Gift for My Husband on Our Wedding Day: 10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Ignite the Spark of Passion on the Wedding Day

Gift for My Husband on Our Wedding Day: 10 Romantic Gift Ideas to Ignite the Spark of Passion on the Wedding Day

There are so many gifts being exchanged at weddings, from gifts for the bride and groom, their families and even those attending the wedding, then why not a very personal gift from the bride to her groom? Put aside the hustle bustle of the wedding day to find a moment for each other, and what better way to do that than with a gift. Find here some romantic gift ideas for wedding day gifts as well as ideas to make this big day even more memorable.

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Spark of the Passion on the Wedding Day with Romantic Gifts

Commemorate the Big Day by Presenting Gifts to Your Husband

You wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and the best person to celebrate it with is the person who shares your sentiments exactly i.e. your husband. A gift shows that you are ready to welcome him into your life and is a symbol of your new life together. We are not asking you to spend a huge amount of money on the gift. In fact we advise against it. The gift should in n way be showy or extravagant. Rather a small gesture, showing your love and affection for your would be life partner. Giving your husband a gift on the day of your wedding is one of the best ways to commemorate the occasion.

Gifting Expresses Your Love and Affection

A pre-wedding gift may seem unnecessary but we would recommend that you consider giving one. You are in love with your would be husband but communicating the same to him amidst all the wedding madness is almost an impossible task. A small and meaningful gift does the job for you. A gift for your love is much more than just a material token, it’s a symbol of commitment and affection.

How About Ordering a Groom Cake on the Wedding Day?

Traditionally the groom cake is sent by the bride to the groom and is served alongside the wedding cake, in Christian weddings. It’s a sweet tradition which can be adopted by people from other religions and communities as well. For the Groom Cake, you are supposed to pick your to be husband’s favourite flavour. Find out what his favourite flavour is when you two do the cake tasting for the wedding cake and surprise him with his favourite flavour of cake on the day of the wedding. You could order a cake with a topper which looks like him or maybe a photo cake. You could have a discussion with the bakery regarding this.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Wedding Day Gift for Your Husband

His Personality, Taste and Areas of Interests

Choosing the perfect wedding day gift for your groom will be easy business if you keep certain important pointers in mind. A few things which will help you decide on the perfect gift for him are his personality, taste and areas of interest. If you two have known each other for a long time, then you would be aware of these things. If you two are newly acquainted, then you need to communicate with him and get to know him a bit better. You could go through his social media to find out his interests and hobbies. But nothing beats good old fashioned talking. Nowadays we have various messaging and video calling apps as well. So if you are not able to meet in person then use technology to get to know him.

Size of Your Budget

Budget is another important factor in the gift buying process. Don’t go overboard trying to impress him and use up all your savings. He does not expect anything from you but your love and affection. Whatever you give him will be appreciated equally as long as it comes from a place of sincerity. Know your spending limit and stick to that. You could even go for handmade gifts. They are extremely pocket- friendly, intimate and heartfelt. Our suggestion would be to keep it below Rs.5,000.

The Gift Should Create Memories for Both of You

The gift that you pick should not just be a thing which provides momentary pleasure, but something which creates memories. Years down the line this gift will be a reminder of your fond wedding memories. It should be something that you would cherish and show to future generations. A photo book, something personalised like a pillow inscribed with your wedding date, a plaque or a photo plate are gifts which would be perfect for this purpose.

10 Lovable Gifts for Your Husband on Your Wedding Day

If you are looking for the best gift ideas for your beloved groom then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the best pre-wedding gifts that you can buy for your would be husband.

A New Signature Scent

Give him a new signature scent. He could wear it on the day of the wedding. A great choice is the Calvin Klein Eternity Intense Eau De Toilette for Men. This modern fragrance has the spicy opening notes of bergamot with an underlying woody composition combined with energetic aquatic and floral notes. Iris gives it elegance and power, laid on the warm base of cashmere wood. It has the top notes of grapefruit, white pepper, bergamot and black tea. Middle notes of lavender, geranium, orris, and rhubarb and base notes of vetiver, cedar wood, cashmeran, smoky resin. Buy this luxe fragrance for Rs.5,200 from

Personalised Wedding Cufflinks

A pair of personalised wedding cufflinks will put him right into the wedding mood. Get your very own set of customised cufflinks from These beautiful retro style opal cufflinks are made of stainless steel with a hinged back and measures 11 mm x 5 mm. Personalise it with his initials or a monogram. You can order a pair for Rs.1,499.

Love Notes Journal


A love notes journal lets you keep all your written memories in one place, and keeps them from being lost or misplaced. This beautiful handmade love notes journal from will let your husband keep all his love memorabilia, like letters, notes and greeting cards in one place. It would also provide you with motivation to start writing love notes and letters, if you didn’t already. Buy this beautiful gift for $19.99 which is around Rs.1,395 here.

An Elegant Wristwatch


A watch is one of those classic gifts that you can always fall back on. Give your to be husband a classic watch to wear on your wedding day. The Titan Karishma Analog Silver Watch with gold accents looks stylish and classy. It has a silver dial, and a gold band which is made of stainless steel. The case is made of brass and the display type is quartz. It’s water resistant for up to a depth of 30 meters. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.2,076.

Hip Flask


A little alcohol is perfect for calming pre-wedding nerves. To help your to be groom sneak in a drink discreetly gift him a sleek hip flask. This Stainless flask from Shopee is embossed with the iconic Johnnie Walker logo and has a capacity of 230 ml. It looks stylish and elegant; easy to carry as well. Just make sure that he drinks responsibly. Buy this cool hip flask form Amazon for Rs.295.

A Personalised Piece of Jewellery


A small personalised piece of jewellery is something that he can keep on himself at all times. It will be a constant reminder of you and your presence in his life. Get him this beautiful Personalized Handwriting Engraved Bracelet from Etsy. It’s an adjustable sterling silver cuff bracelet, which can be personalised with a text which is in your own writing. Just mail the sellers a photo of your text and that’s it! Order it from here for $69 which is around Rs.4,814.

A Framed Photo

A framed photo of you two is the ultimate wedding memorabilia and one which can be easily ordered. Visit to order you high quality printed or framed photos. The photos are available in A4 size or 12 x 16 inches. Upload your images in jpg, jpeg, gif, png, eps, ai, pdf, zip, tar, rar, cdr, or psd format in a size not larger than 50 MB. These personalised photo frames are made of high-quality fiber which lends them a stylish look to compliment your photos. These photo frames are finished off with an acrylic coat which gives them an elegant finish. Our customized photo frames come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy all your needs and can be easily hung on the walls of your house or place of work.The cost of framing a photo is around Rs.499.

Something Fancy for the Honeymoon


Give him something fancy which he can use on the honeymoon. The Ray-Ban UV Protected Aviator Men's Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to carry on a vacation. These sunglasses have green colour lenses with a width of 58 mm; nose-bridge 14 mm and temple length 135 mm. It has a gold coloured frame with gold temple, is fully UV protected and has a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects. Buy it for Rs.5,391 on Amazon.

An Experience Gift to Use After the Wedding

After the stress of the wedding, you both will require some rest and relaxation and the best way to do that would be to indulge yourself in a luxurious spa session. Book a couple’s spa session at the O2 Spa. This famous wellness services chain has multiple branches all over India. They offer gift cards as well. Each gift card is worth Rs.2,500 which can be redeemed for services of equal value. Order them here.

Boudoir Album

Boudoir photography has become a popular trend and will make the perfect special gift for your partner. A boudoir album is a collection of intimate photos of the bride, taken in the boudoir or the bedroom. The photos should portray your personal style which may be cute and playful or sexy and edgy. It may involve photos of the bride in her wedding lingerie, snapshots of her getting ready for the wedding, and finally her completed wedding look. To create a great boudoir album, we would suggest that you hire a good photographer. Send the images to a website like Vistaprint and they will create the album for you. They have various size and layout options. Choose one according to your liking.

Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Husband on the Wedding Day

Apart from gifts there are a few other things that you can do to surprise your husband on your wedding day. Here are a few ideas that you can try on for size.

Get Your Wedding Rings Engraved

Get the wedding rings engraved with a special message or your names and the wedding date. Engraved rings are a classic way to proclaim your love. So go ahead and get those rings engraved. Most jewellery stores give you the option of getting your rings engraved. Just write down your text and give it to them. You must do this a few weeks before the wedding, preferably when you order the rings so that it’s ready on time. Most jewellers have an overwhelming amount of orders during wedding season, so don’t delay this. Last but not the least; don’t let your husband find out. He will get a lovely surprise right on the day of the wedding.

Stash a Gift Hamper in His Room

The best gifts are surprise ones. So go ahead and give him a lovely surprise in the form of a carefully picked out gift basket. You could fill a hamper with all his favourite edibles like cookies, chocolates, and snacks or order a gourmet one containing fine cheeses, artisanal chocolates, condiments, cold cuts etc. You could also give him a hamper containing essentials that he would need on the day of the wedding like a grooming kit, socks, deodorant, cufflinks, shoe care kit etc. You could add a sleep mask, essential oils like lavender, scented candles and maybe a neck massager, to help him get rid of pre wedding stress and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Have a First Look Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoots are gaining popularity day by day. So go ahead and hire a photographer to do a first look photo shoot before the wedding. You need to discuss this with him beforehand. Decide on a theme and a venue for the shoot. Pick a theme that you can both relate to. You could do a retro theme if you both love the vintage look, like vintage cars and retro music. You could do a movie themed one as well. If your style is more simple and natural, then you could recreate moments from your relationship, like your first date, first kiss, first movie together etc. Hire a graphic designer to edit your photos and insert elements that you want. Keep your clothes for the shoot ready beforehand. Get your hair and makeup done by a professional if possible to get the best results.

Plan a Midnight Feast

A midnight feast on the day of the wedding may seem like a ridiculous idea, but don’t knock it till you try it. Having a moment alone with your husband amidst the wedding revelry and sharing some delicious food together will give you both new life. Try to sneak away for a romantic outdoor picnic or invite him to your room and bond over some great food.

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