If You Want to Look Sassy, Trendy, and Stylish and Class Apart, Then You Must Choose from Our Stunning Khadi Kurtis to Wear to Office (2020)

If You Want to Look Sassy, Trendy, and Stylish and Class Apart, Then You Must Choose from Our Stunning Khadi Kurtis to Wear to Office (2020)

This article recommends a list of stunning workwear khadi Kurtis that will give your personality a whole new edge. Apart from the list, we have added some helpful tips to prepare the perfect look for the workplace. Read on!

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The Importance of Workplace Attire

Business attire or workplace attire has changed a lot over the past 20 years. However, there is a grown importance of dressing. There are multiple companies who prefer casual attire. While, on the other hand, there are companies that look out for a professional get up. However, companies usually like to prefer employees who have business-like dressing sense.

Companies like to maintain a good profile and image in front of clients. Similarly, professional dressing is a way to mark your impression in the business sector. In a workplace environment, it is common to have meetings with clients or business partners too. Besides, you would never know who you would have to meet outside of work. Your image of this outsider will be the image of your company. Hence, you need to put up a great impact that sets a reputation for the business as a whole.

The importance of dressing or the dress code varies from industry to industry. However, they both are strongly related to one another. In a study, it was found that dressing was considered the second most important attribute while the first being communication in a workplace environment.

Two Most Important Rules for Professional Dressing

1. Be Cautious in Your Styling Choices

Remember to gain attention for your work rather than your dress sense. Have your work speak out louder than your dress. It is not important to copy the latest fad or trend, but remain true to your style and personality. Look for options that match the vibe in your office as well as your own style. This way, you will draw the right kind of attention.

2. Be Comfortable

No matter what kind of outfit you decide to wear, make sure you are comfortable with the dress. The reason is, you need to carry your dress for all the working hours. Hence, make sure you carry a comfortable outfit. Make comfort a priority over fashion. In a bid to look trendy, never compromise on comfort as the outfit has to be carried for long durations.

10 Stunning Khadi Kurtis for Office Wear

1. True Browns Women Beige Woven Design A Line Kurta

This beige kurti will be the best addition to your wardrobe. The soft beige colour is beautiful and elegant. The wrap-up detail at the side adds to its elegance. It is an A-line kurta along with a V-neckline. It also has three-quarter sleeves which add to the beauty of the kurti. It will cinch in your waist and give you the desired A-line look. This kurta is an easily matchable piece that will go along with any of your leggings. Add some jewel-tone earrings with this outfit and you are good to go. This kurta also comes with a front slit which can help elongate your height and make you seem taller in an A-line silhouette. Add this exquisite piece of kurti from Myntra in your office wardrobe and be ever ready to flaunt your style. You can purchase it for only Rs.2,299.

2. Vastraa Fusion Greenish Handspun Kurta

Source www.amazon.in

This greenish handspun kurta is the casual kurta you need in your closet. It is the perfect kurta to wear while heading to the office. The green-gray colour is a rare find. This piece will elevate your office look and make you feel comfortable and confident. You can spruce up this kurti in many fashionable ways. Add a dupatta and leggings and you are done, or you could pair this kurti with a contrasting overcoat or vest and add to it's style. You could also wear this kurti along with jeans, kand shoes for a more casual and laid back look at the office. Try to experiment and style the kurti and add an elegant touch to your look. This is a must-have for every office goer at an affordable rate on Amazon.

3. Printed Khadi Cotton Straight Kurta

This beautiful printed khadi kurti is a must-have in your closet. The solid dark blue colour of the kurti makes it look fashionable yet classy. The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable. It has a round neck with button in the center till bottom of the attire for added class. This is the perfect solution for a classic yet comfortable outfit for work. The green printed leaves, also called as the booti work gives it a more trendy look. It's more substantial but still lightweight and airy. You can style this kurti with some oxidised bangles and earrings to add an indo-western touch. An infinity scarf along with some jeans would be the perfect fit with this kurti. Though it has quite a simple design, but it offers a classy and sleek style to your overall look. Just spending Rs.799 can get you this beautiful khadi kurti from Flipkart.

4. Ekaa Red Khadi Straight Kurti

This beautiful red khadi kurti is the pop of colour you need at your workplace. The muted red colour adds class and elegance to your look but is not too in-your-face for being inappropriate at workplace. It has a round neck with three-quarter sleeves. The kurti is well made and breathable and therefore perfect for a workplace environment. This kurti would look great with some similar toned jewellery and accessories. The simplicity of the kurta is what makes it wearable to the office. This colour will complement your skin tone and bounce off your skin giving it a blush tone. For making your purchase, go to Snapdeal and buy it at only Rs.749. It is definitely a must buy.

5. Navy Blue Mukaish Khadi Kurta

Source iwearkhadi.in

This mesmerising navy blue kurti is a fabulous take on regular khadi kurtis. The kurti is an amazing piece of handloom and is worth every penny. It is handcrafted with organic handloom and has beautiful and intricate designs on the neckline. Gold-tone old world charm Mukaish work is done around the neckline. It is a classy yet comfortable kurta and is perfect for your workplace events.

The Mukaish work is the art of using gold and silver wires for embroidery or design. It is a traditional craft of Lucknow, India and is practised by the women in villages. Some gold toned jewellery along with this kurti will spice up your evening look. This kurti is a good purchase which allows you to experiment with your looks. The rich and crisp look of the khadi kurti is a perfect add on that will blend well with your looks. You can buy this attire at only Rs.3,200 from iwearkhadi.in.

6. Blue Khadi Kurta

This blue khadi kurti is an essential in your wardrobe. The dusted blue colour is hard to find but also easy to style. It has a deep V-neckline for some added drama to your look. To make this look office-friendly, all you need to do is add a scarf around your neck. Some dangling earrings will complement the deep V-neckline. This kurti has three-quarter sleeves and a wrap-up detail at the side. The tie detail will accentuate your figure and give you the desired look. The back has applique work to add some character to the plain kurta. Flaunt this khadi kurti from tulsionline.in at only Rs.1,250.

7. Divine Black Coloured Khadi Cotton Casual Kurti

This beautiful black khadi kurti is the perfect option for an office look. The long A-line kurti looks classy yet stylish. It has a sophisticated look due to the Mandarin collar. The kurti has red piping along its length which you can easily match with some red leggings and a scarf. Oxidized jewellery and some juttis will look fabulous with this kurti. The beige button detail adds to the elegant look. It is a simple yet fashionable piece from Leem Boodi which will make you feel like a million bucks but costs only Rs.431.

8. Green Solid Khadi Kurti

This solid green khadi kurti gives you a sleek and polished look. It is a regular sized kurti with a gorgeous green colour which will suit typical Indian skin tones. The soft fabric makes it breathable and effortless to wear. Match this kurti with some jeans and sneakers for a casual yet office appropriate look. Add some pizzazz to your look by teaming this kurta with some Kolhapuris and contrasting churidars. The airy fabric makes it appropriate for the workplace environment. This kurti has a Mandarin collar too for a sophisticated and alluring look. You can buy this elegant piece of attire at only Rs.599 from Jabong.

9. Indian Dobby Grey Khadi Straight Kurta

The dobby grey khadi kurta is a modern twist to the regular old khadi kurta. This dazzling kurti is a staple in your wardrobe. The colour-blocked look is totally in right now. The small cutout adds to the drama and character of the kurta. It has a boat neck with three-quarter sleeves. You can style this kurti with some jeans would and sneakers or just add some leggings and mirror-work earrings for a chic outfit. This kurti is a straightforward pick and is quite on-trend. The spin on a regular silhouette is impressive and will leave all your colleagues wondering where you purchased this from. Buy this traditional piece of comfort by spending just Rs.1,236 on Lime Road.

10. Off White Khadi Kurti

This khadi kurti is as marvellous as a kurti can get. The beautiful hand embroidered details are remarkable and are durable. This gorgeous kurti can be styled in a ton of ways. Just add a pair of similar toned palazzos and some oxidised jewellery and you are good to go. This kurti has three-quarter sleeves and a wide neckline and is perfect for your workplace events or functions. You could also add an infinity scarf and some juttis for an indo-western look. The opportunities to style this kurti are endless. Anything you do with this kurti will make your ensemble stand out. If you have a good budget, then this kurti from beyondgallery.com can be the best choice ever at only Rs.1,800. Just carry it with some confidence and you are ready to take on the world.

Tips to Dress Up for Work

There is a saying which goes - "Do not judge a book by its cover". However, in contrast, if the cover is interesting, people are known to be more inclined towards reading the book. Similarly, as a matter of fact, the way you look has a major role in your personality. There is a difference in how people perceive you. Below are some tips required for dressing up at work.

1. Have an Understanding of Your Industry

Before you decide on what to wear, gain knowledge about the industry that you work in. As discussed earlier, the dress code differs from industry to industry. Every company has a dedicated dress code. Hence, make sure to abide by the same.

2. Wear Fitting Glasses

It is distracting to wear glasses that keep sliding down your nose. Hence, ensure you get fitting glasses. Else, you will also be distracted by always having to put them in place.

3. Choose Clothes That Fit Properly

You wouldn't like to keep adjusting your clothes in front of clients all the time. Therefore, make it a point to select clothes that fit you. If the clothes are too big or too small, they won't look good. This rule applies to every piece of clothing that you will wear.

4. Give Importance to Your Bag

A bag also plays an important role in your outfit. Carry a properly sized bag that fits in all of your essentials. You would not like your items popping out of the bag. Additionally, do not overstuff your bag with multiple items. Make sure to only carry what is necessary.

5. Wear Polished Shoes

Just as your dressing is important, so is your footwear. Your shoes should be in sync with the dress that you decide to wear. Additionally, make sure your footwear is polished and clean every single day. It is said that the majority of people first notice your shoes and then judge you. Hence, select footwear that is worth wearing at work.

6. Pay Attention to Colours

It is always important to pay attention to the colours. Avoid wearing dull colours. Choose bright colours that make you stand out. Dark colours indicate a stronger impression while lighter colours aren't considered a great choice. Additionally, if you have an important presentation, make sure your dress does not blend in with the background.

7. Don't Go Overboard with Accessories

Be moderate when it comes to accessories. Accessories should be used to complement your outfit. Hence make sure they don't overpower your look. Too much of anything will take away the charm. For example, too many rings or too long earrings can distract you from the workplace environment. Choose your accessories wisely.

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Why Khadi?

Khadi kurtas come in soft colours and gives a very elegant and polished look to whoever is wearing it. Other fabrics may or may not be able to achieve the same look, but a khadi kurti ensures that. The fabric is very airy and comfortable to be in, making it perfect fabric for work wear clothes. Kurtis are a known preference of working women in India. So what could be better than a khadi kurti?