What Do You Put in a Wedding Gift Hamper? Creative Ideas  as Well as 10 Gorgeous Gift Baskets for Weddings to Buy Online (2018)

What Do You Put in a Wedding Gift Hamper? Creative Ideas as Well as 10 Gorgeous Gift Baskets for Weddings to Buy Online (2018)

Beauty and good vibes are the theme and mood of a wedding. Whether a friend or a relative, being prepared for the occasion and presenting a suitable gift is a commendable thing. It should not be taken for granted as it is like a blessing bestowed on the wedding couple. To help you arm yourself with enough knowledge and some ideas for apt gifts to give, BP-Guide has gone through gift hampers that will bestow upon the couple good fortune and a happily ever after.

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What to Put in a Wedding Gift Hamper

Nice and Naughty Gift Basket

A wedding gift basket is an exciting way to welcome the newly-weds to the beautiful world of Matrimony and give them another opportunity to enjoy the festivities! Depending on your closeness to the couple and their personalities, you can custom design a hamper for both, of things that you think they will enjoy. When you put together a hamper, it would symbolize your love and care for them, with a little bit of forward thinking and with the help of online portals or retails stores around you, you can create a perfect gift basket for them.

If the couple appreciates a good sense of humor, they’d simply love the ‘nice & naughty’ gift basket which is meant to put them into a romantic mood with some light-hearted humor, without offending their sensitivities. Its contents could have some couple games, a sensuous pillow spray, some edible body paints, an aromatic candle, and a wooden massager. The hamper could be red or black in color, keeping up with the theme of the wedding or the basket, it should be presented well with some tissue or colored shredded paper at the base so that the things you put in the basket are highlighted, you can also choose to seal the hamper with a clear plastic wrap to prevent the contents from falling out of the basket, and put a bow that matches the color of the hamper.

Unwind After Wedding Hamper

Weddings can be very exhausting and the endless meet and greet, the ceremonies, and the long festivities would surely have tired the couple. a gift basket that would help them unwind with a comfortable night clothing, a lavender foot lotion for their aching feet, a lavender pillow spray, some lavender scented candles, which would help fill the room with calm making it easier for them to tune into the night, some munchies and green tea sachets to fill their empty tummies late night and most importantly the ‘do-not-disturb’ door sign would be much required.

Delicious Offerings

You’d also gift the newlyweds a gourmet hamper filled with smoked almonds, roasted peanuts, mini breadsticks, a mixed set of dips, assorted cheese, some delectable desserts such as dark chocolates, a selection of truffles, flavored body paints, yogurt-covered pretzels, fudge filled cookies, an assortment of biscuits and crackers, a bottle of sparkling wine and a pair of wine glasses. Adorn the basket with some rose petals, fancy ribbons, some pearl beads and/or a romantic music CD.

10 Stunning Gift Baskets to Give at a Wedding

Perfect Intimacy Hamper

What’s a better way of bringing the couple closer after the long drawn, power packed festivities of the wedding than an Intimacy Hamper which includes lingerie for the bride, a pair of silk boxers for the groom, an aromatic massage oil, a spicy chocolate bar that would tickle their taste buds with a combination of spicy red chili and aromatic dark chocolate for an exciting experience, differently flavored body paint that’s safe, edible and delicious, few red scented candles to spread the romance and add to the ambiance of their room, some flowers for decoration or to add to the mood of the hour, a bottle of sparkling wine and two wine glasses. Depending on how much you’d like to spend on this kind of a hamper, the approximate cost of the gift comes out to Rs.7,000 or so.

All these can be found separately from different sites listed below. Buy them individually and make your own hamper for the couple.
  • Sexy lingerie from Clovia.
  • Sensual Massage Oil infused with cold pressed aromatherapy essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, sweet almond and pure jojoba at a price of Rs.2,707 from Amazon India.
  • A set of edible body paint, complete with 5 flavoured paints, a palette and 2 brushes for Rs.900 from Taj Online.
  • A pair of two Stallion Barware Unbreakable Flute Champagne Glass for Rs.809 from Pepperfry.
  • A delicious rapberry flavoured Colour Connect Pillar Candle that stands 6 inches tall and has a burn time of 70 hours for Rs.399 from Home Centre.

Bath Bubbles Hamper

With this luxurious at-home spa hamper that comes packaged in a beautiful basket, newlyweds can now enjoy a relaxing bath and spa experience within the comfort of their space. The hamper includes an aromatic Cherry Blossom combination of a shower gel of 300ml, a 300ml bubble bath foam, a body lotion of 200ml, bath salts (100gm), 2 bath pouf sponges, and a loofah back scrubber, all combined in a hand weaved soft pink basket. These lovely bath accessories are paraben free, and made of Shea Butter and Vitamin E to soothe, moisturize and protect the skin. The hamper is available at Ubuy.co.in and is priced at Rs. 2,336.

Gourmet Cheese & Wine Hamper

A platter of Brie, Gouda and Edam cheese, accompanied with fresh farm-picked bites are a perfect way to entice their taste buds and gift them a premium tasting experience to celebrate their new life together. The gift hamper includes 4kg Gouda Cheese, 5 kg flavored Gouda, 3 kg Forval Tgt Manchego, 125gms of Brie, some parsley, crackers, 450gms plain black Olives and a Glass Platter for the entire spread. This cheese platter hamper is priced at Rs. 2,999. It can bw got from Naturesbest.co.in.

Fondue Indulgence Hamper

A perfect dessert, Fondue can be relished together, giving way to an intimate and exciting time of endless conversations, romantic and tasty experiences. The Fondue Indulgence Hamper includes a fondue set, flavored marshmallows, shortbread cookie fingers, dessert sauce, chocolate chips, dark chocolate bar, and Pretzel longs ticks, all in a beautiful box with vibrant colored fillers, hand-designed with these delectable and faux floral arrangements, lovingly wrapped with ribbons. You can add a personal message for the couple and attach it to the hamper on a lovely gift tag. The hamper can be purchased from thegourmatbox.in and is priced at Rs.3,250.

Fruits Gift Hamper

Fresh Fruits are a welcome delight anytime by anyone. Not only do the fruits bring a sense of freshness and rejuvenation but also provide a much needed respite from the heavy food ingested during the festivities, thus giving the couple an opportunity to detoxify. You can customize the hamper with a quantity of your choice of fruits and mixed dry fruits available from 3-4kgs of fruits in combination with ½ to 1 kg of Dry fruits, ranging between Rs. 1500-2600. All these are available on Indiagift.in.

Outdoor Picnic Basket

Source www.amazon.in

This picnic basket designed for a Couple is made of dark wood, lined with red plaid fabric on the inside. Designed in wood with metal clasps on the top of the basket and the handle, it measures 44x20x30 cm and has a suitcase-kind opening handle. The picnic basket is inclusive of 2 coffee mugs, 2 plates, spoons, knives and forks, a pair of salt n pepper shakers, a wine opener and a plate for 2. This English looking picnic basket can be got from Amazon.in and is a lovely gift that is priced at Rs. 3,550.

Flowers and Cake Gift Combo

Source www.fnp.com

Usually known to be originating tropically, Orchids are now found almost in every continent across the globe. They are extremely beautiful with their beautiful hues and vibrant colors and make for an excellent gift for special occasions. Gift a perfect combination of Roses and Orchids in a vase formation that includes 12 pink roses for love, 12 blue orchids, and a 4”x 6’ cylindrical glass vase with some green fillers, along with a 1 kg Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake shaped like a heart. It is 9 inches in diameter and comes with a knife and candles. This lovely gift combination comes at a price of Rs. 2,948.

Source www.fnp.com

The Roses and Orchids are available at Fnp.com at Rs 1,899 while the Chocolate Truffle Cake is available at Fnp.com at Rs 1,049.

Stemless Champagne Flutes and Champagne

Champagne symbolizes luxury and hence enjoys a special place in the realm of memorable events and occasions. The tradition of drinking Champagne to mark celebrations began in Europe in the royal courts before 1789, where it was regarded as a status symbol. Even though Champagne is usually used by couples during their wedding as a means to toast to their new life together by their loved ones, in India, it’s an expensive option to gift for the guests. Hence, you can choose to gift the Sparkly with a set of Champagne Flutes to the couple to celebrate later in style and in privacy. The cost of Champagne varies according to your choice of the bubbly with a starting range of Rs. 3,000, one can get a good bottle from Delhidutyfree.co.in.

The stemless Champagne flutes are priced at Rs. 3,264 and can be got from Uncommongoods.com, with exclusive crafted symbols of ‘Hold’ and ‘Have’, one on each glass,

The Wedding Hamper

Abroad, couples usually have wedding registries where they communicate their gift preferences to their friends and loved ones and with the help of the web portal or retail store that’s assisting their gift enlists, the couple then lists their desirables, hence avoiding duplication on either the couple’s or the guest’s side. However, in India, this is still miles away. You can wish to gift them something unique like a wedding hamper which can be filled with edible treats, honeymoon specific accessories and gifts or memorabilia items to symbolize their love to each other. You can choose a variety of small token items, like some favored chocolates that they both like, assorted cookies, etc.

You can experiment with your creativity in designing the hamper. For instance, if they enjoy baking, you can come up with the ingredients to bake cookies and put them together in a jar and label it ‘Biscuit in a Jar’ and also share the cookie baking recipe for the couple. For their honeymoon trip, you’d gift them a basket of sunscreens, destination guidebook, some travel accessories like, neck pillows, portable leg rests, pocket blankets, ear plugs, eye masks, etc. Depending on how much you’d like to spend on the hamper, you can then pick and choose accordingly.

Marriage Survival Hamper

The Marriage Survival Kit Hamper is a lovely and thoughtful way of sending your best wishes to the couple that will stay with them forever, as well as prepare them in terms of their future together. The hamper should ideally be filled with stuff that is of emotional significance.

Some ideas to help you with this hamper can be:

  • A Box of MATCHES which says – because you’re the perfect match.
  • CANDLES – so your life together is always bright.
  • A Pair or more of SNICKERS – to keep things light and happy.
  • TIC TACS – to keep the union fresh.
  • EYE MASK & EAR PLUGS – for when you don’t want to hear or see each other.
  • HONEY – to help you stick together.
  • JAM – to sweeten your life always.
  • ERASERS – to wipe off mistakes, because everyone makes them.
  • TISSUES – to comfort one another.
  • LIP BALM – to kiss and makeup.
  • A SODA POP – to celebrate good times.

Dress it up with some colored paper fillers, gift tags, adorn it with ribbons, twines or cords. Design the hamper in your creative style, perhaps with an antique tone and a soft base and fill it with things that will put a smile on their lips and make them laugh out loud! Label each gift in the hamper with a handwritten tag to personalize the effect and feel free to include some witty, light-hearted piece of advice to tackle the marital woes. The best thing about hampers is their versatility, hence you can customize it according to their personalities or your knowledge of their individualities to create a special gift.

Bonus Tip: The Newly Wed Experience!

Once the festivities are over, the honeymoon trip is enjoyed and the couple returns home, real life is going to surprise even the most cautious people. It would be a good idea to help your couple friends be prepared to face the rigmarole of their routine life together. You can come up with some creative ways of putting your two bit of marital advice before them, by designing a small handcrafted booklet or a video presentation with some soothing background music, unique artwork or couple pictures and witty quotes to explain the tips. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to include short but effective messages for the couple they will cherish for life. Some ideas to share could be:

  • Home is where the heart is:
    Create a space that’s comfortable for both of you. Fill it with cozy comforts and a lot of love.

  • Romance in the air:
    Keep your phones off the dinner table and dress up for each other every now and then!

  • There's always Band-Aid:
    Life can be overwhelming, and every day may not be ideal. Comfort each other with healthy discussions, share the pains and heal the hurts with a dressing of love.

  • A shoulder to lean on:
    You’ve taken care of yourself so far, and very well. But now you have a partner and you need not be battling it all on your own. Be there for each other and shoulder the burdens together.

  • Thank you hon!
    Whining is easy, complaining isn’t wise either. But if you resolve challenges, with a lot of love and care, why go the angry way. Express your love and gratitude for all that you both do for each other knowingly or unawares and see how breezy life gets! Stay connected lovingly.
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