You can buy gold coins that are encased in a shining gold gift box lined with velvet. The gold coin weighs 1 gram and is made from 24K gold with 995 fine purity. The gold coin along with its gift box is ideal for gifting for festive occasions. The gold coin comes encased in a laminated cover along with its purity mark. The outer layer of the gift box is made of shining gold material and possesses a flip-open top that is secured by a magnet.

This magnetic lock enabled gift box is ideal for storing the coin safely and protects it from damage. The inner lining of the box is made of velvet that is smooth and ideal for storing the gold coin. This velvet encasing protects the gold coin from scratches and dents. The RSBL gold coin can be purchased for Rs.3,900.49 and can be availed with a gold or silver shining box for an additional cost of Rs.45 only from Coin Bazaar.

Laxmi Impression Precious Coin with Box

The gold coin from Malabar gold and diamond is hallmarked by BIS. The coin weighs 0.27 grams and is made of 24K yellow gold. The gold coin is imprinted with the impression of Lord Ganesh. The BIS hallmark is inscribed on the coin to verify its authenticity. The gold coin is packed in a tamper-proof packaging that is sealed and safe from external damage.

The coin is then encased inside a cardboard box with shrink lamination and finally sealed in a tamper-proof security envelope. The gold coins are inserted into category boxes that are secured inside an outer box and sealed with shrinking packaging before it is finally delivered. The beautiful 24 karat gold coin along with its box can be purchased for Rs.1,599 from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

NIBR Gold Coin with Box

Gold coins are a symbol of prosperity and occupy a place of pride in every household. The gold coin from National India Bullion Refinery weighs 4 grams and has a purity of 995. The gold coin from NIBR comes sealed in a laminated cover that protects the coin from scratches. The gold coin comes with a certificate of authenticity along with a purity mark.

Buyers also have the option of buying the gold coin with a golden or a silver shining box that is lined with a soft velvet material. The velvet lining inside the box protects the coin from heat and scratches. The 24 karat gold coin from NIBR can be availed for Rs.14,834.28 from Coin Bazaar.

Elegant Gold Coin Box

The gold coin box from J Tushar’s is an elegant box that is apt for packing gold coins. The exclusive and elegant gold coin box is made of wood and comprises of golden work on top of the box. The elegant box is like a flip open type and comprises of a gold-coated latch for encasing the precious gold coin.

The Ginni box is one of a kind design for storing your gold coins safely. The wooden box is lined with soft red velvet material with a coin-shaped depression where the gold coin can be fitted snugly. The attractive box can be purchased for an attractive price of Rs.371 from Amazon.

3D Floating Coin Box

The 3D floating box can be used or storing your precious gold coins as well as silver coins. The box comprises of a transparent façade that makes the coin visible. The floating box is made of a diamond-shaped frame that is held by a sturdy circular base. The box is made of acrylic plastic that makes it sturdy and prevents it from breaking. The gold coin is placed inside the thin sheet transparent membrane that protects it from scratches and dents.

The elegant 3D floating coin box is available in two size variations – small and large. The small coin box is used for storing coin with diameters ranging from 25 to 28 mm and the large variation is used for storing coins of 60 mm. Furthermore, the box can be customized in white gold and the size of the box can be modified based on the size of the gold coin. The box can be purchased for Rs.599 onwards from AuGrav Jewelry.

Velvet Coin Box

The elegant and attractive coin box is made with soft red velvet on the inside. The soft velvet is the perfect cushion for storing your precious gold coins. The box consists of coin-sized depression that stores the coin snugly and prevents it from moving. The outside of the box is made of golden rexine fabric that gives a glittery and shiny finish to your elegant coin box.

The coin box can be used for storing gold coins of up to 10 grams. The elegant box is also perfect for gifting during special occasions such as birthday parties, wedding occasions, and anniversaries and for other festive occasions as well. The beautiful golden colour coin box from Bold n Elegant can be purchased for Rs.180 from Amazon.

Handmade Paper Box

Coin boxes come in many shapes, sizes and a variety of different materials. This coin box is made from satin paper and is perfect for storing your gold coins. The maroon coloured satin paper box is a flip-type box that has Lord Ganesha imprinted on the top. The inside of the paper box is made of rexine that is apt for storing your gold coins safely.

The box consists of four-coin holders and is capable of storing four 1.8 grams gold coins. The satin box is delicate and caution has to be taken to store it away from corrosive agents and water. This elegant and beautiful Lord Ganesha imprinted gold coin box can be purchased for Rs.160 from Amazon.

Fancy Folder Box

Fancy folder boxes can be used for storing multiple coins safely at a single place. The fancy folder box comprises of an elegant hand-embroidered design that is embellished with flowers. The flower on the surface of the folder is embellished with golden beads, white stones and a large red stone at the center. On either side of the hand-embroidered flower, there exists a strap of small embroidered flowers adorned with white teardrop pearls and glittering white stones.

The surface of the elegant folder is made of shining gold material making it perfect for gifting purposes. The inside of the box is made from maroon cotton silk and consists of 11 coin-shaped depressions for storing your coins safely. The elegant golden colour flower embroidered folder can be purchased for Rs.700 from Amazon.

Dark Blue Velvet Shell

The dark blue jewelry box can be used for storing your precious items such as gold coins. The box is sturdy and constructed from metal and is covered on all sides by dark blue velvet. The inside of the box is made from off-white nylon fabric lining on the lid.

The sturdy box comprises of a white paper lining at the bottom where it can be used to insert the gold coins and other display objects. The box is sturdy with a flip open design making it ideal for storing and displaying your gold coins. The dark blue velvet shell box can be purchased for Rs.2,610 from Kiron.

Rexin Gift Box

A rexine box is sturdy and perfect for storing your gold coins safely. The box is available in a combination of two colours – blue and grey. The top of the box consists of blue while the sides of the box are made from grey colour. The inside of the box is made of royal blue cotton silk with a single placeholder for storing your gold coin.

The sturdy rexine box has a dimension of 3.5 X 3.5 inches and comes with a flip-open design. The box is exclusively designed by Abdul Malik jewel packing and can be purchased in bulk with each piece costing Rs.92 only from Indiamart.

Taking Care of Gold Coins

Gold is a highly valued material and has to be stored with extra care and attention. Here are a few steps to keep your gold coins safe from theft and damage.

  • Keep gold coins in their original containers as much as possible. Many of the gold coins come in attractive gift boxes encased with a velvet or satin lining. This ensures that the coins are safe against scratches. Moreover, these sealed gift boxes ensure the authenticity of the gold coins.
  • Store the coins individually - gold coins are usually thin and small, it is highly possible that they might slip without your notice. Store them in gift boxes to protect them against this possibility.
  • If multiples coins are stored together, there is a possibility of them rubbing together and damaging their surface. Choose gift boxes that comprise of a number of dedicated holders for storing your coins.

Besides these, follow these steps:

Prevent Damage with Careful Handling

Careful handling goes a long way in maintaining the quality of the Gold Coin.

  • When gold coins are stored in dedicated containers lined with soft materials such as velvet or satin encased boxes, they prevent scratches
  • Before removing the coins from their container, lay out a towel and place them on it to avoid scratches due to friction.
  • Always clean and dry your hands before touching the gold coins, this ensures that your gold coins are safe from unnecessary dirt.
  • Always remember to pick up the coins by their edges rather than touching the surface of the coins.

Protect Against Heat and Chemicals

Though gold coins are stored in protective containers, there are few measures you have to take to ensure that they are stored safely.

  • Keep your gold coins away from direct sunlight, extreme humidity, and temperatures to prevent damage.
  • Avoid cleaning your gold coins at home, cleaning them with abrasive materials can expose them to scratches and may damage them.
  • Household cleaning solutions contain acidic solvents that strip away the shine from your coin’s surface and lead to wear and tear.
  • Always give your coins to a professional cleaner as they offer less-abrasive cleaning solutions or steam for washing your coins.

Keep Them Safe from Theft

Gold coins are a highly valued commodity and keep them secure is a very essential aspect. Keep your gold coins safe from theft and damage by following certain tips that are specified below.

  • Always keep your gold coins in a personal safe. Make sure to invest in a good quality and a durable safe that is safeguarded with combination locks. Always store your safe in a hidden place known only to you and people whom you trust.
  • Rent a safety deposit box from a reputed bank. Majority of the banks offer deposit boxes and locker services for storing your gold coins. These banks have a well-built security system in place. These deposit boxes are stored behind thick vault doors making them very secure.
  • These boxes can be hired for a nominal cost and your valuables are safe against misuse.

Choose Soft Materials for Storage

Among the many options available in the market, it is important to choose ones that are safe to use and does not contain chemicals.

  • Materials which contain PVC can emit hydrochloric acid as a residue on your gold coins.
  • This residue can damage your gold coins in the long run. Opt for paper-based materials and non-PVC based products for storing your gold coins.
  • You can also opt for padded cushions lined with velvet or satin. These materials are soft and provide protection against damage.
  • You can place silica gel into the box to wick away moisture and odor from your gold storage box.
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Gift Your Loved Ones these Gold Coins in these Intricate Gold Gift Boxes

A gold coin is more than just a coin. It symbolizes prosperity, wealth and abundance. So, if you are planning a gold coin gift for your loved one in 2019, make sure to give them these in assorted gift boxes.