Long Kurtis Can Be Statement Pieces If You Know How to Style Them Properly! 10 Amazing Long Kurti Designs and How to Style Them in Different Ways (2020)

Long Kurtis Can Be Statement Pieces If You Know How to Style Them Properly! 10 Amazing Long Kurti Designs and How to Style Them in Different Ways (2020)

There is no doubt in the fact that a kurti looks way more stylish and formal than any other casual wear. Kurtis are available in all styles and lengths, but long kurti are the most stylish of all. Not only can they be styled in various ways but they can also be worn with pants, pallazos or skirts. Long kurtis make you look instantly graceful and elegant. They also make you look taller. You just need to know different ways they can be styled in. Just add perfect accessories and some stilettos and you are all set to go!

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Why You Should Totally Have a Long Kurti in Your Wardrobe?

Looks Stylish And Traditional At The Same Time

You must have at least one long kurti in your closet and the reasons behind it are many. No matter what kind of long kurti you wear, you can always look both traditional and stylish at the same time. Whether these are straight long kurtis or flared ones, there is no way you can go wrong with a long kurti, no matter what kind of occasion it is. In fact, one can easily modify their flared long kurtis to give the illusion of a gown. Just a little bit of styling can take you places in a long kurti.

Can Be Used In Multiple Ways

As we mentioned earlier, long kurti can be styled and worn in different ways. In fact, you can create so many looks with just a single kurti. You can also find long kurti for jeans and palazzos, which looks way different and fashionable as compared to the one paired with leggings. Not only that but you can simply wear a flared long kurti without any bottom wear and a statement belt to make it look like a dress. You can also change your kurti game by pairing it up with a nice dupatta, too.

Perfect For All Seasons

Whether it is hot summers or chilly winters, you can always rock a kurti, no matter what. You can also find different fabric options too, like cotton or muslin for summers and wool or silk for winters. There is no way you can’t find such diversity and versatility in any other garment. In fact, cotton kurtis are a much better choice in summers, as compared to other dresses like jeans, tops, saree etc. It is because they provide complete comfort and the material also doesn’t stick to your body too.

10 Elegant Long Kurti Designs You Can Find Online

Green Party Wear Printed Cotton Kurti

Featuring the very first long kurti in this section is this olive green printed cotton kurti. The beautiful floor length kurti is a total stunner and perfect for all sorts of occasions; from work to college to even family dinners too. This beautiful kurti is available in pink and yellow colours too. The lightweight cotton fabric of this kurti is ideal for summers.

The cotton kurti also has a mandarin collared neck and 3/4th length sleeves. You can also spot some button details from the top to bottom of the kurti, with pocket detail too. You are going to love the Boho print on the edge of the kurti, as it brings versatility to an otherwise simple yet stylish kurti. You can pair this kurti with leggings and palazzo. Buy it now on Peachmode.com for 790Rs.

Embroidered Women A-Line Kurti

If you want to keep it casual yet fresh, then you should totally check out this embroidered A-line long kurti here. Available in white colour, this kurti is all about giving off chic vibes and can be paired with anything from palazzos to jeans to leggings and even skirts or culottes, as well. Made out of rayon fabric which is quite lightweight, this kurti is sleeveless and has a little bit of flare. You can spot this really pretty pink embroidered design on the neck and yoke area of the kurti.

As the fabric is quite thin, you may have to wear a white camisole inside. Moreover, the round neck and simple appeal of this kurti is perfect as a work outfit, too. This super pretty long kurti is available for purchase on Flipkart.com for 380Rs.

Printed Layered Long Kurti

You are definitely going to love this long kurti available in a mustard yellow colour. This beautiful kurti is actually layered and looks absolutely fantastic in terms of design and pattern. This kurti here is made out of cotton fabric and has three quarter length sleeves. The layered kurti is basically comprised of two different kurtis, where the first one is a sleeveless flared kurti, over which you wear a straight kurti.

You can also notice drawstring details on the side cuts of the straight kurti to adjust its fitting. You can wear both the kurtis separately, too. The self design kurtis have round neck and beautiful prints on them. You do not even need to wear leggings underneath it as the kurti is floor length. Buy it now on Limeroad.com for 713Rs.

Pink Straight Long Kurti

One of our most favourite picks among all that are ones mentioned, this Anouk pink printed straight kurti is all about comfort and style. The very millennial kind of kurti is made out of 100% cotton fabric and has a straight cut design. The kurti has three quarter length sleeves with V-neck design. You are definitely going to love the little pom-pom detailing on all of its edges, as they really bring out those refreshing vibes out of this kurti.

You can pair this kurti with a white pant or leggings or even a palazzo, as well. The self design of the kurti along with its floral print is a perfect pick for spring and summer. The bonus here is its millennial pink colour, which is quite in-trend these days. So, grab this kurti right away on Myntra.com for 1359Rs.

Floor Length Striped Red Kurti

If you are into geometric prints and details, then you are definitely going to love this long kurti by Manyavar. The beautiful floor length striped kurti is available in red and blue colour and looks exceptionally amazing. The solid colour and patterns of the kurti are a total show stopper. You can pair this long kurti with a palazzo, jeans, leggings, skirt or anything.

The round neck kurti has three quarter length sleeves and a flared design. The patterns of lines on this kurti with inclusion of contrasting colours gives it a much needed dimension and versatility. There is also embroidery and mirror work detailing done on the yoke part of the kurti. They have smartly used horizontal lines for the yoke part and vertical stripes for sleeves and lower part to give it a refreshing look. You should totally buy this kurti, which is available on Manyavar.com for Rs.1999.

Grey Heavy Long Layered Kurti

Layered kurtis are such a stylish piece of clothing that they are a definite must-have in your wardrobe. This grey heavy long layered kurti is one such example of stylish layered kurtis, which is perfect to up your style game this summer. This heavy long kurti features mandarin collar and full sleeves along with an amazing print on the kurti. You are also going to love the tassel detailing on this cotton kurti too.

Moreover, what caught our attention the most was the pink inner layer of the kurti attached inside, revealed by the front slit of the kurti. The combination of grey and pink colours truly looks quite eye-catching. If you are a fan of popping colours and pretty prints, then you should totally buy this kurti right away. It is available for purchase on Kajalkurti.com for Rs.1299.

Gown Style Long Kurti

Who said long kurtis are not stylish enough? You should better take a look at this mint green cotton gown style kurti here. We totally loved the unique color of this kurti, which is neither too popping nor too neutral. This summer kurti is just perfect to give a stylish college or work look. The flared kurti is floor length and is closed at neck, along with having three quarter length sleeves.

You are going to love the slight ruffle detailing on the sleeves, as well as on the hem of the kurti. This is the reason that the kurti look so stylish. The kurti also has belt detailing on waistline, which is perfect to adjust the fitting. You should totally buy this kurti available on Cilory.com for Rs.1849.

Lace Front Slit Long Tunic Style Kurti

It is the time to literally own this long tunic style kurti right away. You wouldn’t have seen such a stylish piece of clothing before, because this lace kurti is a total fashion goal. The spectacular lace fabric of this kurti and the jet black colour creates a combination to die for. From palazzo to jeans to skirt or any other bottom wear, you can style this kurti in whichever way you want, to make you look absolutely bomb.

We totally loved the floor length kurti, having a front slit along with round neck and full sleeves. The tunic style kurti also has button detailing on its yoke, which makes it easy to wear and remove. We really suggest that you shouldn’t wait anymore and buy this kurti right now on Ajio.com for Rs.1799.

Pink Printed Long Flared Kurti

The next one in this list is this pink printed long kurti here. The cotton kurti is pink in colour and has beautiful white print on it. This beautiful kurti is absolutely perfect to fulfill your casual needs and we really loved its neck design too. Moreover, the kurti has three quarter length sleeves and straight cut design. You are also going to love the belt detail on the kurti which can be tightened with the help of a drawstring provided. The kurti is a wonderful piece of clothing that can be paired with all sorts of bottom wear. You can buy this kurti on Mirraw.com for Rs.895.

Mellow Yellow Angrakha Long Kurti

And finally we have this Mellow Yellow Angrakha pattern long kurti design. Available in cotton fabric, this kurti is definitely a stunner and totally stands out amongst all the other kurtis mentioned in this section here. If you are a Boho fashion lover then you are going to fall for its tribal print featured in a contrasting pale blue colour. Moreover, the bodice section of this kurti is adorned with beautiful sequins, beads and gotta work, along with pita zari embroidery too.

What we truly loved about this kurti is its Angrakha pattern along with the high low hemline. You can definitely wear this long kurti as a dress and that too for special occasions like dates and parties. Grab this romantic long kurti right away on Kalki.com for Rs.6240.

How To Style A Long Kurti In Different Ways?

We really hope that you would have loved our handpicked recommendations of long kurti for women mentioned above. However, if you are a true fashionista who just don’t want to repeat the same look again and again, then we have some hot and fresh styling tips for you. This way, nobody is going to notice that you are an outfit repeater and you can create completely new looks with the same kurti.

Pair It Up With A Long Jacket

We are quite sure that you would not have done this before. Pairing a long kurti with a long jacket is a fantastic idea of layering and it works like a charm all the time. You just need to buy that one statement jacket that can go well with all types of kurtis. This way you can shift the focus from your kurti to your jacket and the pairing looks absolutely stylish. And don’t forget to add some heavy and chunky earrings on this.

Pick Jeans Or Palazzo Instead Of Leggings

Leggings are so boring and if you want a refreshing style then you should totally say goodbye to them. Try pairing your long kurtis with palazzos or jeans. You can also try wearing your kurtis with long skirts or lehenga too. This way you can create a nice indo-western look with the same kurti, without even having to try too hard for it. Moreover, palazzo and skirts are quite airy and won’t make your legs feel restrained.

Change Your Dupatta Game

If you want people to praise you for your long kurti then you should better learn the art of styling dupattas. Buy 2-3 dupattas of designs like bandhani print, leheriya print, Banarasi etc. This way you can use these dupattas along with the kurtis to make them look heavier and a lot more beautiful too. The combination of simple long kurti with heavy dupatta is quite in trend these days and it won’t disappoint you for sure.

Wear As A Dress

Yes, you heard that right! You can wear your long kurti as a dress too. In fact, if you think it is too long for you then you just need to use some safety pins to fold its edges and make its length shorter. This way you can create a maxi dress out of your long kurti. If you have a strapless kurti then wear a shirt or turtleneck inside the kurti for that edgy looking dress.

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Invest In Separates Instead Of Buying Complete Dresses!

People intend to buy complete dress set with a shirt, shalwar and a dupatta as they feel it tends to reduce the hassle of matching. What we need to learn is the art of mixing and we get unlimited options of creating new dresses by mixing what we have in the wardrobe. It is always better to invest in a few trendy kurtas, a few bottom-wear like jeans, pallazzo, straight trouser and even a skirt. You can the mix and match them together and top them up with a stylish and colourful dupatta, to create a new and stylish look!