Begin Your Married Life With a Sweet or Saucy Gift for Husband at the Wedding Night: 10 Gifts He Will Love (Updated for 2019)

Begin Your Married Life With a Sweet or Saucy Gift for Husband at the Wedding Night: 10 Gifts He Will Love (Updated for 2019)

First nights can be daunting. Make it fun and romantic with a sweet gift for your beloved. Giving your husband a small token of your affection is a wonderful way to begin married life. Find here great ideas for romantic gifts for husband, surprise gifts for husband on wedding and first night gifts, as well as valuable tips on making the gift selection.

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Incredible Ways to Surprise Your Husband

Choosing romantic gifts for husband can be quite challenging, but with a little research you can certainly come up with impressive and creative ideas to get him what he adores the most. Best gifts are mostly prepared than just bought and wrapped in gift sheets. Although, any gift needs to be bought, put in some extra care and little research to pick the right gift for him. Break the walls and think beyond boundaries to impress him.

Sneaky Tips to Pick the Best Gift For Your Husband

A super cool gift would be something that rewards him for his hard work, love and compassion towards you and your family, as it might impress men than getting him something right from the shop. He might end up feeling, ‘well, I could have bought it better’. So, adding up elements of creativity and sparkling love will make your gift so special to him. Add up elements of romance in any gift you choose, as men love being loved! A candle light dinner can be a romantic gift for husband at wedding night.

  • Think About His Interests:
    Don’t look out for gifts based on your interests, because it is for him and make your choice of gift pondering on his desires and liking. His hobbies might seem weird to you and you might not show big interests on encouraging it, but now you have to! If you want to pick a gift that impresses him, make sure it falls under his interests area. If he is a golf player, though he has several golf kits already in store, get him the latest golf kit or golf tees from the market. Get what he likes, so he likes what you get!!

  • Consider His Needs:
    Some men generally have the habit of postponing their needs, if your men is one such person, find out what is in his need list and surprise him with it on the wedding night. It will not only impress him but he will also feel that you take care of his needs with love. Men love accessories, no matter how much they have. If it’s been quite some while he has changed his belt or shoes, then it might be a super cool choice to pick. Women love quantity while men love quality when it comes to gifting them. So, don’t count numbers on your wedding night gifts, just see if they would love it, then grab it. When choosing wedding night gifts based on his needs, you indirectly say that you care for him and his needs even without he explicitly says about it.

  • Ask His Friends:
    Yes, he loves you the best and you are his life, but men always share more with his comrades than to his partner. That isn’t wrong in any way. Grab his male best friend and look out for some new ideas from him. After all, they know their dirty secrets better and dirty minds think alike!

Gift Ideas for Husband on Wedding Night

Men fall in love over and again with his girl when he finds the deep love and care from her. Get something that he totally wouldn’t expect you to do, so the spark clicks right there! If you don’t like him boozing and over mess over it with him, just for a change, hand him a bottle to surprise him. Offer him a lovely date night with his crush at work place as a naughty gift for husband at wedding night, and trust me, he will come back to love you more than before. It works!

A Casual Wallet

Wallets are must-have accessories so it is a gift that will be appreciated by him. Fill in the wallet with a cute love letter inside to surprise him when he opens it on the first night. Here are few great options for you.

Levis always wins the love of men, so grab him the best Levis wallet that'll suit his style. Here is one option - the Levi's Red Men's Wallet looks really cool. Available on for Rs.1,701. But if he prefers some other brand then pick accordingly. Look for the texture and quality of the material and choose neutral colors to suit his everyday apparels.

If you want to make the gift additionally special, look at ordering a personalised wallet. This pure leather wallet available on Amazon can add a charm of your choice plus a name of 9-10 characters. You can order it for Rs. 699.

Cool Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses are always a choice for trend loving men, so get him a Classic Clubmaster sunglass from Amazon. There are a whole lot of options in style and colours, so you can pick something that fits him just. The classic silhouette of the Ray Bans with a partial metal rim will sit cool on your man. Prices start at Rs.7,512.

Grooming Kit

Fashion for men begins with grooming right. Philips Mens Grooming Kit can get the wow look on him which is sure to impress you. Get him this grooming kit to delight him, and his looks are sure to impress you back! Flipkart offers this professional grooming kit for just Rs. 2,718 and it is completely worth every penny.

If your man is clean shaven, then perhaps a shaver can be a better-suited product. This Phillips Shaver for Men costs Rs. 1,959 and can give him a clean and refreshing shave with minimum fuss. Buy it on

Classic Sneakers

Grooming from head to toe brings out the wow factor in a man. Men are always crazy about sneakers, so he would be happy in adding up to the list, never mind how many he has in store already. Nike is one of the best brands of shoes that you could gift him, as it gives the best comfort for him to run with ease and stay fit. Nike on his feet will bring a smile on his face and love at his heart! Nike sneakers fit all budgets, and this particular pair is the newly introduced Nike Precision 4 which you can get for about Rs.5,495 on

Apple Watch(or any Smart Watch)

Smart men always love smart watches! Among the best options is Apple Watch Series 3 Smart Watch with a silver aluminium case, and a fog sport band. The silver aluminium case will make it look and feel good along with the white sport band that comforts the skin. It is available in two sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm and you can choose according to the size of his wrist. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs.29,999.

If he is a health freak then a fitness tracker might make more sense! There are many awesome brands today offering a wonderful way to keep track of vital stats. Your husband will love this sleek looking watch from Mi that offers features like heart rate, sleep analysis and advanced step tracking. Available for Rs. 1999 on Amazon

Power Bank

Who wouldn’t feel the need for it, especially if your man is a gadget freak, he is surely going to find it very useful. You can count on Lenovo power bank especially PA 13000 13000mAH. You can charge it with micro USB type connector. You can buy it from Amazon and it will cost you Rs.999 only.


Going for an adventure holiday on your honeymoon? Your husband is going to need a good backpack. Check out this cool looking Tommy Hilfiger backpack. It is unisex so you can gift him, but later grab it from his shelf for your use too! Sounds a good idea? Then why wait? Just go for this unisex navy blue & white backpack from for Rs.1,739.

Bespoke Mug

Personalised mugs are always a best choice for gifting our loved ones on a wedding night, because there is a great sense of personal touch to it and who would not love it? With a little research, you can really find cool personalised mugs to impress him. Get crazy in customising it with pictures and messages. Magical cups are also a great choice to surprise him. With a simple budget of Rs.349, you can get cool and impressive personalised mugs. We have featured here a simple mug set, but there are dozens of options like this one on Amazon

Cool Headset

Over the ear headphones on a beach morning or a swim pool side with cool or hot sip of his choice is something no men would ever deny to. Give him this Sony H900N Hi-Res Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone and see his face glow with smiles. With special features such as non-cancellation and high audio resolution, these dynamic over-the-ear headphones are the best buy for him on a special occasion. You can get it for Rs.17,880 from Amazon.

A Luxury Holiday

Plan a surprise getaway on the wedding night or for any other special occasion! You can either plan it with your family or gift him a trip with his comrades, how you think he would love to spend his special day. A luxury trip to a beach side resort with a spa and drink can make his day sparkle with bliss. You can either plan for a long travel tips or short ones to a nearby resort based on his choice. If you are planning him a surprise trip with his comrades, talk to your plan with them and get some crazy ideas to plan his travel.

Spend lavish on spa and drinks to see brighter smiles. Remember to choose the destination based on his choice, ultimately the entire trip is to entertain him. Plan your itinerary with care to impress him in every step and make all arrangements for it. Plan Where, What, How and When, all based on his desires. Pack all his belongings with care and prepare a check list to do it right. Small elements matter, so remember to add up tiny details of his choice to make your date or his trip with friends memorable.

Easy DIY Gifts For Husband

Buying from store and packing it in colorful wrappers are of course special to surprise him, but imagine if you can completely do it for him. Wouldn’t it be so impressive for him? Choices for DIY surprise gifts for husband are ample for you to pick from to make your own gift for him, because ultimately it is you who know him better than anybody else. Get romantic in planning your DIY gifts and you can also be as crazy as you can, because it is purely between you two, so limitless is the limit.

There will be no better way to express your full love on him than to do a gift for him on your own. Men love the effort you take for him, than the end product. So, no worries about how the finishing would be. Just try making it with all your love and it is sure to be a hit. Simple ideas work great when you sit down to make it, so don’t neglect any simple thought that strikes your mind.

Give it a shot and who knows, even you might be surprised to see the end result, not only him! Memory books, greeting cards, I Love You box full of small and colorful papers to write down in a word or two or a phrase or so to show your love for him. Make a calender of all special moments that made you repeatedly fall in love with him and mark special entries for why you think he deserves the best in the world. Ideas are limitless! Plan ahead, so you have ample time for trail and error. Remember not to plan things in the last minute for avoiding doing things in a hurry and making mess of it all.

A Heartfelt Card

Google and YouTube come in rescue for you now to prepare your own impressive and expressive greeting card to surprise him on his special day. There is no store bought gift that can impress him as equally as a handmade beautiful and romantic personalized greeting card that you specially make for him. Add photo tags, small posters all over the card, 3D shapes and much more to make the card look cute. Keep in mind that not all men love colors, some prefer to keep it simple and serene. So, check his desires and add in props according to what will impress him. 3D cards will be more time consuming, but remember that he deserves all your time and love.

Mason Jar With Chocolates

Chocolates, cup cakes or cookies of his choice can be deliciously prepared with toppings and fillings of his choice. You can cook them on your own based on his taste and fill up a huge mason jar full of his favorite snacks for him to munch through the whole day. Remember he will fall in love with you over and again in every single bite of it. Isn’t it a yummy gift that you shouldn’t miss out to make his day special?

Important Point You Should Never Forget

Love, love and more love is all that you should never forget to share. You need to tell him how much you love him. What can be more alluring than words, kisses or hugs! Just fill his day with all these to make him feel your fullest love, and what more could make his day special? You can make any day as like your first wedding night by wrapping up yourself in a gift sheet for him to make him feel on top of the world.

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Make your first night memorable

Even if you have been together for long, your wedding night is something that comes a once-in-a-lifetime. Savour it fully by taking it easy. After the stress of the big day shut out the outside world and take the time to unwind with your beloved. Create the right ambience and enter into your married life with a wonderful first step.