Say a Big Thank You to Daddy Dearest with the Best Gifts: 10 Gorgeous Gifts for Dad from Daughter (2019)

Say a Big Thank You to Daddy Dearest with the Best Gifts: 10 Gorgeous Gifts for Dad from Daughter (2019)

Dad has always been there for you, and make sure you get all you need, why not pay him back in his own coin and get him a precious and thoughtful gift? Read on to get ideas on how to get the best gifts for the old man and see some ideas for presents every daughter should give her old man.

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Reasons to Gift Dad (As if You Need Any)

Because He Needs to Be Appreciated

While there are plenty of occasions for you to buy gifts for the family, a father is someone who needs some special attention. Do you buy him a gift on father’s day? If you don’t then it would be a good time to start and even if you do then that shouldn’t be the only time when you decide to pamper him. Every father has played a major role in the life and upbringing of their kids. Everything that you are today is because of him. Every father needs some appreciation for everything that he has done and still does for you.

Don’t you run to him every time you are short of cash? Need career advice or advice about investments? He is the one person who has been there for you through thick and thin. That man needs to be appreciated for everything that he has done for you and one way to do it would be to buy him something that he would love.

Because of the Love that You Share

The love that one shares for their parents is incomparable to any other. They are a source of strength, and also a source of weakness. They make you feel better whenever you are down, look out for you, your health and happiness. But we don’t often appreciate enough everything that they have done for us. We don’t often feel the need to tell our parents that we love them. In fact we often tend to take our parents for granted.

While every father doesn’t expect a gift, it is definitely a great way of showing him that you love him and that he is close to mind wherever you are. Think of the gift as way to express love for the dad. A way for you to tell him everything that you want to but feel awkward or a bit bashful putting into words. Therefore we would suggest buying gifts that will help him lead a happier and healthier life. Things which will entertain or help him take care of his health.

Because He is Just the Best

You and dad share a bond which has remained unbroken. Some of the best moments and experiences you had in life are because of him. He taught you to ride the bike, took you for dance classes and always bought you ice cream afterwards. He helped you solve that complicated mathematics problem, and stayed up all night to help you with your class project. He is just the best and you know it. So appreciate his awesomeness with a thoughtfully selected gift.

10 Gifts for Daddy Dearest from Daughter

A New Wallet

Every dad may always lookout for the family’s needs, but when it comes to his own he becomes blissfully unaware. If dad is still using his old worn out wallet then maybe it’s time to gift him a new one. A wallet is a very basic accessory that a man will never leave home without. Get him this beautiful U.S. Polo Assn. Brown & Navy Blue Colour-blocked Two Fold men’s wallet from Myntra. This wallet is made of genuine leather, has 2 main compartments, 8 card holders and 2 slip pockets. This wallet is compact and spacious, large enough to hold all of his daily necessities. You can buy this smart wallet for just ₹999.

Running Shoes


Dad has always been mindful of all health concerns you may face, and maybe it’s time for you to look after his. Taking daily walks or going for a jog is a good habit to acquire especially as one gets older. Motivate him to exercise by getting him a great pair of running shoes. These navy blue Adidas sneakers from Amazon are super cool. They are made of a mesh material which makes them breathable and prevents foot odour. They are comfortable, have a classic lace up style and are priced at around ₹3,000.


You can also get this black and bright orange pair from Puma. These are also made of mesh material and are equally comfortable. The only difference is the price which is a tad bit less at ₹1,749.

Electric Trimmer and Groomer


Most fathers appreciate practical gifts. Things which will come of assistance in their day to day life. An electric trimmer is one such gift. Whether dad likes to sport a bushy beard or likes to rock a clean shaven look, a trimmer is required to maintain both. Get him a trimmer from Amazon. The Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men.

This black and blue trimmer not only looks stylish but is also extremely functional. Its cordless, runs on rechargeable batteries which are powered by USB charging. It has an adjustable trimming range of adjustable trimming range of 2Mm to 18Mm, and comes with a detachable head. The trimmer has high grade titanium blades which offer ultimate precision, which allows up to 45 minutes of cordless. Buy it for ₹649.

Magnetic Chess Set

Do you and dad often like to challenge each other in a highly competitive game of chess? Then gift him this magnetic chess set from Amazon. The Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Set is a complete portable set which is small enough to travel with and large enough to play comfortably. Have fun on those family vacations and holiday weekends by playing a friendly game of chess with your dad.

This set includes a folding magnetic board which doubles up as a case to keep the chess pieces in. The magnetic feature allows you to play in moving vehicles like buses and trains without upsetting the chess pieces. The whole set weighs just 14.4 ounces which makes it easy to balance it on ones knees or lap. Buy it for $9.55 which is around ₹682.

Bluetooth Headphones


This gift is for all those dads who love both music and technology. Bluetooth headphones are one of those underrated modern inventions which are extremely easy to use and functional. Messy cords often come in the way of a fulfilling musical experience. But Bluetooth headphones are completely wire free which makes for really easy listening. Get your dad JBL T450BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Mic.

These over the ear headphones have in-built lithium ion batteries which gives up to 11-hour battery life, call and music controls on ear cup and produces JBL pure bass sound. These are easy to carry because they are flat-foldable and lightweight. Also they are super comfortable to wear. Buy these headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 for ₹2,869.

Coffee Lover's Hamper

If a usually mild mannered dad looks a bit irritated in the morning then it’s probably because he hasn’t had his cup of morning coffee. A coffee hamper is the perfect gift for all those fathers who like coffee a little too much. Get the ‘Shot of Caffeine’ hamper from The Gourmet Box.

This gourmet gift basket contains a pack of Artisan Flavored Coffee, a pack of BioDiversity Coffee, a large bar of Coffee Flavored Chocolate Bar, a jar of Expresso Flavored Demerrera Sugar and cute coffee mug with the message ‘You are my Favourite’. Everything in the hamper is organic and healthy, perfect for giving him the shot of caffeine that he craves every morning. Plus everything in the basket tastes delicious! Buy it for him for ₹2,200.

Cashmere Sweater

Who doesn’t love cosy sweaters? We are sure that most dads would love a soft cashmere sweater as a gift. Buy him this navy sweater from Marks and Spencer. This sweater is made of the softest wool, has a V-neck, a ribbed hem and long sleeves. This basic sweater is perfect dad wear, and can be paired with jeans, chinos and even cargo shorts. It’s lightweight enough to be worn under a blazer or a jacket. Buy it from Myntra for ₹2,999.


You could also get him this grey WQ&Energy Men's Chunky Cashmere Feel Shawl Collar Open Front Knitwear cardigan from Amazon. This one is made from pure cashmere, is super soft and priced at ₹4,298.

iPad or Tablet Sleeve


If dad loves his IPad or tablet then he will love this gift too. Give him a tablet sleeve to keep his device safe and scratch free. Get him this basic but functional tablet sleeve from Amazon Basics. This form-fitting sleeve with quick top-loading access can fit an iPad Air and Kindle. The slim design of the case allows you to carry the case by itself or in a bag. It provides perfect fit for tablets and laptops. The sleeves are available in various sizes, starting at 7 inches and going up to 17 inches. They are also available in 5 different colours. We would suggest getting in a colour black. Buy it for ₹649.

Cologne or Perfume

If dad is someone who loves to smell good then get him what he wants. A cologne or a perfume is the perfect gift for a classy man with good taste. Get him the BRUT Classic Original Spray Cologne. This vintage inspired bottle of cologne is a classic that every dad is sure to love. This bottle contains around 88 ml and is priced at ₹6,110.


You could also get Eternity from Calvin Klein. It’s a classic perfume with an exquisite fragrance that has the top notes of lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon, middle notes of coriander, lily, orange blossom, juniper berries, basil, jasmine, sage, lily-of-the-valley and geranium and bottom notes of sandalwood, amber, musk, vetiver and brazilian rosewood. Buy a 100 ml bottle of the perfume from for ₹4,525.

Comfy Joggers or Track Pants


What every father loves more than anything is to be comfortable and if he is the typical dad then we are sure he appreciates cosy clothing. Get him the most comfortable pair of track pants and you will always be his favourite daughter. The 5IVE Degree Casrod Track Pant is the perfect gift to get for any dad. These grey drawstring jogger style pants are made of 100% cotton and are super comfortable to wear around the house. In fact they can even be slept in. Buy them for ₹399 from Amazon.


If dad likes something more loose fitting then the VIMAL-Men’s-Track-Pants are the perfect choice for you. These are alos made of pure cotton and have drawstring elasticized waist. These are also dark grey in colour with a red side stripe. Buy this one for ₹389.

Some Things that You Can Do To Make Him Happy

Cook Him His Favourite Breakfast

Apart from gifts there are a few other things that you can do to make the old man happy. A great way to surprise him is by cooking him his favourite breakfast. Don’t wait for his birthday or father’s day to do it. Just pick a random day and cook something that he really likes. You can find a lot of recipes and ideas online. We can suggest a few great breakfast menus that he is sure to love. It could be pancakes or maybe something a bit closer home like aloo paratha.

If you are not a great cook then take help from mom or anyone else who knows their way around the kitchen. Something that you can cook easily is an English breakfast comprising of fried sausages, eggs, bacon, fried tomatoes, toast, fried mushroom and toast with butter or marmalade. If your dad prefers Indian breakfast then the choices are unlimited as well. You could make idlis, dosa, poha, upma, or something a bit more heavy like puri and aloo.

Join Him on His Favourite Activity

Another way to make the old man happy is by joining him on his favorite dad activity. Spending time with parents has been scientifically proven to keep them healthy and prolong their lifespan. Every dad must have hobbies or interests that he likes to practice on the weekend. He may be an avid golf player, a football enthusiast or a movie enthusiast. Instead of smirking when he invites you to watch a documentary or suggests a visit to the museum, join him. In fact next time why don’t you invite dad for something that he will be sure to enjoy like bowling or maybe a movie about the world war? You will make him immensely happy and who knows maybe you will end up having fun too.

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Show Dad All The Love He Deserves

Dad has always been the one to be there when you need him, both financially and emotionally, so its only right that you get him the best gift out there. Treat him like the king he is with thoughtful gifts and gestures.