10 Beautiful Gifts for Dad's Birthday from Daughter and How to Make Him Teary Eyed in a Good Way (2018)

10 Beautiful Gifts for Dad's Birthday from Daughter and How to Make Him Teary Eyed in a Good Way (2018)

You are daddy's little girl, no matter how old you get, and on his birthday he is always delighted with whatever gift you give because you can simply do no wrong. This birthday give him something he will want to show off a little more than usual - an engraved picture of your favourite moment together, a personalised clock, or a pair of cufflinks he will want everyone to see. Choose from the best gifts for men to give your dad something really remarkable.

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You Will Always Be His Princess

No matter if you are his only girl, or one of five, your Dad will always think of you as his princess. His baby girl if you wish, no matter how old you are. It is a father’s nature to be overprotective of his daughter(s). So giving him a gift to remind him of that beautiful father – daughter bond cannot be compared to other gifts he may receive. This is where getting it right become a big challenge. But don’t worry, don’t get your brain frazzled, we are here to help you nail it for whatever the occasion is.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of “perfect gifts” you can find on the internet, but none of them seem to quite fit your Dad. Well don’t worry, because we are here to help you figure it out. Just need to remember that there is very little you can do wrong as his princess and you will be fine. Always keep his tastes in mind, what would he like? What does he like doing? Those are good questions to ask yourself before you go on a mad shopping spree and realise Dad won’t like any of it.

Keep it Practical, Keep Dad Happy

Buying for Dad is no different than buying for men in general, just slightly different tastes. However, they do say and it has been proven that men mature later than women. So even Dads are young men at heart. If you always have that thought in mind when shopping, you can’t go wrong. Men like practical gifts, things they can use or things that will make whatever they like doing better.

So now you have the right mind-set and the right questions to ask yourself about what Dad may like, you can dive into the shopping world and find the best gift or your Dad. Before you do that though, checkout the list here and see what ideas you can get and how you can personalise them for you father!

Ten Brilliant Gifts for Dad's Birthday that Only a Daughter Would Give

Laptop Bag

Source www.koovs.com

The great practical gift for the working dad on the go. He can carry his work with him in style and comfort with a new laptop bag. The Contrast Panel Laptop Bag by Escaro is the perfect choice here. Made from cotton, so it can’t damage or scratch Dad’s laptop and with a contrast colour of blue and brown, it looks the part too! It comes with an easy to carry double handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for extra comfort. The spacious compartment will fit more than just a laptop, so you can be sure that Dad will be ready for any work scenario. For Rs.1,499 it is worth it for how good it looks, and what great quality it is. A cool, stylish and practical dad gift for all occasions. Buy it from Koovs.

Engraved Wooden Photo

Source engrave.in

While this may not be the most practical gift of the list, it is one that will win Dad’s heart. A treasure memory, engraved in a wooden photo. Something for him to show off with pride on his desk or home. Something to show who is little princess is and how proud he is of you too.

There is a range of sizes you can chose from here, on engrave.in, but this piece focuses on the most standard size, which is 6 inches by 8 inches and costs Rs.800, which is a good standard price for this sort of gift.

You can chose landscape or portrait for the orientation, or they will chose the best fit for the photo you decide to upload. Then you can personalise it as much or as little as you want, with a text and a border around your chosen photo. The best is, it gets delivered to your door! So, this is a great gift for your Dad to treasure and be proud of.

Desk Organiser

Is your Dad always searching for a pen? Or his USB stick? Does his desk resemble a bad stationary shop? Then get him a desk organiser! It is the perfect way for him to keep all his essential desk tools organised and in one place. This creates a tidy desk space and a better place for him to work.

And with the Cream Wood Pen Stand, by Craftlipi, his desk will be the envy of everyone in the office. These three boxes made from pine, with a sagoon wood top and bottom, in a cream colour, can be arranged in any shape and used to keep anything organised, with the smallest box measuring 2.6 x 2.6 x 2.3 inches and the largest at 4 x 4 x 4 inches, Dad is bound to fit everything he needs in them. And for just Rs.699 they are a bargain! Buy these from pepperfry.com.

Personalised Clock

If your dad is always loosing track of time, or getting to everywhere late, maybe it is time he got a new clock (excuse the pun!). And what is better than giving your father a personalised clock? Either with a photo or a quirky message reminding him not to be late for example. The best thing about this gift is that clocks come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose one that best suits your dad!

A beautiful example is a Personalised Photo with Clock, measuring 9 inch x 6 inch from Regalo Casila. This clock can be fully personalised, with a message and the photo of your choice, which will be printed onto MDF board and given a glossy finish. The clock is included on the same board and it also comes with standing attachments so it can be put on display anywhere! All this for just Rs.508 is a bargain gift for that dad that is always running out of time!

Polo Shirt

Do you ever look at your Dad and think, “the poor man has no style”? Then why not give him the gift of style? A polo shirt is a great item of clothing than can work as both casual, or formal-casual, elevating your father’s style points by great numbers. Whether it be a branded polo shirt, or a good looking non-branded one, your dad is bound to appreciate it and wear it frequently (probably because it might be the only one he has).

Polo Nation Men’s Polo (in navy blue) is a great t-shirt. Made from pure cotton and tailored for a casual fit, it will look good on any Dad. The navy blue colour is a good choice, as it matches easily with jeans or chinos for a great all-round outfit. It is something he can wear every day and any day. Priced at Rs.499, you can even get him a second colour for the price of a single branded polo. Polo Nation ensure a high quality product for a great price, so you don’t feel like you are going to get cheap materials that won’t last. Be sure that this is a winner Dad gift. Buy it from the Polo Nation website.

Personalised Photo Puzzle

Source ourshop.in

Okay, with the age of technology it can be said that puzzles are going out of fashion. It can be said that we are easily entertained by a game on some type of tablet or mobile phone device. And, yes, these statements hold a lot of truth, but, there is still people who enjoy doing a good puzzle. Dad’s fit that profile. They were brought up in the generations of puzzles, so that is how they would exercise their mind. Plus, it would bring back memories of a time that has been and gone.

So to make this gift even more special, you can get it personalised, with a photo or an image of your choice! For Rs.375 you can have a photo and message printed on two different sized puzzles (9” x 7” 30-35 pieces and 10” x 8” 90-100 pieces). So he can do it twice and relive the memory twice too! Order your puzzle from ourshop.in.

Alexa Smart Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

A speaker that speaks back? Yes, that is it. An Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa incorporated listens to your voice commands and uses the internet and Bluetooth to answer any of your questions, set reminders and play your Dad’s favourite music. The essential speaker for any home and one that any father will instantly fall in love with. The Amazon Echo Black is the ideal choice, as it is not too big or too small like other Amazon speakers. It is stylish, and being in black it fits well with any home décor, blending in perfectly and playing music in the highest quality. Such a quality gift comes at the price of Rs.6,999, however, it will be a well-loved gift that will find its place firmly in the house. Buy it from amazon.in.


If your dad is the type to wear shirts and go to events, then a pair of cufflinks is always a good gift. You can never have too many either. One pair for every shirt would be any man’s dream! There is a big market of cufflinks available, so buy a pair as smart or as flamboyant as your father may be. Here, we have chosen a pair that are smart, but discreet, made from brass and enamel for a beautiful finish. Handcrafted in India by Peluche, a name that comes with a guarantee for quality. The pair of Effortless – Black Cufflinks are very stylish, with a silver finish and black enamel grooves that contrast the silver perfectly. For Rs.998 you really can’t go wrong with this pair of beautiful and subtle cufflinks that will glimmer in the light, but still keep a low profile. Buy these from peluche.in.

Novelty Bottle Opener

A Dad who likes a drink, is a Dad with a sense of humour, so a fun and novelty bottle opener always goes down well. Here there is a chance for you to show your Dad that you know his sense of humour, because the amount of funny bottle openers available, is unreal. There is one in every shape you can imagine. But, because it is what we find funniest, we have chosen a caveman’s hammer shaped bottle opener, the ShopAis Caveman Opener01 Bottle Opener. The reason for this is because it looks really cool, it is funny and it is a bottle opener! Unleash your inner caveman and drink beer like a prehistoric man! Who doesn’t love that? And for only Rs.328 on Flipkart it is a real bargain.

Wine Box Storage

If your Dad likes a good wine, then he will also appreciate somewhere good to store the bottle(s), so why not look at some wine racks or storage boxes? They look great, and allow him to show off his collection of great tasting wines at home, or anywhere else. Maybe he likes to entertain a guest or two, and present them with a good bottle.

If that is the case, then the Wooden Stand Alone Wine Holder by Giftadia is a brilliant example. This decorated wooden box comes with some must-have wine enthusiast tools, such as a stylish bottle opener, a stainless steel pourer and a cap to reseal the bottle, all very stylish and very useful. The box can also be used to store the bottle and bring it out to the table with elegance. It does cost Rs.1,999 on flipkart.com, but what you get for your money is worth it, and Dad will love it!

The Key Thing to Remember for a Happy Dad

Now, after looking through our top ten Dad gifts, you can see that the majority of them have a practical use. That is because men, dad’s in particular, like gifts they can use either on a day to day basis or occasionally while doing something they enjoy doing, but always something useful.

If your Dad has a hobby, get him something related to that! If your Dad enjoys hiking for example, get him something he would never buy himself or didn’t even know existed that will help make his hikes more enjoyable! That is the secret to keeping dad happy, keeping his gifts practical and related to something he loves.

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Gift him things he won't get for himself

Parents will typically scrimp and save on themselves just so they can shower their kids with nice things. This goes on for years, even after the kids have become adults and have children on their own. You know there are things your dad would love to have but will never buy, even if he can comfortable afford it but thinks they are unnecessary indulgences. He has pampered you all your childhood, now it's time for you to do the same for him.