The Secrets to Dressing Smart! 3 Traditional Saree Types You Didn't Know Existed + 9 Striking Sarees That Take the Humble Drape to the Next Level (2019)

The Secrets to Dressing Smart! 3 Traditional Saree Types You Didn't Know Existed + 9 Striking Sarees That Take the Humble Drape to the Next Level (2019)

Sarees are magic in six yards. Even though there are quite a lot of sarees in modern synthetic fabrics and designs, they cannot beat the beauty of the traditional saree types like Sambalpuri and Muga. And that's what we bring to you! Traditional saree types that are unique to a specific region. Also, available are 9 sensational sarees that put the western outfits to shame with their beauty and elegance. Use them for your inspiration next time you buy a new saree or may buy one of them.

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Unique Varieties of Sarees Ingenious to Specific Regions in India

Sambalpuri from Orissa

Sambalpuri is a fully handwoven saree. The warp and weft are usually hand dyed before weaving them together. Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Bodh district and Balangir district are some of the places in Orissa where this saree is produced.

It usually contains traditional motifs like flowers, shells and wheels. The tie and dye weaving are also known as ikat. Apart from sarees, ikkat is available in fabrics and dress materials as well. The sarees are available in beautiful colours like red, blue, yellow, pink and purple.

These sarees are usually available in cotton and silk fabrics. Thus, you can wear cotton ones in casual functions while the silk ones in heavy wedding functions. Make sure that you at least own one piece of Sambalpuri saree from Orissa.

Muga from Assam

Muga silk is from Assam and it is considered one of the rich sarees. Also, the sarees can cost you literally a fortune. The silk is used of the best quality and normally the texture of the saree is fine and durable.

In Assam, men usually buy this saree to impress the ladies. Muga silk can be dyed in different colours. It is recommended to hand wash the saree and the amazing part is that the silk gets better after every wash.

It is a rich gift of nature and also a very important thing in the culture of Assam. Muga sarees are hand woven, henc a lot of work goes in the production of these silk sarees. Flaunt a Muga saree in the next party or wedding you are invited to.

Paithani from Maharashtra

Paithani saree is named after a town in Maharashtra which is called Paithan. These sarees are worn by the Maharashtrian community during weddings and important festivals. They are made out of silk and are woven totally by hand.

The saree contains traditional motifs like the peacock. The saree has a kaleidoscopic effect which is achieved by using two different colours of silk for the warp and weft, or the length and width of the saree when weaving. Golden colour weaving is a common point in almost all Paithani sarees.

The saree contains a plain weave and normally zari material is used. This is a very unique and dressy saree which is available in all parts of Maharashtra. Make sure to own atleast one piece in your wardrobe.

How to Check if the Saree is of Good Quality?

Sarees look good only if the fabric used is of good quality. However, the market is filled with a lot of different types of sarees. Thus, it is important to choose a good quality of saree.

To check the fabric of the saree, try pulling a small part of the fabric from both sides. If you see the weaves of the saree losing or the fabric starting to tear, then do not buy the saree. Also, check the embellishments properly.

Bad quality threads and embellishments usually fall off and spoil the look of the saree. Make sure to buy sarees from brands you trust, to avoid such issues. If you are trying a new brand then, buy a less expensive saree.

Sarees Made with Traditional Techniques

Hand Block Kalamkari Printed Cotton Saree


Indie Picks Hand Block Kalamkari Printed Cotton Saree from is a beautiful saree. It is made out of a traditional block printing technique which is known as Kalamkari. You can flaunt this saree on a regular day at work or a while going to a formal meeting.

The saree is 5.5 meters long and the width is 1.1 meters. Kalamkari technique is usually practised in Machilipatnam which is a cluster in Andhra Pradesh. The saree is fully printed with traditional floral motifs. The blouse is red in colour and is 0.8 meters. The saree and blouse both are made out of 100% cotton fabric. Kalamkari process usually involves fading and bleeding of colours due to the traditional dyeing and printing process. However, wash it separately to increase the fabric and colour life. It is priced at Rs.1000.

South Cotton Textured Saree with Zari Border


Cotton sarees are great because they look dressy but can be worn to the office or a lunch date. One such saree that you can flaunt on a date is Indie Picks South Cotton Textured Saree with Zari Border from The saree has beautiful stripes with different borders.

The base fabric is grey while the stripes are black in colour. The saree has golden and green coloured borders. It also has a traditional pink border with mango motif which makes the saree unique and different.

The borders also contain zari work. The saree is 5.5 meters long while the width is of 1.1 meters. The blouse piece is grey in colour and is 0.60 meters long. It is priced for Rs.799.

Hand Tie & Dyed Block Printed Constructed Cotton Saree

Tie & Dyed Block Printed Constructed Cotton Saree from is another great trendy choice. You can flaunt it at a party to look fashionable.

It is a saree yet it looks like a dress. The saree is fully constructed and thus, it is a good option if you are looking for convenience. Made out of 100% cotton the saree features the tie and dye technique in a vibrant combination of green and black colours.

The product is completely hand dyed and printed. It is necessary to dry clean wash the saree. Pair it up with white heels and dangle earrings for a classy ethnic look. The saree is priced at Rs.1,999.

Ikkat Pattern Block Printed Malmal Grey Cotton Saree

Ikkat pattern block printed malmal grey cotton saree from is a gorgeous choice. It uses the traditional technique of Ikkat and comes in an eye-catching combination of red, white and grey. A red border is available at the hemline of the saree.

The fabric is malmal cotton and it also contains bagru painting which is a technique involving printing with natural colours followed by chippas, which is a speciality of Rajasthan. An unstitched blouse fabric of black colour is available with the saree. The saree is priced at Rs.1,500.

Fancy Sarees

Classic And Truly Traditional Cream Soft Silk Saree


Sarees look elegant in parties and gatherings. Thus, if you have a party invite where the dress code is ethnic, then opt for this Soft Silk Saree from

It is a very classy piece made of soft silk. The base fabric of the saree is cream in colour and has a self-print. It contains thick borders of red and gold at the hemline. The blouse is also red in colour with a golden border at the hemline. The blouse is unstitched and is 0.80 meters long. The saree is 5.30 meters long. Pair it up with traditional jhumka earrings and golden heels. It is priced at Rs.1,799.

Elegant Yellow Silk Saree

If you are to attend a day function, you need to choose an appropriate colour and design. Sarees with deep shades or featuring heavy work would not look good in the daylight. You need pastel and soothing colours with minimalistic and classy work.

Hence, opt for this Elegant Yellow Silk Saree from The saree is yellow in colour and is made out of chanderi silk fabric. It has floral motifs embroidered on the hemline. The flowers are in pink, yellow and green colour which make the saree stand out. The embroidery is carried out by resham threads. The length of the saree is 5.50 meters. An unstitched blouse piece of 0.8 meters comes with the saree. The blouse is also yellow in colour and the whole set is priced at Rs.1,490.

Combination of Different Fabrics

Viva N Diva Half & Half Saree with Floral Embroidery


Viva N Diva Half & Half Saree with Floral Embroidery from is a unique and trendy piece that you can flaunt at parties or cocktail nights. The saree is made out of georgette and lycra fabrics.

The skirt part of the saree is red in colour and contains embroidery near the hemline. The embroidery has floral motifs in blue and golden colour. The pallu of the saree is royal blue in colour. The whole saree contains a zari border on the hemline with an embellished taping along the contrast border. The saree comes with a blue coloured unstitched blouse piece of 0.80 meters in length. It is priced at Rs.942.

Yellow Casual Printed Georgette Saree


Georgette sarees are not only comfortable to drape but are also very light. They can be worn in summers as well. Flaunt this Yellow Casual Printed Georgette Saree from on a regular day at work.

The saree is made out of georgette fabric and is yellow in colour. The saree also contains prints of flowers with leaves. The print is green and blue in colour which makes the saree look elegant. The saree also contains a blue coloured border on the hemline. The blouse is unstitched and is blue in colour. It is made out of bangalory silk fabric. The saree is 5.5 meters long while the blouse piece is 0.80 meters long. The product is priced at Rs.447.

Sun Kalamkari Print Cotton Rayon Saree


Sarees need not be traditional. They can be modern, quirky and fun. One such saree is the Sun Kalamkari Print Cotton Rayon Saree from It is made of cotton and rayon fabrics.

The saree has a printed pallu which is the highlight of this piece. It contains motifs of peacock and flowers. The pallu is made out of green, maroon and yellow colours. However, the fun element is the contrasting pink colour of the rest of the saree. The whole combination looks unique and quirky. The print on the pallu is also added on the hemline of the saree as the border. The blouse piece that comes with this saree is a printed one which is black and white in colour.

Again, the contrasting blouse piece looks wonderful with the whole saree. The saree is 5.25 meters long while the blouse piece is 1.1 meters long. This product is priced at Rs.2,012.

Bonus Tip: Drape the Saree in Different Styles

Sarees can be interesting, fun, sexy, formal and much more. More than the saree, it actually depends on the draping style. It is important to have fun with the saree and try different draping techniques if you do not want to look the same and boring.

One of the different ways to do it is to drape the saree as a dhoti. Instead of checking out the steps, we recommend seeing YouTube videos on this style. It will give you a clear and better picture.

Apart from that, you can actually get variations in the way you drape your pallu. If the saree is long, then you can get your pallu in the front from the other side. You could also wear a belt on your midriff to add a bit of western touch to your look.

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Beauty and Quality bring Glamour and Class to the Saree

Sarees are an important part of a woman's wardrobe. Even if she doesn't wear it often, she prefers one or ten or more in her wardrobe just for the beauty and elegance. It is an irrefutable fact that saree adds to the glamour of a woman. The old-school way of buying sarees is to visit stores and buy one after looking at tens or maybe hundreds of sarees. It gives them the assurance of getting a good deal and also about the quality.

But with the invention of the internet, it all has changed. But you still can get a saree of good quality online. Be sure the seller and the website have good reviews online. Also, make sure they have a well-defined return policy so that you can return any defective pieces. A quality saree can stay with you for aeons and bless you with its grace and appeal.