12 Brilliant Ideas for Wedding Gifts That Cost Under Rs 2000 and Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gift Etiquette (2019)

12 Brilliant Ideas for Wedding Gifts That Cost Under Rs 2000 and Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Gift Etiquette (2019)

Wedding gifts are always tricky, even if you know the couple well. Find here some fantastic ideas for wedding gifts to fit into a budget of Rs 2000. Also read through our tips and guidelines for wedding etiquette to be sure you're putting the right foot forward. So read on!

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Tips for Buying a Fabulous Wedding Gift Under 2000 Rupees

Consider Giving Non-Conventional Gifts

The idea behind a wedding is to congratulate the couple on their wedding and give them something they will cherish. Don't give them something only for the sake of it. If you want to give a gift they will truly remember, go for unconventional things.

Gifts that are unique and funky can be chosen for the event. You can avoid giving gifts that are very stereotypical and mundane like giving kitchenware and household items. Yes, you could opt for these as far as your gift has a unique aspect to it. Surprise the bride and groom by giving something out of the box.

Go for Customised Gifts

Get your gifts customized. Whether you are looking for gifts for your friends, relatives or colleagues there are a lot of options available. All you need is the photo of them and you can customize your gifts using those gifts.

You can go for cute gifts like pillows that have a photo of the couple and coffee mugs with the picture of the two. These gifts have a charm of their own and those whom you are gifting it to will be delighted to receive them. Customization gives your present a personal touch, and makes the receiver value them just a little bit more. The bride and groom are receiving lots of gifts, make yours stand out.

Pick Your Gifts Based on the Bride and Groom's Personality

If you want to give a gift that will be well appreciated then you should know the personality of the recipient. Notice the kind of things they like and then gift accordingly. For example, if you are planning to give a gift to your friend who is into sports then gifting them something related to their favorite sport will be a good idea. Also, if your friend/relative loves to read then you can go for a collection of bestselling novels from their favorite genre. Thus, know the choices of your friend well and then gift them accordingly at their wedding. It will certainly be more worthwhile then gifting them something random.

12 Amazing Wedding Gifts Under Rs 2000

Hand Painted Kettle Set

Your search for adorable and cute gifts ends here. This hand-painted kettle with two cups is perfect for kitchen shelf and decoration. It has gorgeous green and white print on a pastel pink background. The cute hand printed kettle can be kept on the kitchen shelf and is an ideal for adding an aesthetic appeal to any kitchen. It is a perfect pick if you are looking for wedding gifts. The couple can decorate their kitchen with this adorable piece. It is carefully crafted and has a beautiful design. You can shop for this from engrave.in for Rs.1,827.

Majestic Peacock Wall Clock

Gift this pretty and colorful wall clock to the newlywed couple. It is far from the mundane black and white wall clocks. It has the color, character and a lot of spunk. The simple and colorful clock can add a lot of glamour to any wall and is definitely eye catchy. It has a peacock printed in its design in the most beautiful way possible. It can either be kept in the bedroom or the living room. Give this as a wedding gift to your family or friends so that they can decorate their living space with this. You can shop this from Chumbak for Rs.1,495.

Couple Personalised Champagne Flutes

Give this awesomely personalized champagne flutes to the married couple on their wedding. It has the outline of a male and female on the flutes and has names written on it as well. It also has dates mentioned on the champagne flutes. The couple can very well celebrate any occasion together using these personalized flutes. It is indeed a classy gift for any couple. Make their day special with this lovely gift on the day of their wedding. You can shop this from giveter.com for Rs.1,499.

A Fondue Pot

Every newly married couple needs a fondue pot, they just don't know it and therefore, will rarely ever buy one. They're flush with love those first few dreamy months, looking for ways to be amorous and spend romantic evenings (or days) together. Picture a steamy pot of molten chocolate in that blessing of a fondue pot you've given them, and them dipping pieces of fruit in it to feed each other. Pure bliss. Now do you get why they need this?

The Swissmar Kindle 7 Piece Chocolate Fondue Set is ideal for this purpose. The set includes a 280 ml ceramic bowl, a black metal stand fitted with a candle holder to hold and warm the bowl, 4 fondue forks and a tea light candle. Though it's called a chocolate fondue set, it can handle other dips like cheese and butter based ones too. It even comes in a pretty box that is suitable for gifting.

It's a little over budget though at Rs.2,572 on amazon.in.

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to strictly stick to the budget, we have another option. The Goodhomes Ceramic Chocolate Fondue Set is priced at only Rs.1,132 on Amazon and also comes with four forks and 2 tea light candles in addition to the bowl and stand set. However, this one also has a sweet little tray to hold the fondue set and some dipping foods.

Round Chopping or Serving Platter

This is indeed a beautiful chopping and serving platter that will be perfect for any modern kitchen. It is made of pure rubberwood and is specially treated. It is food safe and designed such that it is large enough to conveniently slice, serve and dice. It has a cool appearance and has a cheery, bright and colorful appearance. It has a beautifully designed handle that can be used to carry it around. Give this as a wedding gift to your relatives and friends. You can shop this from engrave.in for Rs.1,690.

A Good Selfie Stick

We'd say give them an instant camera but since that may not fit in a budget of 2000 rupees, give the next best thing - a selfie stick. Everyone has decent cameras on their smartphone these days and lugging a big, bulky DSLR around on holiday isn't everyone's cup of tea. A stick will be useful capturing all their lovely moments on honeymoon and after.

The Zaap Nustar4 Selfie Stick is a great choice. Made of aluminium, it is strong and lightweight, the monopod selfie stick adjusts up to a 275° angle, and has a spring loaded mount so the smartphone sits snug without the danger of falling. It doesn't need Bluetooth, nor does it have to be charged, just plug and play.

It extends to 27 inches, measuring only 7 when collapsed and weighs a mere 155 grams. It also comes with a wrist strap and carry bag, plus a 12 month warranty so they can use it for subsequent holidays too. It's priced at Rs.1,799 on Amazon.

If you don't mind going slightly over budget, give them a selfie stick armed with extra lighting for those romantic moonlit night walks on their honeymoon. Like the Robobull Selfie Stick with Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand.

This one is also compatible with most phones, but rotates a full 360° and extend to an impressive 6 feet. When folded it is slightly bigger than the other stick - 12.5 inches, but is lighter, weighing 145 gm. A rectangle steel clamp with silicone grip keeps the phone secure. It also has Bluetooth connectivity of up to 10 meters and comes with a Bluetooth remote, is fitted with LED lights that can provide extra lighting to your shots in three settings - warm, cold and neutral.

For all this it comes with a price tag of Rs.2,499 on amazon.in.

Philips HD 7450 Coffee Maker (Black)

This is a stylish black color coffee maker. It makes up to 6 cups of coffee and has a water level indicator. Its power consumption is 650 W. This Philips HD 7450/20 6 Cups Coffee Maker has a warranty of 2 years. It has a sleek and ergonomic body that occupies the minimal space. It has a simple interface and has a high funnel type filter that causes even distribution of the coffee. The coffee maker makes coffee that has the perfect aroma and flavor. You can interrupt the brewing process anytime by using the drip stop feature. All the parts of the coffee maker are dishwasher safe. You do not have to face the hassle of entangled cords. It has a very short brewing time of 8 minutes. Enjoy a perfectly brewed every single time. This could be the perfect wedding gift for your friend's, relatives or colleagues. You can shop this from giveter.com for Rs.1,995.

Wall Hanging Candle Holder

This is a very pretty wall hanging card holder. It is a black candle holder in metallic black. There are four slots to keep the candle of your choice and it makes for a perfect home decor gift. It is black in color with a beautiful design. The wall hanging can be kept in any room and brings a charm to any living space. Gift it as a wedding gift to your friends so that they can decorate their houses with this beautiful gift. You can shop this from giveter.com for Rs.1,923.

Brown Warli Quarter Side Plates

These gorgeous warli print side plates are handpicked and specially designed. They have a traditional craft with a modern twist. The 4 plates are made of ceramic and can be washed normally with detergent. They make any kitchen look adorable and have a classic warli print on them. The colors used are also very soothing and the design is remarkable. It is perfect for any dinner or get together at home. You can give it as a wedding gift to your friends, colleagues or relatives. Shop for this amazing piece on engrave.in for Rs.1,500.

DigiFlip DF001 6 inch Digital Photo Frame

Photographs are very close to everyone’s hearts because of the beautiful memories that they hold. From physical prints to digital copies, photos are indeed always special. This is a digital photo frame that holds all your cherishable memories in one place. It is indeed a blend of technology and creativity. It has a 6 inch LCD screen and can be placed in landscape and portrait modes. Moreover, it also comes with a calendar and clock. You can display all your pictures with a slideshow feature. It is compatible with SD cards up to the capacity of 32 GB and has an internal memory of 4 MB. You can shop this from giveter.com for Rs.1,999.

Lavender Ceramic Pot Arrangement with Aroma Oil

Gift this lavender ceramic pot arrangement with aroma oil as a wedding gift. It has a gorgeous arrangement of artificial flowers along with a bunch of bamboo sticks and dried botanicals that are bound together with hemp rope and kept in a ceramic pot. It gives a very natural look to the home decor. You can use a dry cloth to clean the same and it should be kept moist and away from direct sunlight. You should also not wash it. It also has an aroma spray that you can use to give it a beautiful fragrance. Shop this from giskaa.com for Rs.1,999.

Waffle Maker

Why give any mundane gift when you gift this waffle maker to your friends or family at their wedding? It is a 750-watt waffle maker that is black in color. It has supreme quality and does not have a butter option thus keeping it healthy. The waffle maker has a warranty of 1 year on it. It is very compact and does not occupy much space. Moreover, it is very lightweight and you can easily use it due to its user-friendly design. It has a user manual and warranty card as well. It is an ideal wedding gift. You can shop the same from Amazon for Rs.1,179.

Wedding Etiquette for Guests that You Should Know About

Dress According to the Style of the Wedding

Even though it feels great to dress as you wish while attending a wedding, it is always advised to stick to the style of invitation. Weddings are rather sentimental and no one would like to have a guest who dresses inappropriately at their wedding. So, make it a point to wear something that will suit the occasion and will match the style of invitation. If you have been invited for an Indian wedding, particularly from a traditional background then go for ethnic wear only. Even if you wear Indo-western or modern clothes, wear something that is decent and would not raise any objections. This way you can be a good guest and join the celebration in panache.

Don't Bring Along Add on Guests

Weddings are definitely costly and you should read the invites well before bringing a plus one. Most of the times people do budgeting for the weddings and make arrangements for food and seating accordingly. If you happen to bring an extra guest unannounced, the whole calculation goes to a toss. This is why you should make it a point to avoid bringing extra people unless the invite says so. Many invites these days also have a note that says “you are invited to your family” in which case it is a good idea to go with your family, but that doesn't mean you further extend the invite to other friends or relatives. Be a good guest by keeping this etiquette in mind.

Be Sensitive to the Couple's Traditions and Religion

We live in a society that has a blend of cultures and traditions. While you might have a strong opinion about how things should be, it is preferred that you keep it to yourself. You should be sensitive to the religion and tradition of the couple as it is a very special day for them. Make sure that you do not say something that might offend their religious sentiments. You certainly don’t want to be the guests who are frowned upon for spoiling the mood. So, attend the function by being a decent guest and join them on their special day.

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Give gifts that have a genuine appeal

You're giving a budget wedding gift either because that's all your finances can afford at the moment, or you're simply not that close to the person you're giving it to. In both cases it would be fairly easy to pick up the first thing you see that fits your budget, but do pause to think whether it is a nice gift. There are enough home decor items, glassware sets, table and wall clocks, fabric pieces and similar items being bought and given as wedding gifts that no one actually uses, or even likes. They are simply repacked and passed on to the next person. It would be better to give cash in an envelope or a gift certificate than such useless items.