Mark the Beginning of Your Marriage with a Perfect Gift for Husband in Wedding Night: 9 Gift Ideas to Sweep Him Off His Feet! (2018)

Mark the Beginning of Your Marriage with a Perfect Gift for Husband in Wedding Night: 9 Gift Ideas to Sweep Him Off His Feet! (2018)

Prepare for the wedding night and have some fun ideas under your sleeve. Among other plans for your first night together, include gifts as well. Gifts will help woo your man into the honeymoon mood. This will make for an unforgettable wedding night. Gifts to give will range from tantalizing gifts to cool and classy accessories. Featured are some of the best gifts for husband on wedding night.

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Why is it Important to Make the First Move in Gifting?

Life has already started unravelling its beautiful surprises for you. You have made the big decision of sharing your life with a man whom you find absolutely amazing. A feeling of great ecstasy and nervousness streams down your body when you think of the wedding night which is catapulting towards you. You’re indecisive about what will you say when you meet him, what will you give him as a present and even if there should be a present at all?

Wedding night gift is a great way to build a beautiful memory, and have an ice breaker in such an anxious arena. It will show your love, and thoughtfulness without needing you to even say a word out loud. Making the first move in gifting can be frightening but is totally worth the beaming smile on his face. It will project your confidence and your efforts, in making this relationship as perfect and fulfilling as a dream come true!

Tips to the Rescue: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Night Gift for Him?

Find Out His Likes and Dislikes

When you start searching for a perfect gift for your husband to be, don’t forget to make a list of the things he strictly likes and dislikes. If you are a bride who did not get a chance to spend a lot of time with him then, stalk through his social media handles to make a judgement about his likes. Subtly, try asking his friends and relatives to tell you about some of the things he really enjoys. After having a brief idea about his likes, take hints from specially handpicked list of gifts! But, if you’re a bride who knows her man to the tee, then, take the plunge and choose amongst the plethora of gift ideas available on our list.

Find Something that Speaks About You

Since, the wedding night marks the beginning of your journey with your man, don’t forget to add your own personality into the gift you choose. If you like cheerfulness and the ‘extra kind of life’ then add vibrancy to your gifts by picking eye-catching colours. If you want to be seen as confident and bold, let the strings be loose and pick a gift that has hints of the sensuousness you exude. While if you are a bride who likes classy and elegant gift items, make a pick from the traditional gift ideas and never ever go wrong.

Look for Gifts which Symbolize How You See the Relationship

Marriage as a relationship, can mean different things to different people. Some believe in it being a bridge built solely on trust and respect; some believe that marriage is more about the love and kindness that you have for your partner; while some believe that it is all about being a team whatsoever. Let your expectations and beliefs related to your relationship shine through the present you pick for him. If you had a lot of things to say, but couldn’t find the time; write down a heart-felt letter. If you feel that marriage is all about love and comfort, explore the erotic side of your personality. If you feel that being the ‘power couple’ is what you imagine your relationship to be like, then gift a posh diamond and show it. Try to look through the gift and let it speak volumes about you, and your personality.

9 Endearing Gift Ideas to Give Your Hubby Dear on the First-Night

A Sensual Kit to Spice Things Up Between the Sheets


The wedding night is one of the most anticipated as well as nerve wrecking occasion for both the bride and the groom. It doesn’t matter whether you had known him for years or met him 3 months ago; the butterflies in the stomach are more like a whole zoo in reality. But, if your dynamics with him are more inclined towards having uninhibited fun and being comfortable, and you low key hate the idea of being a gullible bride who will never ever make the first move then, the KamaSutra Weekender kit is the best present for him.

Not only will it be the perfect spicy ice breaker between the two of you but, it will also establish your confidence between the sheets once and for all. The kit is pocket sized and thus, is easy to carry (and hide!). It includes kissable body treats along with a feathery tickler to give you the slow and sensual start on the first night! It is available on and comes with the price tag of Rs.2,054.

A Token of Love in Your Own Handwriting

A lot of times, the preparation and the ceremonies revolving around marriage take over the time the couple needed to spend together. Those quick meetings and the pressure of making your marriage the most beautiful ceremony that you’ve ever seen did not let you talk to him and open up about the little things that matter the most to you.

The first night is the best time to hold his hand and tell him all about your expectations from this marriage, how you see your future together and what you want your relationship to be like. But, the excitement and nervousness seldom lets people voice their thought. So, you can write down a heartfelt letter, telling all the stories that you want him to know about, how you felt the first time you met him, what are his best qualities and of course, how you feel about the journey that you two are ready to start. Let him feel the love in your own handwriting and warm it all up on the wedding night!

A Diamond, as Solid as Your Love for Each Other

There’s a reason why diamonds are the classic gifts amongst all other choices. Diamond rings have been the favourites as far as gifting on the wedding nights is concerned; you can never go wrong with them. A captivating ring with this gemstone embellished in it symbolizes the strength of your bond. This ring can be a promise, to have trust, patience, respect, understanding and love in the relationship at all times. The diamond symbolizes how your love will can never fade away and will remain strong and sparkling, even in the hardest times of life. It’s nothing but a gift for a lifetime, which is everlasting like the spark in the relationship that you two love birds share. Diamond Rings are available on from as low as Rs.16,000 to as much as Rs.50,000, depending on the diamond and gold purity.

A Cologne That You'll Love Him to Wear

There is nothing much better in a room, than a man whose breathtaking cologne lingers all around and has the potential to keep you hooked on to his fragrance till the end of time. Gift your man the luxurious BVLGARI Man Black Cologne and let him feel pampered and loved. Start your marriage with a beautiful, lovely and aromatic present, which he will remember forever. A branded perfume can cost you anywhere between Rs.2,000 to Rs.8,000. This specific one goes for Rs.5,000 and can be purchased from

A Box of Exotic Chocolates to Start the Journey with a Sweet Lingering Taste

The wedding night holds a great significance for the journey you’re about to start in a new house, with new people, and with your man gradually becoming your best friend. A roller coaster ride awaits you, where you will have to make several adjustments, learn about him as a person and actually vow to spend your lifetime with him. Celebrate this beautiful chorus of happiness, and excitement with a pack of exclusively made milk chocolates and chocolate hearts which have “I love you” printed on them with edible ink. Let the bitter-sweet taste of these assorted chocolates tell him what he means to you! You can get your hands on a box of such exotic chocolates from in just Rs.699!

How About Borrowing from Fifty Shades of Grey?

First nights are closely connected to the sensuality and consummation of the marriage. While your best friends are all ready to hear the spicy tales straight from the bedroom, you can give the experience a complete new twist if you like. If the relationship that you and your soon to-be-hubby dear share is more on the fun, comfortable and being completely open with each other side, then, add a sensual touch to your wedding gift by giving him a pair of fifty shades of grey inspired blindfolds. Let loose of the inhibitions surrounding both of you and make the first move. The Fifty Shades of Grey No Peeking Soft Twin Blindfold Set is a great idea to set the mood, priced at Rs.1,250, they are available on Guys love girls who’re confident enough to own their pleasures, so, what are we waiting for?

A Watch to Symbolize the Blissful Future

The ceremonies of marriage and most of the rituals are done so as to bless the couple with a happy and long married life together. They request the almighty to shower the bride and groom with an everlastingly beautiful lifetime of togetherness. Love is timeless, and so are wrist watches. A classy branded watch which suits his personality and goes along the lines of his likes will surely woo him over. The watch will be a beautiful memory for him, till the end of time. You can choose from the wide varieties of wrist watches available on, starting from just Rs.500!

The Classic Cufflinks, Bow and Tie Set


A gentleman’s ensemble is never complete without a perfectly suitable tie, cufflinks and a lapel pin. These are the staples, a man needs when they’re dressing in their best formal outfits. A set consisting of a slim fit tie (3 inch), a pair of socks, a sparking pair of silver cufflinks, an exclusive tie clip, a bowtie lapel pin and a matching pocket square, will serve as a complete package that you can give your soon to be hubby as a wedding night present. Marriage is all about pushing each other forward and bringing out the best in your partner. This khaki box with men’s staple items can be the perfect way to start your married life on a thoughtful note. The complete package is available at for Rs.1,699 by the company Blacksmith.

A Glittering Bracelet with His Name Engraved on it

The art of gifting is all about being thoughtful and sensitive towards who the person really is and what are his personal likes or dislikes. The one likable thing common for all of us, is a gift that is specifically customised for us. The idea of getting something personalized reflects the fact that the person who had decided on the gift, had put a lot of thought and effort in making it the most special thing you’ve ever received. This is the feeling you want to see in your husband’s eyes when he opens your wedding night present. You want him to feel special, and for that, nothing can be better than a personalized piece of jewellery with his name on it. You can get your hands on gold and silver pendants, rings, bracelets and charms which will be customized according to your preferences and also have your initials carved on it! All of these are readily available on and a simple 18K Gold Plated Bracelet will go for Rs.1,450.

Bonus Tip: Add a Rose to Complete the Gift

Amongst all the beautiful flowers in the world, rose certainly holds a special place. It is held as the symbol of love and affection. The night initiating the journey of your married life should be full of the rosy fragrance and a promise to take care of each other till the end of time. The rose symbolizes the beauty of your relationship, the fragrance of your togetherness and the softness you have for each other. When your gift will be accompanied by a fresh, dewy rose; it is a no brainer that he will understand the feelings you’re trying to showcase. Take the extra mile and make the night extremely special for both of you. All the best!

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Second To None Wedding Night Experience

Woo him over with gifts and an unforgetable night. Though it is up to both of you to make it an unforgetable experience, you can set the pace and electirfy the night. Sensual gifts will do wonders and other gifts such as accessories will depict how much you really believe in your marriage. You can therefore, take the first step or make the first move, with carefully chosen gifts, to have an unforgetable experince on the wedding night.