Make Them Feel Loved on Their Special Day: 10 Flabbergastingly Amazing Gifts to Give Mom and Dad on Their Anniversary (2019)

Make Them Feel Loved on Their Special Day: 10 Flabbergastingly Amazing Gifts to Give Mom and Dad on Their Anniversary (2019)

Is your mum and dad's anniversary coming up? Here are some amazing gift ideas that will help you pick the perfect gift.Gift ideas to surprise your mum and dad with on their anniversary that will make them feel loved and appreciated by the family and will show them how much they mean to their children.

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Why Should Organising Your Parents' Anniversary Celebration Definitely Be on Your List?

Re-Igniting the Spark in Your Bond with Your Mom and Dad

Parents spend all their life making sure that their children remain healthy, well taken care of and happy. Whenever you are in a puddle of problems, they’re one of the first people you think about, to take advice from. There rarely has been a moment of trouble, where they had not stepped in to save you even when they had to bear embarrassment. That’s how special they have been for the betterment and happiness in your life. Celebrating their wedding anniversary should not be a duty but a privilege for you. Their anniversary is a great opportunity for you to rekindle the warmth and feeling of togetherness, which had subsided due to your busy lifestyle. Take up the chance and make it the best time you’ve ever had with them!

Bringing Joy Into Their Age of Second Childishness

Shakespeare had rightly described ageing adults being in the stage of ‘second childishness’ in his poem ‘All the world’s a stage’. Ageing parents are basically kids trapped in the bodies of adults. They want as much as love, care and attention as the toddlers demand. Celebration for them is a way to be with you and your siblings, reminiscing the days they were working day and night to see you have a comfortable life. Though they may not complain when you relentlessly tell them about not being able to meet due to extra load of work on your shoulders, the pain their heart feels is far more than what words can explain. Making time for them, making them feel loved and wanted or celebrating their anniversary together should be on the top of your priority list. Don’t let their stage of second childishness get ruined by your ignorant behaviour, instead, find time to celebrate it, cherish it, and build everlasting memories with your mom and dad.

Giving Them Back Some Love They Deserve

When you think of your childhood, memories of those playing fields, your friends, your school and even the one harsh teacher you absolutely hated springs up in your mind. But, if you ask your parents about the same time in their life, they might tell you stories of their everyday struggles which were almost never spoken about because that’s how they wanted it to be like. They might have had struggled a lot in financial, emotional or mental levels, but, they made sure the troublesome episodes never reach your ears.

The amount of love and nurturing that parents do for their kids is unmatchable but you can at least make it a point to help their old age full of happiness and peace. Celebrating these milestones with them will not only make them elated but, will also give them back a part of their love, which they deserve.

Surprise Your Mom and Dad with These 10 Heart-Warming Gift Ideas for Their Anniversary

A Trip Down Memory Lane

When you think of a perfect loving couple, your parents might be the ideal you have set for your own marriage. With their wedding anniversary, your mom and dad are celebrating their times of togetherness, the ups and downs they’ve seen holding each other’s hands, and how they had brought up their kids successfully. The gift you present should carry the essence of their eternal love and care for each other.
Dig down the old rusty family albums having the most beautiful photographs of your mom and dad, ageing gracefully through the years. If by chance you get your hands on their wedding album then believe that you’ve struck gold. Create a stunning slideshow, projecting all their beautiful memories one by one. Let emotions take over and take them down the memory lane! You can easily find free slideshow makers online like

A Personalised Family Sign Board

Your parent’s wedding anniversary is not only a milestone in their life but also a look-back moment for how successfully they’ve managed to make a family. If your parents live with you in a house which has a name plate with only your name then, gift them a family sign board with their names alongside yours, personalized to adorn the entrance of your house. Let them feel welcomed and show them that in your heart, you’ll always believe that whatever you are, it comes from their love and blessings.

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The Mesmerising Tree of Life


The tree of life symbolizes the beauty and diversity that life has to offer. With changing seasons, there is happiness, joy, pain, failure, experience and realization, but life still goes on. With time the tree starts branching and develops a whole family with children and grandchildren, but somehow staying true to its roots. That’s exactly how your parents have led their lives. They’ve seen ups and downs, happiness and sorrows and still kept on going. They have raised independent and strong children, with their own thoughts, ideas and beliefs. The gemstone embellished tree of life is the best gift to symbolize all of this. It is specially shipped from Bulgaria to India through the website at Rs.2,663

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A Jar Full of Love

As you grow older and older, expressing your love for your parents somehow becomes hard. Even though you have a lot of thank you(s) and stories to tell you parents, words hardly ever leave your mouth when you are sitting with them. Make their wedding anniversary extra special by letting out all your feelings in the form of a jar full of thoughtful notes written in your own handwriting. Pour it all out using colourful notes and chits with your words inked on them. There is a plethora of DIY videos on how to make the jar of love notes on YouTube.

A Memorable Engraved Photo Plaque

A wooden plaque with a beautiful family photo carefully engraved on it, can make the perfect gift for your parents on their anniversary. It is artistic, thoughtful and a gift designed to be by their side till the end of time. The website of offers captivatingly beautiful high quality timber (steamed beech) plaques to capture your favourite photo in an aesthetically unique manner, starting at a nominal price of INR 600. The plaques are designed to go well with all kinds of shelves and home decor themes, along with a everlasting durability.

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A Surprise Family Get-Together

With the fast paced lifestyle we’re leading these days, it has become extremely difficult for us to indulge in family ceremonies and meet ups on a regular basis. Not spending enough time with your parents might seem the most platonic thing possible in your head but that isn’t surely the case with them. They need and deserve your time as much as your work and leisure activities do.

Twist things up by combining your leisure time with being with your parents and plan for a full fledged family get-together. Call all your relatives for the celebration of your parent’s anniversary and see their faces light up like diwali diyas! Plan a party with all your loved ones and shower your parents with blessings, affection and memories.

Bake Some Delicious Goodies for Them

When was the last time you had spent a day with your mom, cooking for her, some amazing dish?
We all have pretended to be the ultimate masterchefs at some or the other point of our life and it is most likely to be possible that your mom or dad were the first ones to taste how horrible a dish you could cook. With passing time we walk over the little fun things we used to do with our parents, and rather develop a mode of seriousness whenever they are around. Give off that cloak of being an adult and get ready to goof around your mom’s kitchen to prepare the best cake she has ever tasted! Spend time with your parents and create a magical dessert for them to cherish upon.

A Spa Day to Pamper Them Like Never Before

We, as children often forget the amount of hard work our parents had done during our childhood. In making sure that we had all the things we ever needed, our mom and dad had to put away a lot of their wishes and desires on the chopping board. When they had to choose between their children and themselves, they chose you without batting an eyelid.

Keeping all the sacrifices they’ve made for you in mind, plan a spa day for them to relax, feel rejuvenated and spend some time together. You can choose between Ayurvedic spas offering massages using special oils, which cure body pain, skin pigmentation and other ageing effects on the body. There are special theme spas which offer couple massages and other facilities. A 60 minute Balinese spa routine at starts from Rs.1,500 only.

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A Simplistic Movie Night with All Their Friends

‘Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves.’ Remember the movie nights you had spent with your friends, enjoying their idiotic comments and making fun of the strange movie titles? With hectic jobs, tight day to day schedules, and the responsibilities related to raising their children, parents often forget about the deep bonding they shared with their old friends. They might miss them sometimes but the passage of time fades all thoughts. Take this anniversary as a golden opportunity and rekindle all their friendships by calling friends for a movie night together. Make sure you have an access to their favourite old classics and let them enjoy reminiscing their old times of togetherness!

A Fully Planned Trip to Their Favourite Places

The best gift that you can give to your parents is time. With years passing by and you taking up your dream job, spending time with your ageing parents takes a back foot on your priority list. It doesn’t hit your mind until they actually start criticizing you for it. It is important for you to understand that old age can become lonely for a lot of couples. Don’t let them feel left out. Plan a vacation with them to one of their favourite places and make them feel loved along with knitting beautiful memories together. Look for the arrangements of soothing musical programs, fine dining options and places that they always wanted to visit. Capture all these memories with a camera and make an album to create an everlasting remembrance.

You can choose from the various packages available on the website according to your budget. Minimum budget requirement is about Rs.19,999.

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A Cherry on the Cake: Don't Shy Away From Showing Them How Much They Mean to You

Adults are the worst at expressing their emotions. You may want to tell your mom how she is the most beautiful woman in the world and you miss her chatter a lot when you stay alone in the hostel or how your dad had been the ultimate support system and encouraged you at every point in life but, you just fail to voice these words.

Leave your shyness behind and embrace whatever you want to tell your parents. No one will be as elated as your parents, when they hear these lovely words from their children. These words might seem insignificant to you, but in reality, these words serve as a medal to the hard work and efforts that your parents had put, while bringing you up.

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Make them feel loved and special on their day

These gift ideas will help your parents feel loved and special by their children as they celebrate milestones in their lives. As the years add up, they may no longer want to make a big deal or plan anything special for the anniversary. But don't let their special day go by unmarked and uncelebrated.