Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gift for Husband Etiquette and 10 Gifts to Give Him on Your Wedding Day

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Gift for Husband Etiquette and 10 Gifts to Give Him on Your Wedding Day

You know there are certain ceremonies and etiquette surrounding wedding gifts exchanged between the bride and groom on the day of the wedding, but what are they? Find here everything you need to know about marriage gifts, and wedding etiquette gifts from bride and groom, along with some great ideas for gift for husband on the wedding day, gift for husband on wedding night.

Rules and Etiquette of Wedding Gift Giving to New Husband

Give Him Something Traditional

It is an optional tradition for the bride and groom to exchange gifts -- the night before the wedding, the morning of, or once the festivities are over. You could give each other something to wear for the wedding itself (cuff links, a necklace) or maybe something for the honeymoon (a great pair of sunglasses, snorkeling gear). It doesn't have to be anything major -- a photo frame or a treasured book of poetry make great gifts. Honor this tradition in whatever way you two desire!

Getting married is a big step and a wonderful way to make the day even more special is the practice of exchanging gifts before or on the day of the wedding. A pre-wedding gift is a gesture of love and welcome. The gift need not be extravagant or expensive. Just a sweet reminder of your affection to your would be husband. Pick out gifts that he can wear or use on the big day. Give him a pair cufflinks, socks or an inscribed watch. You could also give him something for the honeymoon or the wedding night like a book of romantic poetry or a set of handwritten letters or love notes. A bottle of cologne or a framed photo of both of you together also make great gifts.

Opt for Something Romantic

You love him, so the pressure is on! You want any present you bestow to be just right. Whether you’re searching for his big present for the year or one of a bunch of small tokens, you want to choose a holiday gift that tells him how much you feel and shows that you understand him. The gift should also be something that will be used with loving thoughts. So do a little character analysis: What is his romantic style? What are his interests? Is he quiet or loquacious? Does he enjoy romancing you, or is he less apt to be expressive about his emotions? Is he into clothing (evidence: he has a subscription to GQ), or is he happy to have you pick things out for him, because shopping is the last thing in the world that he wants to do? If you can read his character correctly, the greater the chances for the gift to be a success. You’ll know this by the fact that he uses it. Let’s say your fellow is already a romancer. Congratulations! You don’t need to cultivate that quality. However, if he is more reserved and you would like to bring out the cavalier in him, these romantic gifts might do the trick. Read on, for a curated selection of gifts that say “love”—hopefully in a language that speaks to him. And when that loving gift is returned to you, you will know in your heart why it is better to give than to receive.

Romance is a big factor in any relationship and giving your would be hubby a romantic gift is the best way to start your journey together. Don’t have to go all out while picking up a pre-wedding gift for your husband. Spending a humongous amount of money on a single gift at the start of your married life isn’t what we would suggest. Keep the gift sweet, simple and intimate. Hand written love notes, a personalized cushion or bathrobe, a scrapbook full of photos and memorabilia of your relationship are all great gift options.

Something Meaningful

One major wedding gift for husband etiquette? The gift must be meaningful! Most commonly, girls prefer wrist watches as wedding gift for husband. Again, it’s not a part of tradition. Follow your man’s preferences. Choose what he likes or loves to have. You can gift him some costly item or something as simple as a greeting card to share your innermost thoughts and secrets. He would surely love it.

Another way to make your would be hubby a very happy man is to gift him something according to his likes and preferences. If he’s a man of intellect then gift him a chess set or books by his favorite author. If he’s more into sports, then give him sports equipment like a tennis racket or his favorite team’s jersey. Pay attention to his hobbies and favorite pastimes. Encourage him to pursue them. A well thought out and meaningful gift always creates a good impression.

Special and Speedy Wedding Etiquette Gifts for Him

Romantic Note

The simpler, the better. What could be more fascinating and romantic than a hand written and handmade note to celebrate your love. This message of love can have the reasons that made you decide to spend the rest of your life with him. Why you love him always and forever, how much you are mad about him etc.

Nothing spells out romance more than a handwritten note for the special man in your life. Write a romantic letter to your man and gift it to him on the eve of your wedding. Write down everything you love about him, the things he does to make you smile; mention his little idiosyncrasies that set your heart aflutter. Put down all the real honest things that you love about your man. It’s your honesty and truthfulness that will impress him, not empty praises or flattery.

Giant Wedding Day Feast

Pre-nuptial jitters are quite common and natural too. He might be feeling weird that morning. Send him some tasty breakfast items most preferably from his favorite brunch spot. Or send him a bottle of champagne, whiskey, rye, tequila whatever he likes. And don’t forget to send him a love note with it.

It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So send him a great meal, to make him happy and help him deal with wedding day jitters. You could order breakfast or brunch from his favorite café, or a gourmet basket full of delicious treats like wine, cheeses, crackers, pate, fruit preserves and chocolates. If it’s your cooking that he loves, then you could even whip up something that he loves if you’re up for it. Have it sent to him with a handwritten note.

Collage of Your Old Couple Moments

A stunning photo frame with an old picture of you two, is another great idea. This will surely make him feel nostalgic. Or if you want to add more sultriness to it, then add some boudoir style image of you to fascinate him.

If you and your would be hubby have been in a relationship for a while then you must have a ton of photos lying around. Have collage made out of the special moments that you two have shared, or pick one photo and have it framed. You can get personalized photo mugs, wall plates, calendars or even t-shirts printed. If you want your husband to get a preview of what’s to come for your honeymoon, then you could send him some sultry photos of yourself as well. It will hike up his anticipation and add that spice to your relationship.

Wedding Day Etiquette Gifts for Your To Be Husband

It’s natural for the groom to be a little nervous before the D-day. In order to help him deal with his jitters, try to maintain a cool and calm environment. It’s a big day for the both of you so try to keep your head clear. Relax and get a good night’s sleep so that you well rested on the day of the wedding. If possible get an appointment for a couple’s massage and spa session. A relaxing day at the spa will work wonders for both of you.

Men's Chronograph Watch

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A watch is a classic gift for any man. The Casio Enticer Chronograph analog watch is a smart accessory that will complete any outfit. This silver stainless steel watch has a round white dial and is even resistant to water for up to 50 meters. This watch would make an excellent pre-wedding gift for your to be husband. Buy it for Rs.4,225 from amazon.in

Charging Wallet

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Help your man always stay connected with the Three Secondz Circean Aluminum RFID Blocking Portable Wallet cum Power Bank. This unique accessory fits right into the pocket and weighs as little as 377 gm. It holds your money, ID and credit cards while simultaneously charging your smart phone or tablet. Buy it for Rs.689 from amazon.in

Shave Set

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Getting a smooth shave is a vital part of the pre-wedding day preparations. Gift a Shaving set to your man so that he can be well groomed on the day of the wedding. Spruce Shave Club Lemon and Ginger Gel 5X Ultimate Gift Box contains everything that your man will require to look good on his wedding day.

This elegant gift box contains 1 Razor with pack of 4 cartridges with blades made in the USA, a 50 gm tube of Herbal shave gel and a tube of post shave balm. Both products are a 100 percent sulphate and paraben free. It also contains a genuine wood shaving brush with ultra soft imitation badger hair bristles.

A Paisley Skinny Tie

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If your man enjoys dressing up in suits and appreciates a bit of flamboyance then he will definitely like the Original Penguin Men's Shadetree Paisley Tie from amazon.in. This beautiful paisley print tie has the original penguin logo at the tipping and costs around Rs.7,786. You can also buy him a tie and pocket square set matching with the suit he is going to wear for the wedding.

Personalised Oval Cuff Links

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If you want your man to wear something gifted by you on the day of your wedding then give him a pair of personalised cufflinks from engrave.in. These cuff links are made of brass with rhodium plating in yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Get the cuff links engraved with a special short message, your initials or maybe a date significant to you both like the day your first met.

Leather Passport Cover

The Brown Leather Passport Holder from themancompany.com will come in useful when you leave for your honeymoon. This elegant accessory is made of genuine leather with a pocket suitable for all international passports, two card slots and two multi-purpose slip pockets. Buy it for Rs.2,499.

Fossil Graham Leather Messenger Bag

Some of the gifts that men appreciate most are useful items they can use on a daily basis. Buy him an upgrade on his standard laptop briefcase or backpack. A leather messenger bag is a stylish accessory for a professional man and this one from Fossil has an adjustable strap and is big enough to hold a laptop, and other important documents. Buy it from amazon.com for Rs.17,495.

Cool Sunglasses

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A pair of classic sunglasses can make those honeymoon photos look so much more stylish. Gift your husband the Ray-Ban RB3016 Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses from amazon.com. Priced at Rs.4,638, these fashionable sunglasses not only look good but have full UV protection coating on the lenses which protects the eyes form the harmful rays of the sun.

Hubby Love

Having a hard time expressing your feelings for your would be hubby? Let this Hubby Love framed quotation piece do it for you! This whimsical art piece is priced at Rs.799 on floweraura.com and will definitely bring a smile to your husband’s face. Whether you're starting a new home or moving in with your in-laws after the wedding, you will want to add a personal touch to the home decor, and pieces like this are just right for the home of newlyweds.

Good Luck Charm

Many of our superstitions arise from a simple reason: the desire to keep ourselves and those we love out of harm's way. You may or may not believe in warding off the 'evil eye' but many good luck charms are also rather beautiful to look at. And if you do want a little extra luck keeping your man safe, this good luck charm will make a charming gift on your wedding day. A real man makes his own luck but this beautiful blue and silver good luck charm decked with 7 elegant elephants from floweraura.com will definitely act as an inspiration for your to be husband. Buy it for Rs.499.

Your Wedding Day Etiquette Gift Should Revolve Around

The perfect wedding day gifts are those which you can use after the ceremony is over. Things for the honey moon, or for your new home or just a bunch of memorabilia to remind you for your love for each other. We have a few great wedding gift suggestions that don’t cost a fortune but will make your husband a very happy man.

Thoughtful Artwork

If you and your husband-to-be are equally houseproud, then getting something that you can display for all your house guests to see is a sweet idea. We love this framed record of your first dance song – this would be a particularly great gift if your man is a music buff.

Setting up your new home is an activity which requires a bit of work, but is fun and special. Why not get a specialised artwork to add a personal touch to your home? Get your marriage certificate or wedding photo framed for your guests to admire.

Gifts for the Honeymoon

If your man already has everything he needs for the wedding day sorted, why not think ahead and buy him a gift he can use on your honeymoon? A pair of designer sunglasses would work for a beach honeymoon or a ski break, and luxurious toiletries in a leather washbag will always come in useful. We love this Stowaway set from Molton Brown.

Get him something that he can use on the honeymoon. A pair of sunglasses or a travel toiletry set is good idea irrespective of where you are going. If you have a beach holiday planned then get him a great pair of swimming trunks or maybe snorkeling equipment. For a mountainside getaway a pair of leather gloves or a woolen scarf would be good idea.

The Little Things

If you’ve already got your groom a present, or you’ve agreed that you won’t spend a lot of money on each other, then why not choose one of these little added extras just to show him you’re thinking about him? This personalised ’10 Things I Love About You’ box is a keepsake that you’re more likely to keep hold of than a handwritten letter – plus it’s something you can get out on every anniversary to remind yourselves how special your relationship is.

Why write him a love note when you can give him ten? Put together a 10 things I love about you box. List your reasons for loving him on 10 pieces of paper and put it inside a brightly colored decorated box. It would not only make a great wedding gift but also something which you will cherish all your life.

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A Reflection of Your Emotions

It can be difficult to voice the umpteen emotions bubbling up within you on your wedding day; the most glib talkers can find themselves at a loss for words. A gift can come to your rescue and help you say those things you want to say to your husband on the day you get married. Few occasions in your life are as momentous as this day and you want to start this relationship on the right foot. The gift you give him is hardly about the money you spend on it, or the size, what matters most is the massage it brings with it.