Dad Says He is Easy-Going and Wants for Nothing, but You Know When It Comes to His Father's Day Present, It's Got to be Good(2020): Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas which Your Father will Love

Dad Says He is Easy-Going and Wants for Nothing, but You Know When It Comes to His Father's Day Present, It's Got to be Good(2020): Thoughtful Father's Day Gift Ideas which Your Father will Love


We cannot thank our Fathers enough for the contribution they have made in our lives. They've taught us to stand, walk, and run and they offer us moral support whenever we feel low. This Father's Day, go an extra mile and thank your Father for his support and buy him a useful gift. You can choose from the list below.

How to Select a Gift for Father's Day?

Select a Personalised Gift


When selecting any gift, you must move ahead of handing out stereotyped gifts. You may wish to move out of the cliché and give a gift that is useful for your father. When you are handing out a gift, you are sending out a message. Even when you are giving a gift to your father, a useful personalised gift will be necessary for your father.

Add Some Magic

The gift for your father must have your magic touch. As you know him better, you can also include a small note with a message that connects with him. The gift that you choose must be unique and something that could relate to you too. Your daddy must understand that you know about his likings and that you care. You must know his favorite things, and it would help him if something similar were offered as a gift.

Check Your Budget

You must be creative about your gift. Always remember that it is not about the budget, but the utility of the gift for your father. If you feel that you need to present him with a smartwatch that would help him in his fitness, you may go ahead. But do check whether your budget permits such a gift. It would not be very sensible to splurge unnecessarily on something that would be of little use.

Best Father's Day Gift ideas

5-in-one Tool Pen


Your dad seems to be busy all day with his toolkit working at something or the other. This pen also serves as a unique five-in-one toolkit. The kit contains a smartphone stand, a ruler, a screwdriver, a screwdriver flathead and a bubble level. It has a robust design with the body of the pen made of aluminium and screwdriver and refills made of iron. No wonder it is the ideal help for your dad when he is working around the house. It costs Rs. 599 and is available on Amazon.

Couch Arm Table

Is your dad having problems to keep his snacks handy when watching TV? Or does he have to pull in a small table to place his drink and the snacks together? This couch arm table can be easily fitted over the arm of your sofa and can be used as a tray. It is made of wood and is ideal for holding small items, and your dad can enjoy his evening drink in the living room without having to pull in other furniture. It costs Rs. 1,750 and is available on Clay Sphere.

Cooler Lunch Bag


Your dad prefers to pack some fruits and other snacks to have on his way back from work. It is ideal if he could have a portable cooler to keep the fruits cold. This cooler bag is a perfect gift on Father's Day and is stylish apart from being durable. It is made from environment-friendly, heavy-duty materials and can be easily carried as a lunch bag. The inside of the lunch bag is large enough to pack in some fruits and other lunch items. It is available at Rs. 399 on Tint Box.

Shaving Kit

A shaving kit is an ideal gift on Father's Day and serves its purpose too if your daddy is a frequent traveler. This shaving kit from Park Avenue includes shaving cream, a talcum powder, a soap, a shaving brush, an after-shave lotion, and a razor. Apart from being a travel-friendly kit, it provides all the necessary ingredients for a comfortable and joyous shave. It is priced at Rs. 379 and is available on Flipkart.

Cooling Pint Glass


A pint glass is one gift that your father will love, especially if he prefers to have a few pegs in the evening. A few cool pegs would be ideal for him, and this frozen pint glass will keep him cool too. These beer glasses can be kept cold for at least two hours. And not only beer, he can also have other cold beverages like a glass of smoothie or iced tea if your daddy is a health freak. It comes in a set of two and is priced at Rs. 5,949. The item is available on Amazon.

Smart Watch


As your father ages, you need to take care of his health. A smartwatch that keeps him updated with his fitness levels is an ideal gift on Father's Day. This smartwatch from Fossil could be a bit expensive but provides immense benefits to the user. It can track the activities of the user, tracks the heart rate, and allows to control the music, and receives notifications. It is Bluetooth enabled and is compatible with Android and iOS too. It is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 10,997 on Amazon.

Digital Photo Frame

Digital photos of some of the most intimate moments are something to cherish. A digital photo frame can use the latest technology and high-quality photo paper available in both glossy and matte paper. Automated machines print the pictures and provide the liveliness to remind your father about those moments very often. A 20 inch X 24-inch photo frame will cost around Rs. 447 and Canvas Champ is an ideal partner to turn the precious moments back to life.

Rechargeable Lantern

If you have allocated a reasonable budget, this rechargeable lantern is a great gift option and is useful too. It can be used for camping and hiking trips that your father may undertake with his friends. It has a reasonable runtime and is compatible with both 18650 batteries or CR123 batteries. The lantern is available in green, black or red and comes with a USB charging cable and a keychain too. It is priced at Rs. 5,000 at the LED Flashlights website.

Send a Cute Message to Your Dad


A personalised message works wonders when sent along with a gift. When you are giving a gift to your father, it takes a whole new meaning. It could be a loving message that is crisp but shows that you are grateful for whatever he has done for you. You must be thoughtful with your message, and you may take inspiration from some renowned literature. Or, you may search online. There are several heartfelt messages that you can tag along with the Father’s Day gift.

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Choose a Thoughtful Father's Day Gift

Thank your Father for all his love and dedication into making you the person you are today. Remember, its your Father's efforts that you can tackle the world as it comes. This Father's Day, give him a useful gift which he will remember forever. You can spend a quality time and discuss your future plans with him. A father always loves to be included in his kids' decisions.